Monday, June 7, 2021

UFO Disclosure and Transparency: Good for Thee, Not for Me

    Longtime ufology staple Hal Puthoff, when asked about recovered craft and bodies, reportedly stated he couldn't discuss them. The evasive remark was apparently given in response to a question posed at a recent conference sponsored by the Scientific Coalition for UAP Studies, or SCU. 

Men and women with bold claims have been granted iconic status in the genre for decades. This is in spite of having never produced tangible, verifiable evidence to support their chronic insinuations of extraordinary circumstances.

Robert Bigelow
Anyone remotely familiar with UFO history is aware of the likes of Bob Lazar, George Knapp, Bob Bigelow and any number of his crew, and on and on, who have directly claimed access to paradigm-shifting evidence. For reasons that arguably only make sense to the gullible, UFO Disclosure advocates not only fail to seek verification of such alleged evidence, but support its obstruction. All the while, they manage to frame the participants of these UFO role playing games as heroic.

Why do those who claim to advocate UFO Disclosure and transparency not apply the same standards to members of the UFO genre as they do to Uncle Sam? As one individual observed, "Ufologists swoon at Puthoff’s supposed virtue for knowing more than he dare say, and condemn same behavior in government."

At this blog alone, we have explored circumstances in which Jacques Vallee, Garry Nolan, Diana Walsh Pasulka, Leslie Kean, and the list goes on, sought exemption from transparency while touting claims of significant, if not extraordinary, events. In most cases, the obstructions were implemented while alternately suggesting transparency should be applied to others, most certainly including federal agencies. 

In a recent discussion with UFO Classified host Erica Lukes, guest Mark O'Connell explained his interpretations of a presentation given by Luis Elizondo at a UAP conference a couple years ago (the referenced statements are about 68 minutes in). I suspect this was an SCU conference, as O'Connell mentioned it took place in Huntsville, where SCU holds some events.

"It was the most manipulative operation I have ever been witness to," O'Connell stated. 

Luis Elizondo
He described how Elizondo would enthusiastically tell the audience about exciting things to show them, and exciting discoveries being made, then do "a complete 180" when questions were posed, urging attendees to stay calm and patient. Now years later, people eagerly awaiting Elizondo to present verifiable information of exciting circumstances are still waiting.

As suggested, for whatever reasons, the UFO faithful show no interest in directing their demands for accountability and transparency at people who actually claim to know things and have evidence. In contrast and in real life, those working for government agencies who find themselves between an employment rock and an ethical hard place seek qualified legal counsel and whistleblower benefits as applicable. A recent example is Rebekah Jones, who obtained whistleblower status in her ongoing dispute with Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis over transparency pertaining to the accurate public reporting of COVID-19 cases. Note she did not seek assistance from George Knapp and Jeremy Corbell.

What's more, it has become increasingly apparent some in UFO circles believe ends justify means. With war-related analogies regularly tossed about, a portion of the UFO faithful seem encouraged, if not organized and directed, to oppose rationality and those who support it. That might be to a concerning extent, considering widespread credulousness and online extremism which led up to events of January 6.  

In the aftermath of the outing of a pro-UFO Twitter group chat in which tactics were discussed for use in what was described as a war for someone's followers, I noticed a Twitter user and UFO enthusiast declare the power of UFO Twitter. For those unaware, UFO Twitter, or those who tweet about UFOs, considers itself influential in guiding official policy on the handling of the UAP topic. They are often encouraged by higher profile activists to believe that is the case. The UFO enthusiast added in their tweet, "We too have been engaging in ops against the secret keepers."   

I chose to respond to the assertion, asking who is "we." I further inquired who the "secret keepers" are and what kinds of actions are being taken "against" them. I would indeed like to know more about who designs and directs these alleged "ops."   

After a brief exchange the individual suggested they would get back with me the next day. When they did not, I inquired again. They then "blocked" me, reducing my access to their tweets, and, in effect, the extent I might pursue the claims.

UFO Disclosure and transparency: Good for thee, not for me.  


  1. Are you really comparing the DeSantis Covid whistleblower to running a government top secret UFO program? People seem to forget what happened to Edward Snow and he wasn't even running the programs he worked on.

  2. "We too have been engaging in ops against the secret keepers."

    Obviously a fantasist. I see that some folks on UFO Twitter have similar characteristics to Q/MAGA adherents.

    Having difficulty differentiating between fantasy and reality, they seem to have been hypnotized by their Dear Leader(s). They have absorbed the leader(s) beliefs and traits.

    I too believe this to be quite concerning. Only a failure of their leader(s) promises and expectations will provide hope for a dawning of reality to set in.

  3. Thanks Jack..!!
    "We" are all a tiny % of the fans of this genre...

    “..when asked about recovered craft and bodies, reportedly stated he couldn't discuss them…”

    Same here...
    I can't discuss them, since they are just fairy tales..

    "..Now years later, people eagerly awaiting Elizondo to present verifiable information of exciting circumstances are still waiting..."

    Thank god tv shows are on to this and have stopped using that BS artist..Oh wait..
    Channel 7 here in Australia just did a show..which garnished gushing reviews and up popped Elizondo..cutting edge stuff..


  4. re “transparency” - what do we conclude from Capt Ruppelt’s Blue Book “ Report …”

    in 1956 - the cover is a photo of the Lubbock Lights - and in this chapter he states that ‘ a guy figured it out’ ( and it wasn’t ‘birds’) , but he couldn’t tell what the explanation/solution was because the guy and his company would be somehow ‘exposed’ …

    Looks like ‘tic tacs’ to me - and ‘lights from the Washington merry -go-round’ in 1952…

    But somehow this solution has never been revealed by anyone - who is the guy and his company and the solution and why has it been so ‘important’ to keep it hidden - where are the actual results of his investigation.

    If it wasn’t ‘birds’ then maybe it was ‘bats’ …. or maybe swamp gas and temperature inversions …will someone please ask the Congressman what’s going on, please, what were the Lubbock Lights ?

    1. Hey mouseonmoon,

      I forget who it was (I think maybe Randle?) Reviewed Ruppelts diary and said the mystery of the Lubbock Lights was actually caused by fireflies but the scientist who figured it out didn't want to be associated with the case. So, nothing more sinister than privacy, maybe :-D

      Good to hear from you!

    2. hey, thanks
      But this "solution" is even more ridiculous ...
      You can easily find Ruppelt's "Report ..." on line and read the chapter in 20 minutes - excellent read btw

      ex " “The only other people outside Project Blue Book who have studied the complete case of the Lubbock Lights were a group who, due to their associations with the government, had complete access to our files…..

      It is very unfortunate that I can't divulge exactly the way the answer was found ….how he spent several months testing theory after theory

      Telling the story would lead to his identity and, in exchange for his story, I promised the man complete anonymity. But he fully convinced me that he had the answer, and after having heard hundreds of explanations of UFO's, I don't convince easily.”

      'Fireflies' ? - nobody else in the entire town mentions fireflies ? 4 professors seeing the lights together never mention fireflies....and why would this 'identify' the guy who spends major time investigating this - it's "swamp gas" again !!!

      'Months of study' suggests this guy wasn't actually there ... and this is the only time in history that f-flies arranged themselves like this ?

      I don't actually 'believe' it's an armada of ETs - what's very interesting to me here is the fact that this "solution" wasn't presented to the public ....

      Where is Ruppelt's diary ?

      ( btw I'm expecting fireflies any day (-: I mean 'night' :- ) now ....yet there's very few of 'em left these days compared to the 'daze of Flying Saucers' !
      No more sinister than Wells of H.G. Wells,
      and unlikely to stir up anything but more 'gas'
      when the final 'report' comes in,

      good to see your responses, always worthwhile

    3. Hey, I hear ya, but, this is from Randle's book The Government UFO Files - Conspiracy of a Coverup.

      " Long after his death, Ruppelt’s personal papers eventually made their way into the hands of UFO researchers and his long-concealed explanation was finally revealed. The first sightings, according to Ruppelt, were the result of fireflies."

      Randle later goes on to question the firefly argument, but it is rather interesting that this was the explanation given in Ruppelt's personal papers. (I was wrong about it being a diary heh). Cover-up of a cover-up, maybe? Queue the X-Files theme...

    4. I absolutely admire Ruppelt - I still remember reading “The Report…” given to me by a fighter pilot in 1960 when I was 12 ….

      No one who has seen fireflies would believe this - they simply do not move like this …
      There’s an outside chance this could be some kind of moth …maybe Randle wrote this or there is some confusion here - i.e. insects as the solution. ?

      And of course there’s more to this ‘event’ - I’m still questioning the photos from the 18 year old ‘photographer’ ( bet he was closer to 19 … (-: and so on…more details please

      Where is the diary of the guy who did all the months long study on this …. do I have to ‘take his word for it’ ?

      Still, I would like to re-emphasize my original point for commenting -
      “transparency” -like it or not Ruppelt has taken part in and fallen into the same kind of ‘evasion’ bs ….just like everyone mentioned

      The ‘Gov’, scientists, politicos etc, all of us
      tend to ‘believe’ and accept and repeat
      whatever supports our side/position/view

      Yet one more note - why does Ruppelt join up with Keyhoe and NICAP
      if he accept balloons , fireflies and temperature inversions as ‘the final solution’.

      Keyhoe really didn’t pull any punches in his opinion that we had ‘visitors’.

      and I’m hearing that music beginning again ….

    5. "And of course there’s more to this ‘event’ - I’m still questioning the photos from the 18 year old ‘photographer’ ( bet he was closer to 19 … (-: and so on…more details please"

      But, for the photographs, and this is just based on the copies I have seen, there are no reference points. It is just a solid black sky with a V shape of lights. I know the photographer said the lights were flying over him when he took the pictures, but without reference points how can we confirm the size, distance, etc?

      "The ‘Gov’, scientists, politicos etc, all of us
      tend to ‘believe’ and accept and repeat
      whatever supports our side/position/view"

      Yep, in psychology it is referred to as confirmation bias. It is a VERY useful tool in counter-intelligence (as well as perhaps more sinisterly, advertising and marketing mwa-ha-ha).

      "Yet one more note - why does Ruppelt join up with Keyhoe and NICAP
      if he accept balloons , fireflies and temperature inversions as ‘the final solution’."

      Good question. Perhaps he knew something more than he let on. Jacques Vallee wrote in Forbidden Science that there was a file in Ruppelt's papers marked "Not for Publication". Would be very interesting to see if that was true and what those papers contained.


    6. Adam,
      yes, I agree with your comments and I’d forgotten Vallee likely had worked with Ruppelt more than I thought (and I had Forbidden Science etc).

      And yet again I’m reminded of Ruppelt’s final declaration in his forward :

      "Do the UFO's really exist?"
      I'll give you the facts—all of the facts—you decide.
      July 1955, E. J. RUPPELT “

      Of course some of the names are withheld for good reasons then, but
      obviously “the facts” were withheld and it’s a screaming outrage that
      it’s been hidden this long …
      And it would seem NOW this would be common knowledge for all >
      and again, no one seems to know who this guy is or anything about his
      “months long investigation “ ??? ‘goose and gander’ again

      ((and maybe the photos are ‘hoaxed’ and therefore irrelevant - I’m sure it can be proven the photos aren’t “fireflies” which is the supposed explanation at the moment- which I seriously doubt - i.e. no way for reasons mentioned above ).

      And I feel this is extremely relevant to what’s about to happen again,
      and again it’s all ‘in the hands of the gov’ - give us the ‘facts’ of the Lubbock Lights
      and the Phoenix Lights ! light up this ignorance with Fire-facts !
      ( an Op[en the Doors pun for the Admiral’s son :-)

      In my recent internet search I discovered a list of the ‘most spiritual planets in our solar system’ - Uranus was number 1 ( and frickin Mars was even ahead of Earth!
      ‘we’ only beat out Pluto ( and heck, Pluto actually lost planet status years ago !)

      Makes u wonder what planet some people are actually from these days !

      keep exploring !

  5. Randle? You mean Kevin Randle? As in "Dr." Kevin Randle?

    From -

    "Randle's degrees in Psychology, both a master's and PhD, were obtained from California Coast University, a correspondence school. The GAO called this school a diploma mill in 2004 which offers degrees at a flat rate (a PhD costs $5000, open book testing and no campus attendance). It is still widely considered a diploma mill."

  6. Tom
    How about a new investigation Committee with Clinton, Bush, Obama, Vallee, Kean, Podesta , Redfern, Carrington, Elizondo, Mark O'Connell, Chase Brandon, Shermer, Shaffer, Schizzu …

    ( and the Amazin Randi as honorary chair ( he can be channelled or whatever)
    people who will be allowed to go ‘everywhere’ .

    I’m serious, let’s get some real people with ‘creds’ who we all know and love
    and open the windows and doors and really ‘air this subject out in the open’.


    1. I believe you're referring to a Federal Advisory Committee. These are are difficult to implement. Such a committee is usually created by a congressional statute or a presidential executive order.

      There actually is a current Federal Advisory Committee which could handle such an investigation - the Federation of American Scientists.

      As far as your suggestions of members, I would think Lue is out of the question. He has a clear conflict of interest. Matter of fact there are only a couple names on your list which have any merit, Mark O'Connell being one.

      BTW, shouldn't you invite our host, Jack, onto the committee too? After all members of these Federal Advisory Committees are paid a salary, reimbursed for travel expenses, given a per diem, office space and support staff.

      I think Jack should get in on all that.

    2. This whole idea of citizen UFO advisory committees is a half-baked - huh? What's that? I'd be involved? Well, why didn't ya say so! Count me in!

    3. "( and the Amazin Randi as honorary chair ( he can be channelled or whatever)
      people who will be allowed to go ‘everywhere’ ."

      This was great! I laughed so hard at this that my wife asked, "what are you reading now" lol. Cheers my good man :-D


    4. Tom

      Well Obviously , “goes without saying”, Jack is on site ….

      But this isn’t any kind of ‘advisory committee’ or another Condon Committee and anyone who wants to be paid can get a job …

      This is 3 Presidents given complete access to Everything with the guidance of competent and knowledgeable experts on UFO history and with those who have actually worked within the government and know where the closets are. That’s why Podesta, and Vallee, Elizondo and Brandon are suggested.

      here’s what to expect 1st wave

      1. Send Clinton, Brandon and Vallee to Langely and give ‘em what ever they want …
      yeah, where’s that Roswell box ?

      2. Get Obama, Podesta, and Redfern on the Kecksberg case at Wright and give

      3. Bush, Elizondo, and Kean, plus whoever to take on the recent sightings.

      Mark O'Connell, Randle and Shermer can go to area 51 with Doty , Linda, and Greer….

      Nothing can be hidden from the Presidents - and they will decide ‘what’s to be hidden’ from the public …

      OK, Your turn , name names !

  7. Why, the two Einstein's of our time of course - Louie Gohmert and Mo Brooks.

    Team them up and you'll create a technological wonder to behold - True Artificial Intelligence.

    1. Tom
      re Louie Gohmert and Mo Brooks

      Are these your recommendations for the Menzel - Condon Awards this year ?

      Adam: re ‘poem’
      It’s curious that this wasn’t delivered to my mailbox
      and not sure what it’s in response to - LL ?
      also guessing what “TAV” might be …

      I’m reminded of the first Flying Saucer song recorded July 16 1947
      and easy to find on You Tube = Buchanan Brothers – When You See Those Flying Saucers

      my song begins >
      When will Vallee get to see that “Unpublished Ruppelt’s Report “

      (( soon UFOs will go the way of those Flying Saucers - nothing but UAPs everywhere! ))

      hey, maybe you’ve written the first UAP song !


    2. Ah, it just came to mind while I was reading your posts on where to send the hypothetical committee members. Sort of a "leave no stone unturned" type of thing. Putting it in the key of E maj seemed to sound best haha:-D

  8. well if you want to go
    where a UFO might show
    And a TAV might even come out to play

    You just need to find a good horse
    and prepare to stay the night of course,
    ride down a canyon here this way

    Now be sure to stay on the trail
    It's steep, rocky, and frail
    Maybe a guide would be better to pay

    But, if you keep your wits strong
    It may not be very long
    That you see something worth your stay

    Now, this poem has to end with a warning
    and please don't be ignoring
    When I say, be careful of what
    may be in those caves.

  9. Adam

    ha, why couldn’t that Blink guy start a 3 stage music festival - Roswell for Flying Saucers, Area 51 for UFOs and Woodstock for UAPs

    -don’t get me started !

    back to reality- Chris Mellon’s got ‘the message’-
    have you seen the “Questions for Congress Regarding the Pending UAP Report”

    yet it’s not for “Congress” but the ‘real citizens committee’ of the former Presidents ( and seriously Carter should be ‘ director in charge’ though at 96yo ‘let him zoom’ rather than ‘boots on the ground’).Let 'em go everywhere and see everything!