Thursday, December 19, 2019

Vallee Declines to Substantiate Claim of CIA Simulating UFO Abductions

Dr. Jacques Vallee
Dr. Jacques Vallee declined to attempt to fully substantiate the assertion contained in his book, Forbidden Science - Volume Four, that he secured a document confirming the CIA simulated UFO abductions in Brazil and Argentina. "I felt a duty to call attention to the issue," Vallee explained in a Dec. 17 email, but chose not to share the document or address pertinent questions surrounding its circumstances.

"If you talk to serious researchers in Latin America, you will find they are not as naive in this field as US ufologists," he added.

However, it was not researchers in Latin America who made the assertion. The 2019 book authored by Vallee contains the statement, "I have secured a document confirming that the CIA simulated UFO abductions in Latin America (Brazil and Argentina) as psychological warfare experiments."  

The widely renowned UFO researcher was sent an email by The UFO Trail requesting comment, including any context he might provide, or clarify if the statement was, in hindsight, made in error. The email also made it clear a copy of the document was ultimately being sought, or as much identifying information as possible. Vallee chose not to address those questions and issues.

The email inquiry explained, "I hope you can empathize with the potential weight of the statement and why researchers would be quite interested in establishing facts surrounding its circumstances." 

Vallee replied in full:
Dear Jack,
Thanks for your message, I appreciate your interest in the book. As you know, the question of the use of ufology to camouflage various commando or social engineering operations is an old one. It is a subset of PsyOps techniques that have been used for a very long time (projecting images of the Virgin Mary over the battle lines in Verdun in 1917, or religious images over Cuba from a sub in the Bay of Pigs, etc.)
Much more competent historical writers than me have documented all that, and Latin America is only a later-day extension. I am not an expert in any of it, but my computer surveys tend to go TILT! when some relevant cases come up. So I don’t have a dog in the political fight, I’m just trying to avoid polluting my databases with garbage. That’s why I felt a duty to call attention to the issue. If you talk to serious researchers in Latin America, you will find they are not as naive in this field as US ufologists.
With best wishes of the Season,

A follow-up email was sent to Vallee, stating that while it has indeed been established that the intelligence community exploits the subject of UFOs for many potential reasons, it was hoped he could appreciate that actual confirmation of CIA abduction simulations would be extraordinary indeed. He was asked if it would be correct to say there is not a document confirming that to be the case. He did not immediately reply.  

A draft of this blog post was subsequently shared with Dr. Vallee prior to publishing. It was done in an effort to report the circumstances as accurately as possible and offer him a final opportunity to comment further. 

"I don’t have any further comments on the substance of the request or, obviously, about my source which I am obligated to protect," he replied in a Dec. 19 email.

"Most of the documents I have referred to, or used in the compilation of my diaries, have been donated to a University with a 10-year embargo on access — specifically to avoid the kind of spurious quarrels that erupt in ufology on a regular basis. So I expect that historical details like these will see the light of day in due course."


  1. wow = CIA Simulating UFO Abductions in South America

    And furthermore -“projecting images of the Virgin Mary over the battle lines in Verdun in 1917, or religious images over Cuba from a sub in the Bay of Pigs”.

    It is my understanding that the ‘image of the Virgin Mary’ was simply a story and the “religious images over Cuba” was simply an idea tossed around - in fact, there was really no way to do this effectively - images projected onto the clouds or creating some sort of ‘hologram’ in the sky …

  2. Dear Jack Brewer,

    First of all, congratulations on the post on the issue raised by Jacques Vallée in a recent book which, unfortunately, could not add more to such spectacular statements. As researchers for several years here in Brazil, since the mid-2000s, me and my research partner, Fábio Bettinassi, had already suspected that well-orchestrated human actions could pass as extraterrestrial actions already being taken by the US here in Brazil, especially in Pará, in 1977, at the event known as Operation Prato. Possibly, with the consent of the Brazilian militarized government at the time, US allies. Based on your cited information, we have written an article addressing the alleged CIA action in our country and Argentina, not necessarily linked to abductions, but citing some details of the "phenomenal" occurrences in the state of Pará. credits and link to The UFO Trial and we also make our material available in Portuguese if you would like to publish it in an English version. Here is the link to access our content:

    We appreciate and wish you success in your research and endeavors.

    Pepe Chaves
    editor - ZINESFERA

    1. Good luck with your continuing research, Pepe. Thanks for making us aware of your work.

  3. The Cuba thing never went ahead, but it was definitely discussed, but in the end it was seen as too difficult and unpredictable (in terms of weather etc) and it was cancelled. It never went beyond discussions and looking to see if the technology was there to achieve it. It wasn't.

    1. Thanks for your input, Nick. I'm sure you've got a few pretty good guesses of what Dr. Vallee may be alluding to with the Latin American simulated UFO abductions.

      By the way, I enjoyed and appreciated Flying Saucers from the Kremlin. Interesting and on point stuff!

    2. It wasn't "cancelled". They didn't have the means to do it.

      Scott Ridley

  4. I've always suspected that Vallee, at least in later years, had some ties to the CIA, likely as a contractor. He was involved with Bigelow and Skinwalker Ranch. I've heard him verify that in a podcast appearance where he also stated he was bound by a confidentiality agreement not to talk about what he experienced there. Maybe releasing the specifics of his CIA abduction claim would be violating a security oath. Shrug.

    Anyway, onto a much more important topic. Here's wishing you and yours safe and happy holidays.

  5. Hey Jack,

    Even though I say so myself, I think my latest article explains the Vallee/CIA/simulated alien abductions story that is going around:


  6. Here's the way I see all this: is the document that Vallee has in his possession a CIA document? Or, is it just the typed report (on staged abduction events in South America) that Rich Reynolds mailed to Vallee in the late 1970s?

    If it's the first scenario then it's big, big news.

    If, however, what Vallee has is just the Reynolds report, then it all comes back to Nedelcovic's claims and absolutely no-one else. And no evidence; just the words of Nedelcovic.

    Remember, Vallee was the VERY FIRST person (in the 1970s) to get a copy of Rich's report on what Nedelcovic told Rich.

    1. Thanks, Nick. As you'd imagine, I suspected the Nedelcovic story quite likely figured into this Vallee saga in some way or other. I therefore submitted FOIA requests over the weekend to the FBI, CIA, DOD, and State Department on files pertaining to or containing reference to Nedelcovic. For what it may be worth, I'll of course post any records I receive.

  7. I’ve just finished reading The Scoriton Mystery by Eileen Buckle and I’m now going to read Sequel to Scoriton by Norman Oliver. Not sure if anyone on this blog has read The Scoriton Mystery, but Norman Oliver was definitely being manipulated by some one or agency. After interviewing Bryant, Norman starts to hear voices in his head, has dizzy episodes, ringing in his ears and tingling in his fingers. The voices then manifest into audio tape recordings, telling him and Eileen where to go and what to do and how to see the UFO Bryant saw. They are basically being played by someone the messages they receive are spooky and they keep saying Eileen must finish her book about Bryant. Norman Oliver and Eileen buckle thought the messages were either from a Poltergeist or Aliens, They had no idea that technology existed back in the 60s that allowed nefarious agencies to conduct Mind Control and behavioural control projects, including: Hypnosis, electronic stimulation of the brain, non-ionizing radiation, microwave induction of intracerebral voices which Norman seemed to have received.

    Nedelcovic told Reynolds that a CIA briefing in January 1969 told him of an unfortunate fatal episode called the Microwave Incident. After Edward Bryant contacted BUFORA with details of his encounter, CIA officials quietly visited Bryant and decided to subject him to further fake UFO experiences.

    After reading the book and reading the papers Rich Reynolds published back in 2006 regards Nedelcovic I’m starting to believe that Bryant was also evening manipulated by Microwaves just like Norman Oliver was who was investing the case.