Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Walsh Pasulka Revises Position on Police Reports

Dr. Diana Walsh Pasulka seemingly reversed her position on her claim she reported an alleged Jan. 10 computer hack to police agencies after no corresponding records were located. A Feb. 6 post at The UFO Trail reported public records requests were submitted to three police agencies, including her university police, and no files of the January incident were found. Walsh Pasulka did not respond to an email which posed relevant questions and offered her an opportunity to comment for the blog post. She opted instead to take to Facebook to post about bot attacks, suggest she was targeted by forces attempting to silence her UFO research, and seek character support from ufology associates after the article was published.

Below is a Feb. 8 Facebook post, followed by a Jan. 28 post. Both are by Walsh Pasulka. The first suggests this writer read her statements incorrectly, and that she never claimed to report the January alleged hack to police. She goes on to suggest she intended to report it later but never did so.

The Jan. 28 post, some 18 days after the alleged hack, stated otherwise. She wrote, "Jan 10 2020 my Twitter Account and emails were hacked. I reported the incidents to my university IT Police, and Police (as I did two years ago)."

The UNCW professor and author of American Cosmic was emailed and asked if she cared to comment for this blog post on how she squares the above discrepancy. She did not immediately respond.

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Thursday, February 6, 2020

Police: No Records of Walsh Pasulka January Hack

Three separate North Carolina law enforcement agencies were queried for incident reports stemming from Dr. Diana Walsh Pasulka's claims her email and social media accounts were recently hacked and that she reported it to police. Each of the three agencies responded no such records were located. 

The author of American Cosmic claimed her email and Twitter accounts were "hacked" on Jan. 10. She claimed similar two years ago. Her latest claims of hacked accounts came after a series of tweets which her followers indicated they found concerning and controversial. Walsh Pasulka later explained via social media she reported the hacking incidents to her "university IT Police, and Police (as I did two years ago). They are great and so helpful.":

In an attempt to locate incident reports, a request for corresponding public records was submitted to the University of North Carolina Wilmington Police Department. Walsh Pasulka is a faculty member at the university. 

Det. John W. Seay of the UNCW Police Department responded in a letter dated Jan. 30 that a review of the University Police Database failed to disclose any such reports concerning a Jan. 10 incident. The detective added that a report was filed by Walsh Pasulka regarding "suspicious emails" on Feb. 1, 2018, Case Number 201800112, "Location: Bear Hall," but no recent reports were found. No further information about the 2018 reported incident was included in the detective's response. 

A request was also submitted to the Wilmington Police Department. Copies of all incident reports and records pertaining to Diana Walsh Pasulka were sought, including any related to the January incident.

"[W]e have no such records in our files," Public Affairs Officer Linda Rawley Thompson of the Wilmington PD responded in a Jan. 29 email.

The New Hanover County Sheriff's Office was contacted by phone Feb. 3. Wilmington is located within New Hanover County. 

"I looked everywhere," Sergeant Olinger of the Sheriff's Office explained. It was possible a January incident report, if it existed, could be located if more identifying information was provided, such as a case number, but did not seem probable. The sergeant stated due diligence was given to the request but no records were found after trying several search methods most likely to produce results.

Dr. Walsh Pasulka was emailed and informed the three law enforcement agencies responded that no records were located pertaining to the Jan. 10 incidents. She was asked the names of the agencies to which she reported the circumstances. She was also offered an opportunity to comment for this blog post. Walsh Pasulka did not immediately respond.

A sample of tweets posted shortly prior to the author's most recent claim her email and social media accounts were hacked:

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