Monday, February 25, 2019

Walsh Pasulka, Nolan Decline Comment on Alleged Security Personnel

A recently distributed Unknown Country Newsletter suggested an interview Whitley Strieber recorded with Dr. Diana Walsh Pasulka was reviewed by "security personnel" and subsequently not cleared for release. Strieber, a high profile UFO community member who does a podcast titled Dreamland, interviewed Walsh Pasulka, a Professor of Religious Studies who authored American Cosmic: UFOs, Religion, and Technology. The newsletter stated:
Because two of the individuals discussed under pseudonyms in the book hold security clearances and requested that the interviews be officially vetted for possible issues, we had to agree to let security personnel connected with them listen. The first interview, which we aired last week, was passed.
Unfortunately, this is not true of the second one, and we are unable to air it. As Diana and Whitley don't hold clearances, neither of them can be told what parts of the interview were problematic, so it can't be edited.

A source close to Strieber was contacted for assistance in obtaining comment from the podcast host and learning more, such as the employer of the alleged "security personnel" and if proper identification was presented. The following statement was provided by Strieber:
I don’t know what security personnel were involved. We were asked to let the interview be listened to by two of the people we discussed in it. Both of these people are mentioned anonymously in Diana‘s book. I therefore sent them a copy of it. We were told that "security" didn’t want the second interview aired. As we had agreed before hand to do this, we complied. I don’t know anything more than this.

"I respect Whitley but have no comments," Walsh Pasulka replied in part to an email seeking clarification. 

The implication is Walsh Pasulka's sources, who reportedly were issued security clearances, acted as liaisons to "security personnel," who nixed the second part of the interview. Similar reports surfaced surrounding Walsh Pasulka's previous interviews. The circumstances seem rather irregular and many questions remain.

UFO researchers and internet sleuths confidently identified "Tyler," one of Walsh Pasulka's sources in her book, as Timothy Taylor. The executive and author previously caught the attention of UFO researchers when he was suspected of association with the ufology "Invisible College". 

Another source referred to as "James" in American Cosmic is suspected to be Dr. Garry Nolan, who conducted controversial work on the archaeological artifacts known as the Starchild Skull and Atacama skeleton. The Stanford researcher also had a stint with To The Stars Academy. 

An email was sent to Nolan seeking comment on the possibility he is "James". He was also asked about the alleged "security personnel" who reportedly reviewed the Dreamland podcast interview.

"I have no interest in commenting on rumors," Nolan replied, adding a smiley emoji. 

"But I do support the work you and others do. It’s a hard road we all have taken to find the truth."

Perhaps further information on the alleged "security personnel" would correct possible misunderstandings or make the situation more clear, but, as of this writing, no such information is readily available. That is all too often the case with claims in the UFO community. An argument could be made that those involved have responsibilities to clarify the circumstances and minimize sensational speculation. That might particularly be true within a genre which has historically spread tales long on drama and short on facts. 

It might further be argued we should expect our credentialed and accomplished community members to lead in setting examples of how best to fight the spread of truth decay. Unfortunately, it is not currently entirely clear whether they are fighting it or complicit in its cultivation.


  1. Obfuscation is the hallmark of the majority of those in Ufology. In fact, one might reasonably argue that fabrication and obfuscation allow much of Ufology to continue to exist.

    If you do ever get to the bottom of this (I'm not hopeful you will, but not because of your lack of effort), please let us know the outcome.

  2. Replies
    1. Remember in the 1990s when some of the best UFO books were written by mainstream journalists - such as CDB Bryan, Howard Blum, Phil Patton & Jim Schnabel? The crankier stuff (Day After Roswell etc.) got more attention but many of us thought that the conventional authors would be a herald of some future disclosure. Didn't happen.

      I'd guess that Dr Pasulka is going to be part of a new wave of thought-provoking writers on the topic, but decent evidence will still prove elusive.

      The intelligence services have been pulling this stunt for many decades, which kind of implies there's a somewhat explosive truth being hidden.

    2. I suspect it's just people playing each other to find out the truth, no one expects it to be presented outright.

  3. Hi Jack, I was wondering if you could elaborate: is your point of contention with an actual agency stepping in and vetting the interviews or are you questioning the validity of the claim that security agents were involved? Thanks.

    1. I question the judgment and integrity of academics who decline to assist in clarifying the circumstances. Obfuscation and mystery mongering are fundamentally opposed to establishing facts.

  4. Maybe Diana is rightfully terrified of the "Mack Effect"!

    1. Wow. She certainly doesn’t seem worried but northern did mack