Saturday, March 24, 2012

The OTHER Chile Video

Video footage has been cited of the much discussed November 5, 2010, air show in Chile in addition to the footage pointed out by Leslie Kean. The recently cited footage demonstrated an abundance of flying objects, in all likelihood natural wildlife and of which there are no reasons to assume to be mysterious aircraft, present during the air show.

Leslie Kean and Ralph Blumenthal

Many followed Leslie Kean's story, UFO Caught on Tape Over Santiago Air Base, with great interest since she blogged about it on March 13, 2012. The case essentially revolved around video footage recorded during a November 5, 2010, air show at El Bosque Air Base located in Santiago, Chile.

Kean and co-author Ralph Blumenthal suggested on her Huffington Post blog the video might represent "the case UFO skeptics have been dreading." The writers went as far as to specifically describe a "stunning conclusion: The Chilean jets were being stalked by a UFO."  

The long and short of the matter is the video did not present ample opportunity to positively identify an object of undetermined distance and size which appeared to briefly take flight during the air show. Spectators in attendance did not report observing any unidentified flying objects.

General Bermudez

Kean and Blumenthal reported a General Ricardo Bermudez was a key figure in the investigation of what evolved to be described and presented to the UFO community as a stunning case. "Gen. Ricardo Bermúdez," they wrote, "formerly chief commander of the air force's 3rd Air Brigade (southern area) and an air attaché in London, was one of CEFAA's founders, and he currently directs the agency with a full-time staff of three." Kean and Blumenthal described the CEFAA as the Chilean equivalent of the American Federal Aviation Administration, or FAA.

According to Kean and Blumenthal, General Bermudez is at the least open to, if not lobbying for, international investigation of the UFO phenomenon. "Since this is a worldwide phenomenon," they quoted the general as saying, "it should be subjected to rigorous scientific analysis so we can come to viable conclusions."

Kean has long suggested and implied international efforts are justified and warrant funding, as described in her 2002 report, Science and the Failure to Investigate Unidentified Aerial Phenomena. The report was commissioned by the Sci Fi Channel.

Internet Buzz

Many blog posts and forum threads contained consideration of the case and the footage cited by Kean. The Above Top Secret forum hosted a thread, "HD video of UFO Stalking Chilean Jets Over Santiago Air Base," containing some 24 pages at the time of this post. Substantial contributions were made by elevenaugust, DrDil and UFOGlobe.

A number of aspects of the case and as asserted by Kean and Blumenthal were competently challenged. Among the most questionable items were the alleged "infrared studies," reportedly showing radiation of heat from the object. In actuality, it was demonstrated that no such professional study could be conducted under the circumstances described. DrDil contacted astronomer Luis Barrera, one of the contributing scientists reportedly involved in the investigation, who then substantially downplayed statements attributed to him and alleged conclusions.

The story took another significant hit due to yet to be substantiated claims more video footage was available. Such footage supposedly corroborated the currently released footage, but no relevant footage has yet been presented. Some noted that is the case after what has now been some 16 months since the air show took place.

Long time participant in the Internet UFO community, stiver, located some footage of the air show in question. This particular footage just does not happen to have been cited by General Bermudez, Leslie Kean and Ralph Blumenthal.

Independent Air Show Footage

Stiver located an article, posted November 5, 2010, on a Chilean website, covering the very El Bosque Air Base show currently receiving all the attention from the UFO community. The article described the air show, not a UFO, and included video footage.

In addition to footage of the participating aircraft, the video contained images of additional small objects, reasonably suspected to be birds or insects, in virtually every scene. Stiver provided the following video post, demonstrating the abundant presence of apparent wildlife during the exact air show in question:


Some suggest Kean's credibility and motives, or at the least her ability to accurately identify a stunning case, were called into question. Such would not be the first time, as Ryan Dube of Reality Uncovered reported in his April 12, 2011, article, FAA Instructions to Staff on UFO Sightings Debunk Cover-Up Claims. Dube explained how Kean clung to her existing version of an alleged chain of events even after presented direct evidence to the contrary.

Others suggest ufology has evolved to include more international intrigue - and jockeying for difficult to obtain funding - than in years past. I do not know, but I will concede one must demonstrate an existing need for funding in order to propose and obtain it.

I really could not say with any certainty what the Santiago fiasco was all about. I am not qualified to know.

I do know this, though: stiver does not head an agency with three full-time staff members at her disposal, as is the case with General Bermudez, and she managed to locate relevant footage of the event in question. Footage right on the Internet. I therefore empathize with those who might suggest that, after some 16 months, it would seem reasonable to strongly suspect General Bermudez and company would, or at the least should, be aware of such.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Dr. Tyler Kokjohn: Human Alien Hybrids - Do the Math

Dr. Tyler Kokjohn is a professor of microbiology at the Midwestern University Arizona College of Osteopathic Medicine. His latest video, Human Alien Hybrids - Do the Math, is offered below.

"Although some claim human-alien genetic hybrids are among us now and pose a threat to humankind," Dr. Kokjohn wrote describing the video, "the details of construction of these entities are vague. Examining two simple cases of gene transmission dynamics suggest hybrids face some inherent challenges."

Check out the sidebar located on the right of this blog for more of Dr. Kokjohn's practical videos. Find even more of his work on his YouTube channel. 

Thank you, Doctor. I appreciate your work.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Ufology and Alleged Post-MKULTRA Mind Control

Albert Stubblebine
Major General Albert N. Stubblebine III, US Army, Retired, has an outstanding resume. His distinguished Army career dates back to his graduation from West Point in 1952 and spans to his retirement in 1984 as the Commanding General of the United States Army Intelligence and Service Command, known as INSCOM. He also formerly headed the US Army Electronic Research and Development Command, ERADCOM.

The career intelligence officer led soldiers at every level of duty on his way to serving as Commanding General of the US Army Intelligence School and Center. It was there he secured his spot in the Military Intelligence Hall of Fame when he completely redesigned the intelligence structure of the entire United States Army.

General Stubblebine has been around the block. He has also long been of interest to the paranormal community.

Delving deeply into such topics as psychic phenomena and neuro-linguistic programming, Stubblebine was prominently featured in such works as Jon Ronson's The Men Who Stare at Goats. The general's significant involvement in remote viewing research funded by the Central Intelligence Agency no doubt contributed to his public mystique. It was his involvement in such projects and his interests in ufology that apparently led to his marriage of Dr. Rima Laibow.

Rima Laibow
The resume of Rima E. Laibow, MD, indicates she attended such schools as Temple University and Albert Einstein College of Medicine, as well as participated in post graduate training at Columbia University, while earning her impressive education and credentials. In addition to her status as an expert in medicine, Laibow holds a BA in English literature. She has written extensively on neurological topics, including but not limited to child prodigies, brain injuries and trauma. 

Laibow seemed to have shared the general's interest in the UFO community during the late 1980's and into the 1990's. The doctor authored papers on the abduction phenomenon and became significantly involved in related activities at several levels, including interacting with abductees and organizing a now-disbanded group, Treatment and Research of Experienced Anomalous Trauma, or TREAT.    

Given all the circumstances, it was inevitable that Stubblebine and Laibow would become implicated in mind control research. I currently have neither the interest nor desire to disproportionately support or criticize the couple. My aim is not to incite detrimental personal attacks or facilitate arguments which have little chance of resolution, but to simply point out some circumstances worthy of interest.

Natural Solutions Foundation

More recent years have seen Major General Stubblebine and Dr. Laibow operating the Natural Solutions Foundation, a nonprofit organization they co-founded in 2004. The mission of the Foundation is "to discover, develop, document, demonstrate and disseminate natural solutions to the problems facing us and threatening our health and food freedom."

The pair continued to attract suspicion and accusations, founded or otherwise, of conducting covert intelligence operations, and in late 2008 they addressed such controversy on the Natural Solutions Foundation website.
The pair continued to attract suspicion and accusations, founded or otherwise, of conducting covert intelligence operations, and in late 2008 they addressed such controversy on the Natural Solutions Foundation website. In a series of statements attributed to Stubblebine and Laibow, the couple addressed issues ranging from an alleged attempted murder of Laibow to mind control operations. 

"I am not now and have never been associated with the CIA," stated Laibow. 

"Natural Solutions Foundation is so effective in our opposition to the Powers That Be," she claimed, "that a serious attempt was apparently made on my life a year ago."

General Stubblebine commented, "I have never had any connection, part in, knowledge about or dealings with the mind control program," adding that he was never read into any such program. While acknowledging he held extensive security clearances and his operational commander was none other than the Deputy Director of the CIA, the general pointed out access to mind control projects was on a needs to know basis, stated he served in strategic intelligence and claimed he therefore lacked any need to know.

Interestingly, however, Stubblebine additionally stated he thought mind control operations had been stopped following Congressional demands - until he "met Dr. Rima in 1991." Laibow offered further comment on the implications of the statement on the Natural Solutions Foundation website.

"I knew that the mind control programs had continued," Laibow asserted...
"I knew that the mind control programs had continued," Laibow asserted, "because as a psychiatrist and social activist I had been introduced to a number of people who claimed the same events/conditioning/torture had happened to each of them. The similarity attracted my attention and I learned a great deal about the mind control programs. In fact, long before I met General Stubblebine, a Congressional staffer friend brought data and people to me to evaluate whether these people had, in fact, been subjected to mind control techniques and asked me if I thought the subject was worth another round of Congressional hearings. I was able, through this documentation, to convince the highly skeptical General Stubblebine in 1991-2 that this program had continued after Congress ordered it disbanded."

Attempts were made by The UFO Trail to obtain further details and clarification from Dr. Laibow and General Stubblebine about the above statements posted on the Natural Solutions Foundation website. Multiple emails were sent to different email addresses in which permission was requested to inquire further and no replies were received.

More Talk of Ongoing and UFO-Related Mind Control

Whatever we may make of it, career intelligence officer Commander C.B. Scott Jones, US Navy, Retired, recently made similar statements to The UFO Trail. A series of email exchanges occurred in which statements by Jones were discussed concerning allegations the FBI targeted writer/researcher Michael Drosnin with an incapacitating electronic mind control device, and that Jones alerted Dr. John Gibbons, then-science advisor to President Clinton, of the circumstances.

"There are reasons to believe that some government group has interwoven research about this (mind control) technology with alleged UFO phenomena," Jones informed Gibbons.

"If that is correct, you can expect to run into early resistance when inquiring about UFOs, not because of the UFO subject, but because that has been used to cloak research and applications of mind-control activity.”

When asked if he continued to think the UFO subject cloaked mind control research and applications, Commander Jones stated, "I think that the UFO/ET subject has been used to cloak a number of classified U.S. programs that certainly includes mind control."
When asked if he continued to think the UFO subject cloaked mind control research and applications, Commander Jones stated, "I think that the UFO/ET subject has been used to cloak a number of classified U.S. programs that certainly includes mind control."

"It has been particularly effective," Jones added, "when there is a presumed close relationship between what is trying to be protected and assumptions about characteristics associated with UFOs and ETs."

All Along the Watchtower 

For those unaware, please allow me to point out a potentially huge problem with relying on intelligence officers as sources of information: Relying on intelligence officers as sources of information.

With all due respect rightfully offered to those who have not yet abused the offer, and due respect most certainly extended to decorated and esteemed officers of the armed forces, we are always going to come back around to considering we either have an established fact or we do not. Whether we are talking alien abduction, mind control operations, breath-taking craft soaring across the heavens or anything else, assertions are either verified as facts or they are not.

There is nothing whatsoever wrong with speculation and supposition, but the objective researcher and sincere seeker of truth responsibly differentiates between fact and opinion. Sincerity does not court selective citation or selective omission of information, and those who practice sincerity understand we must suspend judgment pending verification of information, no matter how seductive the temptation may be to prematurely draw conclusions.

If we adhere to such principles and methods of establishing accuracy, we need not discriminate in the evaluation of information based upon such factors as whether the information is offered by a military officer, civilian scientist, self-described abductee, self-described involuntary research subject or anyone else. We need not concern ourselves whether the information supports or opposes our preferred points of view. All we must be concerned about is whether or not we can verify the information and, if not, suspend judgment, recognizing such information as a claim or opinion until such time as it may be conclusively either established as fact or discarded as inaccurate. 

Intelligence personnel have a long history of playing a shell game from one project to another. While mind control operations largely escaped public awareness altogether, even less people know that in addition to MKULTRA and its 149 sub-projects, many more similar such projects existed. Other known projects included MKNAOMI, MKACTION, MKSEARCH, ARTICHOKE, BLUEBIRD, QKHILLTOP, DERBY HAT and PANDORA, to name a few, details of which are often incomplete and elusive. So while personnel might accurately state they were not involved in mind control operations, they may very well have been extensively involved in any number of projects of varying titles and falling under such technical classifications as 'behavior modification,' not literally 'mind control.' 

However, some might indeed question on the grounds of basic common sense how it could be that a person conducting a career in Army intelligence, to the point of being credited with completely redesigning the intelligence structure of the entire US Army, could have been oblivious to operations spanning decades and involving thousands of research subjects...
In the specific case of Major General Stubblebine, I have no particular reason to doubt the man when he stated he was never read into a mind control program and knew nothing about it. However, some might indeed question on the grounds of basic common sense how it could be that a person conducting a career in Army intelligence, to the point of being credited with completely redesigning the intelligence structure of the entire US Army, could have been oblivious to operations spanning decades and involving thousands of research subjects - at facilities such as Edgewood Arsenal in Maryland, no less. An estimated 8,000+ enlisted Army personnel were abused at Edgewood alone. While some might suppose his statements may be technically accurate, others might nonetheless feel as if metaphorically the warden told us they have no direct knowledge of any covert activity taking place at the prison.

Somebody designed, directed and staffed all those mind control projects. The decades long existence of such operations is established; no suspension of judgment is required.

While many of the statements provided by intelligence personnel do not allow us to form conclusions, perhaps there is another point equally, if not more, currently relevant than the implications directly contained in their statements: The fact intelligence personnel ever publicly discussed mind control in the context of the UFO phenomenon at all.

The very fact it is on the table, for whatever ultimate combinations of reasons, should thoroughly interest the UFO community, particularly sincere seekers of truth. I would very much appreciate an opportunity to discuss the issues with Major General Stubblebine and/or Dr. Laibow, hopefully clarifying and obtaining details that shed more light on their claims of post-MKULTRA mind control operations.

I would also appreciate discussing such matters with any individuals who feel they have relevant information to share. Privacy and confidentiality are highly respected. My email address may be obtained through my blogger profile. I want to hear from you.