Thursday, March 27, 2014

Watch 'Mirage Men'

Mirage Men, an adventure into paranoia, espionage, psychological warfare and UFOs, is now available. Watch the film by clicking on the viewer in the sidebar to the right. The viewer may be made full screen by clicking on the option located on the right of the viewer screen.

The UFO Trail agreed to participate in promoting the film because the work of its writer, Mark Pilkington, includes relevant elements of ufology that are all too often overlooked or minimized. The influence of the intelligence community is a topic that should receive significantly more attention within the genre than is currently the case.

I hope you find the film informing and interesting.


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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Opposing Exploitation

I'm not critical of holding fringe beliefs or expressing extreme perspectives. I'm critical of purporting it to be scientific when it's not, and I'm critical of demands to accept claims lacking conclusive evidence. The former is at best incompetent and often likely dishonest, while the latter is simply unreasonable.

I don't care what people choose to believe. Neither do I have an agenda about personal testimonies. If someone says something happened to them, so be it. It's their prerogative to interpret their experiences how they choose.

My agenda is about being opposed to sham inquiry, as Sharon Hill coined the term, the misrepresentation of nonscientific activities as science. I'm also opposed to researchers making assertions they can't back up with verifiable facts.

The reason I am concerned about such activities is because some people – some of those who publicly shared their experiences and came to interpret them the ways they did because of 'ufologists' – are being and have long been exploited by the so-called researchers. So are members of the UFO community, the people that financially support the organizations, the folks who buy the resulting books, those who try to expand on the research (that was flawed in the first place) and a lot of other people as well.

There may actually be phenomena of interest at the heart of ufology and what has come to be called alien abduction. However, it is a reasonable conclusion that the circumstances have been manipulated, distorted and blatantly misrepresented to the point of actuality being virtually impossible to discern. The perpetrators include several demographics with an even greater number of motives. Such demographics include charlatans, individuals with good intentions but ultimately unhelpful because they were drawn in by (and fell victim to) the rhetoric of the charlatans, the intelligence community and others. The resulting lies, distortions and misinformation were cultivated and spread for decades through conferences, regional meetings and publishing houses.

We will never know how the present day public at large would have interpreted perceptions of high strangeness if it had not been so deeply conditioned to accept preconceived – yet entirely unsubstantiated – conclusions. We will never know because it already happened, thanks to demographics as just mentioned, as well as the resulting bad television, bad documentaries, influence of Hollywood, CIA propaganda and manipulation of belief systems (similarly conducted by the KGB and global IC), sensationalism within the UFO community, bad nonprofit orgs masquerading as scientific research groups, philanthropists with unclear and suspect motives and so on. The leading of the witness begins long before they ever meet the hypnotist.

The bottom line on Mack, Hopkins, Jacobs and all of them is that they can offer no conclusive evidence whatsoever of their pet theories. At least Mack did not blatantly promote and defend premature and unsubstantiated conclusions to an entirely unreasonable extent, but the same cannot be said for the other two, Lamb, Cannon and many more.

Unfortunately, people become hurt in the crossfire, influenced (if not directly and intentionally led) to believe themselves to be hybrids, influenced to believe they have parented hybrids, influenced to believe they have been repeatedly kidnapped and tortured (including sexually assaulted) by both human and non-human beings, emotionally devastated, had copies of their case files - including hypnotic regression recordings - sold without their knowledge and subsequently had their trust deeply betrayed (see Carpenter Affair), and the list of trauma on top of trauma goes on and on. PayPal accepted.

Meanwhile, there might actually be some other types of circumstances of interest taking place, and some of the origins of those circumstances might indeed be diverse and vast, while some may be the covert operations of quite human technology, corporations and agencies, among other potential explanations. Whatever the case may be from one specific incident to the next, those committing sham inquiry are certainly not getting any of us any closer to accurate understandings, and, more importantly, they are adding to the list of hurt, humiliated and devastated individuals already left trying to recover in the wake.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

'Mirage Men' Sneak Peek: 'Meet Richard Doty'

What if the UFO conspiracy was turned on its head? Instead of the modern mythology of governments covering up UFO sightings, what if the military had been and still is actually encouraging it as part of their ancient cold war counterintelligence arsenal?

Check out the above sneak peek, Meet Richard Doty, and view the official Mirage Men trailer located in the movie player in the sidebar to the right. Pre-order your rental, set for release March 27, through the movie player in the sidebar or rent here.


“Tantalizing… a juicy subject matter and high end production values.”
“A movie for fans of Philip K. Dick and George Orwell.”
“I’d put this one right up there with THE IMPOSTER, and any given Morgan Spurlock film. It’s good.”
“Mirage Men is scary, unsettling…”
“Undoubtedly one of the must-see documentaries of the year”
-Electric Sheep