Wednesday, June 16, 2021

DIA Says Don't Expect Pentagon-UFO Program Docs Earlier Than Late 2022

The Defense Intelligence Agency sent notification the estimated completion date for five FOIA requests pertaining to apparent Pentagon UFO programs is now Dec. 30, 2022. An estimated date of completion is only an estimate, the DIA emphasized in its June 3 letter to this writer.

UFO researchers submitted a variety of FOIA requests to various agencies in the wake of the Dec. 2017 New York Times article on the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program. Requests seek verification of pertinent AATIP information, as well as circumstances surrounding the Advanced Aerospace Weapons Systems Application Program. Both projects have been reported to be significantly involved in UFO investigation. Researchers continue to await final responses to the most salient of their FOIA requests.

The five FOIA requests referenced in the recent DIA letter:

FOIA-0087-2018 seeks all contracts pertaining to the AATIP, including contracts undertaken with and funding provided to Bigelow Aerospace.

FOIA-0259-2018 requests all mission statements, contractual records, calls for proposals, lists of funding recipients, amounts of funds awarded, budgets, and documents pertaining to the AAWSAP. Also sought are all reports composed by program personnel, reports submitted by funding recipients of the program, lists of contractors and subcontractors, and any related files.

FOIA-0271-2018 seeks copies of all proposals funded, project updates and reports submitted, contractual records, funding recipients, amounts of funds awarded, budgets and documents related to the Advanced Aerospace Weapons Systems Application Program - Solicitation HHM402-08-R-0211.

FOIA-0003-2019 requests all contracts undertaken with and funding provided to Bigelow Aerospace Advanced Space Studies from 1998 to present.

FOIA-0258-2019 is a request for all correspondence, such as emails and memos, between Luis Elizondo and the DIA pertaining to the AATIP as described by Pentagon Spokesperson Susan Gough. 

Related final responses already received from the DIA include FOIA-0088-2018, in which copies were requested of all DIA contracts undertaken with and funding provided to the National Institute for Discovery Science from 1995-2004. The DIA indicated no documents responsive to the request were found.

FOIA-0231-2019 sought copies of the DIA response to FOIA-0065-2010, which was a request in 2010 for documents pertaining to the AAWSAP. The DIA filled the request in part, which included providing correspondence conducted between the Agency and Bigelow Aerospace. A document was obtained in 2019 that verified the corporation was awarded an AAWSAP contract.

Those interested in the evolving Pentagon UFO story would be well served to differentiate between what has been verified from official sources and that which is speculated through much less credible and sensational channels. Reserving judgment on any number of issues should prove a wise option as the fact-checking process forges its painstaking path through a strangling jungle of manic hype.


  1. Thanks again for the work you're putting into this...
    I would like to think that Chris Mellon - the one responsible for released videos to NYT and who served as Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Intelligence under Clinton and George W. Bush, would appreciate hearing of these FOIA requests and would gladly respond to questions posed by you in regard to his questions for the Congressional ‘committee’ re :
    “ Here are some questions I propose for those in Congress charged with protecting the country and overseeing the Intelligence Community: ….”

    read the complete list and contact him at his website

    1. Just providing the link mouseonmoon is referring to...

  2. I have a question for Christopher -Why does a guy worth $100mm in robber baron money feel the need to run around as a UFO hustler?

    1. Well, why does a billionaire hotel and real estate developer and a member of the Rockefeller family actively promote UFO interests when they know there will be little, if any, return on their investment. Perhaps it's as simple as older rich guys indulging an eccentricity; pethaps it's something more...

    2. Tom
      I contacted a psychic ( Canadian - trying to be impartial ) and asked that same question about CM. The psychic said CM feels he owes something back for all the harm done by the Robber Barrons …he even feels sorry for the harm done by Henry Ford !

      Of course, it was a Canadian psychic so …

  3. Thanks for your interest and encouragement, mousemoon. Unfortunately, I don't have any reason to believe Mr. Mellon or any of his associates have any desire to interact with me or field any of my questions. Suffice it to say neither Mr. Elizondo nor any TTSA representatives ever responded to my multiple requests for comment for blog posts (as documented in several now). I subsequently lean more towards Tom's way of thinking at this point.

    1. I can understand Elizondo’s ‘lack of response’ -

      But there is a clear difference between the two in their personal response to ‘media’ due to their personal experience with the media.

      You have the ‘creds’ to respond to his ‘offer’ - in a sincere response noting your FOIA requests . I have a positive view that he would respond and if not it would likely be due to other problems than ‘not wanting to interact’.

      On one hand, I have serious problems with the ‘Mellon message’ that’s coming through the TTSA -but I don’t think Mr. Mellon is totally ‘in this gang’ but more as an alliance to really get the issue ‘on the table’.

      Bottom line, give him a chance - no need to expect an answer - and no need to even bring up ‘the blog’ - on the other side they’re assuming ‘motives’ and likely inundated with 2 bit requests from hundreds - a few serious questions might gain respectable answers.

      Then you can say you tried …


  4. I see the rationalizing and enabling the lack of accountability on behalf of Elizondo and Mellon as part of the problem, mousemoon. Elizondo has done dozens of low profile podcasts, interviews and so on, including appearing with extremely dubious characters. He and Mellon only accept softball interviews from what might reasonably be called sycophants, and cut off access to journalists such as Scoles and Kloor when it becomes apparent they respect universally recognized standards of evidence.

    I have repeatedly demonstrated opportunities were offered to such persons of interest in preparation for publishing blog posts. Their lack of responses are not indicative of either a lack of effort on my part or a lack of awareness of the circumstances on theirs.

    If you have ideas about what should be done and how eager they are to promote truth, knock yourself out.

    1. Jack
      I think I have knocked myself out over and over in my dreams -

      One side says it must be ET and the other side says that’s impossible -
      meanwhile the actual events are not being investigated rationally …
      like Bob said,
      Something is going on
      And you don’t know what it is,
      Do you, Mr Jones ….

      I like Scoles and Kloor - but let them debate Pasulka and Randel -
      I feel like I already know what I’m going to hear-more of the same …

      but lets get Mellon and Neil De Grasse Tyson on stage with John Greenewald who actually knows something about the subject and is really looking for ‘facts’ …


    2. The fact you hold up Scoles, and especially Kloor, as vanguards of your favorite “standards of evidence” line is pretty incredible given Kloor’s track record.