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Updates on Paracast Host Gene Steinberg 'Emergency' Cash Solicitations

[Last updated June 30, 2018]

This is a follow up to a Jan. 2, 2018, blog post, Gene Steinberg Personal 'Emergency' Cash Solicitations Span Years, Hundreds of Emails. See the original post for information on Steinberg's years of repetitive cash solicitations framed as emergencies. This post will serve as a place to publish ongoing updates and developments. Check back for periodic updates.

For more info on Steinberg's email cash solicitations, follow @SchemeGeneRC on Twitter. You may also choose to keep an eye on a UFO Trail Twitter thread tracking a year to date total of Steinberg's email solicitations. 

Steinberg 2018 email solicitations, last updated June 30, 2018:

June (17)

Here are my current obstacles!                            June 29

Stop the presses!                                                June 28

Still under attack!                                                June 27

The online stalkers are relentless!                         June 25

Update on the fight of my life!                              June 21

It's time for me to fight back!                               June 19

Online stalkers have attacked me again!                June 18

A close encounter with the constable!                    June 15

Barbara is trying to heal from major surgery!         June 14

Back to the cheap motel!                                      June 13

Once again my fate is in your hands!                     June 13

Update on Barbara!                                              June 12

I can't go through this anymore!                            June 11

Another weekend waiting for the end!                     June 10

My life has turned upside down!                             June 9

An early June update!                                            June 8

A brief look at the obstacles I'm facing!                   June 4

May (14)

A Q&A Update!                                                      May 30

Discouraging news!                                                May 29

Rush Update!                                                         May 25

An Urgent Request                                                 May 25

Under Siege Update!                                               May 25

Under Siege!                                                          May 22

The hate campaign intensifies!                                May 20

Going for broke!                                                     May 17

My situation so far!                                                 May 15

Weekend update on hacking!                                   May 11

It appea
rs to be ID theft!                                         May 8

Update on bank hack!                                              May 7

Hacked again!                                                         May 5

May update!                                                            May 1

April (15)

I'm under attack!                                                     Apr 24

Some progress!                                                       Apr 19

The Wrap-Up!                                                          Apr 14

Weekend update!                                                     Apr 13

Closer to the end!                                                    Apr 11

Urgent Moving Update                                              Apr 11

Moving Day!                                                            Apr 11

The night before!                                                     Apr 10

The final stretch – I hope!                                         Apr 10

I'm trying to save my life!                                         Apr 9

An impossible situation!                                            Apr 7

I came real close!                                                     Apr 5

The house hunting continues!                                    Apr 4

An impossible juggling match!                                   Apr 3

Where it stands!                                                       Apr 2

March (32)

Nearly homeless!                                                     Mar 31

A critical progress report!                                         Mar 30

Trying to find a new home!                                       Mar 29

One day at a time!                                                   Mar 28

A Wednesday deadline!                                             Mar 27

A two-day reprieve from homelessness!                     Mar 26

Rush update!                                                           Mar 25

I'm hours from being homeless!                                Mar 25

I'm hours from being homeless!                                Mar 25
[same title, different email and e-list]

Last minute emergency!                                           Mar 23

I'm a day from being homeless!                                Mar 23

Wednesday update!                                                  Mar 22

Running out of motel money!                                    Mar 21

Memo from the cheap motel!                                    Mar 20

A Monday emergency!                                              Mar 18

I need a place to live!                                               Mar 17

We lost our home!                                                    Mar 16

I don't know if this is my last day!                             Mar 16

Update on the lock out threat!                                   Mar 15

I'll probably lose my apartment today!                       Mar 15

The final warning from the property manager!            Mar 14

I hope it's not too late!                                             Mar 13

Still waiting to be forced out!                                    Mar 12

Waiting to be locked out!                                          Mar 12

Second weekend update!                                          Mar 11

I'm out of answers!                                                  Mar 10

It's time for desperate measures!                              Mar 9

I don't think I have a solution this time!                     Mar 7

Waiting for the end!                                                 Mar 6

Bringing you up to date!                                           Mar 4

I'm desperate so I took a chance!                              Mar 1

I hope this isn't my last update!                                Mar 1

February (10)

The final days!                                                         Feb 27

Troubles are piling up!                                              Feb 27

A setback!                                                               Feb 24

They keep finding more things!                                 Feb 22

Still living in suspense!                                             Feb 21

Update on Barbara's medical issues!                          Feb 16

No answers yet!                                                       Feb 13

Maybe a problem!                                                    Feb 8

I'm still fighting for my future!                                   Feb 7

Early February Update!                                             Feb 2

January (10)

There is still time!                                                    Jan 29

Waiting for the constable!                                         Jan 25

It's panic time!                                                        Jan 24

The Assistant Property Manager Sets a Date!             Jan 22

It's down to just a few days once again!                    Jan 22

I may need a place to live soon!                               Jan 18

Living under a new threat!                                       Jan 16

Not a happy Tuesday!                                              Jan 9

Seeking a final solution!                                           Jan 8

An Early January Update!                                         Jan 2


Updated May 31, 2018

Gene Steinberg, the longtime host of Paracast and Tech Night Owl, followed up his fever pitched, 32-email March eviction campaign by claiming his bank account was hacked and funds were drained. Steinberg later suggested there wasn't enough money in the account to pay his bills anyway, so he needed more donations, whatever all that's supposed to mean. His base was bombarded with another 29 emailed urgent solicitations for cash since the March blitz. Copies of the emails and claims contained therein may be viewed @SchemeGeneRC

The convoluted circumstances culminated into a dizzying mix of alleged hacks, players and sock puppets. Resulting story lines include the apparent departure of Paracast co-host Christopher O'Brien, a Paracast forum moderator jumping ship, a Steinberg-launched Facebook fundraising campaign titled, “Utterly Urgent! I Need Help Now!”, and what @SchemeGeneRC dubbed “The Ballad of Paranormal Davey,” just to name a few. The latter involved an interaction between Steinberg and a Paracast forum member claiming to have recently inherited a significant sum of money and leading Steinberg to believe a gift was imminent. Steinberg appears to have then informed the individual, “$15k will do wonders as a start.” 

The collective circumstances and ongoing antics inspired hundreds of comments on this blog alone. The topic of Steinberg's shenanigans sprung up on multiple fronts. They include Twitter, reddit, and a host of various websites, forums and blogs. Among them is a discussion forum, Alien Expanse, where former Paracast participants seem eager to discuss their concerns and disappointments. Another example is a blog site,, which has an ongoing post by a tech blogger which offers updates on the Steinberg saga while advocating his associates be informed of the circumstances.

“The company that is the prime support for this grifter operation is GCN Live,” the blogger wrote, questioning if the company “is aware that Gene Steinberg uses his radio shows to gain a listener email list that he can continually beg for money to support his lifestyle...” 

Various comments at this blog and around e-town suggest Paracast forum members were banned and subscriptions were canceled, seemingly for inquiring about Steinberg's antics. A recurring theme is that such individuals prefer anonymity, for reasons including the fear of retribution for publicly questioning the circumstances. They also commonly suggest they are personally embarrassed for having ever contributed cash for reasons framed as temporary and urgent, only to later discover the solicitations are long term and never ending.

As one individual claimed at Alien Expanse, “I paid Gene Steinberg a LOT of money... Gene Steinberg phooled [sic] all of us. I feel ashamed.”

It appears Steinberg has no intention of ceasing his ongoing email solicitations for “emergency” cash. Neither are there any indications he is willing to take responsibility for his personal and financial circumstances. There simultaneously seems no end in sight to the consequences he repeatedly brings upon himself. It would be difficult to envision any credible reporting on paranormal topics could exist within the turmoil long inherent to the Paracast culture, if not seriously question if Steinberg ever valued credible reporting at all as compared to his email campaign.  


Updated April 1, 2018

Gene Steinberg sent more email solicitations during March than days in the month. The at least 32 messages described housing crises, perpetual past due rent, and eventual hit and miss motel reservations. Each email contained a PayPal link and/or instructions for donating via other means, such as wiring money to the Paracast host.

Following his latest eviction, Steinberg explained to email recipients he needed cash for a motel room while also requiring donations for an “affordable” new home. It was unclear what he defined as affordable, and to whom, given his past emails indicate he, personally, has failed to be financially responsible for a residence for years. As one individual put it, the only person who doesn't seem to realize this doesn't work is Gene – which brings us to what many interpret to be two primary points:

First of all, those who choose to consider donating to Steinberg would be well advised to fully understand the history of the circumstances. Some ten-plus years of past emails and website posts give no indication whatsoever the situation will ever be resolved to Steinberg's satisfaction. It has gone on and on, there is no reason to suspect “emergency” solicitations to cease, and every reason to suspect they will continue, given the observable history and lack of viable plan for improvement. Donors should be advised their money is requested and apparently required on a monthly, if not daily, basis.

Secondly, we might collectively consider, as a community, the implications of the actions. We have both the right and responsibility to do so. The inherent contradictions are profound of an individual conducting their affairs in this manner who bills them self as a high quality standard of community reporting. It arguably epitomizes the challenges faced by ufology, and why the genre chronically remains relegated to the punch line of jokes. In summary, the actions of any given individual cannot logically suggest them completely incompetent at financial and personal responsibility, if not seemingly oblivious to the situation, yet simultaneously qualified in an expert capacity to analyze and sort out complex issues that are part and parcel of the ufology landscape. It is simply irrational.

In a March 25 email, Steinberg wrote, "I didn't think it would come to this after all these years."

We might, however, question how that could possibly be, given a sample of Steinberg quotes using the search term "homeless" and drawn from emails dated from 2014 to present:

It is difficult to accept these as the actions of a person we should either enable or rely upon for accurate information. 

Similarly, @SchemeGeneRC offered a sample of Steinberg quotes concerning his rent status and emailed between early February and mid-March:


Updated March 1, 2018

Gene Steinberg email blasts for cash continued to mount through February, including ten more with such subject lines as The final days!, Troubles are piling up!, and I'm fighting for my future!. The latest reports of poverty brought the 2018 total to 20 email solicitations distributed by the Paracast host. The circumstances, described by Steinberg as setbacks, chronically include costs of rent, utilities and groceries, as, according to the podcaster, he has been without for many years. His 2018 current average of ten per month put him on pace for a few less total email cash solicitations than the 139 sent in 2017. The emails consistently contain descriptions of situations framed as emergencies along with PayPal links for sending cash.

"I don't have enough cash for groceries and other needs, and the property manager needs the rent in full, through March, to allow us to live here," Steinberg wrote in his Feb. 24 email titled A setback!.

"Despite the setback," he continued, "I will get out of this nightmare - with your help."

The statements prompted one Twitter user to ponder the exact nature of the "setback." There's nothing to indicate any sort of setback, they observed, just that Steinberg is expected to pay his rent and bills like everybody else. 

"This truly has caught me off guard," another Twitter user responded sarcastically. "I sure hope rent won't be due next month or that we ever have to eat again."

The criticism results from Steinberg's very similar emails sent in January, at which time he was reportedly raising funds for rent and living expenses. The same was the case in December, as well as a seemingly never ending trail of cash requests before that: quite literally years of solicitations for rent, utilities, and miscellaneous bills. The theme is long recurring.

Meanwhile, Steinberg continued using his affiliation with the Paracast as a means to promote his personal fundraising activities, as pictured below.

The connection between the Paracast and Steinberg's cash requests became a bone of contention with current and former co-hosts. Steinberg claimed his soliciting is "not at all connected with the radio show, the Paracast newsletter or the forum," an assertion which proved patently false.

The longtime Paracast host has yet to describe how the e-list was otherwise compiled. Similarly, Steinberg's email solicitations continue to be noticeably absent specific details of his monthly living expenses, his monthly income, and explanations why potential donors should think it wise to contribute to what, by his own account, is perpetually a financial failure.


Posted Feb. 1, 2018

Following the initial UFO Trail blog post on Steinberg's email campaign, his Paracast co-host Christopher O'Brien weighed in. O'Brien expressed concerns surrounding the chronic cash requests and subsequent integrity of the show. Following up on his concerns, O'Brien stated in a Feb. 1 email, quoted with his permission:
I'm looking to shake some things up in my life, Jack. I've grown tired of being taken for granted by some folks in this field and I'm tired of being ignored by others in these so-called fields of "research." I'm leaving Arizona and am returning to the East Coast (where I lived for 16 years) for a few months to finish up several projects and to help out a longtime friend. I am also planning changes in my broadcasting pursuits and am considering some exciting potential opportunities. Also, very soon there will be an important announcement about the San Luis Valley Camera/Monitoring Project. 

Steinberg's stance, as demonstrated in public comments, was that his solicitations have nothing to do with Paracast, specifically stating his cash requests are "not at all connected with the radio show, the Paracast newsletter or the forum." No explanation was offered, however, of how the e-list used for solicitations was compiled if not from the Paracast following and the interest generated by its co-hosts and guests. Moreover, a review of facts directly and firmly contradicts Steinberg's assertion.

The cash requests, which number well into the hundreds, have been broadcast for several years from a email address. That continues to be the case in 2018. Steinberg emailed ten such solicitations during January, 2018, originating from a address. 

A Twitter account operated by Steinberg, titled @theparacast and displaying a Paracast logo, is commonly used to promote Steinberg's purported plight and subsequent cash requests. A couple 2018 tweets, dated Jan. 25 and Jan. 24:

Examples of Steinberg's similar use of the social media site and his Paracast affiliation from 2017:

The initial UFO Trail blog post, the very article where Steinberg left comments asserting his personal cash solicitations are "not at all connected with the radio show," contained a link to a Paracast web page on which Steinberg wrote about his purported plight at length. Descriptions of his financial challenges, rent, food costs and several more such items were outlined. Steinberg did not acknowledge in his comments the contradiction between the link contained in the post and his claim the Paracast is in no way connected to his ongoing cash requests. 

There are many such examples. At this writing, a Paracast web page contains a typical Steinberg email solicitation, this one titled, Here We Go Again!. In the Nov. 28, 2017, message Steinberg tells readers how a housing move decimated his finances. Cash donations were therefore needed for rent, as well as utilities, internet, "and other important bills" for which he "received shutoff notices," he wrote. No information was included on why such reported decimation remains a constant state. 

A thread currently exists on the Paracast forum titled, LET'S HELP GENE!. Readers are encouraged to donate cash to Steinberg for situations he describes as "complicated." The thread, started Dec. 26, 2015, includes a post by Steinberg in which he references the long recurring theme of rent problems.

"Still fighting the good fight," Steinberg informs Paracast forum members in a Feb. 28, 2016, post in the thread. "The creditor/landlord threats are still there, but I won't give up."

Comments submitted at The UFO Trail and emails received from a variety of individuals repeatedly further contradicted Steinberg's claim the Paracast is off limits to his solicitations. One comment explained how during the first ever email exchange between the person and who they termed the host of the Paracast, Steinberg asked for cash because "his wife had screwed up their checkbook for the weekend, there was no food in the house, and they had no access to money." Another comment indicated it was after signing up for the Paracast forum that the individual "started receiving the constant begging emails." 

The above narratives and examples are common. Further citations are available with a frequency making them repetitive. The claimed separation of Paracast and Steinberg's continuous calls for emergency funding is markedly inaccurate.

Steinberg's email solicitations so far in 2018 focus primarily upon his latest reported eviction, which is no less than the third time he has used an eviction to fuel a series of email solicitations since the 2016-17 turn of the year. It was also a common theme long before that. He sent 139 total email cash solicitations in 2017 (See the previously referenced post for more info). 

As suggested by the email subject lines, Steinberg tends to write of a "faceless corporation" attempting to collect rent he admittedly owes yet does not pay, all allegedly under the looming threat of a constable. His fate is in our hands, he often writes, adding, "The best way to help me keep a roof over my head is to send a PayPal donation." A PayPal link and related instructions are included in each email.


  1. In one of his latest he claims his wife is now on Medicare, which should help with those bills. And this is where I call BS. Is it at all probable that she has not been on Medicare this entire time? If not, why not? On cue, that Medicare goes through and helps the Steinbergs survive another month. Right.

    This whole thing reeks of compulsive lying, in my opinion. Wondering if he can help it is my last-ditch effort to feel compassion about this.

    1. If it is not compulsive behavior, then Gene Steinberg is truly living a life that while tragic is more inexplicable and fascinating than any UFO mystery. How and why does he not only endure but sustain this state of perpetual personal crisis? Perhaps instead of forever grasping at donations he should be begging a lifestyle coach to come pro bono in and help him set his house in order. Surely there's a better way to live. Maybe someone could get him a job as a fundraiser. Those epic subject lines of his compare favorably to what I've seen in solicitation emails from both local and national politicians.

  2. I also wonder if this is a compulsive behavior on Gene's part. The continual repetition seems "sick" to me, like a compulsive gambler. Once again, I live in Phoenix, the same town as Gene. Many people from other parts of the nation move here upon retirement due to the mild to hot weather (yesterday was 80 degrees here) and the LOW COST OF LIVING. In comparison to much of the nation, Phoenix is an inexpensive place to live unless you demand the "high life". If Gene is so impoverished, why doesn't he and his wife buy a used trailer house and move to one of the many lovely retirement trailer parks that dot the landscape? There's usually a pool, a community center and other shared facilities. The cost is minor next to renting a home. Public transportation in the city is excellent. No need for a car unless you live in the suburbs. The city is spread out like Los Angeles, but you pick a neighborhood and then shop right there. You can take a bus or street car to the doctor or dentist. A lot of elderly people (like me) live here cheaply on a strict budget of social security and pension. That is why every 10th car has a California license plate as people flee the high cost of living there. You can live here cheaply and yet be in Southern California in 5 hours by car. Life is good. No need to be on the edge of destitution on a weekly basis.

  3. To everyone out there who is too young for Medicare, I can vouch that it should be expanded to all citizens. I had a severe fall in November 2017. I went to an ER and had catscans, X-rays, pain killers, doctors fussing over me for 5 hours. Broken bone in my arm and cracked ribs. The bill? $27,000. Outrageous? Yes. But with Medicare, all I ultimately paid was $77. This is how a health care system should work. I report this in support of Jeremy Vaeni's comment. With Medicare (and hopefully you have secondary insurance as an add-on) your bills will be tiny.

  4. ArizonaWill - not everyone on Medicare can afford to purchase supplemental insurance (a large percentage of retirees can't afford it).

    Without private sector supplemental insurance, you can get stuck with major medical bills. I know retirees living on only meager social security incomes (people who didn't have good-paying jobs with employer paid or supported retirement benefits when they were working). They often avoid visits to the doctor because they can't even afford the co-pay for an office visit.

    You're spreading misinformation about what basic Medicare covers and giving younger people a false impression of it being comprehensive free coverage.

    1. Purrigurri, Perhaps you are correct. My final bill for an ER visit was a composite of Medicare & Supplemental Insurance working together. Perhaps the larger issue is why the richest nation on planet Earth makes a large proportion of their population go without medical care when every single other advanced nation provides this FREE as part of basic citizenship. We have allowed predatory capitalism and the ultra-right wing (now owning the GOP) to convince people that it is normal to not have medical care, decent jobs, and poverty. If Americans could travel through Europe I think they would come back to the USA and revolt in the streets, seeing how much better off people are with a government that cares about them rather than just corporations and billionaires. This is NOT the proper place for such a tangential discussion. For all I know, Jack is a right winger himself who believes that God helps the rich and the poor can beg. I hope not, but there are a lot of right wingers in ufology who consider Jesus a liberal Marxist! LOL But with all due respect, I doubt my little comment on Jack's little blog entry has misled throngs of young people. Without insurance, you are totally screwed in this society. Yet the right wing is out to destroy Obamacare, which is about the only chance that poor people have for coverage.

    2. You'll get no argument from me on this comment. No need to go all the way to Europe, just go to Canada, which now has a higher standard of living than the US.

      The irony is that so many on the Right seem to believe the de-evolution of the US they support is making this country better and stronger. It leads me to believe many Americans on the Right are suffering from a pandemic of self-destructiveness that has also rendered them blind.

      I 100% agree with you that Ufology has become nidus of right-wing conspiracy addicts. I think its central tenet that UFOs are being covered up by government conspiracy is what attracts them. I've often wondered if some in Ufology were actually more interested in the alleged conspiracy than the UFOs themselves.

    3. no don't come to Canada...the influx of muslims and other 'questionable' people has bombarded the medical and housing systems...we cannot get into a doctor for months...a specialist wait is YEARS...2 neighbours died waiting for 'emergency' surgery...reasons? an overloaded medical system

      rent? a DECENT 2 bedroom apt is over $2000.00 per month plus utilities and parking? why? because of supply and demand...out standard of living seems higher...but the costs are astronomical...I wish I could afford to move to Arizona...perhaps I should post faux emergencies like Gene does.

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Worse , Paul Kimball was trashing him because of his scam.Guess what , he's joining Steinberg on his 'podcast' now.

  6. "Ignorance allows the crime, apathy allows it to continue"


  7. ..."There's Gene who's begging for money out of one side of his mouth and living a kind of a wacky life style ... on the other side of his reality, the two don't reconcile."

    "... but when your hitting up guests for loans; when your sending out pleas for money without OK-ing them with, and your "sending them on like Paracast letterhead," I had problems with that ..."

    –David Biedny, Original Co-Host of The Paracast (Quotes from an interview with David, by Jeffery Pritchett and Guy Weddle May 22nd, 2010)

    1. You can listen to the entire interview on YOUTUBE.

  8. ' February’s rent is past due' , Barbara has medical problems...
    It's not going to stop , that's for shure.Just click a few times adding your PayPal account and done!

  9. In a 2 hour interview with Chris O'Brien, current(?) co-host of the Paracast (with Gene Steinberg), by Michael Decon, published on February, 22, 2017, in great irony, O'Brien, in reference to "frauds and charlatans," stated:

    "Get a bull-shit meter and learn how to use it!"

    When asked about the Paracast and Gene Steinberg, he stated:

    "I'm being slimed by Gene Steinberg's constant begging for money, which totally pisses me off"

    "I don't stoop as low as to, you know, to beg people for money and, and to get people to loan me money, knowing I'll never pay them back, I have real probelms with that you know ... I haven't been paid uh, ever really, for the show."

    "He hits everbody up for money ... oh he begs on-line, just go on FaceBook. He's constantly sending out e-mail blasts, you know ...he lives in a nice condo, gated community; drives a late model leased car, you know ... he's doing a hell of a lot better then I am. Yet I never get paid, you know ... it's bullshit! You know, the guy's lame ...."

    1. Yet he stayed there on the Paracast for all of 2017. Actions speak louder than words. I just had a vision. Gene is in terminal hospice care, yet he hits up all the nurses, the doctors and chaplain for money.

    2. Hmmm. I am nowhere near interested enough in Chris O'Brien to listen to an interview with him, but it is surprising to me he continues to co-host a podcast when he gets no money out of it and doesn't appear to have much regard for his co-host. Maybe he gets something out of it apart from cash. Doing a weekly podcast takes some time, it's not a trivial commitment. I guess it has raised his profile, maybe he sells more books, or maybe he just enjoys it. Whatever, it's his time.

  10. Fortunately for Gene, HaShem has a fondness for fools.

  11. From today (2.16.18):


    The news is mixed.

    The nodule on Barbara’s right lung appears to be normal, but she has other problems. Her doctor has discovered a plaque buildup in her heart, and she will begin treatment for elevated cholesterol.

    Next week she’ll receive an ultrasound to check for a possible pancreatic problem. This issue is frightening to her, because her mother died of pancreatic cancer in 1985, but there are no suspicions of anything as severe.

    Barbara also continues to suffer from weight loss and that colorectal problem.

    While her medical coverage is more complete since receiving her Medicare card, it won’t pay 100% of everything.

    In the meantime I continue to confront the usual financial problems.

    February’s rent remains past due, and the property manager is warning of the usual dire consequences if I don’t pay soon.

    I covered the gas bill, and I’m working on the rest, but with only days before services are set down.

    But I said I’d get out of this mess, and I will, and your help is making it possible.

  12. Milking Barbara's medical 'condition' will be THE cash cow for the coming months.Gene himself has a 'slight case of the flu'.What's next ?

  13. This week's installment includes the triumphant return of the Constable!

  14. And now there is an added bit of drama - writing a bad check for the rent with the hope it will be covered. It's like a challenge pledge on the local listener-sponsored radio station - cover it or all will be lost.

  15. When I first started listening to the Paracast I heard about these emails but had never seen one. Eventually I figured out how to get myself on the mailing list so I could see what all the fuss was about. As a scam, it strikes me as an singularly inept and transparent one. I may be wrong, but I can't imagine he gets much money as a result of his pleas. I worry more about his discussion of his wife's private health information, which is in violation of HIPAA and basic ethics. There's also mental health, geriatric and economic concerns that spring to mind in looking at these emails. I'll be more willing to be less tolerant when I see some evidence that Gene's scam has ever had results, either in terms of bringing in money to support him or defrauding a contributor. In my experience, mocking & cynicism - no matter how satisfying they can be - rarely motivate a person to adopt better behaviors. Also, we can all look forward to illness, old age, and death. Hopefully without the poverty, but who knows? So, be canny, but try to also be kind.

    1. Really ?This is going on for more then ten years now.Read or listen to his former co-host David Biedny ...

  16. Hmmm ... a "perpetual emergency," the archetype of an oxymoron. So painting something as an emergency, in order to solicit funds, which in fact is a way of life, isn't there a word for that?

  17. Interesting to note that in the latest e-mail blast as revealed by the Scheme Gene twitter feed, Steinberg paints a bleak picture of his living conditions, yet his partner (Chris O'Brien) for over 10 years stated in the February interview that Steinberg, "... lives in a nice condo ... gated community and drives a late model leased car ... he's doing a hell of a lot better then I am!"

  18. And yet, he STILL does not say why Barbara's sister, Helene, who made them destitute to begin with, won't take them in. He says there is nobody nearby who will take them in. She is nearby, and made them broke. So why, since her husband passed away, won't she take them in rather than let them dumpster dive on the streets? He still hasn't addressed that.

  19. Could it be that the Barnum Lists have dried up? Not enough fresh blood, ignorant to the decade(s) long production.

  20. I am looking at 164 emails 2017-current from Gene and honestly it is getting ridiculous. I do a podcast and will be out of work at the end of the month and my wife has health issues.

    What did I do?

    I started looking for work, have a temporary job lined up, sold some items on eBay, and put out fewer episodes to focus on work. I made sure my financial situation was stable even with problems in my life.

    I really cannot help but question Gene's motives and financial decisions.

  21. Can you believe it ?PayPal isn't fast enough now.Please use Western Union , MoneyGram or wire transfer.The constable is coming!

  22. Today's email says "the property manager plans to call out the constable by midday".

    Yet as of today, there is no record of a current eviction filing in the court for the Steinbergs. That typically has to be done and signed before a constable can be called.

    I predict tomorrow's email will say he managed to get a small reprieve.

    It's simple to check: is where eviction filings are listed.

    To check ownership of a property, go here: Then you can see who the landlord is.

    There are no current eviction filings under the names Yancey or Steinberg.

    I don't like the thought of a senior citizen being put out on the street either, but... well... come on.

  23. 'I predict tomorrow's email will say he managed to get a small reprieve.

  24. To quote Alice, it's getting curiouser and curiouser. Today's email upped the ante and claims that a new property manager has stated that the constable will be coming at any time - yet as anonymous pointed out they will only come if a detainer action has been filed and the court issues a writ of restitution. Gene has been through that process before - but I also could not find any pending action against him.

    As one who is approaching senior status, I would not want to be driving for Lyft or facing eviction. So I can sympathize. But the court search has raises several questions. Curiouser and curiouser

  25. Do the search under his sons name, Grayson Steinberg. That's how I found it. His son lives in Spain. With or without his sons knowledge, Gene rented this place in his sons name, probably because he couldn't get approved under his own name.

    1. Yes, but the question remains what did you find? The most recent action under Grayson Steingberg (CC2018-032962) indicates a judgment was filed on February 22. The court records do not show that a writ of restitution has been ordered by the court.

      Generally, the property owner can seek a writ within 45 days of a judgment, if the tenancy has not been renewed. (Arizona Eviction Procedure, Ruke 14.). If the case history is current, the threat of eviction is real, but the writ needs to be issued before a constable will come.

      The previous action against Grayson Steinberg (CC2018-008077) was resolved short of eviction with a satisfaction of judgment filed on March 9. The difference in spelling with the current case - Steingberg - is not attributable to Gene, but it did require a slightly different court search.

      At this point, I can believe that the property owner has gotten tired of dealing with it. Whether Gene's pleas over the course of several years have been the best way to handle the situation can be debated. But eviction is a hard way to go. Wishes are easy, but I wish him the best.

  26. If you click on the 'Case Number' , you can see all the details.
    Can anyone elaborate :

  27. Even if Grayson knows that Gene rented under his name, Gene allowing his son to take the fall is unforgivable. Grayson's name and possibly his credit are forever stained. Gene doing such a thing is absolutely rotten.

    1. I will guess that his son was bailing his folks out, but I do not know of course. If the Steinbergs can't even rent an apartment at this point, maybe Gene and Barbara need to really focus on getting their finances in order. Maybe Gene's well-wishers who are not related to him need to stop enabling him. The world can totally survive a break in the Paracast and any other of Gene's hobbies while he prioritizes having a roof over his head. But hey just my opinion. It's Gene's, and Barbara's, and Grayson's lives.

  28. So he didn't pay the rent for months and ran.Now he's out of motel money!

  29. Received twice today from the paracast email. 03/25/2018

    Dear Listener,

    Last Monday, Barbara and I and our bichon, Teddy Bear, were evicted from our apartment in Mesa, AZ. We left with what would fit in our compact car. The rest has to be picked up in two weeks or we lose our remaining possessions.

    Since then, we have been been staying at a Motel 6 while trying to raise money to rent a new home.

    As of today, Sunday, our money is used up. We had to check out of this place by 11 AM Arizona time, but they gave us an extra two hours to pack and move our stuff. I have a pending reservation at another inexpensive motel, and I am trying to raise enough money to cover the bill.

    If I can't cover another hotel stay, we'll be left with nowhere to go, and no nearby friends or relatives who’d take us in.

    What this means is that we’re close to being homeless.

    I didn’t think it would come to this after all these years. I’ve worked overtime to try to prevent it.

    I don’t know what else to say.

    If you can help us cover the costs of a motel and raise money for a new place to live, please go to:, login and use the Send to friends and family option. Enter my email address,, and click or tap Next to continue the transaction.

    If you want to send a donation by a different method, let me know and I’ll work out something.

    If you’re not able to send a donation, feel free to forward this message to someone who might assist.

    If you have any questions about my situation, please don’t hesitate to write.


  30. You reap what you sow, Gene. Where's your son? Your sister-in-law, the one you claimed to help for years? She's refusing to take you and her sister in, I bet there's a good reason for that. She apparently lives nearby, why can't you go to her? Karma is a bitch.

  31. In searching the court records mentioned above, apparently Gene not only breaches rental contracts on a regular basis, he also has a history of writing "hot checks?"

    The court date is in 2003 and the date of the crimes are in 2002. Wasn't this during his more affluent times, as he has claimed? Or was this another bank error?

    Case Information

    Case Number: 0711CR-0301634 Judge: Reagan, Michael

    File Date: 9/18/2003 Location: McDowell
    Mountain Justice Court
    Case Type: Justice Criminal Case Status: Adjudicated

    Party Information

    Party Name Relationship Sex Attorney
    (2) State Of Arizona Plaintiff N/A

    Gene Steinberg Defendant Male

    Disposition Information

    Party Name ARSCode Description Crime

    Date Disposition Code Disposition Date

    Gene Steinberg 13-1807 (M) ISSUING BAD CHECK

    7/29/2002 Dismd Pros Mot Dismissed By Prosecution

    Motion 7/15/2013

    Gene Steinberg 13-1807 (M) ISSUING BAD CHECK 7/29/2002 Dismd Pros Mot

    Dismissed By Prosecution Motion 7/15/2013

    Gene Steinberg 13-1807 (M) ISSUING BAD CHECK 7/29/2002 Dismd Pros Mot Dismissed By Prosecution Motion 7/15/2013

    Gene Steinberg 13-1807 (M) ISSUING BAD CHECK 7/29/2002 Dismd Pros Mot Dismissed By Prosecution Motion 7/15/2013

    Gene Steinberg 13-1807 (M) ISSUING BAD CHECK 7/29/2002 Dismd Pros Mot Dismissed By Prosecution Motion 7/15/2013

    Gene Steinberg 13-1807 (M) ISSUING BAD CHECK 7/29/2002 Dismd Pros Mot Dismissed By Prosecution Motion 7/15/2013

    Gene Steinberg 13-1807 (M) ISSUING BAD CHECK 7/29/2002 Dismd Pros Mot Dismissed By Prosecution Motion 7/15/2013
    Gene Steinberg 13-1807 (M) ISSUING BAD CHECK
    7/29/2002 Dismd Pros Mot Dismissed By Prosecution Motion 7/15/2013
    Gene Steinberg 13-1807 (M) ISSUING BAD CHECK 7/29/2002 Dismd Pros Mot Dismissed By Prosecution Motion 7/15/2013

    Gene Steinberg 13-1807 (M) ISSUING BAD CHECK 7/29/2002 Dismd Pros Mot Dismissed By Prosecution Motion 7/15/2013

  32. You're right. I have been mentioning the sister-in-law for ages now, and he never, ever addresses it. There must be some awful bad blood if she will allow her sister to live on the street rather than take them in. And their son in Spain must know something we don't if he doesn't fly them in to live with him and his own family. There must be reasons that nobody will take them in.

  33. Speaking of writing hot checks; this criminal behavior continues to present day, as Gene proclaims to have facilitated a fraudulent bank transaction (hot e-check) a couple of weeks ago according to the @SchemeGeneRC Twitter feed, which monitors Gene's depraved activities.

  34. Oh, goodness, he and Barbara have seen some nice apartments and homes in nice neighborhoods. That means that they are on the cusp of tricking yet another person into renting to them and then going thru the same nerve-wracking grind as every other previous landlord. That one poor bastard had to sell his house to get rid of them. I feel badly for the poor sod/s who agree to let them move in. :(

  35. He tried to ask me for a donation but I ignored it after seeing earlier exposings of his tricks.

  36. So Gene deleted the post that Chris is leaving .Good luck finding a replacement.

  37. Chris is leaving? Really? Wow. He stuck by Gene for a VERY long time, tho. I wish him well in his future projects. I believe he said in that audio interview that he has some offers for help in going on to do his own thing. Good luck, Chris!

    1. Yes , he left weeks ago.And STILL Gene says on his podcast Chris is 'on assignment'.Chris had enough of it.

  38. In a thread called "an emergency call for help" ( started by someone who only a couple weeks before were made a forum mod, make of that what you will) a couple of members voiced their displeasure, only to be banned by Gene. Both the Paracast and Technight owl Twitter accounts are being used for non stop pleas for money. I've heard Steinberg for years say that researchers should not spend so much time on old cases (very disrespectful in my opinion when said to Stan Gordon).
    Steinberg should take his own advice, because he has been flogging this dead cash horse for years.
    I can understand someone's life struggles after growing up in squalor as a child, eventually having to be brought up in social services homes once the local authorities had decided they had seen enough. I joined the Royal Marines eventually, and to cut a long story short, I was seriously injured in the line of fire and I am no longer in the Royal Marines due to my extensive injuries. However, as physically impaired as I am, I am still a 24 hour care giver for my father who is dying. The UK government pays me something called Carer's Allowance for this, which is around £60 per week ($85)
    That is what I live on, and I am sick of hearing Steinberg cry poverty as he has for years. People have been generous to him. This is life for Christ's sake, get on with it.

    1. The banning of those members was the wake up call to me. I am on those fourms. It showed me Gene will allow no questions.

  39. Gene needs a decent apartment in a good neighborhood. Richard Hoagland needs a new watch. Sigh.

  40. He now uses the Paracast Newsletter itself for solicitations so a new crop of people will be asked for donations. Gene and his wife are apparently close to getting a new apartment. If they succeed I hope that Gene will stop relying on Lyft and Uber because for all the hours he claims to work he cannot even manage to pay a single utility bill. He has shut-off notices constantly. If he cannot even pay utilities, how does he expect his "side gigs" to suddenly magically pay his rent besides? He claims to work 50-60 hours a week. Doing what? If he drives most of those hours then he is simply not making nearly enough money to live on and should find something else.
    And his wife just turned 65. She doesn't seem to have worked for many years, as according to Gene her SS payments are so low. How many debilitating health issues can she have that she is completely and totally incapable of making any sort of living at all?
    I wouldn't think of all this as so bad if I hadn't seen here that Gene and Barbara have ruined their son's name and credit, not to mention having his name now in the Court System. No wonder the poor kid ran off to Spain and won't come back. If he would rather they be homeless than fly them in to live with him and his own family, there must be a very, very good reason. And same for sister Helene, who lives in a nice house in Scottsdale and, according to Gene, her husband made them destitute to begin with. Why won't she take them in? After all, as I recall from several years ago, she and Barbara experimented with selling purses and accessories on eBay. That obviously fell thru for whatever reason, even tho iirc they had at least one sale, but Barbara and Helene were obviously on speaking terms at the time. So what gives?
    And how were the legal issues regarding Stephen NEVER resolved? For over 10 years, or 12 years, or whatever? What the hell happened there? I would still think that widow Helene would be obligated to take them in.
    Since Helene and Grayson absolutely will not do so, Gene and Barbara have to both join the workforce and finally fly on their own. I honestly wish them luck. I just hope they leave Grayson out of it from here on.

  41. Come on gene, you utter crook, defend yourself!

  42. I don't think he will even attempt to defend himself. We have too many good and honest questions for him. If he has good and truthful answers, then perhaps more people would donate to him. By not answering obvious and sincere questions he is showing, imo, how dishonest and crooked he is.

    1. It is only my non-professional anonymous opinion but I have come to think he is more delusional than dishonest. Certainly there seems to be some dishonesty as well but it seems like he's dedicated to this concept of himself as a guy who makes his living from his podcasts. This is non viable but he doesn't appear to want to budge from it, regardless of who he drags down with him. The apparent lack of help from family or friends may make a better case for dishonest and crooked however. I've just come to feel like he is living in his fantasy land and will no come out, even when living out of his car (which should make for some interesting Uber rides).

    2. I agree; delusional is certainly a huge part of his problem. However, in using his son's name, his wife's, writing bad checks, not answering sincere and honest questions, he also shows a tremendous lack of honesty, imo.

    3. I just re-read what you wrote and see that you agree about the dishonesty, as well. I was still caught up in the criminality of his behavior and of the legal actions that have taken place against him.

  43. Hey Chris , are you leaving or not ?

  44. I received 2 emails yesterday (4/11) and a new one today (4/13. He needs help with his internet and TV deposits. Will this never end what's next with this guy? I think he need to get into a new line of work if he cannot pay his bills with his current job.

  45. *sigh* And now he's in a new apartment and still needs move-in money. *facepalm* Now this new property manager will go thru the same hell as all the previous ones. We know he absolutely will not get a job (and since it obviously doesn't pay nearly what he needs, so Uber and Lyft don't count) he will never, ever stop begging. He has his whole new crop of Paracast listeners.
    Well, just maybe he will surprise us all and get his stuff together. I won't bet on it, but you never know.

  46. He wants others to pay ALL his expenses, move-in money, move-out money, rent, medics, groceries, internet, power...A few days ago his bank account was 'hacked'. Again?

  47. Wait did Chris O'Brien leave? If so why hasn't there been an announcement?

  48. Not only does Gene claim (again) that his bank account has been hacked, he states that the people that are shining the light on his activities are the one's that have done it.

    What is hilarious, is that most, if not all (save opinions after the fact) of the information published about him, comes from him.

    So, he's reset and the new countdown to eviction begins.

  49. And now he wants someone to pay for a server for him at $150-250 per month. But worry not! It is potentially tax deductible! Anyway, he is indeed reset. Reset to repeat the same pattern. How long this new place will put up with this is anybody's guess, but since it has a property manager he'll have less of a chance of "negotiating" than if he had tricked a private landlord into renting to him.
    I wonder if he used his own name, his wife's or his poor son's.
    If he's smart he'll leave lots of stuff packed. He won't be staying long...

  50. And now he claims WE are attacking him by hacking his bank account.(I thought it was empty...)

  51. Oh, good grief...he's STILL doing ride-sharing, which clearly has not and will not pay his bills. He still wants someone to pay for his new server. He's still under hacking threats and online harassment.
    I do feel sorry for him about someone offering to give him cash and leading him on. I think that is just plain cruel. But I understand why people are upset and angry, and others who have given to him feel used. I do hope the hacking attacks stop. I feel that is definitely over the top.
    Still, I know that in a matter of days or a week or so he'll be behind on his rent yet again. He will be given a grace period, then be warned again, than he'll have to be dragged kicking and screaming into court, and then a constable will be called once more. He really needs to get a job that will stabilize him. And Barbara really needs to get a job, too. She can't have been so indisposed for years and years that she cannot earn a single cent. What does she do all day, just exist? Seriously? She's always under the threat of eviction and she just does nothing?
    I used to feel sorry for her, but she's plainly just the same as he is and feels just as entitled to having her life subsidized. She's also benefited from Gene's listeners and readers, so what does she do, nothing at all to add to their generosity and help herself and her husband survive?
    The one I truly feel sorry for in all of this is Teddy Bear. He doesn't deserve to be dragged from pillar to post. I hope they at least take good care of him and don't wind up surrendering him.

    1. It seems that your comments are based on the notion that you're getting the truth, from Gene. With that in mind I urge to re-read Jack's articles, along with the postings at the Schemegene Twitter feed (or any number of other places going back since David Biedny left). The high majority of content is Gene in his own words, with commentary after the fact

      Gene isn't doing ride-sharing, he claims to drive for Uber and or Lyft. I know a few people who drove/drive for one or the other, part time, and in each instance, they could pay their bills.

      As for someone "leading him on," to me that just goes along with the "poor me" pitch. I don't buy it for a minute!

      What clearly won't pay his bills, and hasn't for over ten years is his hobby. What has seemed to pay his bills is the continuing claim of an emergency, pulling on people's heartstrings, and the wool over their eyes. People have asked why he continues do it, the answer comes from PT Barnum.

      As to a "hack," or a con, he's used that before as well, or at least something similar. The irony being that HE is the victim of a con."

      As for Barabara, I agree with you. Also, for someone who's is consistently on the verge of becoming homeless as Gene repeats over and over again, it never stops her FaceBook activity. Playing on the computer is not the behavior of someone under these circumstances.

    2. No, the "leading him on" thing was real. Look at the "tweets and replies" on @theparacast Twitter account from mid-March. Someone who finds Gene's behavior particularly offensive decided to tell Gene they would meet him at a McDonald's in Mesa to hand him a bag of cash. Gene was over there in a flash. The person then said wrong McDonald's so Gene was off to this second McDonald's. Gene eventually realized (much later than I think most would have) the guy was yanking his chain. Honestly I don't condone screwing with Gene like this but, he does set himself up for it, and I will admit I laughed to see the lengthy exchange on Twitter. Gene was greedy or desperate enough to imagine some random guy was going to fork over a sackful of cash to him. Not only that at one point Gene tweeted (not direct messaged) the guy the account number and routing number for two of his bank accounts in hopes of an electronic donation (and left that info on his Twitter account for over a month, no fooling). I'm sorry but for a guy with a "tech" podcast, the dude is not exactly wise. I am skeptical anyone has hacked anything of Gene's though I guess it's possible. I just think Gene is happy to play the victim card now. But you don't need to trick Gene or hack him to undermine him or the handouts he seems to depend on, just display the honest record of his years of emails begging.

  52. Thank you for your comment. I will read what you suggest. And you're right; I was taking what Gene said pretty much at face value.

  53. has there been any proof he was evicted? spent one night in a hotel? had the constable show up? any proof he needs a server? and Gene tweeted his bank account and routing number to a stranger? is there any proof what so ever that he does not live a lavish style in a fancy condo? and driving that Kia? (oh yes we have NOT forgotten that!)

  54. For those not following his begging. He once begged for money to pay for a KIA.
    You know, the luxury car! Rent late.
    Evictions medical bills. I am drawn to 2 thoughts. Gene is unlucky. Or he is,a lair.

  55. He obviously has tricked new listeners into giving him money. He has this month's rent paid up and hasn't mentioned needing money for May. I hope the new people Google him and find this out and then decide if they feel their money is really helpful to Gene or if it simply continuing to enable him.
    Gene - I know you are reading this.
    Why won't your son take you in?
    Why won't sister Helene take you in?
    Why won't you get a decent paying job? Since you can't even pay a utility bill what you are doing is simply not adequate.
    Why won't Barbara get a job?
    Give us some good and honest answers and people will be more likely to believe you.

  56. Gene will not allow questioning. You ask about his situation on the list and you are gone. He has kicked so many asking for proof. So I ask here. Where is the eviction notice? The hotel bills? Gene said it is no one's business. But Gene is the one begging for money since 2010.

  57. And what about folks like Greg Bishop or Paul Kimball who keep showing up on his show.Here's what Kimball wrote a few years back: 'Paul Kimball - The Other Side of Truth :It wasn't just listeners that he begged from. Once I became involved in the show after DB left (hey - we all make mistakes!), I realized that Steinberg also asked his co-hosts AND his guests for loans on a regular basis. That was one of the many straws that made me realize that he was as low as they come (the final straw being his terrible treatment of Emma Woods on The Paracast forums and elsewhere).

    1. Who is Emma Woods? Did Gene boot her from paracast? Sorry I don't go there offen.

  58. After reading every thing here i have come to the conclusion that Gene is a fraud.he said justice will be done. Gene needs to be investigated. He needs to be jailed. His LIES will catch up with him. Chris was wise to walk.
    All I ask is Gene Steinburg to post his eviction notice and a bill for one night at a hotel. If Gene is not a fraud then he will. And should he post them I will apologize. No post will lead to my assuming he is a liar.

  59. That's a good point; if he will post his eviction notice and hotel bill that would go a long way to showing that he is not an utter fraud. And the questions I posed above regarding his son and sister and wife, if he will answer them honestly he will show himself to be at least somewhat honest.
    I still marvel at how his wife simply exists while incurring expenses. She's been utterly incapable of doing anything for years and years on end but simply eating, breathing, playing on the computer, and just...existing? That boggles my mind.
    But I won't hold my breath that Gene will answer any of these good and honest questions. He knows that he will not. He just hopes, I think, that his new batch of donors don't catch on and ask as well.

  60. Gene's most recent message with money link removed.


    While the online attacks continue, I have not confronted any further hacking. I hope that putting a spotlight on this criminal behavior will help bring it under control, and I’m also gathering evidence to send to the authorities for appropriate action.

    Here’s where my money situation stands:

    I’m still seeking help to cover the remaining bills after moving to a new apartment. I’m also trying to find someone to subsidize a new dedicated server for the sites and the radio shows.

    I will not give up, despite the obstacles.

    If you can send a donation to help out,

    If you want to send a donation by a different method, let me know and I’ll work out something.

    If you’re not able to send a donation, feel free to forward this message to someone who might assist.

    If you have any questions about my situation, please don’t hesitate to write.


    So Gene who are you going to throw under the bus? Jack? Chris? someone else? You are a fool Gene. NO crime is being committed by anyone who demands the truth!
    Gene you are a fraud. But you have an opportunity to change that. All you need to do is post your eviction notice and a bill for one night in a hotel. As it stands Gene you are the criminal. You are the one who needs investigation. The more you squawk the deeper you dig your own grave. I must confess I am getting weary of waiting for you. Time is indeed short as you say. The long arm of the law will find your lies.
    So Gene, when can we expect to see any proof what so ever?

  61. Gene, where is your proof of eviction?
    Why won't your son take you in?
    Why won't Barbara's sister Helene take you in?
    Why won't your wife do anything other than simply exist?
    Why won't you get a job that will pay your bills?
    Why won't you pay for your own dedicated server?
    Why shouldn't YOU be investigated?
    Did you sue that driver that hit you or will you keep that settlement a secret?
    Why was your brother-in-laws legal issues NEVER resolved?
    I'm sure you are reading every word here and dying to respond, yet for the first time in history you are actually resisting the urge to "correct" us? Wow.
    Give us some proof, some answers, and you can put the speculations of being a fraud to rest.
    Gene, take the opportunity given to you. Give us some answers.

    1. You know deep in your heart he will not. You know if you used your name he would ban you from his forum know he thinks you are evil. You know it's your fault, not his.

  62. The Steinberg's eviction records (multiple cases/events) can be viewed at the Maricopa County Records site; over the years it includes him, his wife and son. Moreover, one can view ALL the criminal and or civil cases prosecuted, going back to the 1990's.

    This latest eviction was prosecuted under his son's name, including a misspelling i.e., "Steingberg."

    It is unknown at this time if his son was aware that a rental/lease contract was entered into, in his name, and an eviction was the end result.

    In conclusion, yes the evictions are real. He's been evicted 3 times in the last year and a half. At the same time his requests for emergency funding, has gone on, repeatedly for over ten years. David Biedny was the first to shed light on Steinberg, stating:

    "There's Gene who's begging for money out of one side of his mouth and living a kind of a wacky life style ... on the other side of his reality, the two don't reconcile."

    "... but when your hitting up guests for loans; when your 'sending them on like Paracast letterhead,' I had problems with that ..."

  63. I've seen the evictions records, but I can't find the ones going back any further than 2012.

    But yeah, he won't write up another "Correcting the lies about my situation" piece because he won't dare answer the questions. He only answers a couple that he chooses, not the ones we choose.

    I wonder, where does all the subscription money go? He never gave any to O'Brien, so he gets is all. What does he spend it on? He gets the Paracast ones and the Tech Night Owl ones, so he shouldn't be so perpetually broke.

    Okay, Gene, how about that one? Where does all that subscription money go to? Obviously not to pay bills, so what the heck?

  64. CORRECTION: The Steinberg's eviction records (multiple cases/events) can be viewed at the Maricopa County Records site; over the years it includes him, his wife and son. Moreover, one can view ALL the criminal and or civil cases prosecuted >against GENE STEINBERG<, going back to the 1990's.

    1. For the life of me I can't find those records. I look under Maricopa County and all I found were a couple of traffic violations. Grrr...

    2. can someone provide the links to all evictions???

  65. On the Paracast forum there were 3 active moderators.
    One vanished in January. Looks like he got sick of Gene and bailed.
    One has appeared on the show with him so may be in bed with Gene.
    The most recent mod is a guy who has been active for years. He has made a topic about Genes situation. After attacks on Gene he locked the topic.
    Maybe someone can contact these mods and ask why they support Gene.

  66. Here is a link to one or two of the evictions. Thanks to the person in previous comments who provided the info to this page of case numbers.

  67. More details :

  68. 10 year's How in the world does Gene live?
    Begging for rent,utility's and food.

    1. He enters into contracts he knows damn well that he won't pay. He tricks unsuspecting people into renting for them. Then he yanks their chain for months on end. He forces them to drag him into Court. He then still refuses to pay and makes them call the constable to force him out. Oh, and that one poor sod had to sell the house to get him and his do-nothing wife out of his life.
      He makes every single landlord beyond miserable and frustrated.

  69. posted this AM on the paracast.

    Despite all the security precautions, my other bank account was hacked this morning, and cleaned of funds.

    I don't know if I was the target, or the bank.

    I should get all the money back, but it will take a while for the bank to investigate and do what has to be done.

    I am really really sick of all this!

    can we truly believe this? if I contacted my bank I think I would learn such an event would be shut down quickly.
    I would also assume that the Police would be involved.
    this whole episode has gotten past the point of being unbelievable

    1. He also said "On Monday, I have to notify Social Security and see if they can replace the payment faster, or at least arrange for direct deposits to a different account faster than the usual two month period."
      WTH? Why would Social Security have to give him his money back? I don't think they would. It's not up to them to stop hackers or to keep pumping money out to people who claim to have been hacked. Or am I mistaken? I don't think SS is responsible for missing funds. So unless I'm wrong, Gene is either delusional on this point, mistaken, or he is lying.
      We all know he is reading every word of this blog. Do you all think that he is holding back his itchy fingers trying to keep from responding, or is he sticking his fingers in his ears going "lalalalalalaaa."?
      He is likely VERY uncomfortable at this point. We have very good questions for him that he is refusing to answer or even address. He is seeing all his criminal dirty laundry being aired.
      For the first time in recorded history he is not responding to all the "attacks" and "falsehoods." He is not "correcting" us. He isn't telling us all the lies he claims we say about him.
      And now he claims to be hacked. Again. This all stinks to high heaven.

  70. an exchange on the paracast is telling.
    1st a admin tells Gene this
    This event MUST be investigated by the FBI. Gene we are now in an area where law enforcement agencies MUST be involved.
    If the police or FBI will not become involved scream till they do! Gene you were ROBBED. The bank has some explaining to do.
    What the Admin said was reasonable and sensible. anybody who had their Account drained would contact the local Police Immediately! But not Gene! Here is his response to the Admin.
    But, yes, I will contact the authorities. I also need to find out if others were impacted by this hack. I may not have been the direct target.
    So lets get this clear. You have not contacted the police. the Bank has not contacted the police. this smells rotten Gene.
    So why were the police not contacted? let Gene answer that.

    Not sure if it was meant for me, or a general bank hack. If there were enough victims, it might get media coverage. Otherwise, we may never know.

    Regardless, I am not returning to that bank (Wells Fargo).
    so lets talk about media coverage.
    there is none!
    for the record I think Gene is lying.
    lets look at this.

    I have a pin, I have two-factor authentication. Didn't help,
    so we have Gene making the claim he has a two step authentication such a step will not help if his security pin is known. or Gene has an easy security question
    so now it is clear. Gene built up to this moment. he used an admins misfortune of having his twitter account hacked to his advantage. (The Admin in question seems to be not the type to make an untrue statement.)
    So we have Gene making a wild claim. one to generate money. I wonder when that Admin and others that are on that sinking ship will wise up and bail on him. After all Chris bailed on him.
    Gene I know you read this so as your beloved Admin gave you is my advice to you, Gene pack it in call it a day. Better yet call the cops they will be happy not only to investigate your theft. But your fraud as well.

    1. I realize pretty much no one believes his story but... he is using two-factor authentication and was still hacked? I'm sure it's possible but what are the odds? Furthermore imagine how pissed you'd be if you spent the time and effort to break into this deadbeat's bank account only to find it in the red.

  71. It's just another scam to continue begging for money.All lies.

  72. What is this :

  73. I want to be sure I read right. Did GS
    Claim that was hacked in mid March?
    And if he was why did he not move his cash to diffrent accounts? Or better yet to a diffrent smaller local bank?
    Oh wait I know. Because it never happened!

  74. his business is illegal? Permanently revoked? That doesn't sound good at all. So, Gene, how is your dishonesty working out now? If new listeners and readers Google you it doesn't bode well for you, does it?

  75. Barbara AND Grayson are in it too.

  76. Chris is 100% GONE! We have so many bailing on Gene. Guest are leaving in droves. Someone needs to let Michael Allen know what he is In for. As for Scheme Gene. His days are done soon. I will not be surprised to see the Paracast fold.

  77. sent this AM!

    As of today, the bank doesn’t know whether the hack that emptied my account was the result of a targeted attack against me or them.

    Regardless, I was left with only a small sum in a second bank account, and a couple of ten dollar bills in my wallet.

    The bank should return the money, but it may not happen until later in the month. In the meantime, it does appear that my rent payment will bounce, hardly a way to make a good impression since I did have the money to cover it.

    I’ll be on the road for Lyft and Uber after I finish recording a segment with a cybersecurity expert for The Tech Night Owl LIVE.

    Jack and everyone else I urge you to contact your bank!
    ask them what they do if the bank is hacked. they replace the funds right away! and cover any bills such as RENT this coverage happens at the second you lose money due to a hack! Gene is flat out a liar here! you can prove it by a simple phone call. Gene is lying!

  78. the 1st thing Anyone should know is this:
    The banks are liable for any stolen funds as a result of cyber crime. Customers will not lose money.
    most of the time, but not always, if your account is drained by a cyber thief, the bank will cover it for you.
    Many, if not most, banks will immediately reimburse you on a conditional basis, meaning they will launch an investigation and if they find your claim of fraudulent transactions is not supported by the evidence, you will have to pay them back.

    Unless they have a specific reason to believe you are making a false claim, they should reimburse you within two business days.
    So there we have it. Proof of Gene's lie. there simply was no hack.
    add that NO wells Fargo accounts were reported hacked in the last 30 days
    one could call wells Fargo. and ask if any accounts were breached.
    simply put. Gene is a Liar.

  79. No, a bank is not going to admit to some random caller, or any caller, whether or not their any of their accounts have been hacked.

    Yes, the stolen funds will be returned eventually, but it doesn't always happen the next business day. Depending on how it was done, and I don't have all the facts yet, it can be 10-20 days.

    If it happened via a bank debit card, however, it would be returned within 48 hours, often immediately. You are clearly misleading this group.

    For someone who is afraid to post a real name, you are mighty suspicious, however.

    Are you the hacker whose been going after my accounts? Confession is good for the soul.

    Gene Steinberg

    1. "Are you the hacker whose [sic] been going after my accounts?" Oh, Gene, this is just sad even by your pitiful standards. Instead of arguing with people on the internet about your alleged 'bank hack,' perhaps you should try being a responsible adult and actually work for a living so that your wife and poor dog aren't forced to live in a series of motel rooms while you beg your 'fans' for money on a daily and increasingly embarrassing basis. Maybe try that.

    2. Banks acknowledge security breaches all the time.

      Meanwhile, what hacker who is familiar with you would target your bank accounts? "Let's see, time for me to commit a felony or two to make my big score. Who should I target for this cash grab? Oh I know, how about that UFO dude who claimed he was struggling to afford one night in a Motel 6 just recently? The one who is begging for donations every couple days like clockwork. That guy must be sitting on a mountain of cash!"

      Sorry Gene, people perhaps can't help but be amazed by your relentless begging, and by your persistence in funding two apparently money-losing podcasts even while your family goes through an eviction driven by a lack of funds. There is no hate campaign against you. There are people getting the word out about your behavior, while collectively marveling at that behavior. Type 'gene steinberg' into Google search, see what is suggested by autocomplete. There's your reputation, which you've earned all by yourself. How's that been for your soul?

    3. Sir:
      I will post a more detailed response later.
      For now I will tell you I hide my name so you do not subject me to baseless accusations.
      I will be blunt.i am not a hacker. Any attempt by you to link me to your so called hack will result in a lawsuit.
      Confession is good for the soul
      Time to confess.
      There was no hack
      You are a liar.

  80. Appears the coward Anonymous is hiding behind a Pond email gateway ( Doubly suspicious.

    What is he/she afraid of?

    Gene Steinberg

  81. The hack story was played years ago. Maybe he knew he had to change tactics recently with so much attention being paid recently to his shenanigans, so he posted a fake bank account on twitter for the world to see in March, to set up this new hack story line. I called it in March that this was foreshadowing, and here we are.

    How many bank accounts does someone with no money need? Since he never has any money for "rent and other bills" or groceries, wouldn't he be getting overdraft fees that would put him further in debt?

    IF he had two tier encryption, as he claims, this is well nigh impossible. I do not believe he was "hacked" at all.

    And to come on this thread and claim some unknown person is "The Hacker (TM pending)" because they question him, is laughable.

    1. Fascinating how people with fake names claim to be arbiters of the truth.

      Anonymous, Unknown. What about Wynken, Bynken and Nod next?

      I am doing what's necessary to expose the hackers and do what's necessary to bring their criminal acts to a halt.

      Gene Steinberg

    2. What do our names matter? You are the scam artist bilking people out of their hard earned money while you do nothing for employment but look for new marks. And yet you dqre question us? Uber and Lyft are side gigs, not real jobs. Nor are your podcasts. Instead of relying on your listeners to support you, you need to get a real job. So should your wife.

      We are people who have watched you put out one ridiculous story after another continuously for over 10 years. People have every right to question you.

      Also, what happened to O'Brien? Seems like he disappeared after questioning your lifestyle. Special guest hosts my ass.

      Lar Gand

    3. Chris resigned from the paracast.
      Gene refuses to tell his listeners this fact

    4. To Paraphrase Gene: Fascinating how people with fake crises claim to be arbiters of the truth.

      Lar Gand

  82. Yes, Gene, confession is indeed good for the soul. Answer the questions posed to you and you'll not only feel better but can set a lot of our allegations to rest.

  83. Deep State? No. Everybody knows it had to be those nasty old Russians...

    1. Russians? If the incident was part of an attack against the bank, rather than one person, you may be right. It would be a first for you.

      Good riddance faker!

      Gene Steinberg

  84. Gene when will you let your listeners know Chris has Resigned?

  85. No, a bank is not going to admit to some random caller, or any caller, whether or not their any of their accounts have been hacked.
    1. Sorry banks admit they been hacked all the time!

    Yes, the stolen funds will be returned eventually, but it doesn't always happen the next business day. Depending on how it was done, and I don't have all the facts yet, it can be 10-20 days.
    2. As I stated last night: The banks are liable for any stolen funds as a result of cyber crime. Customers will not lose money so the bank even if they can not replace the money right away the bank will call your creditors. I call Gene a liar.
    3. If it happened via a bank debit card, however, it would be returned within 48 hours, often immediately. You are clearly misleading this group.
    3. Nope you are! What you are saying is not totally true. The bank will replace all money lost due to a theft right away!

    For someone who is afraid to post a real name, you are mighty suspicious, however.

    4. as I stated Gene I will not give my real name because you will accuse me of hacking without any evidence.
    Are you the hacker whose been going after my accounts? Confession is good for the soul.
    5. again Gene I am not a hacker. And yes it is good. So confess to your lies. I await your confession. And if you do mange to figure out who any one is Gene I will see you face a lawsuit on behalf of Jack and all those your actions smear. Like Chris? Like Paul Kimbal? Like David Brinley ? You are the crook Gene. I wonder how your wife puts up with it! Pack it in Gene. It is over. Your done. Get a job you lazy Bum!

  86. Gene, when will you answer all the good and honest questions we have for you?

  87. Why won't your son take you in?
    Why won't Barbara's sister Helene take you in?
    Why won't your wife do anything other than simply exist?
    Why won't you get a job that will pay your bills?
    Why won't you pay for your own dedicated server?
    Why shouldn't YOU be investigated?
    Did you sue that driver that hit you or will you keep that settlement a secret?
    Why was your brother-in-laws legal issues NEVER resolved?
    Why won't you admit that Chris O'Brien has walked?

    1. Most of these matters are just none of your damn business!

      I'll answer just three since they have already been answered in part or completely:

      My son lives in Madrid. You paying for plane ticket, and a larger apartment so he can take us in? What about Spanish lessons and a car so I can do ride hailing there, if it's even available? What about the time it takes to get a green card so I can work?

      As I have explained numerous times,I have three jobs, not unusual for this day and age. I'll be 73 in September, so getting the big bucks isn't quite as easy.

      My brother-in-law died of pancreatic cancer before he could settle his case, leaving his wife and handicapped son paupers.

      Now who are you? Why are you afraid to admit who you are, really!

      Gene Steinberg

    2. But why won't you just admit that Chris walked because of your incessant begging, and questioning you on your own forum? Just this one thing.

      Oh, and the hotel bill. And how is Teddy Bear, since you haven't used him in your story lately? One and done?

      Bart Allen

    3. What 3 jobs do you have, Genie? Uber Lyft & the Podcasts are NOT jobs. Uber and Lyft are side gigs at best. Podcasting is a hobby.

      I doubt you actually Uber Lyft at all, since everything else is BS. And if you DO, I'd hate to be one of your fares; you probably panhandle them all.

      Matt Murdock

    4. The Big question is why won't you admit publicly Chris walked?
      And please Gene. Answer the question. You can not toss me off this blog! You and your Admins can not remove or delete me here like you did at your fourms! And that is the only clue you get Gene! So how about the truth Gene? Tell the world the truth.
      After all confession is good for the soul!
      I will warn

    5. I am contacting GCN, every past guest and every advertiser to the Paracast to make sure that they know exactly what kind of person Gene Steinberg is and what he has been up to the past 12 years. Then, they can read this page and judge for themselves if they want to be associated with this con man and charlatan. A Paracast boycott is the only way to stop this man from milking people of their savings and harming others.

  88. I give up. Gene's gonna Gene, and all I can do is be disgusted both by Gene's behavior and by those who blind themselves to it and enable him. Pointing out the problems with his claims, or how long he's been grasping at handouts will only results in being sassed by him at best or accusations of criminal hacking at worst. Gene has no ethics, no capacity for self reflection, perhaps no empathy, and not a whole lot more brains. It really says something about the paucity of promising topics in the UFO field that we've spent this much time and energy talking about a pathetic weasel who would sooner see himself and his wife live on the street than relax his death grip on podcasting glory.

    And yes I may be Anonymous but let's face it, if at this point you had Gene in the south side Chicago police interrogation room, after softening him up with a few typewriter blows to the head (standard practice, sorry Gene), your first question given his history of tall tales and bad checks would in all fairness have to be, "Is your name really Eugene Steinberg?"

    1. It's hilarious that someone who clearly is afraid to reveal his/her real name pollutes the Internet with loads of personal questions about matters that are none of his business.

      I have no more time for this silliness.

    2. You are correct. Any more statements of how a bank works will be lost on GS. But even if the money can not be replaced quickly he can ask for proof of deposit. This presented to his landlord will be enough.
      I personally don't think he had the money to start with. He does not have a real job.
      GS is a lazy bum.

    3. Sorry Gene, but when you lie and cheat and scam unsuspecting people for over 12 years...IT'S EVERYONE'S BUSINESS!

  89. Gene:

    You're full of shit. You know it. I know it. Everyone else that's taken the time to look into the situation knows it. I find your situation fascinating & entertaining because of two things - the shamelessness of it all and your seemingly-pathological obsession with continuing your little podcasting hobby at the expense of literally everything else in your life, not the least of which is your dignity.

    The only question that I'm personally interested in is: why do you do this? You could find a minimum wage job or better TODAY if you had any interest in doing so. Spare me the bullcrap about how you're too old or AZ hates seniors or blablabla. That dog don't hunt. Do you get some kind of a thrill out of this dysfunctional cycle you've been living in?

    I wish I could say I'm fascinated by this saga partially out of concern/sadness/empathy for an older couple stuck in a shitty situation. That ship sailed a long time ago, after I realized that you're in this situation entirely of your own volition. You're an lolcow, Gene. Congrats, I guess.

  90. Just a fair warning Gene. I will go to every paranormal list I can find I will post all about you. I will make sure it is known Chris walked on you,and why.
    And you and the Admin that kicked me can't stop me.
    Want a name?
    How about
    Gene U.R. aliar.

  91. If Gene is lying about being hacked, then it's FRAUD plain and simple. This is criminal and a felony. He should be in jail, bent over, lubed-up and ready for Bubba.

    Gene, show us the proof! Surely, if you were hacked, you have screenshots of the account, or at least a police report from you reporting the crime. Send us that. Black-out anything you deem sensitive such as account numbers. Prove to us that you're telling the truth Gene. Then, people can make up their own mind if they want to support your hobby and donate to an egotistical podcaster and shameless online beggar.

    It's quite simple, Gene. We'll consider giving you the money. Just show us the PROOF!

    1. Why would he black out account numbers? He posted account and routing numbers on Twitter (and didn't take them down for over a month) for crying out loud!

      Jason Todd

    2. I don't know about evidence of hacking, but in my own opinion I think there is strong circumstantial evidence that Gene is either making false claims of hacking, or just doesn't understand how to use Twitter.

      On April 6, 2018 Gene made this claim on the Paracast forums: "In early March, for example, someone sent me a tweet offering to send a large donation via a wire transfer direct to my bank. I responded, and, moments later, my own Twitter account was taken over and the bank account numbers were posted publicly. Since I don't keep a lot of money in that account, it was easy to shut it down and activate a new account to replace it."

      On May 8, 2018 he followed up to that with, " I do know that the account was emptied via fraudulent echecks, meaning someone had my account numbers (no, it's not the account a Twitter hacker posted online)."

      I think it's pretty clear Gene is alleging someone hacked his Twitter account and tweeted out his bank account information. I can only speak to the instances I am aware of where Gene's @theparacast account tweeted bank account information. This happened on March 16, 2018. There were three tweets - since deleted - that contained Gene's name, address, bank name and account and routing number information. Information was supplied for two different bank accounts, one Wells Fargo, one US Bank.

      How did this happen? By the agency of a hacker, who took over his account? Or by Gene himself, who was in the middle of a tweet exchange with the Twitter account @TonyGwynnSex, who was trolling Gene with offers of money?

      It is my suspicion that Gene thought he was direct-messaging @TonyGwynnSex and did not realize that in fact all of the messages he was sending were publicly visible.

      Looking back at March 16, at the first exchange between the two accounts that remains available, @TonyGwynnSex tweeted to @theParacast: "I sent $1,500. Hope that’s enough. Did it go through? If not, I can meet you with a huge wad of cash over at the McDonald’s on Country Club Drive." @theparacast responded, "Which bank? It was compromised."

      Moments later @theparacast responded again to the same @TonyGwynnSex tweet, "Call me at 480250xxxx. I can be over in 20. If you didn’t do Wells Fargo it will come back." And then, "On way to McDonalds"

      @theparacast had tweeted the bank account information prior to these tweets, to @TonyGwynnSex. Those tweets with the bank account information are now deleted.

      What followed was @TonyGwynnSex tweeting he would meet Gene at a McDonald's in Mesa to, "hand you a bag of cash for absolutely no reason at all... because you’ve earned that". Going by the tweets on March 16, visible @theparacast tweets and replies and @TonyGwynnSex Gene went to not one but two McDonald's that day looking for his bag of cash. If I am not mistaken Gene has acknowledged the McDonald's episode happened - it suits his "poor me" narrative after all. Gene thought he had a live one, but he was being trolled.

      Does it make sense to anyone that at the beginning of this exchange, which again I believe Gene has admitted took place, someone while Gene was actively using @theparacast Twitter account somehow got into that account, did nothing but send three tweets containing Gene's bank account info, then sat back and let Gene keep replying to @TonyGwynnSex about where he was waiting in the McDonald's parking lot?

      You can choose to believe that but I think like so much else about the Gene Steinberg saga it defies reason. Again the tweets are, for now, still visible, though if Gene can figure out how to find them I imagine he'll delete them. That he has left them up to this point further strengthens my sense he doesn't understand Twitter.

    3. Oh and ps - I am not now nor have I ever been @TonyGwynnSex... I have never been a hacker... I am also not a thief, nor a beggar. I just try to pay attention, and both dishonesty and trumped up accusations to silence critics piss me off.

    4. So, you're telling us that a so-called "technology expert" who runs a tech podcast, as well as written 20+ books on technology, doesn't know how to use Twitter?! This defies logic. Gene is even dumber than we all thought. Who would take advice from him? This alone makes Gene totally unqualified to reboot his computer, let alone run a technology podcast trying to tell US WHAT TO DO. Sorry Gene, but you brought it on yourself. Idiot.

  92. Hey Gene, how are you paying for Teddy Bear's dog food and upkeep if you can't even keep a roof over your head? You don't seem like a very good Pet Parent. Maybe somebody ought to call the ASPCA and let them know Teddy Bear needs a new home. One that can at least feed him properly and pay the bills! A dog is an expense many older people wish they could afford. Not only are your suckers supporting your lavish lifestyle, but they're also supporting your pets. If you were truly poor and needed to save money, you would do the honorable thing and find Teddy Bear a new home. He deserves it.

    1. Maybe this identity theft is an inside job... a hungry Teddy Bear ordering his dog food from using Gene's account.

    2. Eventually, even Teddy Bear will grow tired of Gene's lies and run away. The dog is smarter than Mrs. Steinberg and her puckered starfish.

  93. Gene, how many purses has Mrs. Steinberg sold? Where did they money go that everyone donated to her "business"? You gladly took all of our money. Now where's the bags? Or, is Bab's still too busy sitting on the toilet nursing her anal prolapse, as she drops the kids off in the pool?

  94. I dare anyone to type the name Gene Steinberg into Google and see what Google suggests as related search terms (in the drop down).

    This is Gene's legacy and what he'll always be remembered for.

    Gene Steinberg Begging
    Gene Steinberg Money
    Gene Steinberg Evicted
    Gene Steinberg Homeless
    Gene Steinberg Kia Optima 2014

    Quite a life and what a legacy to leave behind. 73 years old and 73 years of a life wasted stroking his own ego in an alien circle-jerk.

  95. Gene Steinburg. Begging since 2010.
    David Brinley
    Emma Wood
    Paul Kimball
    Chris O'Brien
    Just a few.
    You throw everybody else under the bus. But you know it is no one's fault but yours.
    Word is getting out.
    Michael Allen will be contacted.
    It's over Gene. When we are done the Paracast will be gone. Your latest claim is your last.
    Because you make anymore claims we will be here to shoot you down.
    You are a liar a fake a creep.

    1. The smartest person was David Biedney who got out early once he realized he was getting suckered. Gene treated him like a blubbering sidekick, but Biedney was the real draw to the show. The Paracast went totally downhill after that. The show has turned into Gene "shooting the shit" with other "old timers" and reminiscing about the glory days of the 50's and 60's. Where is the investigation and seriousness to the topic? Biedney brought a breath of fresh air into the UFO world and is sorely missed. The real investigation should be into Gene and Barbara, and even Grayson. All 3 are complicit in one of the longest running scams in UFO history...THE PARACAST.

    2. David Brinley was the best!

  96. I wonder if Gene ever paid taxes on any of the money he received, likely hundreds of thousands of dollars over 12 years of lies and begging. Gene wouldn't have kept doing it if it wasn't profitable. I'll be sure to inform the IRS to take a closer look at this fraudster.

  97. Looking at this guys behaviour, it screams of someone with some kind of addiction. His non stop begging for money and blatant "No fucks given" attitude towards the fact that he continuously says shit to the effect of "this really will be the last time i ask you", only to keep asking....And asking And asking And asking.......
    Its easy to fall into the grip of addiction, just look at the opiate pain killer epidemic.
    What's not easy, however, is admitting that you're full of shit. Take your time, Gene.

    1. He's addicted to the grift. He gets a thrill every time he gets a PayPal notification.

      He will never stop. He likes scamming people. After almost 10 years (or, at least, to hear some people with knowledge of the situation tell it), the problem is, his story has become stale and repetitive.

      If even half of this were true, he's the most snakebit person in the world.

      Wade Wilson

  98. I really don't know why Don Ecker, who I respect tremendously, keeps being the co-host of the show now and then with this obvious bullshit being the Elephant in the room. It was brought up at least once on DMR and Don immediately shut the conversation down saying "I don't want to go there". In no way am I saying Don has done anything wrong, I'm just really puzzled because Don has done so much to distance himself from BS like this and call people out over similar things.

    1. Anyone who gets in bed with Gene and co-hosts risks looking as much of a scammer an con-artist as Gene is. Guilty by association. These "respected" people in the UFO field do nothing but enable Gene to continue his con. Wake-up Don! YOU'RE BEING USED.

  99. Same for Kevin Randle. Kevin is THE expert for all things Roswell and a smart and excellent writer. Surely he sees a fraud from miles away...

  100. Gene could have learned Spanish 10 times over by now. He could have obtained funds for a plane ticket ages ago. He could have started the Green Card process ages ago, too. And if he went to Spain he would still do ride hailing? The same thing he has been doing over and over that hasn't paid and will never pay the bills? It just seems loony to me.
    But on the constructive side, maybe he should work at one of those stores in malls that help people with their Apple Problems. He has the knowledge and the skills. He may even get some side consulting from some people, maybe? It seems like that sort of job would really be down his alley. I don't know about computers like he does, but perhaps that sort of thing can help him get stable.

    1. We're talking about the same guy who posted all of his banking info on Twitter for a month, right? Yeah, Scheme Gene probably shouldn't be advising any suburban moms on how to use the internet. God only knows what became of the poor souls who read his AOL books back in the day. I bet they were the 1st victims of Nigerian scammers.

    2. I keep thinking Gene is a deceptive schemer but, maybe the truth is he is just not good at some basic things, like managing his finances or holding down a job. I've thought of him as a con man and narcissist, but perhaps more truthfully he's just kind of hapless. I do not know.

  101. He makes it clear with his responses here, and his latest email on 5/11 that anyone who dares question his decade long sad tale of woe is either a hacker, a phisher, hater or troll. Or worse, a CONSPIRACY against Gene.

    Why would someone hack his accounts? Don't they usually seek out high value targets? Why would someone phish for HIS information?

    I think the "oh, F*ck no" point for a lot of people was when he asked his readers not to donate to Harvey Relief, but to donate to him, and he would pay it forward.

    Floyd Lawton

    1. Yep, Gene grasping for donations that could have gone to Hurricane Harvey relief was truly unpardonable.

      Gene if you're reading this then I hope you actually pause to consider - the people commenting here about reporting your activities to your co-hosts, your podcast guests and sponsors, to GCN / Boost / IRN, even to the IRS.... Well, they're not talking about fabricating anything. They won't need to. All they will have to do is make sure those parties are aware of the actual behavior you've engaged in for the past many years. If that concerns you, then maybe you should change your ways. If that is possible for you.

      I don't think you need to be worried about imaginary hackers. Potential landlords actually Googling you seems a larger risk to me.

    2. Using the hurricanes as bait to get people to donate is fraud plain and simple. He used it as a pretense to shake down his listeners. The Arizona attorney general is just a phone call away. Maybe they ought to know what Gene has been up to?!

  102. I am pressing the bank to return all of my money as fast as possible. They quote the minimum of 10 days for “provisional” credits, although I know some banks can do it almost immediately.
    1. the ONLY reason for the delay is fraud on your part. Takes 48 hours. I call a liar
    since said hack allegedly happened on may 1st given 10 business days May 14th. 20 business days is the 28th no bank on earth will allow a customer to go with out funds for that long.

    Once the situation is resolved, I will have to catch up with rent to avoid more excessive late fees. I actually stand a chance of getting them back after this nasty episode is over by submitting a letter from the bank confirming what happened.
    2. the landlord may charge one late fee. See below.

    Rent is legally due on the date specified in your lease or rental agreement (usually the first of the month). If you don’t pay rent when it is due, the landlord may begin charging you a late fee. Under Arizona law, late fees must be set forth in a written rental agreement and must be reasonable
    A reasonable late fee is no more than 5% of the overdue rent, charged when rent is 3 or more days late. If the rent is 10 days late or more, it is reasonable to increase the fee, but should not exceed 10%. In Arizona and Nevada, state law only dictates that the late fee amount must be in the written rental or lease agreement, and must be reasonable
    so again Gene is a liar

    The hacking attempts aren’t over, though.

    This morning I received a new phishing email under the signature of someone who claimed to be a friend and was allegedly lending a sympathetic ear to my plight. Over the past year or two, I’ve received a number of bogus promises to help me financially that turned out to be nothing but nasty jokes.
    May we see a copy of said email?

  103. Must thank posters for all the thoughtful and interesting information. (I am new here - the reading has been very helpful).

    What I don't understand is the number of domicile moves in very short time frames. For most regular run-of-the-mill folks (like me) such continuous upheaval would mean most landlords would decline to rent. It doesn't add up. Doesn't make sense. Can someone explain that?

    In such a small area (of Mesa, Scottsdale) Gene seems able to get new digs fast every few months after being forced to move. How does he do that?

    Gene's belief that this is none of anyone's business does not hold water since he is a public figure and has made his actions/condition public. More, he has asked for money to address said condition. This means - especially the asking for money - that he can expect to be legitimately asked to explain and give evidence of his claims (by t he public) for the money. Failure to do do suggests duplicity is afoot whether he likes that or not. Railing against that only makes matters worse.

    Those who 'know' Gene - and that would include all associates that have (and do) work with him - must know whether his claims are true. If I were associated with him I would be asking for proof of his claims. Failure to disassociate from Gene, or even publicly comment if they know there is fraud afoot, would suggest support of the fraud imo. (Not sure what the law would say).

    What is going on? People do have a right to know (regardless of Gene's protestations otherwise) - especially those who have given Gene money. Accountability. This has gone on for such a long time (with so much public documentation) that I suspect Gene may have reason to be wary of lawsuits regarding fraud.

    But even if one has not given money I would like to see an investigation into this that is then made public. People have a right to know if the Paracast and its forums have simply been the excuse for the actions of a major grifter.

    - Nim

    1. Nim,

      Prior to this latest, residence, Gene used his son's name (Grayson) to lease or rent that apartment. Given that he's filed bankruptcy and has a multitude of evictions going back many years (3 in the last two alone) it's a safe bet that he's done it again.

      Gene has PUBLICLY solicited funds for personal bills for over a decade (not to mention what he's done privately). It's always painted as a short-term emergency, and the money will help him "get his life back."

      To date, both his previous partners have publicly and pointedly condemned his misconduct (although Mr. O'Brien's "come to Jesus" moment was long after his initial knowledge of Gene's improprieties).

      You wrote, "I suspect Gene may have reason to be wary of lawsuits regarding fraud."


    2. Grayson needs to be extradited from Spain and pay for his crimes. He’s complicit in Gene’s schemes.

  104. What's depressing is that people like Michael Horn who had his demented ass handed to him on the show several times, will now be able to use this shamelessness as a way to show that those episodes are null and void because they were paid for by the MIB . Much like when Kal Korff completely lost his mind and gave Horn the ammunition to convince the gullible that Korffs legitimately solid Meier work was paid for by the MIB or some shit.

  105. C'mon, Gene, answer some questions today. Clear up this mess.

    Provide details on the phishing email yesterday! What sort of information were your enemies trying to get from you?
    Explain how the late fees are excessive given the Arizona statute referenced above!
    Provide documentary evidence of the bank account hack. Proof that you've actually alerted the authorities!
    Explain the streaming service hack!
    Explain why Chris is no longer with the show!

    You KNOW Uber and Lyft (side gigs) and your podcasts (hobbies at best) are not enough income to support your lifestyle. You have admitted it. Why won't you and Barbara get real jobs? Even though you are 73, there are still real jobs out there.

    We all know you're monitoring this forum, and other places discussing your con. As you said in this thread earlier this week, confession is good for the soul!

    Jim Gordon

    1. Gene says he's drives for Uber and Lyft, but given the time he spends on the internet, I doubt it (at least not in a significant manner).

      FYI: "Lyft has a calculator on its driver page, where prospects can input how many hours they’d want to work in a respective city and find out how much the average person there makes. A driver working 40 hours a week in New York City, for example, could expect to make $1,120 per week."

      For the Phoenix area @ 40 hours per week, according to

      "The average salary for a Lyft Driver is $37,261 in Phoenix, AZ. Salaries estimates are based on 11 salaries"

      Driving for Lyft or Uber would keep him from being evicted if he chose to do so, and it's only one employment opportunity.

      But why do that when he's been so successful at separating the uniformed of their hard earned dollars for years?!

      Finally, both he and his wife receive social security income and if what he says is true about his successes earlier in life (although this is questionable given the Maricopa County court records as cited above) then his check (at least) should be substantial for SS income. Combine that with a minimum wage job, currently at $10.50 per hour in Arizona, this certainly would keep him at of the poor house.

      Up until recently (thanks Mr. Brewer), Gene has been getting away with his perpetual emergency, solicitations. Although I doubt that he'll ever choose honest work, maybe, just maybe, as people wise up, he'll be forced to.

    2. About Social Security, if Gene has been free-lancing for many years, doesn't that mean that he hasn't really paid into it? If so, that would mean his SS payments would be low if he only ever worked a real job for short periods in is life. And his wife probably worked little if at all, so she gets next to nothing as well. If I'm wrong, please correct me. I'm not yet old enough to collect so I'm just guessing here.
      I think he's beyond uncomfortable at this point about this blog. Too many of his misdeeds are now public and if he is indeed engaged in illegal activities, he will be sweating and peeing wondering if he will actually be reported.
      About Grayson, I don't know that he is really guilty of anything other than trying to bail his folks out of bad situations. He's fled to Spain and won't take them in no matter what. I know Gene said that his apartment is too small, but if any of my family were on the street I'd have them bunk on the floor of my bathroom if necessary, for goodness sake. No way would I allow them to be on the street. NO WAY. Grayson probably knows that if he takes them in he'd never be rid of them and his own life would be utterly ruined. But I don't believe for a minute that Grayson is so poor that he doesn't have two nickles to rub together. He just, understandably, wants his own life with his own family.
      And that sister-in-law, pauper or not, has a nice house that they were once shown as residing in. There is no reason other than her refusal that they cannot bunk there. After all, she made them poor to begin with, so letting them be on the street is unconscionable. I think she just doesn't want them, either. There must be extreme circumstances if neither her or their son Grayson will house them.
      Gene can rail about no plane ticket, not knowing Spanish...bla bla bla, but he could have resolved all those issues in all these years. He just refuses to for whatever reason. Or he's hopelessly stupid.

    3. Whether self-employed, or an employee, one pays into the SS system. The former is called "self-employment tax." The amount of the retirement benefit is based on "life-time earnings."

      As far as his wife is concerned, as to earnings, that's a question mark, although Gene has stated (a time or two) that they both receive checks.

      If we are to believe Gene, or take his published bio at face value, then his SS benefit should be substantial, as far as SS benefits go.

      Gene has a history of trouble with the law as indicated by the Maricopa County court records. Amongst other things, he's been prosecuted for check fraud in the past (see above posts in this thread), and he admitted facilitating a hot e-check a few weeks ago (again).

      Based on his long-term actions, it would seem that he's not conscionable about is acts. On the other hand, this is the first time he's been exposed (thank you Mr. brewer), so you might be right. I have read accounts from people who have given him money, based on the "emergency" story, not knowing it's been going for over a decade. If any of those people (I'm guessing the list is substantial) or perhaps a collective filed a complaint, say with the Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) I think prosecution would be imminent.

      As to Grayson, he has been named in prior eviction proceedings (with his parents), as well, although the circumstances might have been beyond his control. Whether he let his father use his name to get the last apartment or the current) is unknown. Either way, one is of course illegal (meaning to use his son's name without his knowledge), and the other is pathetic.

      The count down continues to the next eviction ...

  106. Phoenix ,mesa, and Tempe all seem to have openings in apple stores. Computer tech jobs are right up Gene's ally! But NO! He chooses begging.

  107. Gene where are you? What’s the matter? Is the money well drying up? Are you really busy working this time or did the aliens beam you up? Going silent won’t stop the wheels of justice. The world is on to you and your little scam. 12 years of begging and false stories each weeks multiple times has finally caught up to you. Your scamming days are over. This blog will put a stop to you once and for all.

  108. Any guest, advertiser, or co-host who appears on the paracast is just as guilty as Gene is in perpetuating this fraud. Their reputation is as sullied as Gene’s. Over 10 years of “emergencies” and literally thousands of desperate emails and stories later, it’s time to take a stand. Gene is the reason why UFOs and ufology are considered a joke. It’s because of desperate crack pots like Scheme Steinberg. That’s why the world will never take the subject seriously.

    1. And during all these years of "emergencies" his wife does nothing but Facebook and play with the dog. Wow.

    2. IMHO, this is a fair and strong argument (re guests, advertisers, or co-hosts). Without the Paracast and or Night Owl subscriber lists, there wouldn't be a pool of people to cull money from.

      Certainly, people that have given Gene money, not knowing his modus operandi, combined with UFO celebrities that participate or associate with his show, paves the way for extracting money from the ignorant. They're enablers at the very least.

  109. Gene, David Biedny was totally right about you. Everything he said has come true! Chris has finally woken-up too. Soon, everyone will be WOKE because of this blog.

  110. Proof Gene's been haunting the Internet for over 20 years and harassing people who dare to "disagree" with him.

    From July 18, 1999, somewhere in space and time, we bring you:

    "What is with this Gene Steinberg character?"!topic/

    The Internet never forgets, Gene. Your legacy will live on forever!

    We hope you're proud of what you've become...a complete punchline to the UFO community.

    1. Check out the link at the end of that thread, too:

      Same old Gene! Never change, man...

    2. Thanks for the link. This is classic!

      25 years ago we see where the Gene got his start. He's become part of Internet history! Where the harassment of anyone who disagrees with him, BEGAN!

      This nutcase has been around since dial-up days.

    3. Wow, Gene Steinberg was a beloved Usenet personality, winning friends on and rec.arts.sf.composition among others. Hilarious but hardly surprising.

  111. Gene has been unusually quiet since Friday on the begging front, and responding to this blog. I had no idea he had such restraint. I guess since he can't shut it down or delete dissent like he does to people on his forum, maybe he's given up. The word is finally reaching a wider audience because of this blog, and the Twitter group.

    Has someone counseled him to zip it?

    Is he laying low because people have contacted his advertisers and GCN?

    How does he have 3,600 followers on the Paracast Twitter and 6,200 followers on the Tech Nite Owl Twitter, and yet NO ONE ever likes or comments on his posts?

    When will he admit that O'Brien has left the show in disgust?

    Why will Grayson or his sister in law not take them in, if they are in such dire straits?

    How can he afford Teddy Bear, a Bichon? Aren't they expensive?

    How does he keep up streaming services when he can't even pay rent?

    Show us the phishing attempt from last week. Show us proof of (even one) of the recent bank hacks.

    Answer some questions, Gene.

    Vic Sage

  112. Has anyone contacted Mr.Allen? To alert him to what he is getting into?
    The IRS?
    The FBI?
    Gene Steinburg pack it in!
    It's over!No more Gene! Your days of grifting are over.

  113. Scheme Steinberg and his ego should be in prison for fraud. The wheels of justice are turning. Let's leave it at that.

  114. When Gene's show is worth advertising on, then he will start making money. He kills his "product" with his incessant begging. Why would anyone want to pay this loser a dime and be associated with him? It doesn't help the advertiser make more sales. It hurts them to be associated with this crack-pot! They actually LOSE business!!!

  115. The number for GCN is
    1 877 996 4327
    The program director is Adam Miller ext 148.
    Call GCN let them know what Steinburg is up To! Demand that they investigate!
    Flood his line! Demand action! Demand GCN drop the paracast today!
    This is my first action Gene!

    1. Called and left a message. Hope others do as well.

      Slade Wilson

    2. I called too!

  116. GCN is complicit in Gene's schemes. They give him the "credibility" to carry on this con as he lies, cheats and scams his listeners year after year.

    The GCN network provides a nice cover for Gene and a ready-supply of gullible people, ready to fall for his next "woe-is-me" sob story.

    Remember, when Gene's legs gave out in the grocery store?
    Or Gene's tooth problems?
    Or Gene's back pain and complaining he could only go to a chiropractor once a week?
    Or Gene's wife's anal problems?
    Or Gene's son Grayson loaning poor old Dad his rent money and about to be kicked-out?
    Or Gene's pantry being bare without a penny to buy "groceries"?
    Or the mean Constable showing up any minute?
    Or the slumlord landlord?
    Or the faceless corporation?
    Or the hackers?
    Or Gene's car accident and car being totaled?
    Or Gene's being evicted 3 times?

    It's story, after story, after story. No one in life is this "unlucky"! The odds would be astronomical.

    If a person just joined Gene's list, they may fall for one of his lies, but when you've been on the list for years, you quickly learn that Gene has no moral-compass and is a shameless begger. He doesn't care who he scams, because YOU owe him his destiny on the radio! It's all about his EGO. And, it needs to be FED.

    Without GCN and the Paracast email list, Gene wouldn't be able to carry on his scams. He has so many enablers who have bought into his lies, that even Gene believes himself any story he's made up.

    Gene, I know you're reading this. Simply show us PROOF to any of these claims above, and we'll applaud your honesty. Stay silent and you remove all doubt that you're a total and utter FRAUD.

    The choice is yours.

    1. Let's not forget Gene suggesting to his mailing list that they donate money to him rather than hurricane victims in Houston with the 'promise' that he'd pass some along to the people who were really in dire need. GCN should probably be aware of that shameless move.

    2. Gene exploits every tragedy to appeal to people's raw emotions and pull on their heart strings. Anyone who doesn't know Gene's shameless history, may have fallen for his story. He's a good writer, I'll give him that. If he focused on copy writing and got a REAL job, he might actually do well. But, NO. Instead, he begs to his list and concocts story after story, so he can sit back on his ass and collect the cash instead of working. How do we know he even drives for Uber or Lyft? Where is the PROOF? And what about that "car accident" he had?! It's pretty remarkable he was able to another car so quickly. Where did the money come from? Or, did the car never get into the accident in the first place?! Hmmmmm....

    3. "Gene exploits every tragedy to appeal to people's raw emotions and pull on their heart strings. Anyone who doesn't know Gene's shameless history, may have fallen for his story. He's a good writer, I'll give him that. If he focused on copy writing and got a REAL job, he might actually do well. But, NO. Instead, he begs to his list and concocts story after story, so he can sit back on his ass and collect the cash instead of working."

      Here we can disagree. I don't see the stories at all credible, and the writing - so spare and melodramatic - is less so, peppered as it is with strange unbelievable phrases like 'if you have already done your part' - wtf? As though donating is an obligation. It's at moments like that where I wonder if Gene is 'all there'.

      "How do we know he even drives for Uber or Lyft? Where is the PROOF? And what about that 'car accident' he had?! It's pretty remarkable he was able to another car so quickly. Where did the money come from? Or, did the car never get into the accident in the first place?! Hmmmmm...."

      Exactly. But this should be easily verified by those who know him, work with him, shouldn't it? Like Christopher O'Brien. Why is there no direct statements - even announcements - as to the extent of the fraud (or not) by those who know Gene? Is it or is it not happening? Those who deal with him on a daily basis and are his friend, should they not be able to back up Gene's stories? Why doesn't that ever happen? Why are so many so quiet?

  117. Remarkable threads on this blog regarding Gene Steinberg and the Paracast. The very open conversation regarding the money requests that Gene tried desperately to avoid having on the Paracast forums across the years, and was successful in squashing, has finally erupted into the light of day, but in a far more damning way than if he had allowed the conversation to take place on the forums (I think). Yet likely not. Steinberg could never have had that open conversation - the duplicity required the cloak of secrecy. The story that is being revealed here is far uglier and insidious than I ever imagined it was. At the worst I saw a practiced grifter (but still a UFO aficionado), and at the most a benign befuddled man without a clear ethical rudder, or an inexplicable blind-spot. But this? Never dreamed it would go this deep into misdirection.

    What I now suspect is Gene saw a honey-pot with the UFO stuff. Approaching David Biedney was the calculated beginning of the grift, the set-up. Biedney was the unwitting 'mark' who exited once he realized what was afoot. This really is a story that needs to be written about, by a solid journalist who knows their craft. There is a book in this and I urge those with the information, the inclination, and the ability, to take it on. Please. Lots of work involved - interviews. It's a story that needs to be told, however, as a cautionary tale for everyone. Not just for UFOlogy, though UFOlogy seems to be the stamping ground for cautionary tales overall. I guarantee an enthralled readership because so many - the public themselves - were participants, albeit unwitting more often than not.

    Someone needs to tell the story.

    1. I'd love to hear the backstory of how Scheme Gene and David "Angry Human" Biedny first met. I'm sure it's fascinating! In case you don't know, Angry Human is the name of David's podcast. It doesn't look active anymore, but the archives are wonderful! He needs his own show again. David was always the real STAR of The Paracast. Gene tried to monopolize the conversation, but us listeners knew who really had talent.

  118. Are people actually calling? I think Gene needs to be stopped but this may be a bit too far. I've never given him money as he's always come across real sketchy. I'm probably just being a wuss but this seems wrong.

    1. For what it's worth, I don't see how Gene will stop or change without something upsetting his game board. Bankruptcy, repeated eviction, getting busted for bad checks, co-hosts bailing, blog posts like this with extensive comments... nothing has made any impact on him. He sees nothing wrong with his behavior and will persist in it so long as he thinks he can get some return. That said I also don't know that calling GCN is an answer, but so long as Gene has an audience to try to sucker, he will continue to attempt to sucker them. Count on it. It's all "poor me, the victim" with him. He speaks of "fighting the good fight" which seemingly means skating out yet again on his rent and other bills that he signed on for and agreed he would pay. All evidence points to him being dishonest (arguably deluded) and self serving to the core. If a bunch of online posts pointing out he is a disgrace made any impression on Gene, the world would never have seen one, let alone two Rockoids books. Informing GCN of his activities is just that; if he thinks they're so understandable and defensible then certainly he can explain about the "online hate campaign" to clear things up.

    2. I don't know. He's using the subscriber list he secured through his radio shows. Those people thought they signed up for paranormal news, or Apple stuff, I guess, but what they ended up with was an endless sad tale of woe that reeks of BS. Because his show is on that station, he gets more subscribers. "Sign up for our newsletter". Little do they know.


    3. I also wonder if it is going too far, but I suppose that we should remember that the advertisers and the prospective guests will ultimately make their own decisions. They will find out what's going on, and then they'll decide on their own what they want to do.

    4. Don't even get me started on Attack Of The Rockoids. What a wacky novel. I'm surprised it got such "glowing" reviews on Amazon. I wonder if they're even real? Maybe somebody ought to share the "real story" about Gene. It's a page-turner.

  119. When a person holds themselves out to be the "gold standard", they have already cast judgment on others, putting them above everyone else. Someone sitting at so high a level, should expect to be judged when they constantly judge and belittle their audience, their contributors and others. This is simply Gene's comeuppance. Isn't schadenfreude grand?!

  120. Gene, I know you're reading this. Show us your PROOF for each and every lie you're telling your email list, and we'll gladly applaud. We want to believe in the good in people, but 12 years and over 1,000 email solicitations later, it's a hard pill to swallow. You hold yourself out to be an "authority" and an "expert", but you can't even pay your bills or support your family, like a real man. You got the BALLS to ask for money and beg shamelessly for 12 years, but you don't have the BALLS to get a fucking job. Go grow a pair! Loser.