Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Gene Steinberg Personal 'Emergency' Cash Solicitations Span Years, Hundreds of Emails

Gene Steinberg solicited cash donations from an e-list hundreds of times since 2014 and earlier, including 139 emails during 2017, for circumstances framed as financial emergencies. Screenshots of subject lines of many of the emails are posted below. A list of the 2017 emails by subject line and date is provided at the end of this post.

The dozens of 2017 messages continued what has become an ongoing story of financial destitution narrated for years by the host of The Paracast. The money, according to Steinberg's emails, was needed for such personal expenses as rent, utilities, and groceries, often described as crises and nightmares. The emails contained a PayPal link and instructions for sending funds, as has been the case in years past. 

Steinberg messages to the e-list from 2016, with December through July followed by June to January:

Steinberg 2015 personal cash solicitations, followed by dozens more from 2014:

According to several of the 139 Steinberg emails sent in 2017, he was unable to find a way to regularly pay rent throughout the year, reporting impending evictions on multiple occasions. He would then undertake fundraising drives for what was described to the e-list as either getting caught up on rent or relocating to another residence. The recurring scenarios included Steinberg's criticism of landlords and property managers, seemingly for expecting payments, which by his own accounts were owed yet delivered sporadically if at all. 

"I've pretty much run out of excuses to persuade the property manager to let us stay in this home," Steinberg wrote in an Aug. 15 message to the e-list, a typically provided description of the housing situations. 

Such narratives were recurring for years. It was not clear why Steinberg repeatedly enters into rental agreements he cannot afford, but emails from multiple years clarify the scenario is frequently reported.

Additional urgencies reported to the e-list during 2017 included a fall at a grocery store, automobile troubles, and his wife's health, among others. Steinberg's pleas for cash were in several instances accompanied by claims his bank account balance was so low he would have difficulty affording food if recipients did not act. 

Such assertions were common, as were claims of working more than ever and putting in extra hours. Exactly what was meant by such terms as "extra hours" was not clarified for email recipients. An accounting of how much income Steinberg earned per month - and how reportedly working more than ever chronically left him impoverished - were also not included in the ongoing emails.

The themes have been consistently repeated since years predating 2014. A sample of quotes from Steinberg cash solicitations since 2010 and sent to his e-list as provided by a contact:


Steinberg's perpetual personal fundraising has long drawn criticism. Some feel his credibility is strained. Others suggest even if his claims are to be accepted, his money-managing competency is drawn into question due to what has now become years of rationalizing his failure to take care of himself. Community members have questioned the practicality of contributing cash when years of cash solicitations to help him "get past this nightmare" only lead to more cash solicitations. Similarly, others question Steinberg's judgment about conducting such email activities within a genre with a history of being targeted for exploitation and a reputation for harboring charlatans. 

"Why must this be an issue?" Steinberg replied Dec. 27 when offered an opportunity to provide comment on his ongoing emails for inclusion in this blog post. A short time later in a second email he vaguely suggested "fake news" is circulating about him but did not directly address his perpetual cash solicitation campaign.

Christopher O'Brien, a writer, researcher, and longtime Steinberg co-host at Paracast, was offered an opportunity to comment on Steinberg's email cash solicitation activities. He did not immediately respond to a Dec. 27 email. 

The 2017 solicitations peaked in August, when 19 of the year's total 139 cash requests were sent to the e-list. The August total was followed by June with 17, while May and December had 14 email cash solicitations each. The messages contained descriptions of living conditions framed as dire and urgent, along with the PayPal link. The least active month was March, when Steinberg sent four emails, consisting of the subject lines Back to Zero!The Agony Continues!Monday Update!, and Please Help!.

In an undated post at Paracast Steinberg stated he first began requesting donations for reasons surrounding a relative's misfortune in 2003. According to Steinberg, the circumstances left his personal finances devastated.

"The 2007 recession made it difficult to find outside work for a while, but conditions are getting better," the podcaster attempted to further explain in the Paracast post.  

Whether one interprets such statements to help or hinder his efforts to defend his financial competency and integrity, in 2010 - now over seven years ago - Steinberg posted at the Binnall of America forum that his "financial shortfall is strictly temporary":

Such projections of improving finances were dramatically miscalculated if Steinberg's continuing claims of empty pockets are accurate. The reported expectations of future prosperity are nonetheless common within the ongoing narrative. 

"First of all, my long-term money situation is getting better. I'm not there yet, but I've made real progress," Steinberg wrote in an Apr. 26 email while requesting funds from recipients, his 30th such email of the year at that point. In spite of projecting a better money situation and claiming to be making progress, he proceeded to send the list well over 100 more solicitations for cash gifts before the end of the year.

In July I received an email from an individual suggesting Steinberg conducts additional email solicitations specifically tailored for past donors. The person explained they regretfully sent Steinberg money when they didn't know the claims of hardships had been going on for years. Now they receive requests for cash in addition to his financial pleas sent to the regular e-list, they wrote. The person added they had recently received the following and assume others who gave him money in the past get similar messages:

The use of such terms as "miracle" and "nightmare" were common throughout the years of emails.

In a Sep. 1 email titled, Paying it forward!, the podcaster and forum host described his life situation in the context of victims of Hurricane Harvey in Texas who were "also suffering." In what appeared to be an effort to persuade the e-list to redirect donations to him that would otherwise be sent to support clean up and humanitarian relief efforts, Steinberg suggested to the email recipients he would "give back" to participating charities in the future if readers would send their money to him instead. 

"So I realize most of you would rather donate to the Red Cross and other charities trying to make a difference," Steinberg wrote.

"But I will do this: If you are able to set aside some money to help me with my situation, I'll make sure to give back on an ongoing basis to those in Texas who are also suffering."

No updates were offered to the e-list on the commitment. Neither were explanations forthcoming of how such ongoing giving would be possible in light of Steinberg's chronically claimed lack of money.

Subject lines and dates of Gene Steinberg's 139 email personal cash solicitations sent in 2017:

December (14)

New Year's Wishes!                                               Dec 31

Pins and Needles!                                                  Dec 27

Christmas Eve Update!t [sic]                                  Dec 24

A few more days!                                                  Dec 20

Waiting for the faceless corporation to act!              Dec 15

It's still possible to save me!                                  Dec 12

I fear it may be too late!                                        Dec 10

The last days...!                                                    Dec 8

Number of homeless people in U.S. increases           Dec 6

Help! (Update 3!)                                                   Dec 5

Help! (Update 2!)                                                   Dec 3

Help! (Update!)                                                      Dec 3

Help!                                                                     Dec 2

Is this my last weekend?                                         Dec 1

November (10)

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Fighting for the Future!                                           Nov 7

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  1. Not to mention Gene removes almost all posts on the Paracast forum when a reader brings this up. I posted about the money once around 2009 and he wrote back to me complaining that I was trying to slander him. I think we are getting into fraud territory, he's using textbook email solicitation techniques used by nonprofits, only there is ZERO transparency as where the money is going. My guess it's his pocket.

  2. His co-host is one of the good ones, I wonder how he puts up with Gene's scams?

    1. I have asked Chris O'Brien that exact question. This was in 2016 and then Chris said he was leaving the show. But that never happened. I don't read minds so I don't know why Chris remains there. I wouldn't.

    2. I have repeatedly asked Gene to STOP w/ all his begging and find a way to monetize the show. He responds the same way every time: "go sell some ads." My response is always the same: I already work for practically nothing, why should I spec more time (commission only, of course) to sell ads when I doubt I'll see much of the money? The only reason why I stay is that there are a lot of people that listen to the show to hear what our guests and myself have to say about the topics we cover. I am grateful for the many emails I get from fans of the show that thank me for being a co-host. In case you haven't noticed, I've cut back on the number of shows I participate in this past year because I'm not getting paid. To be fair, Gene has come through occasionally for me. He pays for my phone, he gave me his old computer and phone and if I yell loud and long enough, he'll send me $40 or $50 to shut me up. He did do the Quark layout for Stalking the Herd, which I really appreciated. This whole issue has been a constant bone of contention between us. I have little to no respect for someone that has to constantly rely on the goodness of strangers. In 2015 he even "borrowed" $250 from me to pay his rent so he "wouldn't get evicted." I am almost at the end of my patience about all this and hate to think I'm being slimed by this issue when it has absolutely zero to do w/ me!

    3. Mr. O'Brien,

      I realize your stance is that the issue has zero to do with you, and, as I understand you have voiced on social media, you would prefer the integrity of Paracast be kept separate from Steinberg's years-long cash solicitation campaign. In light of those perspectives, please consider Steinberg's use of a Paracast email address to conduct the solicitations, and, as recently as today, Steinberg used a Twitter account bearing Paracast in its title, @theparacast, to continue his campaign:


      Do you care to comment on that?

      Thanks in advance.

    4. This I did not know and this is NOT acceptable! Gene, I know you are reading this: Please immediately stop the solicitation/begging on our Paracast accounts. Do it only on/through your own personal accounts, thanks. I appreciate you informing me of this Jack.

    5. This is not what is happening; it's typical of how the situation has been unduly distorted. Our web server is named Paracast, so anything originating from it will bear that name.

      Solicitations are sent to a totally separate email list not at all connected with the radio show, the Paracast newsletter or the forum. They all forward to one of my technightowl.com addresses.

      But it's easier to make assumptions than to find the most unsavory explanations.

      Indeed, Chris has already explained the main cash flow problem to you. I have spent several years looking for a salesperson who could handle ad sales for the radio shows and sites, and social network liaison. I had such a person in 2009, and we started getting a decent income. He burned out.

      Anyone who wants to add a nice side income and help feed Chris and I and end the need for donations forever should apply direct to me. It's a lot easier to find ways to help than to make up stories about scams and such.

      Gene Steinberg

    6. Mr. Steinberg,

      The Twitter account used to further promote your cash solicitations, as cited, is indeed a Paracast-titled account. To frame it otherwise is incorrect.

      Moreover, the gist of the years-long narrative of hardships, which includes hundreds - if not thousands - of emails, indeed using a Paracast addy, uses an e-list relatively obtained due to Paracast. This has been the case for many years, and to spin it otherwise is disingenuous, at best.

      Your comments have been liberally allowed up to this point. If you desire for that to continue to be the case, please keep them at least reasonably factual. Otherwise, I will decline to entertain them.


    7. Your entire blog is disingenuous. The obsession with my personal problems, and the fear-mongering about them, is very troubling.

      I have been completely factual here. Too bad others don't have the same scruples.

      I don't think I need to cater any further to someone's attempt at hit bait.

      Have a nice life.

      Gene Steinberg

    8. As you wish. I feel my blog is a quality product and I am proud of it.

      As for the above blog post, I stand by it without apology. It is factually accurate in its entirety.

    9. Chris, surely you can see how duplicitous Gene has been in his responses here. For the life of me I do not understand why you, Paul, or Don have anything to do with this person. It most certainly reflects badly on you all. I am thankful for the people who warned me about this guy and I regret ever having anything to do with him or the show. I will not listen to the show and I will not contribute to the forum because of the man's actions. It is common knowledge that Gene is a running joke with many of the people who associate with him. I don't get the attraction.

    10. Wow, Gene, that's a fascinating comeback. Every extra moment Chris remains with your show is a stain on his reputation. Nice going.

    11. Chris , join 'Wheredidtheroadgo' , excellent show without BS.

    12. I totally have to agree about where did the road go. Seriah puts out a very substantial and consistent show WITHOUT ADS! The reason he can do it is because instead of ads he solicits through Patreon (only once per show mind you) and because he puts out consistent shows with both popular and obscure guests, people are willing to donate because they don't feel like they are being ripped off! Also, I have had very sharp criticisms of some of Seriahs views and instead of dodging them he actually engages in a conversation with me which shows how down to earth he is.

    13. I have loved WTRG but since he brought on the "girl" I have not been able to stomach a complete episode. I am not sexist but this person dumbs down the show. She speaks more than anyone else from the traditional team and always states the bloody obvious. I just can't listen anymore. Am I the only one?

    14. Gene Steinberg: "Your entire blog is disingenuous. The obsession with my personal problems, and the fear-mongering about them, is very troubling."

      It is you, Gene, who have made of your personal problems a public circus, especially your wife's medical issues (though in the scam-world such 'personal touches' are inevitable, and are a give-away regarding the essential nature of what you are doing). Having made a public circus of your personal problems, you cannot then fault members of the public who engage you in what is clearly your 'obsession'. You are either a public figure who has opened the door on his private life or you are not. You are clearly the former. That being the case, you cannot then rightly abuse those who engage you in your 'obsession'. Accept the consequences of what you yourself have set in motion.

      I am puzzled by the phrase 'fear-mongering'. Not sure how any of what is going forward on this blog is fear-mongering - though what I think you mean (unintentionally) is that with such a blog holding steady reporting your actions vis-a-vis the money pitches, it is your fear (and I could see it being a very real fear) that the Paracast itself and the forums attached - your honey-pot-trap - might be revealed to the general public. Scams cannot sustain the daylight. It's why you cannot allow any discourse regarding this topic to stand on the Paracast forums: it's why posters are banned, threads are snipped, and you pay such close attention to what goes forward about all of this on the internet. This last puzzles a lot of people but it's wholly understandable if you are in fact running a scam that you need to protect. In fact, I would say your willingness to engage on the world-wide-web in conversation about this is a dead-give-away that you are very savvy about what you are doing.

      The 'troubling' aspect for you would be if this blog gets enough notice then your honey-pot-trap is in jeopardy. Scams require the cloak of obscurity. You have miscalculated. As smart as you are (and you are that, I do believe) you appear to have some curious blindspots, or perhaps contempt for your audience (your hoped-for donors).

  3. It must work because Steinberg keeps doing it.

    This reminds me of a graduate research project someone did in Chicago a number of years ago. He panhandled on the corner of Michigan and Wacker for a month to find out what panhandlers collect and if they can survive on "change" from passersby. When he concluded his study, he was interviewed on a local news broadcast about his findings. It turned out he was collecting an average of $300 per day. Pretty sweet gig.

  4. I shared my personal story and Gene threatened me with a lawsuit. But facts are simply facts. When I moved to Phoenix in 2004, where Gene lives, I was still unaware of Gene's continual begging for money. I was excited to live near the host of the Paracast. I had created a CD of UFO related music and clips that I thought might amuse him, so I sent him an email. I was shocked when his response told me that his wife had screwed up their checkbook for the weekend, there was no food in the house, and they had no access to money. Could I send him a couple hundred dollars to tide them over the weekend? I refused to do so. I contacted an Administrator on his Paracast Forum to ask about his email. This Administrator responded that Gene hits people and guests up for money all the time, and this is why David Biedny (his co-host) left the show. David talked about this in a YOUTUBE interview available still on YOUTUBE, although Gene reportedly was trying to get YOUTUBE to take it down. Gene's comments about the Paracast and Gene are part of a larger interview. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xrkAXqN2MBU

  5. I stopped listening to the Paracast some time ago because they constantly berated all their colleagues. Very snarky. They didn't offer much in the way of exciting information anyway. How can the show have so many sponsors, only to have a host say they have no money at all? Get a job, idiot. Many of the other podcasters have some stable means of income, and provide podcasts in their free time. This surely sounds like fraud. I'd like to see an IRS agent go through his records, and I hope the people who assign aid in the form of food stamps, help for utilities, etc. find out about this. Gene should put his creative writing skills to use in a profitabe way.

    1. You do NOT know what you are talking about! GCN gets the ad revenue, not us. We do have several ad slots that we would get the $'s from, but we have no one to sell ads. We don't constantly berate our colleagues. We call BS when we see it and don't suspend our disbelief. The field has a lot of BS, so we find ourselves calling people out about it. It's a tough, thankless job, but someone has to do it!

    2. A Different AnonymousJanuary 10, 2018 at 2:15 PM

      Interesting--thanks for the insight on the ad situation. Gene's emails often refer to the "outstanding" or "late" ad revenue that is due to come in, at some point, so many of us thought that there was ad revenue that was going to Paracast rather than GCN.

    3. Don't forget that Gene's 2nd show Tech Night Owl generates ad revenue for him is probably his main source of income. Those ads are much easier for Gene to sell than the Paracast.

    4. Chris, you know that Phoenix is not a high cost area to live. It is very possible to retire, live in Social Security and Medicare, and earn a living on the side. I am doing it with a little eBay business. If Gene lived in San Francisco or San Diego I might understand the poverty persona, but many people move to Phoenix upon retirement because the standard of living is high but the cost of living is relatively low.

  6. Last year Chris O'Brien stated that "Gene is doing a hell of a lot better than I am.” Gene wrote in response:

    "The fact of the matter is that I don’t make much money from the shows; I get a much larger portion of my income from other sources. So there’s very little left for Chris."

    Thus article documents one of the other sources. Along with many others, we have received regular emails asking for help. The perpetual rent crisis (the real mystery is how he finds a landlord willing to rent to him). His wife's medical needs - although that does not seem to be as much of factor since a couple of his emails hinted at domestic problems. His dental problems. A car accident.

    And always, there is the promise that he is working hard to resolve the problems and believes that this is temporary.

    I'm not the best person to offer financial advise, but after a while it seems that the crisis approach would offer limited returns. It might have been better to use the Patreon model, initiate a kickstarter campaign to write a biography of Jim Mosley, or try something completely different in a completely different place.

    I can feel sorry for him. I would not want to be driving Uber or Lyft in my 70s. But there are family members that do not seem to have that much more secure of a retirement and they do not have email lists as a fall-back option.

  7. Gene's a lying sack. I don't believe at this point he's ever been as truly hard up for money as his constant sob stories indicate.

    A previous poster said it might have been better to use the Patreon model or use Kickstarter. Gene's tried that several times in the recent yearish or so that I've been aware of this shitshow. The campaigns get a couple of donations then quietly disappear. I think the direct emails offer him the opportunity to attempt to shame people into buying into his poor-old-man song & dance more easily than does a kickstarter campaign. That's without getting into the fact that those types of platforms are moving away from e-begging being one of their primary uses (for good reason - if I was legitimately creating things on Patreon I wouldn't want to share the platform with a despicable old-ass huckster like Gene, either).

    Realizing that Gene was the one making the almost all of the money that the Paracast was bringing in (seriously, where is that sub money going if we're to believe any of Gene's bullshit) was what got me to cancel my sub and stop listening. It's not as if he brings anything to the table from a listener's perspective, anyhow.

    1. Gene's participation to the Paracast is generally just to announce commercial breaks. That is it unless he is on his own because Chris is on yet another "research project".

  8. Gene has been running this scam for many, many years now as this article proves beyond any shadow of a doubt. He has numerous email lists and has floated one sob story after another in an attempt to prey upon people's better natures. Should you ever give the guy any money, you will be hit up for a loan, badgered, and ultimately threatened if you try to clue his hapless forum participants in on his scheme. There is absolutely no reason to believe anything he says about his situation or anything else for that matter. I have to wonder why so many people continue to contribute not only money in the way of subscriptions, but their time in the way of interviews and forum postings. They are lending their own names and reputations to this proven huckster. There ought to be a law.

    1. This, of course, is a lie.

      Nobody is expected to read a request or email if they don't want, and I make it easy to unsubscribe with a single click. I don't "badger" or "threaten" people. No wonder why you're anonymous.

      Anyone who wants verification of any of my ongoing issues or just more information is always free to write. Nobody here has done so. It's easier, I suppose, to just make up stories about them.

      The point of it all, of course, is that my personal problems aren't really anyone's business, except for those who receive my announcements and are interested in my situation. I rarely mention it on the forums, and never on the radio shows.

      Maybe, now, we can focus on something that's really important in resolving the UFO question.

      Gene Steinberg

    2. >I make it easy to unsubscribe with a single click

      How thoughtful of you, Gene. Did the people on your list 'subscribe' in the first place to e-begging in general, much less to the sheer volume of it chronicled in this post?

      >Anyone who wants verification of any of my ongoing issues or just more information is always free to write.

      OK. I'm asking. Lay all that verification on us, Gene.

      >The point of it all, of course, is that my personal problems aren't really anyone's business, except for those who receive my announcements and are interested in my situation.

      Sounds like you've got a problem, then, Gene. You're not doing such a great job of keeping your solicitation list limited to only those that are 'interested' in hearing your incessant whining for money. This post's existence is evidence of that. That's without even addressing the multiple failed crowdfunding attempts you've started then quietly shuttered without comment. All of those were completely public, so this 'omg you guys are like totally like, up in my private business and stuff' dog just don't hunt.

    3. I don't recall receiving any messages from you asking for verification of any particular matter. But I'm concerned about your apparent obsession with my personal affairs. It's not healthy.

      Gene Steinberg

    4. Wat said, "OK. I'm asking. Lay all that verification on us, Gene."

      Gene responded "I don't recall receiving any messages from you asking for verification of any particular matter."

      We're through the looking glass here people...

    5. First off, Jack you are exactly what the UFO community needs and may be the second incarnation of Jim Moseley RIP. Speaking of Jim does anyone know if he had any opinions on what Gene is doing or even knew about it since he had absolutely 0 knowledge of anything on the internet? If he didn't know then whenever he stops inhabiting the body of Jack Brewer he must be spinning in his freaking Grave. Gene you have literally no one to blame but yourself and looking at all this evidence which you have not once denied makes you look like a complete scam artist!

    6. I don't know what to believe in this matter any more..

  9. Interestingly, a somewhat high profile members of the paranormal/UFO community who once said they'd have nothing more to do with Steinberg (I won't name names ) because of his ongoing harassment/badgering/begging for money to him, have returned to his fold.

    Why? Because they have something to sell to paranormal/UFO true believers.

    The level of sleaziness and duplicity in the UFO/paranormal community outstrips even that of US politics.

    1. Generalization much? Of course you do, you do it on every message board.

      Sleaze is everywhere, at the furniture store, stock market, churches, schools...there's no minimum wage pay for hunting UFOs. Unless you are wealthy enough from your real job, you are going to have a percentage of hustlers in the UFO community that try to sell any nonsense they can. But I think this blog and many others have started to cull the ranks, we know who the David Wilcocks are. Yet, every sector has these people trying to half-truth their way to profitability (or survival).

      The UFO and paranomal community is bigger, more globally connected, and finally shifting science to doubt materialism and humancentrism. I think we finally are getting to some meat of the subject.

      Gene needs to realize that his begging is hurting the UFO subject, and the new momentum, if he really cares about it. I sometimes wonder if he cares for progress still, or just likes the idea of past UFO nostalgia more.

    2. Continue on in your delusion that the US UFO community isn't a breeding ground for hucksters and con men. Its true believers (who tend to overlap with the Alex Jones crowd) will believe anything, no matter how insane, illogical or outrageous just as long as it coincides with their personal beliefs. They are sheep waiting and willing to be fleeced. And Steinberg has figured that out and is riding the wave like so many other high-profile "Ufologists".

      It's hard for Steinberg to hurt Ufology when it isn't anything real.

      Do you honestly think most non-believers were heartened or convinced by finding out about that secret Pentagon study? Hell no. Many were pissed off at more government waste of taxpayer funds on another pointless boondoggle that was the pet pork barrel of a particular senator.

      You need to get out more among non-believers. Just because UFOs are amusing conversation when the drinks are poured doesn't mean the world is full of believers in the sober light of the next day.

    3. Delusion. Get out with non-believers. Boondoggle. Alex Jones.

      Labels. Labels you created and are trying to apply more for you than for me. Like I said I think you generalize too much--it hurts your opinions here and on other boards. It doesn't benefit discussions on the ufo subject we don't have answers for. Not everything is alien, but there are instances where something intelligent is outsmarting our best Earth based sciences. There are hucksters. There are scientists. There are great people interested in UFOs. You seem to latch on to the first group and then think we all drink the same kool-aid. I don't drink with the first group...I drink with the world class engineers that find the subject fascinating and disturbing.

      People are "pissed" at $22 million? You mean the people that let us get to 20 Trillion in debt are now finally pissed at $22 million over 5 years? The people I saw upset at this were 1)clueless to national defense 2)debunkers using it as their dull sword to attempt to cut at anything they could 3)anti-government haters and 4)haters of Harry Reid. I'll be honest I dislike Reid myself, but this program is peanuts, and its peanuts to Bigelow and his billion dollar life. If there's another subcontractor that is willing to help investigate UFOs, works with NASA, and has 20 years of previous experience, and willing to spend their own money to help solve the ufo subject...then lets take bids next time. Name some names.

      Gene Steinberg using the ufo subject to hustle or beg for money is to me unsavory. He has a decent show that calls out the bogus hucksters, but then he uses similar tactics and washes his hands by saying they don't have to donate to him, he's not forcing anyone. But he represents a life of UFO study, calling out frauds and manipulators, then taints it all and doesn't seem to realize it. Maybe Dave Ramsey needs to be the next interview. Gene is like the Rick Pitino of ufology...he does all this great work, passionate about it, but then ruins it with ethical stumbles and can't quite grasp that he has a legacy he's hurting and he's hurting the subject he supposedly cares about--yet sometimes I wonder if he still does.

      Yet on the other side, I also find the bullying tactics of generalizing and labeling unsavory too. Little tired of it. It's the internet so I know whatever I say will just be a forum for anger and "winning" the debate. I don't want to fight, I won't waste time on it...I hope you find a way to realize that a lot of people interested in this subject are sober, intelligent, and skeptical, but leaning towards answers that are not human,sometimes. Disagreeing is fine with me, yet branding everyone as nuts and wrapped up in UFOs is ridiculous. Not one alien has paid my mortgage or college loans, just plain hard sensible work got me to six figures. People that hoax and cheat people by using the UFO subject disgust me, call them out, hang 'em high, it's time to get the subject back to a more professional level of discussion and investigation.

  10. We get a small amount of ad revenue, and it usually runs late. But mostly for the tech show.

    Gene Steinberg

  11. Say what you will about Gene, but he has produced an outstanding body of work with the hundred or so emails he has sent out spanning well over a decade now that include a wide range of catastrophic story lines, from evictions and tragic fender benders to dog toy accidents and paying movers with pizza and diet coke. We salute, sir!

    1. Factual correction: The reference to a car accident in June 2017 was the one where my car was hit head on by a truck and totaled; air bags went off and the medics were summoned to check me over. They reported a possibly erratic heartbeat, but it wasn't bad enough to require a visit to the hospital. I also suffered back-related injuries that required months of chiropractic manipulation, covered by Medicare, to mitigate.

      The rest of your rant is too dumb to answer.

      Gene Steinberg

    2. A Concerned ReaderJanuary 10, 2018 at 8:48 PM

      Thanks for the clarification! Could you please comment on claims that you once asked your e-list to help fund your wife's purse business? Thanks!

    3. Thanks, Concerned Reader! That was indeed a Scheme Gene top ten hit, the whole please-fund-my-wife's-purse-start-up and we will get back on our feet again and make it across the finish in time. A high water mark, indeed!

  12. Gene has been outed for quite some time now, the fact that he's obsessively monitoring these posts (via google alerts, no doubt), speaks highly of his motivation and methods. He will NEVER stop begging for money, not ever, you can count on that.

  13. Jack, any math on how much time Gene has spent over the years going back and forth with critics on blogs and message boards like this, while in the middle of dire financial crisis, where every second is precious?

    1. Enough that it's become part of the running joke eluded to earlier. Among those familiar with the ongoing cash solicitation campaign, it is difficult to accept the claims in full of seeking and maintaining traditional, gainful employment, particularly the implications long hours are spent driving for Uber and Lyft.

      As you suggest, Jeremy, the prevailing skepticism is for no less than two reasons:

      One, Steinberg obviously spends substantial amounts of time posting on forums, writing newsletters, maintaining social media accounts, activities on YouTube, doing two shows, arguing with people, and, of course, composing cash solicitation emails, among other things. Many find it difficult to justify and envision how these would be the time management choices of someone getting evicted three times per year, and,

      Two, Steinberg's implications of working long hours with Uber and Lyft are widely doubted because such drivers can be shown to make reasonable money, or at the least find ways to avoid being destitute 52 weeks per year.

  14. The only reason this scam continues is because it works. You wonder why robo-dialers are still in existence to scam people? Because it still works.

  15. I always thought there was something fishy about Gene Steinberg. And I have to admit for the sake of being upfront that I always hated his effing show. "The Gold Standard" my ass !

  16. I used to listen to The Paracast weekly. After I signed up for the forums, I started receiving the constant begging emails and it turned me off. I like Chris which is why I put up with it for as long as I did...but the emails were just too much.

    1. Too much for Chris O'Brien too.


    2. Thanks. O'Brien's post seems to have vanished in pretty short order, but a screen grab may be viewed at the link below.

      Christopher O'Brien wrote:

      "The only thing that's burned me is doing the show for practically free and having to plead, dog and threaten Gene for a few measly scraps maybe (if I'm lucky) a couple of times a year and the burn out and embarrassment of being slimed by his constant begging for $$$. His latest drama has stretched me past the point of no return."


  17. Gene never, ever, addresses why that sister-in-law of his, the one whose husband made him "destitute" in the first place, won't take him and his wife in. Her husband died, so why won't she house them, since it's her fault that they are always on the verge of dumpster-diving? She's leave them on the street to starve? I smell a rat, here. And rats stink to high heaven...

  18. I was sad to see this blog post. Jack Brewer has positioned himself as a sort of 'call it like it is' commentator when it comes to UFOs. Now it looks like he's just a part of a particular online UFOlogy factional fight. The Jeremy Vaeni/Tim Binnall vs. Gene Steinberg pissing contest has been going on for years. This blog post amounts to nothing more than choosing sides within it.

    Why say that? Because obviously Steinberg in his solicitation e-mails is full of sh*t. But who isn't? Isn't it understood that any organization trying to take your money is BSing you to some extent? It's a sales approach. Sales involves deception - even when telling you the truth. They're trying to get you to behave a certain way, namely, to give up your money.

    I'm hard-pressed to see how Gene Steinberg declaring 'Woe is me' every week in order to grab people's income is a *story*. It might be regrettable. Steinberg might well be full of sh*t - though it's worth pointing out this blog entry doesn't actually establish that he's lying about being broke. Maybe he is broke. Maybe his life is one of an ongoing financial emergency. Who knows? It isn't clear.

    But tell me how Steinberg BS-ing people for donations is different than, say, Jeremy Vaeni's benefactor, Whitley Strieber, doing the same at unknowncountry.com. Every week Strieber tells the world that his latest interview is the most important thing he's ever done. Every week he tells his listeners how the site is experiencing financial hardships and how he needs their donations. Strieber even goes farther than Steinberg and claims enemies of his hack his site, the donation flow, etc. Vaeni doesn't seem to have a problem with that. He continues to do his little show at Strieber's site.

    So this blog entry is a bit of a joke. Everybody in UFOlogy who takes any money at all is BS-ing to some extent. All this story does is announce that Jack Brewer sees himself on one side because he's friends with them and against other parties on other sides whom he doesn't favor.

    1. I'd assert the comments above are rationalizing Steinberg's behavior while employing 'whataboutism' in attempts to justify an otherwise weak argument. Steinberg's behavior is neither salesmanship nor typical. Moreover, the issue is not whether he's actually as chronically broke as he claims. The issue involves that he saddles others with the responsibility of his living conditions, which he purportedly does not improve himself week after week, month after month, year after year. His 'emergencies' reflect a lifestyle.

      It was my assessment that the often private discussions about Steinberg and his antics deserve a public platform for the benefit of potential show guests, potential show hosts, potential cash contributors, and the community at large who know less than others about the ongoing circumstances. I continue to fully stand by that decision.

    2. Nobody looking at this from the outside - without a dog in the online UFOlogy hunt, so to speak - would find what you've said in any way compelling. They wouldn't give Steinberg's pathetic sales solicitation e-mails a second thought. Yet you've devoted a whole lengthy blog post to it, chronicling these financial appeals in detail - raising the question: why? I'd submit it only makes sense within a context of UFOlogy eating itself alive, the usual petty factional nonsense where one side piles on another side's so-called indiscretions. Your reply here stating that Steinberg 'saddles others with the responsibility of his living conditions' - so what? How is this minor ethical lapse noteworthy in any way or deserving of public comment? Is he defrauding his donors? If he is, prove it. Then it's a story. If you can't, and all you can show is just a pathetic bunch of endless appeals, then it's a non-story.

      This thing strikes me as kind of a joke, along with - it should be said - you presenting yourself as some sort of paragon of integrity 'exposing' his fairly minor shenanigans. Basically, your post is just a personal attack on Steinberg. Now, I don't happen to listen to his show, and I've never sent him money. But that's my choice. Others might want to give him money for his hair transplant emergency/his latest fender-bender, etc. But do you suppose you've really done a hard-hitting expose by calling out this schlub on your blog? You're kidding yourself.

    3. I'm afraid Jack has you dead to rights and in your criticism of Jack as being petty and attacking Gene in this blog post you seem to only bring it up in order to make a petty attack on Vaeni/Streiber. The whole point is that if we truly want to find answers in this field we should call out all charlatans whether they be hosting shows on the topic and using it as a platform to e beg or whether they are people like Vaeni who have experiences that don't have corroborating witnesses or one of the worst was years ago Noory had on a duo (one claimed to be a registered nurse) that claimed they could heal burn victims remotely when they received "donations". We all need to call BS when we see it, admit to ourselves that it was a good story (hell I wish the commander X stories were true and just because they are a steaming pile of BS doesn't prevent me from enjoying the story) but that this only serves to take away from truly anomalous experiences that happen in objective reality to multiple people.

    4. "The Jeremy Vaeni/Tim Binnall vs. Gene Steinberg pissing contest has been going on for years." ... and... "Nobody looking at this from the outside - without a dog in the online UFOlogy hunt, so to speak - would find what you've said in any way compelling."

      I'm curious what you think the pissing contest is. What do you think is my dog in the fight other than questioning the truthfulness of a man in perpetual emergency for a decade?

      When Jeff Ritzmann and I hosted Paratopia many moons ago and we had a falling out with Gene's then-co-host, we STILL ran an online donation campaign for Gene, because we believed that his real-world plight trumped whatever bad blood we had with his co-host. I think we were duped. We certainly wouldn't want anyone else falling for a false charity case.

      Equating probable fraudulent charity with overinflated salesmanship (or even showmanship) is a false equivalent. And the notion that Tim or I (especially Tim. Really? You think Tim Binnall cares beyond the comedy and questionable morality of Gene's pleas?) are in a pissing contest with anyone in Podcast World is ridiculous. It's something people make up and say when they don't want to deal with the actual issues brought forth.

      It's 2018. I barely care about any of this, truth be told, pro and con. Less and less of this subject is fascinating to me anymore and it's hard to stay angry, thank the gods. Indefinite anger isn't healthy, obviously, but questioning questionable people still is. Steinberg holds himself up as a "gold standard," right? He wanted to run UFO Watchdog at a couple of points. Only in ufology do you get to be the watchdog without a background check. Only in ufology do you get to claim unimpeachable ethical values while shutting down conversations that question them. Well... okay, AND in the Whitehouse. Perhaps Gene was ahead of his time.

      Lastly, and really circling back to the first question, what do you mean by, "... a dog in the online UFOlogy hunt, so to speak...."? What is the online ufological hunt? Assuming this isn't an empty metaphor we're supposed to nod along with, what do you have in mind here?

      And if anyone else reading this wants to chime in who believes the same, please do. What does anyone think our underlying motivations are when we call out perceived BS?

  19. Jack Brewer, I agree. Nicely said.

  20. The fact of the matter is, this is all petty drama. You can either choose to contribute to it, or don't. There are plenty of artists out there who create things in various fields; television, film, music, poetry. Who they are and what they create are entirely two separate things. If the person and any potential activities that can be construed as questionable have little relevance on what they output, then I pose the question: What does it matter?

    Gene makes no mention of it on the show. You can freely ignore the emails, the Twitter account, the forums, any other media aside from the show. You would be none the wiser regarding the repulsive activities associated with that person. If you're not a fan of the show, then by all means take part in what ever drama party that happens to crop up. My point is, if the show is a positive factor for the field and offers progress, then the unscrupulous people behind it shouldn't matter, as long as their activities remain separate from it.

    It's difficult, I know. It may even sound unreasonable and naive. Your average human loves drama, loves a good scandal, and if there's an opportunity to shed light on what we do in the shadows, it's too hard to pass up.

    1. 'Gene makes no mention of it on the show'?What about using the emails from listeners to hit them for cash for over ten years now ?Asking for money to his guests and co-hosts?Really?He can't pay the rent , but shure has Netflix and a BMW , later a Kia Optima.

    2. For some time, the recipients of the newsletter from Gene complained (outside the Paracast forum since Gene would immediately banish and discussion there) how Gene seemed to be using the email addresses of the people who signed up for his newsletter to solicit for aid in his latest crisis. If Gene needs money, he should write an autobiography of all these crisis moments in his life. It would make a riveting read, like the ancient Perils of Pauline.

  21. I was a member of the Paracast for a dozen years or so. When Biedny left I emailed him as to why. He said that Gene was begging him and some of the guests for handouts. He tired of the nonsense and left. I tried to post questions on the Paracast website, but my posts were all deleted. Gene would then berate me by email, basically calling me a scumbag. Wow Gene, I worked a job my entire adult life. I can’t say the same for you.

    My take has been that Steinberg would rather doodle behind the keyboard than actually do some labor for his money. It’s much easier to ask for handouts from his Paracast readers. What exactly has Gene done for the past 40 years or more that he is almost living out of his car (by his account)?

    What I find laughable is there is never a single mention of paying a single soul back. I asked him why he doesn't work for an Apple store nearby or even a fast food place. He laughed at me and said that was beneath him. I don’t know, if I were destitute I would swallow my pride and take any job to support my family. Not good old Gene. As long as the donations come in he can keep doing what he is doing.

    Perhaps he could sell his beloved websites to support himself. Yeah right!!

  22. Frankly I'm a bit burned out on the cynicism around here, especially after duking it out with Gene over the weekend. I was amazed that he just kept coming back with his vague and paranoid allegations against Luis Elizondo and the AATIP story. It's by far the most interesting development in ufology in decades, but he and his wicked little fanboys are doing everything they can to dump on it - I find that very tiresome.

    I pointed out that having a show about ufology that works overtime to discredit every development in the field of ufology, is the reason why the millions of people in this country who are fascinated with this subject don't listen to the Gene Steinberg lol show or subscribe to the program or participate in the forums. Art Bell made millions just by being a ufo fan and giving people a fair hearing on the air, and now he's very comfortably retired and enjoying the fruits of his success. He's at rock bottom and he still has no idea how he got there, and he'll never see the truth of it or change his ways. It's tragic really - he's a semi-talented broadcaster, and he could be writing his own ticket. But he won't - he's too attached to his role as "lead cynic on the most cynical ufo podcast on the planet."

    While Gene can't even make rent - for decades.

  23. I trust you are not lumping me into your "wicked little fanboy" comment. I have a low threshold of tolerance for BS, and a well-honed BS meter but I do recognize a positive development when I see one... Say it ain't so Mister Morrison and I'm OK w/ that...

    1. Chris please confirm you are or ARE NOT still co-hosting the Paracast. The world need to know if you're still in bed with Scheme Steinberg.

  24. WTF? I've NEVER been "in bed" w/ him. I really resent the implication. I have been woefully underpaid co-host of a popular podcast and more of a victim of Gene's poverty-consciousness than any of you. I really don't appreciate you equating my involvement w/ the show as in any way, shape, or form condoning his panhandling. I should be the one getting thanked and supported, not chastised and have my integrity called into question. In answer to your question, I am no longer co-hosting the show as I have placed my self on indefinite hiatus. Good enough for you? You people really need to get lives... your ugly fascination w/ Steinberg is becoming pathetic. You've made your point, you've tried to ruin him in every way possible, you've slimed me w/ your insinuations and innuendos. You should just let it go already. Why don't you use this same venom and energy to out the real charlatans, hoaxers and liars in the field? Why not go after SDMorton, Wilcock, Goode, Basagio, Eisenhower, Burich, Dames, Weber, Salla, et., al, with the same venom and gusto you're pursuing an old man that can't face up to the fact that he's living beyond his means and has a wife that obviously has him by the short hairs. What is it w/ you guys? WTF already?

  25. Christopher O'Brien, you overreact, which suggests something. It's unavoidable. You're trying to shut down conversation, like Gene does on the forums. Why? By association you have been spattered. Your integrity is in question. Don't like that? There are ways to turn the situation around.

    Christopher O'Brien: "WTF? I've NEVER been 'in bed' w/ him. I really resent the implication. I have been woefully underpaid co-host of a popular podcast and more of a victim of Gene's poverty-consciousness than any of you. I really don't appreciate you equating my involvement w/ the show as in any way, shape, or form condoning his panhandling."

    Then why have you kept silent on the matter for so long? I believe you first spoke out about a year ago - your objection was buried in some podcast interview from somewhere, however. It's not like you wrote an article for your blog. Now that would have been taking a stand.

    Christopher O'Brien: "I should be the one getting thanked and supported, not chastised and have my integrity called into question."

    You may feel that way but people are pretty pissed that they've been duped for so long. There are people on this blog making posts who have given Gene money. Anyone associated with Gene gets lumped in with him. Can you blame us for being sore?

  26. Christopher O'Brien: "In answer to your question, I am no longer co-hosting the show as I have placed my self on indefinite hiatus. Good enough for you? "

    No, not for me. That's a waffle. You're covering your bases. 'Indefinite' just means you could come back to co-host anytime - next week or never. Unknown. That's not a disassociation. Plus your putting a donate button on the forums - with Gene running interference for you - wtf, man, how do you think that looks? Gene isn't the only one with a blind spot.

    You want to know what would make you credible? Do what Biedney did - walk away and don't look back. Speak out against Gene's scamming.

    Christopher O'Brien: "You people really need to get lives... your ugly fascination w/ Steinberg is becoming pathetic. You've made your point, you've tried to ruin him in every way possible, you've slimed me w/ your insinuations and innuendos. You should just let it go already. "

    Really? People that have given hundreds of dollars - potentially a lot more - over the years - you think they should 'get a life' and 'let it go'? Really? Human nature ain't like that. Gene has gotten a lot of people pissed. He's ruined himself. The patsies that gave him money are waking up. You may characterize it as an "ugly fascination w/ Steinberg becoming pathetic" but quite a few people find Gene's fascination with their money ugly and pathetic. How many people have walked away? How viable are the forums right now? Could someone answer that? How is your donate button doing, Chris? Those who have given significant money across years will not be so forgiving as you wish. Gene has pissed off a lot of people and your stating that they should 'get a life' is insulting (you who whine about being slimed). These sorts of things can fester - wouldn't they for you? Haven't they for you - you who see yourself as taken for a ride by Gene across several years?

    Christopher O'Brien: "Why don't you use this same venom and energy to out the real charlatans, hoaxers and liars in the field? Why not go after SDMorton, Wilcock, Goode, Basagio, Eisenhower, Burich, Dames, Weber, Salla, et., al, with the same venom and gusto you're pursuing an old man that can't face up to the fact that he's living beyond his means and has a wife that obviously has him by the short hairs. What is it w/ you guys? WTF already?"

    Probably because all the people you mention - while potentially hoaxers - have not been running a money scam with ridiculous personal stories that are patently full-blown lies. Yes, maybe they run 'workshops' but that's not the same thing that Gene is doing. At least a workshop/conference/talk is a service delivered for money down. Gene is doing something quite other than that.

    But you deflect. This is not actually about UFOs - or hoaxes. This is about a money scam. And if this blog allowing there to be a platform from which to voice a grievance is the worst of it for Gene, his comeuppance is long overdue. He is shameless. Given what posters are sharing here Gene allows no discussion of this issue on his forum - to the point of banning people. Wtf?

    1. "have not been running a money scam with ridiculous personal stories that are patently full-blown lies."

      LOL are you serious? Sean David Morton is serving time in a federal penitentiary for EXACTLY that. Ed Dames has been scamming people for decades with his stupid remote viewing/doomsday crap. Virtually every word out of their mouth is a lie. And there are/were people who were broadcast on national radio semi-regularly versus a niche podcast.

      Listen, Steinberg obviously has problems, but he's also nearly what - 80 years old now? With what's one of about a hundred paranormal related podcasts in 2018? Why the obsession?

      It's low hanging fruit, is why. It takes no effort and no research, versus actually trying to do something meaningful like study or vet an actual paranormal case.

    2. "It's low hanging fruit, is why. It takes no effort and no research, versus actually trying to do something meaningful like study or vet an actual paranormal case."

      That's fair, but I think there's also a weird whack-a-mole aspect to it when it comes to Gene. No matter how clear it is Gene is not just in some temporary unexpected financial hole and could use a little one time help, he's going to portray it that way. Over and over and over, for years, and in thousands of emails.

      He keeps at it and now people keep pointing out the craziness of it as well. Gene sends an email, a few people may send him some cash, some others mock his latest effort. It's a price of doing business for him now I think.

      Could people better spend their time other ways? Sure, but I think there is also a frustration in many that Gene carries on with such behavior while simultaneously seeing no problem with grilling Bill Knell or being the UFO Watchdog. Not to mention that he is separating people from cash under dubious pretenses. For some of the fed-up-with-Gene crowd it is perhaps akin to bitching about a televangelist soliciting funds?

  27. Whatever dude, I so tired of Gene, his pathetic begging and getting slimed while simply attempting to present quality guests and drill down to the essence of the subject matter covered on the show. I'm NOT shutting down conversations and can appreciate your POV concerning his panhandling. I'm absolutely feuds and through enabling his at best, questionable behavior. I'm as much a victim here as anyone. You can't put a price on 10 years of work the vast majority of it for free. I ain't the bad guy here and I resent your implication to the contrary. If you and others don't like what's been happening, get yourselves together and do a class action suit. If what you say is true, there should be no shortage of duped victims to gather together.
    As to my own effort to place a triangulated monitoring system in the SLV and making a onetime request for help, there's a big difference to ask for help one-time for a legitimate scientific effort and a decade's-long program of panhandling and scamming. And he's not "running interference for me" as much as you'd like to think so. I AM speaking out against his scamming and I'm waiting for him to retire so that I can rebuild the show, if that's even possible. In the meantime, I will not appear on the Paracast as host. I'm done. I will not give you the satisfaction of going after Steinberg like an attack dog as you are doing. If people are unhappy w/ their dealing w/ him, do something about it! In the meantime, I am working on starting my own show, and when this show debuts I'll make sure I won't invite your lame "anonymous" self to be a guest. You come across so tough when your name isn't attached to your comments. That's the coward's approach in my book.

    1. I appreciate your work in the field, I've always thought the show was a weird combination of Steinberg's lame jokes or irrelevant interjections anecdotes about 'that-one-time' stories when he may have actually known someone in the field or actually worked; and when you actually asked a question related to the subject.

      Sometimes I would listen and it would be an hour in with no real questions about anything, and the guy pretty much drove the show off a cliff with his lame tangential stories of once-upon-a-time self importance. It seriously came off half the time like a guy who didn't have anyone to talk to for a week trying to talk about himself, rather than educated questions about the field. I don't see how that didn't drive you crazy, honestly.

      If you listen to say, George Knapp, every question has a purpose and he puts the time in and does his work on who his guest is, and what the subject is. It takes time and effort to have an educated opinion, and I think very little. of that was shown by your former co-host.

      As regards to your show now, I think the difference now though, is there's about 100 UFO podcasts out there. You could easily find someone to co-host a show with and put it on a Youtube account fairly quickly. Maybe you should try creating an account on the UFOs subreddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/UFOs/

      There's a lot of solid posters there, including the guy who runs the Black Vault. Keep up the good work, I think your time is better spent with someone else on a podcast.

  28. The "ugly fascination" with Gene I think is largely founded on his exhibitions of dishonest and shameless begging. Yes I am sure there are some people who have an axe to grind with him over hurt feelings from the Paracast forum, but after reading the now nearly 300 comments on the two Gene-related posts at this blog, I think most (not all) just think his behavior is bizarre, unethical, and possibly even illegal.

    It's really not much surprise to me that if someone sends out such a volume of emails, makes farfetched claims (Twitter account hacked and bank info tweeted? really?) and requests (send those Hurricane to ME here in Arizona!) and persists in unproductive behavior in the face of penury that people would spread the word about him. The population here is I imagine largely folks interested in unsolved mysteries; you may have Gene all figured out but to me the guy defies understanding. There's no one in my 'real life' who would possibly give a shit about his antics but I can occasionally comment here or elsewhere and say good Lord, can you believe his latest? At some point I know I need to just ignore him, since he's not going to stop.

    You say Gene "can't face up to the fact that he's living beyond his means and has a wife that obviously has him by the short hairs"; you know Gene far better than I so maybe so. If his wife is in control I find it curious she puts up with his expensive hobbies and tolerates what seem like almost routine evictions. But I do not know the lady.

    You say people here have "tried to ruin" Gene. Speaking only for myself I don't want Gene or his hobbies ruined (though he seems to be doing a fair job of tanking himself). The guy is pushing 73. I do wish Gene would just tell the truth and stop claiming to be such a victim.

    I do think your statements here about Gene seem a little conflicted. You say you're more of a victim of Gene than anyone else posting here, despite that you seemed to think it valuable enough to you to show up every week for the Paracast for years and years. I'm sure there are people posting here and elsewhere who gave Gene money believing he was temporarily in dire straits, and they expected nothing in return. But OK, let's say their donation doesn't measure out to whatever you judge yourself owed for co-hosting the Paracast for years. Maybe you feel or felt bad for Gene and didn't want to 'abandon him' for a long time, I do not know. You say you are speaking out against his scamming (your word, scamming - indeed "decades-long program of panhandling and scamming") but seem upset with others here also calling him out. Do you really believe there is a chance in the world he is going to change his ways? I don't, not without some change to his circumstances (which I am in no way attempting to engineer - I only believe in relaying the truth about him, I fully support these records of his emails being available). But again, you know Gene a hell of a lot better than I ever will.

  29. I had a hater claim I paid to be admin and I'm "in bed" with gene! Enough! I responded to that hate filled post. These ppl mean only to hurt and destroy me and Gene. They have called me a homo for Gene. I am UPSET. Go away. The online hater/hacker pack that has attacked me and Gene is now going after the network to complain about our shows. ENUOGH ALLREADY!!!

    You have driven Christopher O'Brien into hatehood over Gene and me too.


    1. You're the the same guy who said his oldest kid got a job at McDonald's when your family ran into financial troubles and that "it took months but we recovered." I'm wondering why you rightfully praise them for pulling themselves up by the bootstraps during a financially difficult time, but are willing to give Gene a pass for not doing the same himself?

      The man has been begging for money for over a decade. You and your family managed to straighten things out by being responsible adults. Perhaps that is what your hero Gene should try doing instead of relying on sycophantic morons and sympathetic dupes to bail him out time after time.

    2. I agree with Feeble Gene! Bob, you must make a clean break from the cult of Gene and forge your own path to financial prosperity. He will only drag you down!

    3. The funny part about Bob's call to action is that he says that he doesn't even have the money to help Gene, so he just whines for someone else to do it. Total hypocrite!

    4. had a hater claim I paid to be admin and I'm "in bed" with gene! Enough! I responded to that hate filled post. These ppl mean only to hurt and destroy me and Gene. They have called me a homo for Gene. I am UPSET. Go away. The online hater/hacker pack that has attacked me and Gene is now going after the network to complain about our shows. ENUOGH ALLREADY!!!

      You have driven Christopher O'Brien into hatehood over Gene and me too.


      I had a hater claim I paid to be admin and I'm "in bed" with gene! Enough! I responded to that hate filled post. These ppl mean only to hurt and destroy

      this what I said! get it right!
      if you are going to quote me please do so directly

  30. Chris, just for the record, I'm SheaOlmsford (or something like that) on the Paracast forum and sent you the private messages there. In case you come back here, you have put your comments on the first article about Gene. Actually, Jack Brewer created an UPDATE article later in the year that is still active. This one was pretty dead until you responded here. I would propose that Jack Brewer move your new comments to that second article comments section to give it continuity. That is also where I did say that I believe it makes perfect sense for you to have a link on the Paracast to your endeavor since your project has been profiled on Paracast episodes and the forum in the past. I look forward to see what kind of show you will do when unfettered by Gene Steinberg as official commercial time keeper and teller of the lame jokes. Maybe you can find some people to interview of value who are under 65 years old (and spend the episode talking about the good old days with Gene back in the 60's when ufos were real ufos and ufo researchers were real ufo researchers). LOL

  31. I do want to respond to one comment Chris O'Brien made about being anonymous. Well, I have a moniker so at least I am not literally anonymous. I think a problem I and perhaps others have with being frank about who we are is that Gene has already threatened me in private emails of legal action if I say another thing disparaging of his pristine reputation. He saber rattles with legal action all the time, and for all I know he is mentally unbalanced enough to do it, putting my life into a talespin since I just had my thyroid removed due to cancer and am recovering from radiation treatments which wiped me out. The least thing I need (since I live in Phoenix) is that madman trying to extort money from me with threatened legal action. So I do not use my name. When I talked to Gene's current "favorite son" Goggs Mackay he was spouting the company line about how I needed to give him my real name. This was the same day that Gene was ranting on the forum about "evil hackers" and evil people conspiring against him locally in Phoenix with his pristine driving reputation. I will state for the record I have not hacked anything and do not believe that anyone has ever hacked Gene's accounts in his entire life. Nor do I think there is a big conspiracy behind 1 customer complaining about his driving. But I am not going to set myself out there as a patsy for him to vent upon. I do not think the man is playing with a full deck. It would seem fool hardy for anyone here to use their full name unless they were a celebrity. Gene is just crazy enough to go after anyone who used their full name.

    Jack Brewer, I wish you would move or copy/paste all this into the more recent comments section since starting a dual thread on this earlier article just will make a mess.

    1. Yes. Gene makes all kind of wild accusations then gets on his high horse because people comment anonymously. I agree with you, no one wants to be the target of even a frivolous lawsuit from this paranoid schemer. And it’s not like people calling him out with their real name attached (Jeremy Vaeni) make any difference to him. Any stick is good enough to grab when Gene needs to try to beat down the truth.

      Of course, you have to ask yourself if Gene really wants more scrutiny from “the authorities” he claims to be reporting people to. Or will he soon be begging to fund legal action?

      Comments on the two different blog posts here do not bother me, fwiw.

  32. bah...

    (send those Hurricane to ME here in Arizona!) -> (send those Hurricane Harvey donations to ME here in Arizona!)

    and long as I am at it: despite Gene's paranoid and / or opportunistic insistence there is an online "pack of haters" baying at his heels, speaking for myself at worst I feel contempt for him. Most of the time for me it's bemused disbelief, sometimes disgust, frustration, then occasionally a little fear and worry when he veers off into one of his paranoid tangents and seems like he might have genuinely lost it. Now and then his emails make me hope that if I make it to his age I avoid a fate that involves asking others for money on a near-constant basis. I can't imagine living that way but perhaps at one point neither could Gene. From reports he's been inappropriately asking for money (not referring to his email 'appeals' here) since at least 2004.

  33. Gene asked me for money in the Spring of 2004 online in an email. He needed a few hundred dollars to see him over the weekend since his wife had screwed up their bank account, they had zero cash and no groceries in the house. I never wrote back. Is Gene's life the result of refusing to work for "The Man' and being an independent self-employed rebel? So you end up grubbing for money as an old man? I am waiting for Gene to reach the point where he stands at the stop light of a freeway exit and holds a sign "Veteran. Need cash now for food".