Wednesday, January 24, 2018

NSA 'Glomars' FOIA Request on Boyd Bushman

The National Security Agency responded to an FOIA request on the late Boyd B. Bushman by neither confirming nor denying the existence of any such files. The request sought files in which Bushman was the subject of investigation or interviewed during the course of an investigation.

An appeal is in the works, requesting further consideration be given to the fact Bushman is now deceased. It will also be pointed out that, should such NSA files exist, it may very well be in the better public and national security interests to further reveal the manners attempts may be made to lure individuals holding security clearances into divulging classified information under the guise of advocating UFO disclosure.

Bushman & questionable photo
reportedly obtained from a contact 
Bushman was employed by defense contractor Lockheed Martin, as explored in a previous post at The UFO Trail. According to a now declassified 1999 FBI memo, Bushman was a U.S. national who worked as a Senior Specialist in the Special Programs department, holding Top Secret and Sensitive Compartmented Information/Special Access Program security clearances. The memo establishes Lockheed Martin was concerned of an ongoing attempt to elicit Lockheed Martin proprietary or U.S. government classified information from Bushman. Further documents released by the FBI revealed that investigation increased concerns over security of weapons projects and other classified information, as well as issues surrounding Bushman's contacts. Such contacts included an individual with a history of allegations of misconduct, violations of security and classified information handling procedures, and suspicious contact with foreign nationals, among other concerns listed.

Bushman became the subject of attention in the UFO community when he was interviewed in a 2014 video. The now-deceased scientist emphasized his belief in an extraterrestrial presence, described what he believed to be a government cover up, and suggested that he and his circles of associates desired to lift the veil of secrecy imposed by such hurdles as security oaths. Bushman claimed he and his personal contacts discussed such topics as aliens at Area 51 and related advances in technology. The declassified FBI files indicate the former Lockheed Martin specialist was networking with a variety of individuals.

During the 2014 interview, Bushman shared photos, apparently provided by a contact, allegedly portraying extraterrestrials. The photos are almost certainly inauthentic, as researchers demonstrated the images were much more likely figurines sold at WalMart than aliens.

In a three-page letter dated Jan. 11, 2018, Michael Shields of the NSA wrote in part: 
To the extent that you are seeking intelligence information on Boyd B. Bushman, please be advised that NSA collects and provides intelligence derived from foreign communications to policymakers, military commanders, and law enforcement officials. We do this to help these individuals protect the security of the United States, its allies, and their citizens from threats such as terrorism, weapons of mass destruction, foreign espionage, international organized crime, and other hostile activities. What we are authorized to do, and how we do it, is described in Executive Order 12333...
To respond to your request, NSA would have to confirm or deny the existence of intelligence records on Boyd B. Bushman. Were we to do so in your case, we would have to do so for every other requester. This would enable, for example, a terrorist or other adversary to file a FOIA request with us in order to determine whether he or she was under surveillance or had evaded it. This in turn would allow that individual to better assess whether they could successfully act to damage the national security of the United States. For such reasons, we can neither confirm nor deny the existence or non-existence of the records you requested.
The FOIA exempts several categories of information from disclosure. Its first exemption indicates that it does not apply to matters that are authorized by Executive Order to be kept secret and properly classified in the interest of national defense or foreign relations. The fact of the existence or non-existence of intelligence records on any individual, including yourself, is an appropriately classified matter. Paragraph 3.6(a) of Executive Order 13526 ("Classified National Security Information") specifically authorizes this type of response, also known as a Glomar response, to such requests made under the FOIA.


  1. Since Area 51 is America's most widely publicized, yet still highly classified black projects base, do you think any connection to Area 51, no matter how slight, might exempt information from FOIA? Even if Bushman was just a retired UFO buff showing signs of dementia in spinning his UFO yarns (possible), his tales about Area 51 and/or his clearance level would exempt his records from FOIA.

    Just thinking out loud here . . .

    1. Maybe so, PG. Either way, it looks to me like these are the issues that don't get their share of quality discussion when UFO "Disclosure" is tossed around.

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