Tuesday, August 7, 2012

MUFON 'Captain' Denies Exaggerations

From my latest Examiner post, MUFON director defends actions, denies exaggerations:
Mutual UFO Network executive director David 'The Captain' MacDonald defended the manner the information presented at the recent annual symposium was touted as “major” and “blockbuster,” stating that importance is in the eye of the beholder. When asked via email to comment on disappointments expressed, as well as specifically what “material” was considered to be so “sensitive” that “proper security protocols” were implemented to protect the material and parties involved, MacDonald replied:
The sensitive material which requires "proper security protocol" is the Leonard Stringfield files which have been acquired by MUFON. These files contain material which names names, dates, places and events of such a nature that special caution needs to be exercised. In regards to that material, we absolutely stand by our statement.

Internet discussion forums such as UFO Casebook continued to attract comments from members frustrated with the situation and outraged over what they interpreted to be misleading implications. Popular UFO-related information sites contained posts expressing concern related to seemingly never ending claims of imminent smoking guns that consistently fail to materialize within ufology.

Some suggested the Stringfield files might actually be interesting and potentially significant for a number of reasons. However, concern was equally expressed over how the files might be handled due to perceived decreasing MUFON credibility, as well as due to the MUFON reputation of failing to publish information of public interest.
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  1. "Why do people think MUFON is a credible UFO research organization? It is an obvious disinformation campaign run by the US govt."


  2. Hmm... I think it's a collection of aging true believers and run by dimwits--no conspiracy needed to explain it.


  3. Lance, while MUFON may have caught the interest of the intel community a time or three over the years, I do not think there is any doubt your assessment is applicable at least some of the time. As you suggest, some extremely poor choices get made within MUFON and they are certainly not all the results of the string-pulling puppet masters.

    Btw, thanks for reading and commenting over at Examiner. I appreciate it!

  4. Great way to discredit all the info MUFON got, by going off on grandiose statements. Find a goldmine and then tell everyone that Bigfoot lives in the goldmine with Elvis. Steven Greer did the same dumb thing with all the decent witness statements he got. Just show the proof and stop embellishing or pushing your views.