Friday, August 10, 2012

Kathy Kasten Dead at 72

From my Examiner article:
Robert Morningstar recently informed the 'UFO UpDates List' that long time community staple Kathy Kasten passed away August 7 due to cardiac arrest. She was 72.

Kasten was a well known researcher and writer who delved extensively into such topics as UFOs, alleged alien abduction and their possible ties to covert research projects. She acted as a consultant to Dr. Helmut Lammer during his research into possible military abductees and contributed to such publications as 'UFO Matrix'. Kasten wrote for 'Paranoia Magazine' for many years, published content on numerous websites devoted to issues related to what became known as targeted individuals and was a regular participant on 'UFO UpDates List'.

Kasten wrote such pieces as 'How I Decided to Become a Loud-Mouthed Woman' that demonstrated her willingness to address the exploitation of human research subjects and her reputation of speaking her mind. Her employment at the University of California at Los Angeles and participation as a liaison on the college's Human Subject Protection Committee significantly contributed to her perspectives on covert research projects.

Kasten's 'Possible Key to Understanding the Phenomena' was among her final pieces of work. She generously wrote the article for my blog, 'The UFO Trail'. I was and continue to be very grateful.

I benefited from reaching out to Kathy Kasten and making an effort to know and understand her. I am glad I interacted with her.

Rest in peace, Ms. Kasten. You are missed.


  1. Oh, Very sad, Kathy Kasten, just like fortean thinker and transhumanist Mac Tonnies - dying from cardiac arrest. Most arrythmias are not fatal but the ones that took down these two certainly were.

    I remember the inovative idea KK shared in the 'Open Mic' post and I hope someone follows through with her idea. Kathy wrote - "I am going to suggest that EARs (entities of an alternative reality) who make their appearance in our reality are able to create the energy to emerge into our worldview for a short time, do whatever they need to do to attract our attention, and then dissipate back into their separate reality. Further, I suggest it takes cooperation - whether consciously or subconsciously - between the entity and the human mind,"

    R.I.P. to Kathy Kasten and I hope her spirit has the answers to what she was seeking. My condolences to her partner as well.

    ~ Susan Brown

  2. Government assassination similar incident with:[died of a Heart ailment] Admiral Byrd and the operation high jump and operation paperclip NAZI lost Antarctica civilization's.