Friday, August 3, 2012

Details Pending from MUFON and Greer

My latest Examiner post, Details pending from MUFON and Greer, stated in part: 

MUFON International Director David 'The Captain' MacDonald stated in the July issue of the 'MUFON Journal':
It is our intent to release not one but two MAJOR announcements which will resonate throughout the UFO community for years to come. One of these pronouncements is so sensitive that MUFON management asked that it not be released until proper security protocols were in place to protect the safety of the material and the people in whose possession it resides. Those protocols are now being undertaken and will be complete in time for the Symposium.
Many people are understandably skeptical. After decades of being fed promises of imminent smoking guns, those with UFO interests can sometimes be a tough crowd to impress.

Meanwhile, UFO disclosure activist Dr. Steven Greer recently made an “urgent” announcement of his own. On July 28 Greer explained on his blog that he is in dire need of obtaining funding to conduct tests on a possible deceased alien body and include news of it in his soon to be released film. Greer wrote:


  1. You know, I honestly hope that the MUFON announcements are something important and meaningful.

    It's a pity the impact is already limited by saying 'the UFO community' because that implies something of little interest to the wider world. Possibly something along the lines of exposing a hidden agenda in ufology (BAASS per chance) or revealing that a researcher isn't what they were thought to be.

    Community politics is my bet, but it would be interesting to see a particularly strong UFO case being trundled out.

  2. The first of the two "major" announcements involved releasing work of the late researcher Leonard Stringfield. MUFON public relations director, Roger Marsh, described the announcement:

  3. That should be interesting. Like many others with an interest in this area, I enjoy the history of the subject and Len was steeped in it. He was right there with the likes of Moseley and Beckley.

    Although crashed saucers and dead aliens aren't really a focus of mine, there could be a few indications of who was working to mediate the public understanding of UFOs. That alone could really add more nuance to the history of ufology. Hopefully, it will trickle out to people like me via recognised researchers having access.

    I see the second announcement should have already been made today (4:30), but if it has, I can't find it.