Thursday, September 15, 2011

Did Anyone Notice When 1984 Arrived?

In 1948 George Orwell wrote the novel, 1984, now considered a classic work. Orwell offered readers a concerning description of an oppressive futuristic society existing in the year 1984 and in which personal autonomy was all but outlawed and privacy was nonexistent. Orwell's governing body was referred to as Big Brother, a term that eventually became the subject of many metaphors and coined phrases. Big Brother expertly and relentlessly utilized combinations of technology, propaganda, emotional responses to terms such as, well, Big Brother, and even human nature itself to effectively monitor, manipulate and control the population.

Orwell's readers and the general population were concerned about the possibility that supposedly democratic nations could become unreasonably oppressive while denying any such thing had come to pass. The general and apparent consensus, despite Orwell's warnings, seemed to be that everyone would notice if such a thing took place and human rights were being grossly violated. A reasonable argument could be made that, one degree at a time, the lobster has now come to a boil.

Circumstances of Potential Interest

A UFO community gathers at symposiums unforgivably claiming to present results of scientific investigations, yet the hosts continue to largely serve up speakers asserting a variety of absurdities. A number of concerning circumstances largely go unnoticed amidst the smoke and mirrors. While alleged aliens and potentially interesting things in the sky take center stage, a variety of relevant situations fly under the radar of all but a small minority of individuals.

Such situations include, but are by no means limited to:

John Glenn became extremely concerned about the abuse of human research subjects, culminating in his proposed Human Research Subject Protection Act of 1997. The bill was not passed.

Former Missouri Representative Jim Guest became an activist for people suffering from electronic weapons torture and testing. He also spoke out against the testing and use of radio frequency identification, or RFID, chips, due to the related health issues and privacy violations.

Presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich attempted to pull in the reigns on space based and aeronautical weapons, including items specifically named as mind control weapons, in his proposed 2001 bill. Kucinich's efforts were met with the same results as experienced by John Glenn, as the bill was not passed.

Additional situations of potential interest to the UFO community include the long time use and testing of quite terrestrial implantsthe fascinating saga of the Gulf Breeze Six and the Central Intelligence Agency's decades-long interest in mind control techniques. Such techniques included hypnosis, among many other abusive and invasive procedures. Readers might find considerations of hypnosis and its relativity to the Emma Woods case to be of interest. Also see MKULTRA, BLUEBIRD, ARTICHOKE, or any number of such project titles. Interested parties might additionally choose to read about Vietnam Veterans of America versus CIA, and research conducted by Project Censored.

Reasonable Questions 

I do not claim to conclusively know if any reports of alien abduction are the results of covert research projects. When we consider a list of possible explanations, it is only thorough and competent to include items ranging from emotional trauma to physiological circumstances that result in incorrect perceptions of interactions with non-human beings. Such explanations certainly account for some reports.

But are any reports the results of something else – something taking place in an objective reality, independent of the witness? If so, and a reasonable argument can be made to that effect, covert research projects, in essence, military abductees, deserve reasonable consideration.

Nick Redfern recently posted an article about Alison, a woman who once thought she was an alien abductee, but came to believe she was a victim of covert research. It is reasonable to ask ourselves how much the UFO community may have been duped into such premature and extreme assumptions as held in the abduction lore and as may have been propagated through the ongoing construction of a myth that serves as a cover story.

In 2009 I first contacted Leah Haley, a woman who came to be known as an alien abductee. I was very curious about a number of circumstances surrounding Leah's experiences.

I will soon be posting a summary of what I learned about Leah Haley and what she thinks about the alien abduction phenomenon, including her own case. I sincerely would appreciate readers following along and forwarding Leah's story, as I know it is important to her to have her revised thoughts and feelings known. Suffice it to say this post and Redfern's article about Alison are in context.

Is Big Brother responsible for what became known as alien abduction? I do not know. I cannot say for sure. Perhaps an equally relevant issue, though, is why so few people talk about the possibility.

They read all about aliens... and supposed space ships... and even discuss alien mind control, as if it is common knowledge, no less. But they do not study MKULTRA or non-lethal weapons. Neither do they typically study subliminal programming, the effects of emotional trauma or dynamics of conditioned behavior, relevant as they are to ufology.

Are any reported alien abductions due to Big Brother? That seems like a reasonable question. And why aren't we researching the possibilities in responsible manners and on a larger scale than is currently the case? Maybe that is the current question. 


  1. "Are any reported alien abductions due to Big Brother?" Mr. Brewer, i agree this is an eminently responsible and reasonable question. i continue amazed at the ignorance of even very well-meaning, honest researchers as to the state of the art of various psy-war technologies and techniques.

    it's especially disheartening when you consider J. Vallee spelled it all out for $4.95 in Revelations twenty years ago.

    my considered opinion is that a number of different causes and intelligences are behind the variety of experiences that tend to get dumped into the 'alien abduction' laundry basket. it boggles my mind that so many people who swallow 'grey aliens' won't even consider that maybe different 'greys' could have different motives, methods, etc.!!

    At any rate thank you for a very interesting post - i enjoyed your interview with Leah Haley as well. i'd not heard of her before, her story is very intriguing and i look forward to finding out a little more.

    have a great sunday! steph 'pygmyowl'

  2. Hi, Steph! Thanks for your comments.

    Vallee... Yes, he has indeed addressed and documented the interest the intelligence community has in ufology and abduction scenarios for quite some time. If you or others might not know about it, he comments at length on his Boingboing blog about his suspicions the powers that be are involved in aspects of the crop circle phenomenon. While inconclusive, I think he presents a reasonable perspective and justifies further research into such matters, particularly considering some of the alternative hypotheses for such phenomena.

    "i continue amazed at the ignorance of even very well-meaning, honest researchers as to the state of the art of various psy-war technologies and techniques."

    Yeah, me too. There may be any number of reasons researchers are selectively omitting the discussion of such quite human technology as may be relevant to reports of alleged alien abduction. Any way I may choose to look at it, though, I dislike all of those reasons! The situation is indeed concerning.

    Thanks again for your interest! I think individuals who truly want to know the many possibilities and cover all the bases would have an interest in this subject matter or, at the least, not fear and oppress its discussion.

  3. I cannot bring myself to label Leah Haley a lier however I know and know of too many people who have been threatened by unnamed military/government personnel who essentially said (paraphrasing) "Stop talking about this or we will make you and your loved ones disappear." Add to that the incomprehensible ignorance and utter stupidity which are the foundation of ALL religion and it's pretty easy to see why someone like Ms Haley might retract statements and opinions she KNEW to be true out of fear for her life. To buy the idea that this whole subject can be explained away by attributing these REAL events to military mind control programs is just too stupid for words.