Saturday, September 3, 2011

Sample of Kimbler's Roswell Debris Disappears En Route to ASU

A metal fragment taken from the Roswell debris discovered by Frank Kimbler was lost without explanation. Kimbler shipped the fragment via Fedex for further testing at Arizona State University's School of Earth and Space Exploration in Tempe. The package arrived, but Lynda Williams, Ph.D., a research professor, emailed Kimbler that the fragment was not in the package.

I just found your Fedex in our main office, opened it on the lab bench and found nothing in the plastic holder. Did you forget to put it in?” Dr. Williams wrote. I'm sorry, but it's just not there!”

Kimbler replied to Dr. Williams the sample of metal was well packaged and he was certain he did not forget to include it in the shipment. “I can assure you it was in the small round box, directly on the top in plain sight in the box,” he wrote.

This UFO evidence stuff is an interesting game to play. Seems to be a great deal like cat and mouse, cloak and dagger and chess all wrapped in one,” Kimbler added, stating that he will not ship any other samples to anyone. He further stated he or trusted colleagues will personally supervise every step of debris analysis from here forward.

Kimbler has previous dealings with Hal Puthoff of Earth Tech and Robert Bigelow's BAASS while attempting to obtain quality analysis of the material he located. Many suspect the debris may be linked to the now famous Roswell crash. Kimbler indicated the analysis has been slow and tedious, and his dealing with both Earth Tech and BAASS raised concerns. 

Lines of communication opened between Frank Kimbler, Frank Purcell and various interested parties following the publication of the related Open Minds article and my posting Purcell's subsequent analysis. I happen to exchange emails with this group of interested parties, resulting in my notification of the lost metal fragment and the information contained in this post.

Kimbler wrote to me on September 3:

"The debunkers will say I never placed it in the box, the conspiracy folks will say the government got it.

"Here is what I would like to see happen. CNN or some other big news agency to follow this analysis. Full public disclosure of the process, good science. It makes no difference to me if the material is a beer can fragment or ET metal, it's all part of the story... to get an answer."

I'm pulling for ya, Frank.


  1. An unfortunate sequence of events. Maintaining a documented chain of custody for evidence is essential and maybe it will require a hand-to-hand conveyance of samples.

    Mr. Kimbler is attempting to do all the correct things from a scientific perspective with his work. None of this is easy for someone like him working on his own without support. I am sad to see his efforts to get samples to a top research facility frustrated, but hopeful and confident he will ultimately obtain the data he needs to reach conclusive decisions.

    I'm pulling for him, too.

  2. Lynda ASU said that the SIMS lab is longer willing to analyze the material. I guess the ruckus about the material being lost made them look bad. Anybody know a state of the art lab that can analyze milligrams of an alloy for isotopes? Arizona State University and the University of New Mexico won't touch the stuff.
    They would rather analyze pig snot with a grant from the National Science Foundation. Really hard to find good labs to do good honest science.

  3. "Anybody know a state of the art lab that can analyze milligrams of an alloy for isotopes?"

    I sent a link to this post to the Updates List and posed the question. We will see what comes of it.

    @ Dr. Kokjohn:

    Thanks for your relevant comments. It does not seem too much for Mr. Kimbler to ask to simply obtain some accurate, professional analyses without all the common hype and distortion of facts, but it indeed appears difficult to actually obtain, for whatever reasons.

    I appreciate your support of this situation. Thank you.

  4. quote: "Kimbler shipped the fragment via Fedex".

    what sort of an idiot ships perhaps the single most important piece of evidence to prove the existence of an extraterrestrial intelligence...via Fedex. I would not ship my favorite pair of shoes via postal service. Sweet Jeeesus Christe.

    1. The lost fragment was not "the single" piece. It was a sample taken from a larger base of debris found by Mr. Kimbler.

      I was hopeful the debris could eventually, through proper investigation and testing, be reasonably identified as related to the Roswell incident. If that were the case, I suspected it might give us some ideas what (likely earthly) object went down. I have become less hopeful as time passes, however, and all the theories of multiple crash sites and unclear circumstances do not cultivate optimism.

      At any rate, I was hoping the debris might eventually be identified, and that it might have originated from a Mogul balloon, aircraft being tested at the time or something that might actually help with indicating explanations to the mystery. In other words, there are many reasons - in addition to whether or not the debris was extraterrestrial - that we might be interested in it, if, of course, we could establish the likelihood it was from the legendary event in the first place. I have not corresponded with Mr. Kimbler in a while now, though, and I have no idea how things progressed, if at all.

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