Monday, April 18, 2016

Ghost Rockets Documentary Showcases Humankind's Quest for Answers

The Ghost Rockets website was recently launched, allowing visitors to explore a collection of declassified Swedish documents on the reported sightings of the 1940's. An associated documentary, Ghost Rockets, will soon be released. The approximately hour-long film with English subtitles follows the investigations and activities of a Swedish UFO organization. International audiences should find the film of interest for a variety of reasons.

Swedish Air Force officer reportedly seeks 
evidence of a "ghost rocket," circa 1946
The investigators seem sincere, and they are certainly not prone to sensationalism. They appear to seek legitimate answers for the UFO reports they receive, and the vast majority of times they find them. From reflections on windows to the planet Venus and all points in between, the investigators typically solve the sightings. It is the remaining two percent of their some 19,000 documented reports that fascinate them.

Take, for instance, a UFO sighting reported by a couple of hikers. Several years back, but much more recently than the 1940's, the man and woman claimed to have witnessed a rocket-like object descend upon a lake, appear to land, and subsequently sink. Investigators were intrigued at the possibility of obtaining physical evidence supporting the report.

Filmmakers take viewers through stages of the investigation, from planning to execution and the ever important aspect of fundraising. Educating the public on the group's activities and making pleas for financial support become standard ops when aiming to explore the bottom of a remote lake.

Audiences of diverse nationalities should find it interesting to watch how another culture approaches and works with the topic of UFOs. Discussions cover a wide range of subject matter, and, somewhere along the way, as the witnesses join investigators on a journey to the lake in search of answers, one might very well develop the suspicion the road is indeed better than the inn.

Ghost Rockets is recommended. It is about much more than Swedish UFO reports; it is about the people who make and investigate them. It is a story of humankind and its quest to understand its environment, itself, and its place in its environment, wherever that quest may lead and however flattering or humbling it may become.

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  1. I was never interested in ghosts rockets but the speculations (with documentation) in your book were intriguing.

    Does the doc address that material?

  2. Thanks, Terry. No, the doc does not go into research such as Carrion's. It does make a mention that one of the investigators leans towards suspecting the sightings were of Russian origin, but I don't think most people are aware of the potential significance (the era, the reorganization of the US intel community, the summer of '47 and so on). I don't think most researchers have a good grasp of the possible overall context, and it is admittedly relatively new ground.

    In the doc's defense, it isn't actually even directly about the ghost rockets, but more indirectly. It's much more about relatively recent sightings and related possibilities.