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Emerging Technologies Could Make or Break Alien Abduction Cases

by Jack Brewer

Tyler Kokjohn, who holds a Ph.D. in Biochemistry, warned the UFO community that investigators' hypotheses should be tested and evolve accordingly, not chronically remain stagnant and unchallenged.1 Such tests could include the use of emerging genetic analysis technologies that could swiftly and cost effectively identify alleged genomic adulterations.

Microbiologist works with DNA samples
Nonetheless, opportunities for such testing appears to be of minimal interest to investigators of alleged alien abduction who would potentially benefit enormously from the results. It seems reasonable to suspect such investigators failed to foresee and were unprepared for the current era in which scientific advances would allow them to actually validate or negate their fantastic claims. Rather than eagerly seek the potential validation of hypotheses, investigators often seem instead to fear those very tests and what the results would actually indicate.

Addressing the alleged disappearing fetus syndrome of abduction lore, Kokjohn explained that, during gestation, mother and fetus exchange cells which may remain for years or even decades after birth or termination of pregnancy.Powerful genetic analysis methods now allow examination of such circumstances via a simple blood draw from the mother. This would obviously enable investigators claiming to know such women, as well as those who claim to have experienced such occurrences, to attempt to obtain supporting physical evidence. It is reasonable to critically question their apparent collective lack of interest.

Podcaster and former publisher of UFO Magazine Don Ecker addressed the topic of alleged missing pregnancies during an online discussion in early 2011.3 He explained that during the 1990's he and his wife knew a practicing gynecologist, Dr. Richard Neal. The doctor was very familiar with the work of Hopkins and Jacobs, Ecker indicated, including the alleged missing fetus syndrome. The gynecologist wanted to try to scientifically establish the extents of validity of the reported circumstances. He requested that Ecker and his wife introduce him to Hopkins and Jacobs, which they did. Explaining what happened next, Ecker wrote:

After the intro Neal told Hopkins and Jacobs that what he wanted to do was to interface with "abductees" that Hopkins and Jacobs were working with, that claimed having been pregnant and then the fetus disappeared. Neal wanted to speak and share information with the abductees [sic] doctors of record. The bottom line? (and I am not suggesting anything beyond what I am saying here...) neither Hopkins nor Jacobs had any interest in working with Neal nor introducing him to any of these abductees.

Ufology hypnotists and investigators continue to regularly make claims that have long since worn old in their simultaneous sensational content and complete lack of supporting physical evidence. In 2013 I emailed Barbara Lamb and inquired about her pending MUFON appearance in which she was scheduled to discuss her claim that “ET-human hybrids are real and they are here.”According to a series of MUFON promotional emails that were circulating and contained the assertion, Lamb had hypnotically regressed over 900 people, some of which, with her “help,” discovered themselves to be ET-human hybrids.

Barbara Lamb
When asked via email if medical tests were conducted by qualified third parties on such alleged hybrids, Lamb replied that she was in a huge rush and provided minimal information during a subsequent exchange of messages. When urged to directly address if physical exams were conducted, and if any such data was available for public review, she ceased corresponding.

I also emailed Jan Harzan, eventual executive director of MUFON, about the matter. At the time of my emails, which was March, 2013, Harzan held a MUFON leadership role in Southern California, where Lamb was scheduled to appear at the time. I pointed out that MUFON emails were distributed containing assertions of the reality of ET-human hybrids and that Lamb claimed to personally know some of them. I asked Harzan to please comment on how an organization such as MUFON, claiming to be dedicated to scientific study, could promote such unsubstantiated and fantastic claims. He failed to respond to multiple emails.

I caught up with David Jacobs at the 2012 Ozark UFO Conference. The resulting interview was included in my three-part blog post, The Bizarre World of Doctor David Jacobs: An Interview and Review.5

Jacobs claimed, among other things, that hybrids have progressed through multiple stages. He was apparently referring to hybrids created directly by aliens and housed somewhere in Alien Land, as opposed to those that seemingly have birth certificates and participate in hypnosis sessions with Barbara Lamb. At this point, he asserted, they are “human in every way except for sleep cycle and ability to control others.”

Those are obviously some extremely questionable claims, considering we have no reasons to believe any of the beings have ever been physically examined. As a matter of fact, they cannot be demonstrated to so much as exist, but that did not stop Jacobs from confidently purporting to be qualified to inform me of their physical and mental conditions.

Jacobs may have been implying there were no reasons to attempt to obtain DNA and related evidence of the beings because they had become so similar to humans. Some people of course found that stance to be a rather convenient way of keeping one's hypothesis non-falsifiable, even if it does not actually make sense. I wrote at the time that I found such a notion – hybrids being physiologically nearly identical to humans - to be mentally unhealthy. I might add that I found it an insult to intelligence.

David Jacobs
I urged Jacobs to comment on how he could perpetually be unable to obtain physical evidence of hybrids allegedly using a computer at the home of Elizabeth, one of his research subjects as described earlier. He offered me excuses such as Elizabeth lived 125 miles away from him, and that the curtains on the windows of her home did not allow anyone to see inside. He also mentioned there would be no fingerprints for some unspecified reason or other. I remain very unconvinced and found the lines of reasoning to be absurdly inadequate, as well as rather irrational directions to take.

The person lives 125 miles away and their curtains don't allow anyone to see inside? That's what makes it impossible to obtain supporting physical evidence of ET-human hybrids frequenting the premises? I will reiterate that I found many of Jacobs' claims to be insults to intelligence.

*     *     *     *

Jacobs has continued his assertions that a currently active wave of hybrids is virtually indistinguishable from human beings, at least physically.6 While that conveniently makes points related to purpose and procreation more convoluted and confusing than ever, numerous additional questions continue to arise.

How old are these alleged hybrids? If they are any older than mere children, say, in their 20's or 30's, that would mean they were being developed from pretty much the outset of when Jacobs began writing and lecturing on the topic. We might reasonably ask how he missed it all this time, or why he failed to mention the circumstances until recent years. 

And what kinds of vaccination programs do these aliens administer to these hybrids that are physiologically just like humans? It's potentially pretty serious from an immunology standpoint to even travel from one continent to another, so I would think being released to earth from the mother ship could stir up some pretty nasty bugs. If the hybrids are physiologically just like us, let's hope their alien handlers know more about ebola than we do.

Would the antibody profile of such a hybrid reflect the full complement of vaccinations humans currently administer to children, or would it indicate pediatric vaccines licensed and available 20 to 30 years ago? Along the same lines of considerations, each encounter with a pathogen leaves a record in the immune system, so qualified examination of forensic evidence would still prove potentially important. The antibodies of such alleged beings would help reveal how long they have been hanging around our neighborhood.

Unfortunately for David Jacobs, his assertion that some hybrids are “human in every way except for sleep cycle and ability to control others” does not exempt his hypothesis from potential validation or falsification. Forensic evidence might very well continue to be extremely important, and his failure to take advantage of cost effective technological advances now available likely speaks volumes in and of itself.


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  1. Spot on.

    BTW, really enjoyed your Podcast UFO interview.

  2. Jack, you wrote: "Addressing the alleged disappearing fetus syndrome of abduction lore, Kokjohn explained that, during gestation, mother and fetus exchange cells which may remain for years or even decades after birth or termination of pregnancy.2 Powerful genetic analysis methods now allow examination of such circumstances via a simple blood draw from the mother. This would obviously enable investigators claiming to know such women, as well as those who claim to have experienced such occurrences, to attempt to obtain supporting physical evidence. It is reasonable to critically question their apparent collective lack of interest." - - -

    I remember Kokjohn going on about that years ago. I also remember asking him somewhere on blogger, as did another poster, how could these tell-tale cells be separated from the cells of fertilized eggs, which days after conception, would be disrupted in utero by an IUD? Older generation IUDs could sometimes take several days to pass a fertilized egg out of the body.

    I don't recall a firm answer. Bu,t Kokjohn did write something about abduction researchers should be paying for these tests and the burden of proof was on them, not him, ect. Well, as we all know, they don't have the money. So, this tired suggestion is still spinning its wheels out a very small group of people.

    The best route to go, which I've mentioned before, is to seek out and confront Whitley Streiber who has publically claimed to know a hybrid. He also wrote a book about hybrids. Your entre to the Streiber connection would be Jeremy Vaeni, who hosts and writes on his website. But, after all these years, I get the impression Streiber is off limits.

  3. Brownie,

    I would not presume to speak for Dr. Kokjohn, but I do not agree that his suggestions for DNA testing places a burden on abduction researchers who "don't have the money" for it. I have seen references to $79 tests (on sale). This seems like a cost-effective way to validate the claims - and it is a small amount to pay given the possibility that such tests could establish alien abduction.

    If money is an issue, some of us might even be willing to pay for Jacobs to test one of his subjects provided that the testing and results were open and transparent. In fact, Jacobs can contact me if he cannot afford it.

    However, money does not appear to be the issue. Instead of blood draws, Jacobs has sought to obtain genetic material by requesting underwear. And he has acknowledged taking material for DNA testing - although we are still waiting for the results. If the tests showed anything other than human DNA, Jacobs surely would have announced it. Perhaps the absence of any anomalous result is why he maintains that hybrids are generically industinguishable from the rest of us.

    But I suspect that hybrids will always, somehow, be just out of reach. At the last IUFOC, Barbara Lamb presented a group of alleged hybrids. Jacobs maintained that real hybrids would not appear at a conference or be subject to testing. And if testing of either failed, then Strieber and others could maintain that the group of hybrids they know are the real thing.

    If I understand Dr. Kokjohn, you do not need to test the hybrid - so why haven't they done so? Perhaps it is because abduction researchers operate more out of faith than science. Jacobs admits he has to lead some of his subjects until they get the story right. And I presume that if the DNA reveals nothing extraordinary, then he would repeat his argument that hybrids are indistinguishable - he thinks he has uncovered the truth through other means. For many of us, that is not enough.

    1. This is what I was specifically commenting to: "Addressing the alleged disappearing fetus syndrome of abduction lore, Kokjohn explained that, during gestation, mother and fetus exchange cells which may remain for years or even decades after birth or termination of pregnancy.2 Powerful genetic analysis methods now allow examination of such circumstances via a simple blood draw from the mother. This would obviously enable investigators claiming to know such women, as well as those who claim to have experienced such occurrences, to attempt to obtain supporting physical evidence. It is reasonable to critically question their apparent collective lack of interest."

      I don't know how Kokjohn could distinguish (cell-wise)between a few hours to a few days old fetus that was flushed out by an IUD vs. 'the morning after pill' fetus flush out, vs. a spontaneous abortion vs.a planned abortion vs. a hybrid-human fetus removed by non-human beings. ....It's a tired old debunker talking point I've read for years now from him and those close to him.

      As for dna kits. I'm aware of their costs. A few years ago a cousin purchased me and some other relatives 23andMe dot com dna kits for less than 100.00. each. Interesting results on ethnicities, physical characteristics, what one might be prone to developing disease-wise, ect. I doubt there would be a way to determine a hybrid human though. I'd think a very late stage hybridization, if a hybrid program even exists, would be subtle, longterm and hiding in plain sight.

      AFAIK the first description of what appeared to be a hybrid (in a ufo) was the somewhat human looking female that handled and forced sex upon Antonio Vilas Boas in Brazil (1957), decades before Jacobs and Lamb (who you both mentioned) began researching and writing about the subject, along with several other investigators.

      I'll reiterate that Whitley Streiber, who has written a book about hybrids and has claimed to know and have met one would be the go-to man and have the wear-with-all (contacts and money) to explore genetic testing with his hybrid acquaintance. And one of the men, along with Kokjohn and Jack, mentioned in her 'thankyou' list by Carol Rainey, is Jeremy Vaeni who works for Streiber - essays and a podcast on the unknowncountry website. Finally there's you to fall back on, the criminal defense attorney, who's now offered to put up the dough. Good on you! ;-)

    2. Thank you. Whew...I thought that I was the only one with a forensic background in the crazy world of Ufology and abductions. With respect to David Jacobs, I think he was forensically inclined, maybe, when he asked for the "abductees" stained panties!

  4. On the open market, how much would pint of hybrid blood be worth? $10K? $100K? More? Aussie Lia says she can't afford the DNA test. Find a buyer for her blood. I think she is a fake for this reason. The same true for Jacobs and Lamb. They surely see the value in special blood don't they?

  5. Anonymous, I'm not sure if your post is to me or someone else. I don't know any information about an "Aussie Lia",so I'll pass on commenting about her.

    As for your comment about "hybrid blood"/ "special blood", I'd think black ops programs would have extracted such blood from the supposed target group by now. When you hear or read abductee accounts there is usually blood taken whether the suspected culprits are 'aliens' or MILABs.

  6. UFO researchers call for DNA reality check on claims of ET ancestry:

  7. I know a woman who became pregnant many years ago who subsequently had an abortion. It was found that there was no fetus but an overly large placenta which, though uncommon, was often found to be the result of a condition her doctor called "mole"' a condition if untreated could become cancerous. Treatment at the time was a round of birth control pills. She was fine after the treatment.

    This isn't some secret amongst medical doctors, but I've never heard it discussed in relation to disappearing babies within UFO lore. Beats me as to why.