Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Romanek Trial Delayed

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Legal proceedings were delayed yet again on the charges of child sexual exploitation brought against Stanley Romanek. A motions hearing scheduled for Sep. 2 was continued until Oct. 5, 'Loveland Reporter-Herald' journalist Dana Rieck stated today by email. A jury trial previously scheduled to begin Oct. 5 is now postponed until November.

Stanley did not appear in court Sep. 2,” Rieck explained, “his motions hearing was continued before that date until Oct. 5 at 9:30 a.m. His jury trial is scheduled for the following month. He did plead not guilty to both felony counts.”

Stanley Romanek
Rieck has covered the case for the 'Reporter-Herald' since Romanek was initially arrested. She reported in March that the self-described alien abductee was ruled mentally competent to stand trial for the felony charges stemming from possessing and distributing child pornography.

In more recent developments, Lisa Romanek continued her attempts to build public support for her husband through implicating the Loveland Police Department, and specifically Det. Brian Koopman, in acts of corruption. Det. Koopman, who was involved in the investigation of Stanley Romanek, is currently on administrative leave pending charges of attempting to influence a public servant during an unrelated murder case. Allegations of misconduct surrounding violations of constitutional rights have been leveled against the detective in two additional instances and legal outcomes are pending. Koopman has reportedly received seven meritorious service awards and 20 department performance case involvement recognitions.

Lisa recently posted comments at 'The UFO Chronicles' in which she referenced the charges against Koopman and suggested they be given more attention. Such circumstances and the promotion of the accompanying implications are not unusual.

Given much less attention, however, is the fact that to date neither the Romaneks nor their supporters have offered any specific details of exactly how Stanley was purportedly framed by corrupt police officers. Neither have they provided any verifiable evidence supporting ongoing allegations the man was targeted by intelligence agencies attempting to silence his outspoken stance on an alleged alien presence.

Further omitted from the ongoing yet vague narrative is the fact the investigation of Romanek was initiated in 2008 by Homeland Security Special Agent Darrel Franklin, not the Loveland Police Department. The latter acted on a tip provided by DHS, and it was officers from Greeley, Larimer and Loveland Police Departments who jointly served a search warrant, not just Det. Koopman and the LPD. Furthermore, it was the Northern Colorado Regional Forensics Lab that analyzed Romanek's confiscated computers and reported locating over 300 images depicting child pornography and multiple child pornography videos.

Lisa, however, maintained the resulting police reports were “filled with crap.”

Koopman had filled these reports with lies,” she told 'The Huffington Post' in 2014.

Reporter Sebastian Murdock nonetheless observed that Koopman's was just one police report of many that corroborated the findings of one another during the serving of the search warrant. Some therefore find the ongoing fantastic claims and unsupported assertions of the Romaneks and their backers extremely difficult to take seriously, and patience has long since worn thin in many circles.

The Romanek case was briefly removed recently from a Case Tracking Summary maintained by the Larimer County District Attorney's Office. The file consists of cases that receive media attention. Public Information Officer Jodi Lacey explained in an email Tuesday that the Romanek case was not getting much attention, and it was removed due to the lack of calls and emails received. Officer Lacey subsequently returned the case to the summary spreadsheet following an inquiry of its status.


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  1. Just wondering if the alleged scholar Richard Dolan is still standing by his man Stanley. Regardless, he did support and promote Stanley's bogus claims and video, even after Romanek was charged with child pornography. Oh how the mighty have fallen.

    1. There's definitely a point in which advocating open-mindedness crosses a line into promoting unsupported stories riddled with absurd contradictions. It happens too often, from my vantage point.

    2. Even though it's ruled he's currently "mentally competent" to stand trial, it wouldn't surprise me if that changes and suddenly he'll have mental illness symptoms out of nowhere (aside from being a compulsive liar).. Romanek is in the bottom of the pedo barrel with Jared Vogel & Josh Duggar.

    3. I can assure everyone here that this is exactly what the government's do to take guys like Stan down. I don't believe for one minute that he's guilty.
      I still think part of what's going on with Stan is very true. If I were him I would have myself confined to a jail cell and keep guards and cameras on myself and see if the ets do anything when he's in jail. After all they won't let that stop them right. It also seems to me that the intelligence agency sure must be despite to harass stan more so then the ets do. I know this story fairly well. Looking at this guy as starseed? I'm not so sure his genetics are anything special to want or need. Testing my reveal something interesting. Ets usually take people and there parents and grandparents. They take and study generations of people in other words. I think some things in his case are good evidence and some things stink. That's good because alot of times the stinky stuff is added in to make someone seem like a hoaxer. I personally feel our government does some of the things to Stan that he thinks are from the e.t.s. he had a microwave weapon pointed at his house from a cloaked government saucer I suspect. I don't think that was alien. But someone is trying to drive him and his family crazy in an experiment. Not to sure its real ets. Our government makes these little grays or clones them anyway from all I have uncovered. I've seen three ets for myself to know they exist. As for exactly what they are in stans case I'm not sure.

      This guy needs prayer and salvation. Ets flee from the name of God Jesus Christ so its really our only protection against the evils in this world. After 32 years of research and also traveling away from my armchair I can assure you these beings are taking people its no hoax in many cases. Problem is now our government has saucers ets and technology similar to there's. I understand how there crafts work. The UFO field is like an onion with multiple layers to be peeled. But when all is stripped away you will see the ancient enemy of man are called aliens where the truth is they are the nefilums and the grays are the spirits of the fallen angels. Until people wake up and know what the bible tells us about these beings you will all never know that a seven thousand year old book tells us about these evil enemies of man. The bible says they look like frogs. Frogmen. The bible says they exist in our world and in other heavenly places. They use light technology to fly there crafts and I believe have a well developed peniel. Gland in there brain that gives them direct power over our minds to make us sleep or become paralyzed. I've seen some of there technology first hand and I've seen some of them first hand. I can tell real et photos from fake ones. Most are fake. In stans case I've never seen an alien exactly like the one in his video that looks right at the camera however the one at his window is exactly like I saw. I saw three of them up close. Someone took a picture outside stans home at night with a puppet of an et. To discredit him. Poor family. I feel bad for them. It's not all a hoax here folks.

      Any questions

      pmd40@live. com

      Bloodviking. Inventor ufologist priest Wiseman

    4. Why do you call Richard Dolan an 'alleged' scholar?

    5. John Doe, jesus was an Alien, u know? And you are too.. You har obviosly Alien to your own being. Richard M. Dolan is a hero! He is doing 'the work' - somthing thouse who ought to to it, don't. May the creator of our univers (aka ehyeh asher ehyeh) be mercyfull to the aliens of this here earth. Peace!.. n war! Aus Danemark mit libe..

    6. What about the fact that someone else claimed that stands sent an agent or his wife sent an agent or person to try and get them to pay his mortgage? After this person had already paid the rent once. What's that all about? I don't think anybody would make something like that up.

    7. You say "bogus" Claims. On what sources do you base your intimate knowledge of the case before it has been adjudicated. It is clear you are not familiar with Mr. Romanek's entire story , nor have you read anything substantive about him. Before you respond I suggest you learn more about him and his writings. It is clear you have not done your homework

    8. As a last resort, they always claim some "sexual" charge... I hope Stan beats all this... It's amateurish... but sill expensive and upsetting ... NO ONE believes these charges... They confirm the truth in fact... stupid move.

  2. Lest we forget:

    Stan Romanek caught faking. :

    Stan Romanek caught faking again (on camera) :

    Now Lisa is starting crowd funding campaigns to turn Stan's book "Messages" into an audio book (claiming this will cost $2700!).

    Here's a recently failed Kickstarter.

    She claims it was mysteriously sabotaged at the last minute and has now started a second campaign here.

    Regardless of the very serious allegations of child pornography, we can say with absolute certainty that Stan has acted fraudulently on at least one occasion.

    1. you have to learn PATTERNS of the Military/higher sec black projects: men in black/area S-4/Cheyenne Mtn/DIA D.U.M.B.S and how they work effortlessly to keep UFO abductions under wraps..b/c at the same time, they don't know much//and what they know, they are in a constant war with those annoying robut Greys...some craft military toys around with (as well as technology) b/c the greys/others will NEVER give them full formulas...stringing them along in their game of DECEPTION....there will be copy cats but mostly all military generational family members are USED as experiments, some are free mason/illum and are part of another Agenda....every book publishing, audio creation costs so asking for handouts is not abnormal...we know that there is BACKDOOR technology on FB, aircraft, phone tapping, internet tapping and PATTERNS are all telling...that Porn was intentionally planted...

    2. I agree with Anonyomous. Stan Romanek was set-up; so-called "evidence" was planted &/or fabricated - it's unbelievable how Machiavellian some people will be.

  3. Hey, everybody,

    Here's a page where I'm keeping relevant links on the Romanek legal case and will continue to update it periodically:

    Some of you might also find this link of interest. It's a post from July addressing a video in which Romanek incredibly claimed he had intentionally discredited himself during the now infamous 2014 video interview with Peter Maxwell Slattery. The reason, Romanek claimed, was because he was threatened that he and/or his loved ones would be harmed if he did not publicly discredit himself:

  4. He publicly discredited himself years ago, no need to do it again and again. And how the hell does producing an audio book cost $2700? Pathetic beyond belief. The crowd funding option seems too tempting to resist amongst the con artists of the paranormal field. Expect more of the same.

  5. How much does it cost to produce an audio book? Well, here are some websites which purport to break everything down:

    "A studio microphone runs from $200-500.
    Pro Tools recording software runs from $300-700.

    Hourly rates for new narrators paid by medium- to large-sized publishers range from about $100 to $350 per finished hour - both in studio and at home.

    ...average book length of 10 hours.

    So... $1,500 - 4,700 for the first one. $1,000 - $3,500 after that.

    This is ignoring marketing, distribution, design & licensing..."



    "...Another fact to consider is that it takes twice as long, if not longer, to edit a voice over than it does to record it. The time spent editing will vary depending on the audio engineering skills a narrator possesses. If you have editing skills you may wish to do the editing on your end to save some money.

    How much do narrators charge for recording audiobooks? Some narrators charge $200 per finished hour of recording while others charge as high as (or higher than) $500 per finished hour of audio. As mentioned earlier, some audio editing may be required and should be accounted for in your budget."

    It appears to me that the $$ they are asking for via GoFundMe, judging by these few websites, seems fairly reasonable, all things considered. So - pathetic beyond belief? I don't think so.

  6. Crowdfunding is a great way to con people into giving you money. I have seen a number of video games being funded by Kickstarter, the last couple of years, only for the person making the game to suddenly disappear, or to suddenly quit making the game entirely (making off with the money, of course). It's very easy to do, and there doesn't seem to be anything to stop people doing it in the first place.

    Nevertheless, I thought Romanek was dodgy years ago (yes, I am a hipster :D) when his notorious video came out, and seeing those equations which was given to him from super advanced aliens from beyond the stars.

    The equations were completely bogus, and anyone who knew the kind of equations involved would have known that too. I knew myself because I did some of the maths needed for solving equations like that at university. They were ... wrong in a number of ways. Important bits were left out (which were huge neon signs to them that know), and there is no way that sophisticated aliens would make such simple mistakes like that.

    Any hoaxer worth his salt would at least get simple things like that right, one would think(??).

    The whole Romanek thing also shines a light onto the Open Minds forum people. They backed him for years, and made a documentary about him too (or were going to), I seem to remember. Associations are very important. So ... why did they back him for so long, and ... do they still back him now?

  7. ps just did a search on Lisa Romanek's name. And I discovered the hilarious fact that Stan Romanek is in fact Stanley T. Romanek. The "T" being, apparently, ... and I'm not making this up .... "Tiger"(!!!)

    (see here:

    Maybe I'm late to the table on this one ... but its just another one of those things that you can't make up!

  8. I understand about crowd funding. I have a LOT of issues with ANYONE asking for $$, unless you're asking relatives and/or friends when you're in dire financial circumstances. Many of us here, perhaps, have been in that sort of precarious position.

    Although I, too, have several issues with the entirety of Romanek's story (believe me), I think my research into putting a book onto audio adds, if nothing more, credence to the amount Lisa is asking for on her fund me account.

    The funding issue for their audio book, aside from all the other issues with the Romanek case, is a side issue. I was simply pointing out that the AMOUNT that Lisa is requesting does not in any way, seem out of proportion with the information that I was able to glean after simply typing in a few google searches.

    Having said that, and after reading ALL of Stan's and Lisa's books, I have to say that I am not completely convinced he IS NOT an experiencer. There were qualified scientists/physicists who came out and spoke on Stan's behalf. I'm no scientist, but these men were certainly credentialed in their given areas and determined that Stan was not in any way able to 'hoax' the equations he was given. He is what he terms learning disabled and given I have a son who suffered with several learning disability issues as well, I can say that what I found when I read Stan's account in his various books correlates with the knowledge I have re learning disorder issues. Dyslexia is also something a niece and nephew of mine also struggle with, so I can empathize with Stan, there, as well.

    It is quite possible, in my humble opinion, that Stan felt the need, for whatever the reason, to embellish some of his claims. Why he would feel the need to do so is beyond me, but I can't crawl into his brain to figure him out (nor would I want to). The first UFO which gleaned Stan some notoriety WAS, in fact, picked up by an army base (some government entity, can't recall who this was), so that's some validation there.

    Also, abductees/experiencers are just as prone to human imperfections as anyone else, Stan being no exception.

    I do not agree with Lisa's protestations re Det. Koopman; if I were her attorney, I would strongly caution her to remain radio silent with EVERYTHING re this case, until it reaches the light of a courtroom.

  9. Bayareamom, thank you for looking into the costs of releasing and distributing an audio book. I work in the industry so please consider the following.

    All of that can be done for next to nothing and distributed online for free. If you really wanted this information out there, it's pretty simple. Here's my breakdown.

    Pro Tools $29.99 per month - so $29.99
    Professional enough USB microphone $129.99
    Voice over - free if Stan did it himself (I would have thought most effective).
    Editing? - Free, but OK, let's say they couldn't learn or commit the time to doing this or find anyone who could do this? $1000 maximum.

    The fact that Stan and Lisa want money for anything other than legal fees at this stage is beyond belief. The entire saga of Stan and Lisa is what I was referring to as pathetic beyond belief. I wasn't simply referring to the latest begging episode.

  10. Hi Anonymous,

    I know next to nothing about 'book to audio,' issues; just found what I did using a quick search on the Net. I certainly agree with you re Lisa's fund raising for anything beyond legal fees.

    What most need to know who may be reading my comments is that I have had long, hard discussions with my husband about this fund raising issue - by anyone, for whatever the cause/reason. There are so many hoaxers out there and so many gullible people who think nothing of giving $$ to almost anyone who professes a need.

    I realize times are hard these days and many folks have run into hard times. But yes, I certainly agree with you, Anonymous re Lisa's protracted efforts re asking for money. She has asked for money on several occasions and not just for herself and Stan, but for her brother as well (he was in a horrific car accident). I, too, on a few occasions, have had to ask for financial assistance, but I went PRIVATELY to family, for help (and paid them back when I was able).

    I'll take your word that you work in the industry. But here's something my husband and I were saying about this entire Romanek issue (financial issues aside): Stan's had his time in the sun. He's written his books, Lisa has written her own (which was very good in my humble opinion).

    If Stan and Lisa, as they both claim, have been threatened umpteen times and have had major break ins to their home, threats to their family/friends, then for God's sake, for your own family's and friend's safety, STOP. I can guarantee you that should I have gone public (which I never, ever will) with my own story and then was threatened when doing so, I'd STOP. Our son's safety and that of my husband's is far more precious to me than is telling my story. There have been numerous abductees (credible ones in my opinion) who have come out with their story, but how many times does one feel the need to regurgitate what's happened to them? There's really a fine line between honestly trying to share one's story and stepping over that line into ego, fame, etc. That's the issue I have with the Romaneks. They've told their story - be done with it.

  11. Another intriguing case file, in the annals of - this, this. Well done as usual, Jack.

    We could sure use a little more light, so purposefully directed. Kudos for the clear focus you bring to such blur, as staged - as orchestrated.

    Especially considering the inherent issues, targeted for obfuscation and defiance - from a certain depth of depravity, amid the psychodrama - the sensationalism and exploitive 'liveliness' of interests.

    What interesting times we live in, for better or worse - far as I can tell. As one of your readers, I hope you'll keep up the good work and in-depth coverage of these dubious goings-on, in our midst.

    PS - As one not so far away geographically, I hope you saw that luminous display Sept 2, in our Sunshine State's pre-dawn sky. It was a bit startling - especially since I'd not heard news, of a Cape Canaveral launch planned for that morning. Neither did quite a few witnesses that early morning, based on news reportage.

    But the 1977 'jellyfish' over Petrozavodsk came to mind immediately when I saw it - and took my pics, showing its progression over about twenty minutes.

  12. Thanks for the comments, everybody. Interest and encouragement are always appreciated!

    Hey, Brian,

    No, I did not see the event Sep. 2. I did once have similar happen many years ago, though. Those launches can be breathtaking - and disconcerting. Good for you for getting pics!

  13. Just out of sheer curiosity, WHY was the jury trial postponed? No reason for the delay was given in the article.

  14. The jury trial had been scheduled to begin Oct. 5. However, there was a motions hearing scheduled for Sep. 2 which was continued and rescheduled for Oct. 5. The trial was then tentatively bumped back to Nov.

    I do not have any further info than that and I do not know the specific nature of the current motion. There have been several motions and continuances during the saga.

    More can be learned about the events of the case and their chronological order through the following page of updates and relevant links, which includes a link to a section dedicated to the proceedings at Frank Warren's 'The UFO Chronicles' (A link is also provided to a post I did in which reports from LPD were cited in which Det. Stucky concluded an alleged assault described by Romanek did not take place as reported):

    Hope readers find that helpful.

  15. It is not unusual for trials to be delayed as motions are heard, and I would be surprised if November was a hard date for trial to begin. Romanek probably has no place other than the media to raise issues with Koopman. I can't see the prosecution calling him and I doubt the court would permit the defense to speculate about what he might or might not have done. Romanek certainly can ask the court to conduct an "in camera" (closed) review of any the records pertaining to any the officers who might testify to determine if there is relevant information, but it is a far cry from that to state that his involvement in the case would taint the charges at issue.

    1. I worked in the field of litigation for over 20 plus years, so I do realize trials can be delayed, for various reasons. I was simply curious as to THIS delay, given the lack of information thereof.

      Knowing defense attorneys the way I do, I have minimal doubt as to whether the defense attorney may have tried to insert concerns re Koopman into his own defense of Romanek. Having said that, it is the court which will ultimately have to decide whether legal issues pertaining to the Koopman matter have any substantive merit vis a vis the trial itself (highly doubtful).

      The only issue it appears to both myself and to my attorney husband is whether Stan's attorney can plant that seed of doubt as to whether those images found on Stan's computers were somehow PLANTED by some unforeseen source. Given that it's been stated that Stan was changing his IP address on at least two occasions and that he was distributing the images found, I would say Lisa's protestations concerning Koopman's involvement have little to no basis whatsoever.

      That's the way I call it at this time. Time will tell how all this plays out, but I have my suspicions how things will end up.

    2. I too am curious. As a defense attorney I think about what I might have filed, as a Romanek sceptic I want to get out the popcorn and see how it is playing out. Some counties have court minutes online, but Colorado requires a search fee regardless of whether there is any information that might be of interest. In the end I decided that I could wait.

  16. Lisa Romanek today

    "Ok peeps...the GoFundMe page remains active! Why? Because we are celebrating success and we are grateful today and everyday for you continued love and support!!!! :-)

    In an astounding 6 days we raised the needed funds to publish. That's incredible! The Audio book will be available in October, the free download to donors will be accessible in September, and I'll keep you posted on the exact date when I have the info.

    So far only one person didn't qualify for the free download, and she will get one now, simply because she donated to the project!

    Here's the Celebration scoop!
    I have permission from Brook Forrest Voices to offer the next 75 people who donate $10 to the page ... a free download :-) :-) :-) :-)

    This is an amazing offer by BFV considering the cost of the audio if purchased outside of the project ;) "

  17. Just found this:

    Romanek attorney provides statement during hearing...

  18. I have been a networking/internet server tech forbwell over 20 years. In that time serving the public, I can tell you from experience that it's very easy to 'ghost' or 'finger' (as they called it in the early days) someone's IP address and commit crimes.

    And if that criminal/hacker was able to infect Stan's computer with a trojan and/or virus, this person could have easily downloaded those photos to Stan's computer while using Stan's IP address. I'm not saying this is what happened in Stan's case, but it is a very strong possibility based on customer issues I have dealt with over the years.

    Here's the problem, though: while it's possible to find evidence of an IP being stolen or used temporarily, it's almost impossible to trace it back to whoever commited the crime (especially if this personnknew how to cover their tracks, so to speak).

    You can find many articles on this topic by doing a Google search.

    In Stan's case: if Stan can at least prove that his computer's IP was hijacked (something his internet provider can investigate), then he'll have grounds for a good defense against the current allegations.

    Just my two cents.

  19. To the moron who sent me a short cut to thinking comment about stan.

    I'm the one who said guys like him get framed by black ops guys like me,

    I'm a 35 year vet of ufology. Now 46, It's you who don't know your history. I've done things that you arm chair guys can only dream of.

    I've broken many mysteries open. Have you. 

    You don't even come from the black ops world. You've never even been in space have you. Lol. I have.

    Read my posts on blue enterprise. I've worked on reproduction flying disks and flown into space. Have you.

    So prideful you are. You don't know who your talking to.


    1. Romanek supporters.. gotta love ém.

  20. Guys, let's try to use comments to move the discussion forward, please. Thanks.

  21. I have had experiences and so has my dad I was maybe 8 at the time living with my mom and she worked a lot so I grew up pretty fast watch my mentally handicapped brother but this day I was home by myself and it was day time I was watching tv in the living room and suddenly felt really tired out of no were and that is not normal for me and usually would sleep on the couch
    But for some reason I when to my bedroom and when I grabbed the ladder to get on the top bunk I blacked out you could call it and when I woke up agen I was indien style at the end of the bed and facing the wall with my hand in my lap I new it was strange but my mom dosint beleave that kind of stuff so I didn't really talk about it but when I came to I still had that heavy sleep feeling so I just went to sleep and don't know how long I was gone and what happened other then the sun was up and then it was night and I also saw things when I was young apreishons and tv and dryer turning on and off messing with me and I have no sleep ishuse or sciophania so it's wasint anything like that but really other thin ufo sightings I haven't had anything els that I know of happen to me young people must be more sensitive to these things because there minds aren't already made up