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Relevant Web Links on Romanek Case

Key links in the saga include:

Trial of Stanley Romanek case delayed again, 'Loveland Reporter-Herald', Feb. 24, 2017

The Romanek trial was rescheduled from March 20 to July 31. Defense attorneys Elizabeth and Theodore McClintock suggested they need more time to review additional evidence recently presented by the prosecution.

"We're talking a lot of forensic evidence here," Elizabeth McClintock reportedly told the court.

Judge Susan Blanco questioned why the defense lists 30 witnesses, down from over 100 originally listed before the court asked Romanek attorneys to reduce the number. Blanco expects an explanation before the next status conference on April 7.


New evidence delays hearing on Stanley Romanek case, 'Loveland Reporter-Herald', Feb. 17, 2017

A Feb. 17 pre-trial conference was postponed to Feb. 24 when prosecutors, defense attorneys, Romanek, and Judge Susan Blanco met privately to discuss additional evidence presented by the prosecution. Elizabeth McClintock, an attorney representing Romanek, stated the evidence could affect the defense team's previously endorsed alibi. An eight-day jury trial is scheduled for March 20.


Ufology Indicted, 'The UFO Trail', Aug. 7, 2016

Discrepancies and implications to the UFO community of the Romanek case.


Attorneys postpone Romanek trial'Loveland Reporter-Herald', Aug. 3, 2016

Prosecuting and defense attorneys jointly agree to postpone trial date to March


Attorneys gear up for August trial, 'Loveland Reporter-Herald', July 14, 2016

The final pretrial conference took place for Stan Romanek, charged with possession and distribution of child pornography. Some 138 witnesses are set to testify in the trial scheduled to begin Aug. 15.


Romanek Pleads Not Guilty, Trial Scheduled, 'The UFO Trail', March 29, 2016

Romanek rejected a last plea deal, pleading not guilty to possessing and distributing child pornography. Jury trial scheduled for Aug. 15.


Judge will rule on special agent's testimony, 'Loveland Reporter-Herald', Dec. 16, 2015

Prosecuting attorneys presented DHS Special Agent Darrell Franklin, who initially obtained evidence potentially incriminating Stan Romanek. Additional testimony was heard from Special Agent Vanessa Hipps and Loveland Police Det. Brian Koopman. Defense attorneys argued the allegations were built on shaky ground, requesting the court suppress statements previously made by Romanek and that Franklin not be allowed to testify in an upcoming trial. Judge Daniel Kaup denied the motion to suppress Romanek's statements, and said he would submit his ruling in writing in the next several days on whether Franklin will testify.    


Judge Denies Defense Request in Romanek Case'The UFO Trail', Oct. 5, 2015

Attorneys representing Stan Romanek attempted to gain access to details of evidence obtained against Detective Brian Koopman, who led the search of Romanek's home. Charges of misconduct are pending against Koopman in unrelated investigations. Judge Daniel Kaup denied the defense request as the case inched forward.


Romanek Trial Delayed, 'The UFO Trail', Sep. 9, 2015

Romanek Incredibly Claims He Discredited Himself as Instructed During Death Threat, 'The UFO Trail', July 7, 2015


The Stan Romanek saga involves a court ruling that he is competent to stand trial. My summary of developments in the case was posted at Frank Warren's 'The UFO Chronicles':

Stan Romanek Update: Trial Date Set in Child Porn Case

Frank has a section of his website devoted to the Romanek saga. It contains a number of articles and may be browsed at:

Posts with label Stan Romanek 

Larimer County Justice Center

Additional key links of potential interest include:

The initial February, 2014, story published in the local Loveland, Colo. newspaper, the 'Reporter-Herald', that Romanek was arrested on child exploitation charges:

Loveland man arrested on child exploitation charges  


A February, 2014, press release from the Loveland Police Department detailing the charges against Romanek, possession and distribution of child pornography, as well as explaining the charges were leveled after the LPD acted on tips provided by the Department of Homeland Security:

Loveland Police Department Press Release


A July, 2014, article I published, containing a summary of reports obtained from the Loveland Police Department about a reported assault on Stan Romanek. The assault allegedly happened in the days following his February arrest. According to the police reports, Romanek claimed that he suspected authorities had assaulted him, but LPD Detective Henry Stucky eventually suspended the assault case, concluding the evidence was not consistent with the alleged fight having actually occurred:

Police detective: Evidence not consistent of a fight in Romanek assault case


A March, 2015, article published by the 'Reporter-Herald', in which it was reported that Romanek may proceed to trial. Additional information about circumstances surrounding the charges was included, as well as Romanek's claims of harassment:

Court rules Stanley Romanek can stand trial


Lastly, here is a case tracking summary, where the latest status of Romanek's case and the next scheduled court date may be monitored:

Larimer County District Attorney's Office Case Tracking Summary 

The short version of the long story at this point is that after several medical and mental competency tests, numerous status hearings and a questionable reported assault on Romanek, a trial on the child exploitation charges is tentatively scheduled for October. That is of course pending any motions and events that may happen in the mean time.  

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