Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Talbott, van den Broeke Claim Access to Alien Body Parts

Blogger and podcaster Andy Russell has been covering the saga of Robbert van den Broeke for quite some time at the websites 'Circular State of Mind' and 'The Truth Hides'. Van den Broeke claims to experience ongoing interactions with extraterrestrials, extensive UFO sightings and a wide range of profound psychic phenomena. Suffice it to say many, including Russell, doubt his claims and the reports offered by his primary supporter, Nancy Talbott.

Alien appendages, according to Robbert van den Broeke
In his latest adventure, van den Broeke purports to have been visited about June 27 by beings who provided him with alien limbs to be analyzed and the results presented to the masses (pictured right). As Russell noted, the samples bear a striking resemblance to squid. Talbott is reportedly assisting van den Broeke in securing qualified personnel to conduct tests on the material. Read all about it and Russell's take on the case at his posts such as:

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The scene as sketched by van den Broeke
As the story goes, van den Broeke was telepathically called to a meeting place, where he saw some kind of object hovering. Beings with tentacle-like arms then came out and met him. They offered him a stash of limbs, which he explained he took home and laid out on plastic bags for photographing. They're now reportedly frozen and stored safely somewhere awaiting analysis, and inquiries claim to be welcome.

Have van den Broeke and Talbott finally stretched the limits of credibility too far, even for a demographic desiring to be deceived? Will they be publicly humiliated when tests come back on the specimens, or will they manipulate the investigation in manners similar to promoters of the Roswell Slides, presenting only dubious and inconclusive information? While this rather unbelievable scenario certainly has the potential to further take the wind out of the long sagging sails of Team van den Broeke, perhaps we are seeing the consequences of a genre that is seemingly ever willing to allow absurd stories to be explained by more absurd stories.

We can keep an eye on Andy Russell's blogs to see how this one plays out. Thanks to Andy for covering it. 


  1. I love calamari. Perhaps restaurants will someday have deep fried aliens on their menus.

  2. Somebody had better adjust their medication and send them back to their rooms.

    Has the UFO community really gotten this bad, that frauds like these two can actually think they can get away with this shameless hoaxing?

    I guess the world of the internet allows every sort of person to post things, no matter how ludicrous and absurd.

  3. Robert van den Broeke (RvdB) is the real deal.. physical mediumship is a reality that anyone can prove to themselves. Robert is an extraordinary physical medium, and until the critics sit and experience this phenomenon, it's unlikely that these kind of events will be understood.

    Have you guys watched this controlled experiment (of RvdB) by Dan Drasin? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cDJVwPev33c

    1. So potential psychic phenomena aside, you think those specimens are alien arms?

    2. I understand the extremely high burden of proof to jump to "these are alien tentacles", and not something the RvdB team picked up at the local fish market to have a laugh.

      The agencies which work through physical mediums are typically exceptionally intelligent and well informed (who or whatever they are), they also appear to have a solid understanding of the impact of this communication with us (benevolence).

      This is not the first time a medium has been given a physical object(s), this case is just.. highly, highly unique.

      The Scole Experiment Group experience a toned down version of this physical contact with a variety of non-human entities (See Witnessing the Impossible by Robin Foy).

      Based on the history (of physical mediumship) I'd say yes. It's possibly a first, but yes this event may be legit.

      Once again, and just so it's stated, until people really understand the history and possibilities of physical phenomenon this story won't penetrate / seem possible.

    3. Terrible evasion of Jack's question, Anon.

    4. My statement of "yes this event may be legit" may have context attached to it, but was not intended to be evasive.

      The 'act' of physical mediumship, is more important than the event itself, which was why I was stressing it.

      The event itself is a simple exchange (of body parts), an unusual gift by typical modern human conventions albeit we can all agree.

      They came, they chatted for a few minutes, they left a gift. What's the big deal?! This happened thousands and thousands of time to hundreds of home circles / mediums for time immemorial.

  4. On Twitter, I asked for an update on these alien tentacles
    ( https://twitter.com/constantiaoomen/status/622109540905938945 ).
    Nothing. I guess they have disappeared by now, and Robbert will conveniently claim in future our ET friends changed their minds, because now (still) is not the right time.

    I have some serious reading material for people interested in the Robbert van den Broeke clan:


    1. Hi, Constantia, and thanks for stopping by my blog. I recently heard about your website when I was reading Andy Russell's blog, 'Circular State of Mind'. Best wishes to you.

    2. Thanks, Jack. Good luck to you too!