Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Romanek Incredibly Claims He Discredited Himself as Instructed During Death Threat

Controversial alleged alien abductee Stan Romanek was back in front of the camera recently making more difficult to believe allegations. Romanek apologized in a video published July 5 for his well known stunts on a 2014 episode of the Peter Maxwell Slattery Show, in which he was observed on video trying to discretely throw objects about while suggesting paranormal events were occurring. However, along with his recent apology, Romanek outrageously asserted that he was intentionally discrediting himself as instructed at the time or else suffer grave consequences to himself and/or loved ones. Slattery, who accompanied Romanek in the July 5 video, rather incredibly framed Romanek as courageous for coming forward to supposedly set the record straight, suggesting Romanek was forced to live with tremendous guilt and conflict knowing he had disappointed his following but did so as a sacrifice to protect his family and friends.

Stan Romanek
The duo repeatedly alleged that the Romanek case was very serious due to the many death threats directed at Romanek and the purported extents of government interest. Also repeatedly referenced was documented evidence of such circumstances, but the purported evidence was never presented. Many will suspect that even if the individuals sincerely believe such evidence exists, it is not documentation of the things they believe it to be, but indicative of other, much less extraordinary circumstances. It is indeed difficult to accept such people are in grave danger who allege so in videos posted on YouTube and filmed from their home.

Lisa Romanek appeared in the recent video and suggested the purported death threats that resulted in Stan discrediting himself were somehow related to his 2014 arrest on child porn charges, but offered no specific evidence of such circumstances or details of her reasoning. The Romaneks deny his guilt and generally assert the charges were part of a state-sponsored campaign to silence him and devalue his credibility. A trial is scheduled for October. Lisa additionally discussed Stan's purported attack following his arrest, circumstances of which a Loveland Police detective was extremely skeptical

Stan Romanek opened the video by discussing what he alleged to be numerous instances of his phone being tapped, spanning many years, his computer hacked and related circumstances. He provided no confirmation of such claims.

Also leveled were claims of a bomb threat once occurring at a venue where Romanek was scheduled to speak, but, again, documentation thereof was not actually presented, nor was evidence that it had anything to do with either Romanek or extraterrestrials. One such claim of a break in and bomb threat surrounded a Romanek appearance in 2009, but there were reportedly no local police records of any resulting investigations. Some suspected the incidents were related to publicity stunts.

While the more loyal of Romanek's supporters may be pleased with his latest video appearance, others will no doubt find it indicative of the widespread lack of critical thinking and perpetual absence of direct evidence that typically plague the alien abduction genre. If claims of alien abduction are expected to be taken literally, then proof of their validity must be presented. Anything less does not warrant such an extraordinary conclusion. Convoluted tales carrying indirect implications many times removed from a cogent point may be entertaining to some, but it will never substitute for actual direct evidence and verifiable proof.

Romanek has some serious legal issues and potential related mental health challenges. By his own admission in the latest video, he has been under tremendous stress. It is not clear his supporting cast fully understands the situation or all of its implications. Regardless, the seemingly desperate tactics employed are arguably evermore disturbing, particularly given the overall set of circumstances.  


  1. If he is convicted on the child porn charges he now faces, I would think the prosecutor, as part of any plea agreement, would stipulate that Romanek admits all of his wrong doings, including any possible alien/ufo related hoaxes.

    We may very well hear a full confession from Mr. Romanek himself. I would think his defense attorney would want to play that card in an attempt to curry favor with the court.

  2. All this serves of illustrate that Romanek seems to have mental health issues. Apparently, so might Mrs. Romanek. They seem to be suffering from folie a deux.

    Or maybe, he's going to try to change his plea to "not guilty by reason of insanity".

    Those who choose to believe the delusions/fabrications of the Romaneks have nobody but themselves to blame for being duped.

  3. It's more than likely he's been lying from the start to the public. But, if by chance he's been telling the truth all along, a good way to make him less credible is to slap him with child pornography charges. We all have heard the stories our government is capable of doing to people.

    1. Ashley, Romanek has never been able to demonstrate any of his wild claims. The police even have evidence that he staged the "attack" in front of his home. There is no warrant to speculate on a givernment coverup.

    2. Terry, he has so much evidence of ET visitation, I don't see a hoax as valid. Also, he has multiple witnesses of the contacts - his first sighting was captured on video, and had a large number of witnesses.

    3. There is plenty of video evidence to corroborate his claims, you can google most of it but there is a great documentary out there that has all of it. With multiple points of view from several Dr's in several fields.

  4. Check out this article, its about THE DE tectIVE who is investigating romaneks case, dodgy work.


    1. This article does nothing to cast doubt on the charges which Romanek is facing. If anything, it makes him look worse. Apparently the Romanek's were tipped off to the ongoing Romanek child porn investigation one year prior to Stan's arrest. The lawsuit was filed by the tipster because the cops charged her with accessory to child pornography for tipping off the Romaneks of said investigation. She's claiming in her suit that the police are retaliating against her for tipping off the Romaneks.

      The tipster is trying to fight fire with fire. It sounds like a desperate legal maneuver by a desperate defendant.

    2. It's worth noting that the investigation was originally launched per the Department of Homeland Security, not local law enforcement. The Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) division of DHS serves as its primary investigative arm, consisting of over 20,000 employees who regularly fight child exploitation, human trafficking and similar crimes.

      Stan Romanek will have his proverbial day in court, and either way the verdict goes, his following will cite it as evidence of conspiracy. That will be the case, of course, whether or not any actual proof of such conspiracies is ever presented.

      Also noteworthy is that the issues surrounding the Loveland PD have pretty much nothing to do with the original post, but arguably serve to distract attention from the extremely questionable latest strategy played by Romanek. In other words, no evidence whatsoever was presented in support of his assertion that he intentionally made a fool of himself on a 2014 video under threat of death, so let's talk about something other than yet another completely unsubstantiated and fantastic claim.

      'Anonymous' offers us yet more convoluted tales carrying indirect implications many times removed from a cogent point. Thanks!

    3. Jack, exactly what kind of evidence would anyone actually be able to have after a phone threat? Absence of evidence is not the same as evidence of absence.

    4. Jack, There is proof that conspiracies exactly like what happened to Stan have occurred and still occur. The FBI just dropped all child port charges on guy that they set up the exact same way. When it went to court, it seemed that the FBI had to show how they knew the porn was on his computer and the judge ordered the FBI to show the tech behind how they did it and tracked it. Well it seems that the FBI wants and likes this tech they have and they don't want to give up the story about it. So they dropped charges on a guy that was actually a Pedo (as far as I'm concerned) and everyone knew it but to save the Feds from having to disclose to the court to make the case stick, they dropped it all. The same may happen to Stan and I really do believe that it will be dropped or found Not Guilty. It all depends how good his legal council is during the case.

  5. Jack, you seem to ignore his plethora of data around his ET experience. Just because you aren't a believe doesn't make you right. As an actual witness of ET technology (and I worked on secret DoD aerospace weapons, so I know what is US terrestrial manufacture, and what isn't), I can validate the ET phenomenon as real. When a skeptic/ debunker like yourself makes sweeping claims to the opposite, you come off as a shill with an agenda. Soon, the ET reality will be common knowledge, (and anyone who has a brain can verify from the mountains of data that this is true as well), and naysayers will come off like nitwits.

  6. Moebius, can you provide proof of your credentials that give you this magical ability to discern Earth tech from non-Earth tech...or are you just making sweeping claims?

    > Soon, the ET reality will be common knowledge

    That has been predicted 100s of times since the 1950s. You can understand how that deadens the sting of your oh-so-clever insults.

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  8. I am at this very moment watching this guys docudrama on netflix, little did I know this guy resides just up the road from me... I recalled seeing his Alien "Peek A Booh" video years ago, and even then was an obvious fake. So I google his name and that's when I see he resides in Loveland Co... Shocked to say the least.

    He's now charged with possessing child porn, just to be an open book on this, and in no way shape or form a defense on his part, I served in the Military with someone who worked in the intelligence community and now works with a private company doing the same work he was while on Active Duty, this person told me years ago when we were having a conversation that child porn or porn can be found on many peoples personal computers (At This Moment I Forget The Percentage He Gave Me But It Was Well Over 50%).

    On the other side of things he's a self confessed hoaxer, and when showing his melted RX's one was for Lexapro (an anxiety/depression med) and Norco (A Vicodin type med for pain, not at all that strong however).

    There is likely some underlying mental health issues going on with this guy, but don't forget I think it happened in Colorado as well years ago when a family reported their son missing all along the boy was in the house, and the family had set off a giant helium flying saucer balloon and said boy was inside the balloon.

    Families not just individuals will do tons of things for notoriety and $$.

  9. No one knows anything...We can sit here and speculate one way or another. We can sit here and try to credit ourselves to make us more believable. We know nothing... I can make an argument for everyone's opinion. All I know is the universe is too vast for us to be alone. Mathmaticly speaking...there has to be millions is species more advanced than us. Just as we are to some indigenous tribes around the world. I know the government is corrupt and there are case galore that can back that up and proven. I also understand there are people that are hoaxers and would do anything for fame and money. The evidence is compelling if you're a believer or somewhat of a believer, and vise versa. Who knows... believe what you want to believe.

  10. Whatever may or may not have taken place surrounding Stan Romanek, even a cursory look shows there are a substantial number of significant discrepancies:


    Relevant web links on the Romanek legal case have been compiled and updated at:


  11. Child porn and classified intelligence can, has been, and is planted on the computers of people who are targeted for whatever reason. The case of Sharyl Attkisson involves planting of evidence on her computer and changing computer files as they were open in front of her eyes. She said she watched her stories get reworded on her screen. I don't know what really happened with Stan, but he obviously and intentionally discredited himself right at a time when he was really starting to make a name for himself. And it worked. He's now off the radar.

  12. OMG cant you see! If not then we are all doomed. Stop deeply and look deeply and you will find what the few of us see. SMH