Friday, July 1, 2011

Miami Orbs and MUFON Games

There are at least two ways to address the case of Miami orbs and MUFON games. One perspective is the reasonably interesting reported events experienced by the apparent witnesses, and a second is a chain of events that occurred during the investigation and involved UFOmania forum, at least to some extent and as described by then-MUFON personnel Larry Gessner and Morgan Beall. As I explain, it will become apparent why I, a UFOmania forum moderator, and stiver/Iza, the UFOmania forum administrator, were left shaking our heads about the chain of events.

The Sightings

At a MUFON meeting conducted in St. Petersburg, Florida, on Saturday, February 26, 2011, Morgan Beall reported a man and his wife witnessed a sphere-like object at their home in Homestead, Florida (Miami-Dade). This particular sighting reportedly occurred around the turn of the year, but the couple and at least one other family member allegedly had somewhat of a history of sightings in addition to the latest event.

One such sighting was a recent event in which a football shaped and sized object, pulsing red, was apparently observed and photographed. According to Beall, the object was described as hovering about three feet off the ground in the front yard of the couple's home before flying away. Beall shared related photos and their analysis.

The case included military or intelligence implications, as Beall reported the family had ties to law enforcement and military service. Actually, to an extent that Beall stated were quite significant. Additionally, their residence was near a major military facility.

The Investigation

On February 12, Beall made a post on the UFOmania forum in which he requested information about the Miami-Dade sighting. Shortly thereafter, on February 14, Larry Gessner contacted Iza and directly stated the UFOmania forum was involved in a MUFON investigation. Gessner requested Iza's help with said investigation.

Gessner informed Iza two unknown individuals had somehow gained what he termed restricted information about a case. Gessner further stated the two individuals claimed to be conducting an investigation on behalf of UFOmania, which Iza informed Gessner was a fraudulent claim. Gessner stressed the need for secrecy about the matter, for whatever reasons, and apparently highly prioritized finding out who the individuals were so it could be determined how they gained access to the restricted information.

Iza requested to be put in contact with the lead investigator of the case if she was to try to be of assistance. Gessner complied, and the lead investigator was Beall. The case turned out to be the Miami-Dade sphere sighting.

During the previously referenced February 26 MUFON meeting, Beall proceeded to publicly discuss everything and much more that Gessner had emphasized was so secret and should be held in such confidentiality. As Iza had learned by this point in time through her correspondence with Beall, two individuals claiming to represent UFOmania had visited the home of the couple. The two were denied access to viewing the area in which a sighting occurred, yet returned later and entered the property without permission. The homeowner was seemingly very angry about the trespassing and apparent security breech that appeared to be the responsibility of MUFON's lack of ability to keep personal information confidential.

According to Beall, the couple apparently had other uninvited visitors as well. It has been speculated by MUFON personnel that these visiting parties may have been from a government agency or may somehow have been related to ufology entrepreneur Robert Bigelow. Current and former MUFON personnel have now made public statements in which they proclaim direct government interference in the investigation.

It is noteworthy this was a STAR investigation, at least on behalf of MUFON, and security issues are by no means new to the division. Such information leaks have occurred before.

I do not know how the deceptive visitors in question initially got the personal information of the couple/witnesses, enabling them to locate their home. Neither do I know why Gessner and Beall had such conflicting stances on secrecy and how to conduct their affairs. Lastly, I do not know exactly why the alleged visitors would choose to claim they are representing UFOmania forum when Iza and I have no knowledge whatsoever of them or their activities.

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  1. Gary Mansfield, F.I.February 4, 2012 at 8:25 PM

    Unfortunately, this is not that big of a deal when you weigh in on the level of professionalism and first hand knowledge that most of these Mufon investigators have prior to wearing their echelons of ufo expertise. I can associate it with asking a customer at the local food mart to describe what was seen. You likely will get the same answer from both Mufon, and/or any lay person on the street. "It must be something Unknown, or it could even be the Dog Star." C'mon! Asking anyone in Mufon to validate a sighting is like asking your grandmother to explain the grand theory of relativity in detail.

    It's futile, a waste of your time, and it isn't going to happen!