Sunday, May 15, 2011

Seeking Former Ambient Monitoring Project Volunteers

The Ambient Monitoring Project, or AMP, was a research project designed to monitor the ambient environment of possible alien abductees during their reported abductions. Disappointingly, the project results were never released and the data has never been made available for public review. A description of the project, its equipment and methodology was written by project director Tom Deuley and published in the July, 2008, MUFON Journal.

I have located one of the AMP volunteers, and they would very much like to interact with other volunteers. The individual would like to discuss their experiences, thoughts and feelings about participating in the project.

If you were an AMP volunteer, please contact me. I will then gladly exchange my contact information with you, as well as coordinate the exchange of contact information among the AMP volunteers, so that the situation may be discussed to whatever extent participants are comfortable.

Thank you.


  1. Jack, thanks for the information on the MUFON AMP project. I am a new member of MUFON although I have been interested in the UFO phenomena for many years. The first time I became aware of AMP is when Denise Stoner (Chief MUFON Investigator, Counties: Brevard, Osceola, Orange, Marion) talked about one the devices being placed in her home. Denise claimed to be abducted multiple times. She spoke to Tampa Bay MUFON (now Tamp Bay Open Minds) several months ago and described the AMP device. I recorded her talk and uploaded it in 3 parts to the Open Minds files section. It is only available to members. You might want to listen to Denise's talk; or, better yet, contact her. -Steve

  2. Hi, Steve -

    Thanks for the heads up! I appreciate it. I hope you find your efforts within the Florida UFO community to be interesting and rewarding. I always appreciate feedback and comments. Part of my motivation to blog is that I hope to inspire people to think and share their thoughts, so thanks again for posting.

  3. Hi,
    Interesting blog you have :-)

  4. Hello, Eva -

    Thank you for your interest! I browsed your blog, and I encourage you to continue seeking answers. I also encourage you to view my home forum... ...where you might choose to join; maybe we and others could discuss such subject matter in greater length. Thanks again for your interest and I hope to hear more from you!

    Jack/screen name jjflash on the forum