Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Corbell Asserts but Fails to Report How Stories Vetted

    Among the latest stories to splash the UFO Disclosure pot is one involving Jeremy Corbell and material he calls "genuine UFO/UAP footage." Corbell published a post at his website and took to Twitter to share images and a film clip of what he described as pyramid shaped craft and transmedium vehicles.

The maker of such films as Bob Lazar and Hunt for the Skinwalker wrote at his website he obtained the material "in an anonymous data dump." Each item included "detailed written context," he added. 

Corbell wrote he enrolled the help of George Knapp to verify the materials. As a result, he asserted, "I can confirm their authenticity - as well as - the narrative supplied to me when they were presented."

Substantial detail is put forth about the alleged context of the images and video footage, described by Corbell as coming from a May 1, 2020, Office of Naval Intelligence classified briefing. No further information about the vetting process is offered, however, than Corbell's reference to information "articulated" to him by "those familiar with the briefing." The names or specific roles of such people are not provided. Corbell similarly goes on without justification to assert the "impressive provenance" of the material while explaining with confident certainty its otherwise quite unclear purposes. 

Corbell did not immediately respond to an email request to field a few questions for inclusion in this blog post. 

Pentagon spokeswoman Susan Gough confirmed the photos and videos were taken by the Navy, adding the UAP Task Force included the incidents in their ongoing examinations. Gough would not provide further context, however.

"As we have said before," she continued, "to maintain operations security and to avoid disclosing information that may be useful to potential adversaries, DOD does not discuss publicly the details of either the observations or the examinations of reported incursions into our training ranges or designated airspace, including those incursions initially designated as UAP."

Information has been scarce about the UAP Task Force, with its scope and significance called into question. The personnel have yet to be publicly identified, and George Knapp reportedly suggested the "Force" had no budget and no staff. Any resulting report, it was added, would have to be produced by the director in his spare time because he already had a full time job.

Questions were raised about how material from a classified briefing could be provided to Corbell. Similar questions arose about the apparent discussion of the contents of the briefing as portrayed at his website.

"Without having seen the actual material that you are referring to, I would say a couple of things," Steven Aftergood, veteran researcher of national security and classification policy at the Federation of American Scientists, explained in an April 12 email. 

"It is entirely possible for a classified briefing to include unclassified parts. In fact, most classified documents do have at least some unclassified paragraphs or portions.

"In the UFO context, the question of authenticity is much more important than the question of classification. There is a history of fabricated documents and images that purport to show UFOs. If someone cannot reliably identify the source of their information because it is 'classified,' then that would count against its credibility."

The UFO faithful are indeed going to continue to struggle to gain respect from a wider audience due to unresolved issues about the context of leaked material. It is reasonable to question if intelligence officials genuinely believe the objects depicted are as mysterious as Corbell's apparent sources would have us believe. It is also questionable as to how widely this view might be shared among such officials. There is no way to resolve such issues other than through transparent verification. 

The motives of the sources and those who relay their stories will remain a significant issue. Why do the sources prefer anonymity if the info they share is unclassified? One school of thought might suggest ambiguity offers more opportunity for unearned credibility than if the public conclusively knew three-plus years of Disclosure stories all originated from the same person or two.

It ultimately boils down to why intelligence officials, with a message they feel is of great substance, would choose Jeremy Corbell to carry it to the masses. After all, Mr. Aftergood was quite receptive to exploring the topic. Maybe Corbell should be questioning why those in Naval Intelligence circles placed such confidence in his info security and communication skills. If he's not asking why, perhaps we should be asking him why not.


  1. Apparently the United States government has deemed 2 random dudes, Tom DeLonge and Jeremy Corbell, to be the public communication conduits for all of their UAP videos/alien metal disclosures.

    Or perhaps it's simply what those 2 wannabes would like people to believe.


    1. Jealous?? Look i get the guy is kinda wound up and gets on peoples nerves but to me and a couple others i know its the same old thing with ufo researchers and that is if you arent the one with the story then instead of furthering the story along yhe others try to cut the one breakin the stories throat. As far as anonymous sources?? Come on for real if you are droppin that shit whether its classified or not you are not puttin yourself out there i mean come on. Not a fan of the guy but i believe cnn made a livin on their "anonymous" sources and you all had zero problem with it! Im thinkin it just really pisses you "reporters" off jeremy corbell has busted part of the biggest story in history.

    2. I will pretend this whole strange rant is not meant to be a parody.
      Just because CNN “used anonymous sources” doesn’t give anyone else a get out of gaol card..
      Seeing George Knapp`s name is like seeing L.M.Howe..you just know its going to be garbage..
      Not sure why any “reporters” would be “pissed off” the story is pretty lite.

      "...jeremy corbell has busted part of the biggest story in history..."

      Oh dear....first time on "The google" ?

  2. More BS from a noise oscillator.

  3. “ DOD does not discuss publicly … “
    Obviously we can’t let the Russkees know we have a treaty allowing
    some of the Heinz ETs to quick stop at our secret bases….

    Mystery metals ? try the old atomic bomb testing sites ….

    and of course Dhouty did it, I mean Doty, he ’s still got his finger in the pie .
    He told Nixon and Reagan everything, but Carter and Clinton nothing !
    He chooses who and what …. still the master of ceremonies.

  4. "Mystery metals ? try the old atomic bomb testing sites …."

    Well said. Also, the exact compisitions used in aircraft such as the F-117 and B2 are still classified tho the craft themselves are not.

  5. The analogy between Knapp and Linda Molting Cow is indeed apt. Knapp is a clown show and always has been. Get back to us when Jerome Clark thinks this is worth talking about.

  6. Excellent piece on the current status of these ambiguous Navy images (it’s always Navy images...) and their even more ambiguous release. As no comparable release of ‘UFO’ images has ever resulted in eventual definitive evidence bearing out their validity, I believe you sum it up succinctly when you suggest that -contrary to past and current practices- we cannot “resolve such issues other than through transparent verification.”

    1. Indeed. And if these released images are so important, where are the gun-camera photos from the last 50+ years? Where are the satellite photos?

  7. Yes, WHY, would the government place such information into Corbell's hands? What's his claim to fame, is he a REAL scientist, or what? It could be a piece of disinformation, and they picked a dummy like Corbell to present it to the public, and take any blame for it too! Also, why did he used George Knapp's help to verify the video? Is George a scientist now too? Oh boy, the "will to believe" is heavy, and bad for the real UFO field!

  8. At this point I've completely unsubscribed from any podcast or other source which has continued to support the work of Corbell. Even aside from issues with his sources of info, his documentaries are terrible - the kind of flashy, over produced nonsense that people seem to eat up.