Thursday, December 24, 2020

Schrodinger's Disclosure

Another year over, and as John Lennon once asked, "And what have you done?" The question might particularly be submitted to UFO Disclosure activists. 

To be fair, that's really no more the case than any other time, but nonetheless remains applicable. Each generation of Disclosure bell-ringers ignore the futility of their predecessors while expressing dismay about a public with the audacity to doubt their proclamations of pending Big News.

As I write this, Disclosure powers that be (or at least seem to like to consider themselves so) are realigning. Missions both accomplished and unfulfilled, depending on who you ask. They claim to have accomplished unprecedented levels of... something... while simultaneously emphasizing the importance of continued fights for UFO transparency. The battlespace is not static, I hear. If that doesn't seem particularly practical to you, don't think twice. Most people don't give it the first thought.

The film is both real and not,
as is a government program it came to represent

Many Disclosure activists defend their alarmist tactics and empty predictions by claiming Disclosure is happening. It's a process, not an event, they tell us.

But it somehow never reaches completion, or even a particular tipping point. How can that be, if it is constantly in gradual expansion? How can there simultaneously be both Disclosure and a need for Disclosure? How can there have been both a 70-year effort to acclimate the public to Disclosure and an oblivious and disinterested public? Disclosure seems to be both dead and thriving.

Many would say therein lies the problem, a cottage industry of self-interested showmen, supported by successive generations of people sincerely intrigued by UFOs yet unaware of the past. Some aptly point out the logical fallacies and poor research practices inherent to the tactics employed by those who shape the trends. Others might question the motives that drive such cultural occurrences.

Ain't no use to sit and wonder why, babe, if you don't know by now. Unless you just find the social dynamics interesting, you're probably better off taking in a ballgame or a good movie. 

Happy Holidays, everybody.


  1. Nice and succinctly put. That they ignore the fact of the length of this "disclosure project" is telling, but maybe moreso about the blindspots of us all when facts get in the way of wants.

    My only gripe? I wish I knew what the photo caption means: "The film is both real and not, as is a government program it came to represent."

    How is the film not real? Has it been identified for certain? I haven't been following it that closely.

    Or are you just saying that both the film and the program's importance have been overblown?

    1. Thanks, Jeremy. Yeah, the latter, that while the film was acknowledged by the DOD to be its footage, it continues to be hyped about what is depicted in it. And the AATIP, that it became associated with, and according to the DOD actually existed, was disbanded by the time the videos were reportedly shot. And so on. It starts feeling like gaslighting from a bunch of people wearing Disclosure capes who cite or wave off formal citations as selectively convenient.

  2. Jack tweeted to Zondo - "Next time on your way out grab a piece of letterhead that states what your job duties are." (paraphrasing)

    Whereas I believe it audacious for us as a species to think we are the only intelligent beings in the uni/multiverse, the charlatan factor is indeed strong in this field (looking at you TTSA).

    Speaking of Twitter, I looked at your feed, Jack. Saw some good stuff, then became appalled. Say it ain't so Jack! A Steelers fan?! Needless to say, as a Browns fan that was a body blow. I'm going to need years of therapy, but I'm determined to get over this.

    1. I understand, I understand. As a childhood Cowboys fan, you can imagine the hurdles I had to overcome to develop an appreciation for Coach Tomlin. But fear not, I thoroughly enjoyed Washington's win over the Steelers. Very entertaining ballgame.

      I'm not overly devoted to any particular team right now. My local Florida clubs are not particularly interesting to me, and I continue to keep an eye on some old favorites like the Saints and Broncos.

      Your Browns are something to cheer about this year! Impressive on the field and getting a much better handle on talking to the press. The graph is certainly going in the right direction.

  3. " mission has always been very clear, George, and that was to push disclosure forward. That’s it.
    I think after three years, you know, I can look back and I think we’ve achieved much of what we’ve set out to do..."

    You released some footage done by other people...after 3 years and all those "resources".
    Go stand in the corner with the pointy hat on..

  4. Disclosure visual: Peanuts - Lucy kneels and holds the football as Charlie Brown gets ready to kick it. "This will be the year!", he thinks to himself. 3 seconds later and flat on his ass, the joke's on him, just as the disclosure fallacy is on us. "There's always next year", we wishfully think.

  5. Well said Jack! Disclosure means whatever people want it to mean as they play along with something that is truly Trickster in its behavior.

  6. Trickster yes..being pursued by dumb people who appear to have never done any form of research into the subject and like good post modern drones..keep doing and saying the same thing..year after year..with the same "result" whilst patting themselves on the back..

  7. I believe disclosure is actually muddling along in its own human way, getting from A to B. Just not in a straight line. What we are finding out, we are finding out in our own way be it at high government or military echelons or us civilians muddling through the available UFO data.

  8. The whole disclosure nonsense obviously has multiple causes, not least of which is the paranoid style of American politics. Yes the government and its agencies are lying to you, but it has nothing to do with ET! There is also the snake-oil salesmen thing, a variation of the evangelist huckster, and the new mythologies of science fiction, and the aliens as our saviours, a SF version of messianic religious hopes.

    The whole ET thing touches on a desperate need for new gods (and devils) in a secular materialistic world, a world of little faith, and since the old gods have failed us, or we have failed them, so we have these new alien gods - it's inevitable really - to fill the vacuum. Hence facts don't matter, we are dealing with something far deeper and unconscious.

    1. Yes..I agree.As long as you dont throw out the "aliens" that are seen/encountered because the ET angle is bullshit and lame.The things encountered are alien to our consensus belief systems..but the majority who are "interested" in the subject use the logical fallacy of the false dilemma..paraphrased it is "since its alien to our cultures it must come from another planet"..and then the majority of sceptics and believers fight in that false "battleground" and miss the whole subject per se..

    2. Mike, yes exactly! The sceptics like to to do that though, focus on the Steve Greer types who are so easy to take apart, because if confronted with a more serious psycho-social hypothesis and even the more radical and admittedly controversial paranormal/archetypes/collective unconscious/parasocial interpretation of the phenomenon, the sceptics are at a loss, no longer on a sure footing.

      They simply ignore the more serious ufology literature here as do the literal ET believers. It reflects off a deeper problem in our culture, the taboo of any kind of seriousness on the topics that matter, on the psyche, the subconscious, the collective unconscious, the mind-matter conundrum etc. You see this mirrored in the very stale literal religious fundamentalist vs atheist materialist on the evolution of life and nature, both sides are not seeing nature at all, and they miss the science in the process.

  9. Recently, I had a nostalgic look back at my Roman Catholic heritage. What may be slightly relevant to this discussion is that the doctors and self-considered intellectuals of the Roman Catholic Church tried to pin down every single aspect of reality in terms of their religious dogma. And within that effort, there were different camps that fought viciously over minute details over subjects that they could not possibly have any actual information about, e.g., does missing Mass really constitute a permanent separation from God, what levels of Dante's inferno are occupied by non-Catholics, how many angels could fit on a pin head, the essential nature of the trinity, the way Jesus was certainly delivered by the Virgin Mary while allowing her to remain a perpetual virgin....yada, yada, yada. I was reminded of current ufology, containing so many personalities all arguing over subjects they cannot possibly have information about that would allow such dogmatic certainty. When we speak of disclosure, we are thinking in terms of an alien smorgasbord of entities visiting earth in space ships. But what if the true "disclosure" is that the government can't make hide nor tail over what is actually going on. And who wants to admit that? In the 90's I was very obsessed with finding out da trooth, as I called it, about my past abductions. But I soon learned that no one really knew what they were talking about, and I just let it go, a mystery I could accept until (or after) death. So as everyone runs around yelling "Disclosure", I just roll my eyes and suggest all these self-made "researchers" attend a basic college level course on quantum physics. If they cannot understand this, then I suspect the real story for what is going on would fly right over their heads.

    1. " I called it, about my past abductions.."

      Yes.The problem is language and claims.
      Wittgenstein tries to explain the first...and the second, with regards to Ufoology is hilarious.
      You use the word "abductions".
      I use the word "interactions" or "experiences".

      "..I just roll my eyes and suggest all these self-made "researchers" attend a basic college level course on quantum physics. If they cannot understand this, then I suspect the real story for what is going on would fly right over their heads..."

      Thats illogical.
      I am a "self made researcher"
      And I Have done University level courses(not accredited) on Quantum Mechanics for fun as well as "studied" quantum mechanics as a hobby for over 40 years.
      And I dont mean just The Copenhagen Interpretation (yawn).
      None of that gave me any form of special insight into the phenomena we are interested in..
      And to take your idea further...if it was true, real physicists would have some amazing angle/ideas on Ufo/paranormal phenomena that the great unwashed don't.
      They :)