Tuesday, July 28, 2020

UFO Debris, Disclosure, and Congressional Investigations

Hey, did you hear the news? UFO debris is a hot topic, the veil of government secrecy will soon be lifted, and Congressional UFO investigations are ongoing. No, not that debris or those investigations. I'm talking about the UFO Disclosure of the 1950's!

Maj. Donald Keyhoe,
largely considered
the face of NICAP
My continuing interest in NICAP led me to the inbox of Barry Greenwood, a longtime researcher and archivist of a wide variety of original source documents. He helpfully shared some NICAP files with me which I have been reading ever since.

Among the clear takeaways is that perceptions of imminent UFO Disclosure are perpetual. Interestingly, many of the dynamics remain in tact to a rather fascinating extent.

Take, for instance, this sample from a NICAP bulletin. "Falls" from UFOs were a thing, as some readers may recall about the dubious 1947 Maury Island case and a 1950's incident in Brazil investigated by Dr. Olavo Fontes. 

More material distributed by NICAP in the late 1950's indicates its assessment of a forthcoming "break in official secrecy in 1959." Note the analysis (at the bottom of the image) indicating suspicions UFO bases were located on Mars and Venus. The speculation was due to interpretations of increases in UFO sightings while the planets were closer to Earth.

Further research indicated an ambitious NICAP member wrote Congressman William Ayres, asking if Congress investigates UFOs. Why, yes, Ayres suggested, we're on it, as reported in a 1958 edition of the Akron Beacon Journal:

The item made news when NICAP front man Maj. Donald Keyhoe cited the statement during a 1958 talk in DC. 

"A constituent made an inquiry and I had it checked into," Congressman Ayres explained further. "As I recall, a subcommittee of the House Armed Services Committee had held hearings," he added, a possible reference to the 1953 Robertson Panel or something similar.

It's more understandable that UFO investigators in the 1950's perceived such events to be greatly significant than it is when they express shock and awe today. The 1950's researchers and reporters didn't have the saturation level of unresolved hype and mountains of material that we, their successors, have available while currently forming our assessments. 

Whether or not we use it, and whether or not it is omitted by supposed experts and journalists due to ulterior motives or incompetence, are questions the UFO genre appears destined to struggle with. 


  1. I feel you Jack ... https://historydeceived.blogspot.com/2020/07/ufo-gatekeepers-you-shall-not-pass.html

  2. Samantha Schacher,a host of the “Daily Blast Live” on the 27th,in response apparently to the NYT article, stated,
    “ I actually have an inside source , this is someone who gets briefed. This is the inside source of all sources ! I asked this person to give me a quote…. (then reading) "they say that the issue goes deep into the soul of who we are and where we belong in the universe. This is the most important topic of our history and Now it’s time for the secrets to be released. ETs are here. They always have been. We’re going to find out why together".”

    Same old story ? So who’s on the short list here as “the source of all sources “ ?
    …… can somebody please 'nail him'!

  3. Some folks in this field rely heavily, and usually soley on testimonial evidence. Most go through the motions of providing some sort of demonstrative evidence to back up their cherry picked testimonial evidence. This is not to say that testimonial evidence is inheritantly wrong. But using a power point presentation with graphics, charts and maps based on testimonial evidence proves nothing.

    And this is the usual SOP most "investigators" in this field utilize. Real evidence has always been elusive in the quest to prove that UAP's are indeed extraterrestrial in origin. These phenomena are not fully understood because of the lack of real evidence. Which explains the fraudulent spectre haunting this field. The charlatans have always and continue to manufacture evidence which they aggressively promote as "real".

    Oh how they yearn to be Indiana Jones and deliver the holy grail to the world.