Friday, October 18, 2019

TTSA, LMH Silent on $35k 'Metamaterials'

Linda Moulton Howe
To The Stars Academy and Linda Moulton Howe each failed to respond to multiple requests for comment pertaining to TTSA acquisition of "metamaterials" reportedly carrying a $35k price tag. Comments were sought several times over a two week period. No replies were received.

Keith Basterfield first wrote about an SEC filing submitted by TTSA, linked above, reporting material was purchased by TTSA from Tom DeLonge for $35k. It was further reported DeLonge acquired the material from Moulton Howe. It is unclear if she was compensated. Details are also lacking as to origin and history of the material, which many confidently suspect to be related to "Art's Parts," material showcased under dubious circumstances many years ago by the late paranormal radio host Art Bell.

In related news, TTSA announced a joint venture with the U.S. Army. Objectives of the project are not entirely clear, and reportedly involve advancing "TTSA's materiel and technology innovations in order to develop enhanced capabilities for Army ground vehicles."

Joseph Trevithick at The Drive reported what we know at this point about the project, which involves no money changing hands. There is also no articulated deliverable, writes Trevithick, and if a product comes out of the venture it will probably be a written study or similar type of report.

Robert Sheaffer shared his perspectives on the developing chain of events. He notes it doesn't appear TTSA is actually going to build anything, although he interprets its announcement nonetheless encourages people to believe that is the case, complete with an "invest now" button.

The skeptical takes are understandable at this point, and it's completely reasonable to ask for clarification of mounting questionable issues. Such issues involve Luis Elizondo's challenged claims of running the AATIP; Linda Moulton Howe's involvement in providing extremely questionable material; DeLonge's reported compensation for said material; substantiation of yet to be confirmed assertions put forth by outlets such as the New York Times and Politico; unfulfilled claims by TTSA of having chains of custody in hand for videos published; whether or not said videos have anything whatsoever to do with the AATIP as reported, and many more.

It might seem as if many Disclosure activists rally for transparency as long as it's someone else's activities being disclosed.


  1. There's another possibility. This may be a slick way for the Army to end-run any political pressure from the Hill, where TTSA has been cultivating relationships. "See, we're doing something, we've signed a research agreement." No money, no actual commitments.

  2. Their name “To The Stars Academy” makes me think their objective is to get movie stars to play in movies for television that will receive Academy awards and thereby make lots of money in numerous ways .

    This ’script’ seems to be based on “The Day After Roswell “ .

    “Our mission is to be a vehicle for change “ fits perfectly with the objective “… to develop enhanced capabilities for Army ground vehicles."

    A bizarre mysterious mix of fact and fantasy.

    1. Academy Awards are for theatrical releases, not television shows.

    2. 'Paralella' Universe called Humor
      Times change Terry, the Academy will get it's Rewards !

  3. Have they ever responded to your requests for comment on anything?

    1. TTSA, no, just the occasional form letter-type auto response, but never an actual statement or exchange. Ms. Moulton Howe and I have exchanged emails on occasion when I informed her responses were for inclusion in blog posts, but this time, nada.

  4. I wonder if Christopher Mizer was consulted (who is on the BoD and co-founder of Vivaris Capital,LLC which has a 10k per month fee from TTSA = Exhibit 6.2 about this) as Chief Executive Officer and Director DeLonge signed the agreement with Vivaris…to  (a) become familiar with the business and operations of the Company and review and analyze the Company’s formal and informal strategic, marketing, financial and business plans.”

    Yet these ‘metamaterials’ might be from Maury Island as much as Art Bell.