Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Steinberg Asked for 'Emergency' Money 222+ Times in 2018

Gene Steinberg sent some 222 "emergency" email cash solicitations during 2018, substantially surpassing his 2017 total of 139. The 2018 total of 222 includes only emails to one specific list, and does not include similar requests made through other e-lists, websites or social media pages, all of which were also used as solicitation tools by Steinberg. The Paracast and Tech Night Owl host's 2018 email requests for cash are listed at the end of this post by subject line and date. Content from each of the emails may be viewed at the Twitter account @SchemeGeneRC.

The most active email month for 2018 was March, with 32 email solicitations. September was second with 26, followed closely by October with 24. The least active months were January and February, in which Steinberg requested cash gifts ten times each. He averaged 18.5 emails per month, or about one every 1.6 days. Over the course of the year, that averages out to a claimed urgent need for people to give him money more frequently than every other day.

The email "emergencies" are consistently basic living expenses, such as rent, utilities and food. The messages encourage list members to send Steinberg funds through various means, such as PayPal, while omitting specific financial details. Also omitted are explanations for how he could purportedly remain unable to take care of himself for so many years, yet expect readers to agree the solution is to keep giving him money. Notably, none of the 222 solicitations request work, but only money. 

This writer continues to assert it relevant that Steinberg claims himself the "gold standard" of paranormal radio, yet his chronic cash solicitations are riddled with contradictions and selective omissions, all taking place within a genre historically known for harboring charlatans. Further calling the circumstances into question are the documented instances of Steinberg's dubious plot lines and misrepresentation of events while simultaneously presenting himself as a reliable signal among the ufology noise.

Check out the following blog posts to learn more about the saga of Steinberg's cash solicitations:

Gene Steinberg's Personal 'Emergency' Cash Solicitations Span Years, Hundreds of Emails, in which the podcaster's long history of claims of financial destitution and rationalizing are documented.

Steinberg Bankruptcy Failed to Slow Claims of Cash Crisis takes a look at 2016 bankruptcy court records. The documents indicate Steinberg claimed some $2700+ per month in Social Security income, yet continued his relentless personal cash solicitations unabated following the discharge of his debt.

Caveat Emptor: A Paracast Saga of Discrepancies, Omissions and Unpaid Restitution documents Steinberg's misrepresentation of events surrounding his now deceased brother-in-law, Stephen Beizer. Steinberg solicited cash purportedly on behalf of Beizer, who Steinberg described as a worthy charity recipient. Results of an open source investigation and criminal court records indicate Beizer, in fact, pleaded guilty to felony theft charges and owed over $186,000 in restitution at the time. Steinberg failed to include either Beizer's criminal conviction or restitution obligations in the cash-seeking narrative, then presented him as a "currency trader" when he was a guest on the Paracast.

Steinberg Court Docs Include Scathing Beizer Letter explores public court records indicating Gene and Barbara Steinberg obtained some $44,000 in personal loans from James Torson between March of 2011 and January of 2012. The couple was sued for failure to repay the loans and judged responsible for the debt, which was later discharged in the above mentioned bankruptcy. The court records include a letter from Beizer, who accused Steinberg of exploiting Beizer's personal situation and handicapped son as excuses to solicit cash, the vast majority of which, Beizer claimed, he never received from Steinberg.

Fraud or other crimes perpetrated through the internet may be reported at the FBI Internet Crime Complaint Center. Other resources include your state's Attorney General, the Department of Justice, and the Federal Trade Commission.

Gene Steinberg's 222 email cash solicitations during 2018 by subject line and date:

December (15)

I'm stuck                                                          Dec 31

Struggling through the holiday weekend              Dec 30

I am trying to survive this weekend!                   Dec 28

This may not end well!                                       Dec 27

Holiday emergency!                                           Dec 26

Another lonely holiday!                                      Dec 24

Holiday weekend emergency!                             Dec 22

I'm trying to survive another weekend!               Dec 21

Another holiday without much cheer!                  Dec 18

It's not much better!                                         Dec 14

Still underwater!                                               Dec 10

Last-minute crisis update!                                  Dec 7

Drowning!                                                        Dec 6

It's Getting Worse!                                            Dec 4

I'm sinking fast!                                                Dec 1

November (18)

My money situation is getting worse!                  Nov 29

As a lonely weekend ends!                                 Nov 25

Another lonely holiday                                       Nov 21

A Thanksgiving Day Nightmare
About Life on the Street!                                    Nov 19

The weekend crisis!                                           Nov 17

Another plea for help!                                        Nov 15

Tuesday – still going nowhere!                            Nov 13

Lost and alone!                                                 Nov 11

A need some help!                                             Nov 9

Another Way to Help!                                         Nov 9

The Friday Crisis!                                               Nov 9

Is this my last day?                                            Nov 8

Here's why I'm still depressed!                            Nov 7

I'm Underwater Again!                                        Nov 6

A Step Closer to Homelessness!                           Nov 5

The Weekend Struggle!                                       Nov 3

Another Friday Update!                                       Nov 2

We've gotta get out of this place!                         Nov 1

October (24)

I'm stuck in quicksand!                                       Oct 31

Bad to worse!                                                    Oct 30

This is serious! Please read!                                Oct 30

An impossible situation!                                      Oct 29

A very gloomy Friday!                                         Oct 26

Please read this letter!                                        Oct 24

The Nightmare Resumes!                                    Oct 22

Overnight Emergency!                                        Oct 20

Another looming emergency!                              Oct 19

Another looming emergency!                              Oct 18

You can help save my future!                              Oct 17

I barely survived this weekend, and...                  Oct 15

Stop the presses!                                               Oct 13

A weekend cash emergency!                               Oct 13

I can't handle this any longer!                             Oct 12

I'll be lucky if I have enough money
to continue after today!                                      Oct 11

Deadlines and More Deadlines                             Oct 10

An important Tuesday update!                             Oct 9

I'm Under Attack Again!                                      Oct 8

Another Day, Another Deadline!                           Oct 7

Still running in reverse!                                       Oct 5

I've spent my last dollar!                                     Oct 4

It's still collapsing!                                              Oct 3

An S-O-S Message!                                             Oct 1

September (26)

The Sunday crisis!                                             Sep 30

A significant update!                                          Sep 29

Here's why my money situation is worse!            Sep 28

Thursday update!                                              Sep 27

An update on my money dilemma!                     Sep 26

A quick update on ways to help!                         Sep 24

I'm trying to survive this weekend!                     Sep 23

Can it get any worse?                                        Sep 22

More ways you can assist me!                            Sep 21

Important update on the disaster!                      Sep 20

Disaster – Take Two                                          Sep 19

Disaster!                                                          Sep 18

$1.80                                                               Sep 17

Three on a weekend!                                         Sep 16

I suppose I should feel lucky!                             Sep 15

Mid-September update!                                     Sep 13

A trying weekend!                                             Sep 10

A quiet birthday!                                                Sep 9

No, it wasn't Teddy Bear's fault!                           Sep 7

Thursday emergency!                                         Sep 6

Mounting pressures!                                           Sep 5

Gene Steinberg's Personal Messages Message       Sep 4

Stuck on Labor Day!                                            Sep 3

Sunday afternoon in Arizona!                               Sep 2

Holiday weekend's [sic] are
always difficult for me!                                        Sep 2

Stranded on Labor Day weekend!                         Sep 1

August (21)

Holiday weekend problems!                                 Aug 31

Very fast update!                                                Aug 27

Weekend update!                                                Aug 25

Still stuck at zero!                                               Aug 23

The stakes!                                                        Aug 22

A brief crisis update!                                           Aug 22

Stranded!                                                           Aug 21

A very embarrassing moment!                             Aug 19

Down to zero cash again!                                    Aug 18

Ongoing emergencies!                                        Aug 17

Another day, another crisis!                                 Aug 16

Now they're going after my relatives!                   Aug 14

Monday and broke again!                                    Aug 13

The weekend threat!                                           Aug 10

Crisis update!                                                     Aug 9

Update on the crisis!                                           Aug 8

It's happening again today!                                  Aug 7

Time is very short!                                              Aug 6

Not a fun place to be!                                          Aug 6

Important Friday update!                                     Aug 3

Running out of motel money again!                      Aug 1

July (20)

Troubling news!                                                  July 31

A miserable day-to-day existence!                        July 27

Can you help?                                                    July 26

Tapped out!                                                        July 24

Monday update!                                                  July 23

Sunday crisis!                                                     July 22

A last-minute request!                                         July 21

Still on hold!                                                       July 19

Another crisis!                                                    July 17

Progress report such as it is!                                July 16

Here we go again!                                               July 15

Another weekend struggle!                                   July 14

Struggling along!                                                 July 12

A painful move!                                                   July 9

Friday Emergency                                                July 6

Running way short!                                              July 6

Hours left!                                                          July 5

Thursday and Friday deadlines!                             July 4

Deadlines and confusion!                                      July 2

Sunday problems!                                                July 1

June (17)

Here are my current obstacles!                            June 29

Stop the presses!                                                June 28

Still under attack!                                                June 27

The online stalkers are relentless!                         June 25

Update on the fight of my life!                              June 21

It's time for me to fight back!                               June 19

Online stalkers have attacked me again!                June 18

A close encounter with the constable!                    June 15

Barbara is trying to heal from major surgery!         June 14

Back to the cheap motel!                                      June 13

Once again my fate is in your hands!                     June 13

Update on Barbara!                                              June 12

I can't go through this anymore!                            June 11

Another weekend waiting for the end!                     June 10

My life has turned upside down!                             June 9

An early June update!                                            June 8

A brief look at the obstacles I'm facing!                   June 4

May (14)

A Q&A Update!                                                      May 30

Discouraging news!                                                May 29

Rush Update!                                                         May 25

An Urgent Request                                                 May 25

Under Siege Update!                                               May 25

Under Siege!                                                          May 22

The hate campaign intensifies!                                May 20

Going for broke!                                                     May 17

My situation so far!                                                 May 15

Weekend update on hacking!                                   May 11

It appea
rs to be ID theft!                                         May 8

Update on bank hack!                                              May 7

Hacked again!                                                         May 5

May update!                                                            May 1

April (15)

I'm under attack!                                                     Apr 24

Some progress!                                                       Apr 19

The Wrap-Up!                                                          Apr 14

Weekend update!                                                     Apr 13

Closer to the end!                                                    Apr 11

Urgent Moving Update                                              Apr 11

Moving Day!                                                            Apr 11

The night before!                                                     Apr 10

The final stretch – I hope!                                         Apr 10

I'm trying to save my life!                                         Apr 9

An impossible situation!                                            Apr 7

I came real close!                                                     Apr 5

The house hunting continues!                                    Apr 4

An impossible juggling match!                                   Apr 3

Where it stands!                                                       Apr 2

March (32)

Nearly homeless!                                                     Mar 31

A critical progress report!                                         Mar 30

Trying to find a new home!                                       Mar 29

One day at a time!                                                   Mar 28

A Wednesday deadline!                                             Mar 27

A two-day reprieve from homelessness!                     Mar 26

Rush update!                                                           Mar 25

I'm hours from being homeless!                                Mar 25

I'm hours from being homeless!                                Mar 25
[same title, different email and e-list]

Last minute emergency!                                           Mar 23

I'm a day from being homeless!                                Mar 23

Wednesday update!                                                  Mar 22

Running out of motel money!                                    Mar 21

Memo from the cheap motel!                                    Mar 20

A Monday emergency!                                              Mar 18

I need a place to live!                                               Mar 17

We lost our home!                                                    Mar 16

I don't know if this is my last day!                             Mar 16

Update on the lock out threat!                                   Mar 15

I'll probably lose my apartment today!                       Mar 15

The final warning from the property manager!            Mar 14

I hope it's not too late!                                             Mar 13

Still waiting to be forced out!                                    Mar 12

Waiting to be locked out!                                          Mar 12

Second weekend update!                                          Mar 11

I'm out of answers!                                                  Mar 10

It's time for desperate measures!                              Mar 9

I don't think I have a solution this time!                     Mar 7

Waiting for the end!                                                 Mar 6

Bringing you up to date!                                           Mar 4

I'm desperate so I took a chance!                              Mar 1

I hope this isn't my last update!                                Mar 1

February (10)

The final days!                                                         Feb 27

Troubles are piling up!                                              Feb 27

A setback!                                                               Feb 24

They keep finding more things!                                 Feb 22

Still living in suspense!                                             Feb 21

Update on Barbara's medical issues!                          Feb 16

No answers yet!                                                       Feb 13

Maybe a problem!                                                    Feb 8

I'm still fighting for my future!                                   Feb 7

Early February Update!                                             Feb 2

January (10)

There is still time!                                                    Jan 29

Waiting for the constable!                                         Jan 25

It's panic time!                                                        Jan 24

The Assistant Property Manager Sets a Date!             Jan 22

It's down to just a few days once again!                    Jan 22

I may need a place to live soon!                               Jan 18

Living under a new threat!                                       Jan 16

Not a happy Tuesday!                                              Jan 9

Seeking a final solution!                                           Jan 8

An Early January Update!                                         Jan 2


  1. Seeing it all laid out like this it's hard not to conclude this guy is nuts.

    Even as an approach to scamming, never mind a way to live, this seems like insane behavior. And so far as we can tell it's led him to homelessness, and now allegedly no smartphone. He is not prospering, and he's leaving a trail of ripped off merchants and listeners in his wake

    I think everything that can be said about Steinberg has been said; I know I've repeated myself umpteen times. And yet -

    The faux cliffhanger dynamic he sustains keeps me paying some attention. It feels like he has to turf out once and for all someday. He is forever crowing about looming disasters, and while those disasters never seem to land, at the same time it's hard not to feel he isn't firmly committed to a path of slow-motion disaster. Like this is all going to catch up with him sometime, and anyone who's experienced his heavy handed, haughty manner of responding to anyone who questions him, anyone who has seen how he's ripped people off and lied and lied... kind of wants to be there to see that.

    And finally, 'UFOlogy', the 'paranormal field'... call it what you will, it says nothing good for it that Gene Steinberg is still granted any scrap of credibility within it. "The gold standard". Shame on anyone who contributes to him and his delusions, or who supports him in any way.

    Giving him money does no good. And as for appearing on his shows - even if you think it's all just a fun diversion and that eccentrics are an inherit part of the package... why lend any of your own respectability to a wad of human garbage?

    Yes he needs help. No, not your cash. The need is not urgent. There really is no need, just wants that can never be satisfied.

    Someday Gene will find the bottom; he's been digging real hard for a long time and is bound to get there on his own eventually.

    1. Gah. INHERENT part of the package, of course. Not inherit.

    2. An unbearable cliffhanger

  2. He also used the Rockoids forum member list to send out a half dozen or so. I dont know if he stopped because it generated Zero returns, or if he was simply using that list as a test bed for generating mailing lists using various filters and criteria as he was seeking advice for on his forums software site.

  3. Hes continuing to externalize the causes in this years begs.
    Last year we heard the eviction wasn't just about rent not being paid, but rather that pack of pesky online haters who allegedly contacted the facility.

    Then Teddy got the blame for another eviction, when the likelihood was they were sick of having to chase the rent daily and be given excuses and promises instead of cash.

    Now the phone company has made the "mistake", and disconnected rather than suspended the account.

    The reason why, has echo's of yet another motels "mistake" of overbooking his room forcing him to move again.

    It costs money to chase debt, once a business realizes they are dealing with a serial defaulter who seems to have a different excuse every day they just wash their hands of you.

    Once you become more trouble (to chase up for late payments) than its worth. Thats it.

    But for Gene Steinberg Its always someone else's fault/mistake

    Last week he was "struggling" to pay the motel bill, then did "not know if he could pay" the motel bill, On the 31st he says "i dont have enough money to pay the motel today, if i dont come up with all of it i wont have a place to live"

    Its worth pointing out here that traditionally motels are a place to stay, not a place to live.

    motel definition: 1. a hotel for people traveling by car guests access their rooms directly from the parking lot.

    Last week we went from "struggling" to pay, to not knowing if he could pay, to knowing he did not have enough to pay.

    Today its a reset back to "As usual the motel has to be paid by 11 AM Arizona time (Mountain) to have a place to stay."

    Three more toss's of the magic coin, and 3 more times hes flipped heads and stayed. We rarely hear where this last minute cash comes from. But it always turns up, in the nick of time to forestall the cliffhanger of being on the street next episode.

    Tune in tomorrow folks, same bat shit crazy time, same bat shit crazy channel

  4. "There has been no progress in restoring my cell phone. Rather than suspending it, the contract was canceled by mistake, which means it’ll take longer to reactivate after payment"

    Why would he reactivate after paying the money owed. And if thats the plan why not just pay the bill before its cut off.

    Like the accommodation rentals, hes squatted on that phone account, run up an arrears for as much as and as long as he could, and will now do a midnight dash to a new provider leaving the money owed behind him.

    Its not going to "take longer to reactivate after payment"

    I speculate he's done a runner on this provider and will have to set up a new account with a new provider.

    Hence the reference to the time it will take to get connected again.

    Frankly a prepaid sim card, like a prepaid motel stay is the way to go. Keeps him honest and no one gets ripped off.

    1. "Done a runner on this provider". Gene, Gene, Gene: what would Supergirl think?

      And this unpaid bill again begs the question, where does his money go? Is it really taking everything he's got (as well as whatever you'll give him) to pay for the motel and his, Barbara and Teddy Bear's meals? He probably still has a car (lease?) payment...?

      I am not convinced he has a gambling problem, but knowing how much he's lied in the past doesn't make his denials and mockery of the notion entirely persuasive.

      One thing is for sure - while Gene is free to spam his Paracast forum members and other unfortunate occupants of any mailing lists he has, you must never, ever discuss his bizarre emails or crisis acting on any forum he manages. What, that seems shady to you? No, no, everything is normal here. Gene's just a little down on his luck and has funny notions about how to go about monetizing his podcast.

      And as for that podcast, well, no worries there, Paracast fans. Gene could be living out of his car but will still crank out two terrible episodes of 'his shows' each week. This week on the Paracast J. Randall Murphy is going to be interviewing "The Web Machine", a fellow who apparently has never thought to do a Google search on Gene Steinberg.

  5. He's a compulsive liar, and will continue to spew this crap until he takes his last breath. Believe nothing he writes or says, he's swimming in a fetid puddle of self-inflicted misery. He hasn't a genuine friend in this world, and that's no accident, his legacy is a wake of broken promises, cheated friends and ripped-off suckers. I regret ever giving this shmuck a second of my time, and even a whiff of credibility.

    1. David you are a good honest man.
      Dont own anything Gene did.
      Gene took everybody for a ride.
      including myself. I showed you the digs he was living in.
      It's enough to vomit.
      No Gene now needs to go away.
      The grift is over.
      I spoke out. And so did you.
      It will take a lot of time to be free of his slime.
      By not keeping quiet we both work to shake the slime.

    2. Meanwhile, Chris O’Brien who sucked at Gene’s teat enjoying the milk of fame and glory for over 10 years remains silent. Chris also gave Gene “credibility” which enabled him to continue to con people out of their money. And Gene continues with a new “co-host”. David has the balls to speak up. Chris, why won’t you?!

    3. Chris is taking a small reprieve. He’ll be back after he does his share. But, I wouldn’t place a bet on it. Not even $20. Or groceries.

    4. I've seen Chris on here so he could make his own statement (I think he has), he has already distanced himself from Gene. In his discussion with Greg Bishop, Chris said he had ended his relationship with a certain co-host, he didn't quit, he went beyond and he won't ever return to the show. "I can't support that, I'm moving on". He doesn't go off on Gene in name, but if you've heard Chris before, you get the gist of his opinion of him.

      Check around 6 minutes for his statement:

    5. Gambling is a terrible addiction.

  6. All those titles, including ones wailing that he's hours from homelessness, that he can't take it anymore, that the constable is coming...yet none of those things has gotten him to find work that actually pays his bills and keeps a roof over his head.

    No matter the crisis, no matter the agony, no matter what comes be it hell or high water, nothing is enough to convince him to change his behavior.

    Indeed, he is perfectly comfortable living the way he is. He is right where he wants to be. He won't change because he doesn't want to. He's fine and there is no crisis.

  7. Don’t forget about the groceries. Never forget about the groceries. It’s always about the groceries. And groceries. Did I mention the groceries?! Before I forget, oh yeah groceries. Gotta have the groceries.

    And they better be delivered.

  8. The grammar police need to take Gene’s exclamation point away. If you use it too much, it goes flaccid.

    Think happy thoughts Gene. Become the master of your domain.

  9. I wonder what one of those free online credit checks on Steinberg would reveal ?

  10. Gene has never once said the two magic words: “Thank You” in any of his emails. He simply expects you to do your share to pay ALL his bills. And it’s been over 15 years of so-called “emergencies”.

  11. Good morning. The hotel needs to be paid by 11AM central time. You know the drill. Follow the usual PayPal instructions and do your share. Just living life and paying “regular people” bills is an emergency. Also, be kind enough to include $1.08 for a cheeseburger. $2.16 if want Barbara to eat too. $3.24 if Teddy Bear gets one. Hurry up Schemey’s hungry.

  12. Oh, yes, the groceries! And Barbara's eye drops! We need to pay for her meds now, too. And I haven't forgotten that he said that their mattress is old and needs to be replaced, so of course that is up to us to do that. And does he talk about his "sparse and old" furniture, because he wants us to replace that, too? I'm surprised that he isn't asking for reimbursement for that $100 do it yourself chest.

    The "family tv" is too old for him so I guess we should get him a new one. One time the "family car" was repossessed, so we should probably make his car payments on his latest new car. His banks accounts, plural, were hacked and emptied (so he had money all along!) so we should replace it. It was up to us to get him new car tires, but we were slackers and failed to do it, so he had to actually get them himself. (Again, he had the money!)

    I also clearly remember that when he was moving out of that expensive gated community he whined that the movers wouldn't accept his credit card, so he had to run to the bank and take out the money! He had money all along! They had probably looked him up, saw that he was a bad risk, and made the right decision. Good on them!

    Oh, but I almost forgot; he not only wanted listeners to move his crap, but he hinted that he wanted listeners to also pack some of his crap for him. "I suppose if I had strong friends in the neighborhood, friends that know how to pack breakables carefully, I could save a bundle..." Or something like that; I'm paraphrasing.

    It was our fault that he had to stand around and piss off...I mean, point out all the mistakes that the movers were making. He complained that they put stuff in the wrong containers. Well, if he hadn't waited until the last dog died to get his crap packed they wouldn't have had to hurridly do it for him while at the same time trying to load it into the truck! And he stood around and bitched at them!

    And in the end he gave the movers a bad rating. He's lucky they didn't walk off and leave his crap on the lawn. What a pain-in-the-ass nightmare of a person he must be...

    Oh, and as of today and the last 6 months? He's magically come up with the motel money every single time. Is he really in a crisis that is beyond his control? No, he's not. Again, he's right where he wants to be. I just feel sorry for the motel staff. They don't deserve to have to put up with his shit every day. I hope they got nice year end bonuses to make up for it.

  13. What a discouraging overview of a long-running con by a spokesman for ufology! This blog is also amazing for its on-going mission of holding Gene's feet to the fire. Can all this possibly be legal??

    1. It’s legal to tell the truth. Something Gene has never done.

  14. Frankly I blame GCN for enabling this loser. Being “on the radio” carries a measure of credibility so matter how small. How many suckers got duped because they believe the media?! You don’t expect a “radio host” to be masquerading as a fraudster and criminal. People are too trusting. Keep warning everyone that appears on the Paracast. This thief Gene Steinberg needs to be stopped before he steals again.

  15. #WhereDoesTheMoneyGo












  16. So Gene’s phone is shut off then how is he ordering take-out for him and Barb?! Oh wait, I forgot. They only eat out at restaurants. Cooking at home or even getting delivery is too beneath them. They must be waited on hand and foot. Gene Steinberg he’s a famous radio host and celebrity don’t ya know?!!! Now bow down and kiss the ring. And send money.

  17. Gene finally said the magic words “thank you for your past support”. It proves he’s reading these comments because we called him out for it. 15 years of begging his list for money and he finally has the gall to utter those two words ONLY after we shamed him for it. A true con man. He only rises to the occasion when he’s bent over and publicly flogged.


    Is Gene Steinberg A Closet Discordian?

    Methinks we have the answer. It's all a hoax and a performance art. Gene is the greatest huckster in the annals of UFO history!!!

    The jokes all on us.

    1. Every single person who's read this saga, has had the same thought more than once.
      He must be trolling us right ?
      It cant be real, It cant.

      Reason enough not to give him any money, and to make sure no one else does either

    2. Gene stop your sick “performance art”. We’ve all had enough. We know you’re a Discordian. This explains everything. You and Geneva have been exposed. You read everything about yourself then change or adapt your begging to fit. All this money is just a game for you and you love all the attention. Real peoples lives are being hurt like Mr Torson’s. How many more victims, Gene?! Just so you can live the Discordian life? We’re onto you and won’t stop until your begging does. The shows over. Your “performance” has ended. No one is going to pay you any attention anymore. You don’t deserve it.

  19. Two days after claiming the phone will take longer to be reconnected because they cancelled his account, The service is restored.

    I think the prediction of using a prepaid sim card fits the story here.

    And his Motel bill is again paid, despite his dire wailing he was only hours from being on the street.

    I call this the Goldilocks strategy.

    Too deep in debt, and he's beyond help. Any cash you send will be a mouses piss in the ocean so you don't bother.
    Not deep enough and why should you send cash, he should be able to work himself clear of the shortfall.

    The Goldilocks zone is just right.(bad enough that he needs help, not bad enough that any cash you give will be wasted in an inescapable black hole of debt)

    "I have a long way to go to escape the expensive motel trap"

    Never going to happen, he should reread his own chain of letters to give himself the proper perspective. Again the Black hole reference fits, there is no escape once you are caught in its gravitational trap.

    Nothing has changed, By his own claims hes just not earning enough , nor will ever earn enough to reach that goal.

    Some management academics would say that the difference between goals and objectives is that a goal is a description of a destination, and an objective is a measure of the progress that is needed to get to the destination.

    In this context goals are the long term outcomes you (or the organization) want/ need to achieve. More often than not, these goals can be broken into “chunks” or objectives. Goals are often open and unstructured in nature. Goals can be fluid and are directional in nature.

    Objectives tend to be single achievable outcomes. They are concrete in statement and purpose. There is no ambiguity as to whether they have been achieved or not.

    An apartment may be the goal, but he continues to fail the objectives along the way.

    The first objective is to earn enough money to pay the bills and save for an apartment.

    Until he meets this objective, his goal cannot ever be met.

    The first objective on a daily basis is to earn enough wages to pay the bills, the rent, buy groceries and put some aside for an apartment.

    Going back over 6 months and longer, that simply hasn't happened by his own admission.

    For as long as he is asking for "help", he isn't meeting that objective and thus cannot ever reach his goal.

    Every time he uses the word help, we are reminded he has not achieved his objective for today, is still trapped in the financial black hole that is his reality now.

  20. The asshole is back begging for groceries again to his other list of past suckers. What a low life. He needs serious mental/medical help. If he can’t feed himself or Barbara then he needs to go into a state run nursing home. Next he’ll be asking for adult diaper money. Grayson needs to intervene. This is absurd at this point.

    1. I don't think that Grayson will ever intervene. Gene is beyond help. No amount of good suggestions and no amount of money will help him. He is a hopeless case. He will not be helped by anyone or anything.

      It's possible that Grayson has intervened in the past, only to see that he wasted his time and resources. Gene once said that Grayson "chips in when he can," which shows that he has also given Gene money. Gene wasted that money. It never helped him. It never solved a single issue. So Grayson had to make the choice of staying in the States with his folks, or pursuing his own life far, far away and letting them sink or swim on their own.

      Gene is beyond help, and I believe that Grayson knows this.

      Even Gene's first wife knows better. I'm not trying to bring Geneva into anything here; I just want to point out that she, who is still on friendly terms with him, knows better than to waste her money on him. She has many helpful suggestions to make, but she keeps her money. She must know that any money she would give would be wasted.

      So two people who are or have been close to Gene know that he cannot be helped. When someone is that far gone there comes a time where you just have to give up. Nothing will change. Gene will never change. All that can be done now is to try and slow him down and try to keep him from doing further damage to more innocent people. He's left a whole lot of damage in his wake, and that must come to an end.

  21. And via the private list.

    "It appears i need some grocery money tonight and some motel money tomorrow.

    Can you help me today ?

    If you can please follow the usual process:"

    Again suggesting what are everyday normal expanses for everyone else, appears out of the blue. Took him by complete surprise.
    And hes not just asking for someone to pay for his rent and food, But his use of the phrase "follow the usual process"

    Indicates he wants sponsorship, not one off help.

    "Follow the usual process and pay for my rent and food"

    It shows how normalized he see's the behavior, like some mangy stray cat you fed once because you felt sorry for it that now turns up every day expecting to be fed.

    Not even bothering with a crisis, just pay for my rent and food as per the usual process.

    And i will expect you to do so again , and again, and again.

    As if his leech like parasitic lifestyle is just how things are now.

    Its not even begging, its a demand.An expectation of support.

    Senile old bastard.

  22. Yesterday was actually a good example of why your money doesnt help him at all.

    He starts the day with

    "It’s a little better today thanks to a small boost in cash flow and some help from my friends."

    And just a few hours later follows up with

    "It appears i need some grocery money tonight and some motel money tomorrow."

    Within hours of being given money by a friend as he claims, he was in need again.

    The money didnt help him, he was in trouble just hours later.

    That donation fixed nothing. Dont throw your money down this black hole.

    1. So Gene admits he gets a wad of cash from a mystery friend, then within hours is begging for “groceries”. Gene where did they money go?! You say you don’t gamble but money is being spent somewhere. Is it drugs? Opioids for your pretzel back? What else would eat up money that quickly?! You did remember to feed Small Reprieve I hope! Don’t get him hangry.

  23. Sounds like a hairy situation and more bald-faced lies from Schemey. How’s your Discordian life working out for you Gene? You’re a homeless grifter begging for change. How does it feel to be a complete and utter failure? LOSER.

  24. Well today's cliffhanger is really coming down to the dire wire.

    "Its down to about 45 mins till the motel must be paid.
    But i dont have enough money to do it.
    There is no alternative other than not having a place to live"

    Or to translate, there is no alternative other than for you to give me your money today.

    Methinks its time to re-home Teddy bear. For starters he cant afford to look after his own daily needs, A dog is a luxury at this point, what ever the cost its one he cant afford. What happens if he needs a visit to the vet, or has to be put down in old age ?. He deserves a better home than this.
    And perhaps without even a small expense like Teddy, any money saved has to be a help given the chronic nature of his self avowed poverty.

    Clearly donations don't help, Today he's 45 mins away from the deadline with no funds to meet his obligations.

    None of the previous cash donations have fixed anything, simply kicked the can down the road, delayed the inevitable.

    He hasn't met his daily objective of earning enough money to pay for his rent, his food, his bills AND put some aside for a new apartment.

    He hasn't met today's objective, and his goal is further away than ever.

    Donations are at this stage akin to putting a bandaid on a severed artery,You need not bother.

    It would be kinder at this stage to let the patient bleed out quickly and end the suffering once and for all.

  25. Just leave him alone & forget him. The guy is mentally sick.

  26. Gene if you’re addicted to opioids because of your back pain, it’s not entirely your fault. Many people have become addicted. Is this where all the donation money is going? To buy drugs? People give you free money and it’s gone within the hour. If you need help, there are places available. It is not too late to turn things around. Addiction is a disease. Get help please before it’s too late. Many of us don’t agree with your tactics over the years but you’re still human and if drug addiction has taken hold of you, it can be overcome. God Bless.

    1. Go to the latest Paracast episode and fast forward to the 2 hour and 7 minute mark and listen. Gene's definitely on something and starts speaking in other voices. Totally out of his mind. Have another drink, Gene. Pop another pill. This is just sad and pathetic.

  27. "Just leave him alone & forget him. The guy is mentally sick."

    In other circumstances I would agree. I don't, tho. He constantly victimizes other people. He damages life after life after life. He rips off landlord after landlord after landlord. No, he should not be left alone. He stole $44,000 from a man who he claimed was a friend.

    In my opinion, this man should not be left alone to continue victimizing others.

    1. A great many people have tried to help him, given good and sensible advice that would have negated the need to ask for other peoples money. Advice that would have negated the now long running pattern of ripping off lenders, vendors and landlords.
      Gene has no remorse about the people he's ripped off, the financial problems hes created for them.
      A sociopath with no moral conscience.
      He enters into contracts, knowing he wont pay whats owed
      Borrows money knowing he wont pay it back
      Asks for donations for exaggerated and overblown crisis storys that are not really crises at all, ie false pretenses.
      And has no conscience or qualms about continuing to do so.
      Many have tried to help him break this sick cycle, and sometimes one must be cruel to be kind.
      The truth is sometimes painful.

  28. The last episode of the Parascam was painful to listen to. Randall carried the whole show and really had to stretch to keep the conversion going. Gene was totally absent. Literally spoke for no more than a few minutes in the 3 hour program. Gene was just the timekeeper. He contributed absolutely nothing, other than being a clockwatcher. Totally useless. The show has gone so far downhill. They're obviously struggling for guests. Next on the Parascam will be the janitor from GCN and what it's like to work at a network that supports UFO grifters. Stay tuned...

  29. I agree; if he is indeed addicted to some sort of drug he does need to get help. There are resources available and I hope he utilizes them. I don't think that anybody wants to see him addicted and untreated.

  30. Hey, it's funny Gene mentioned his brother Wallace C Steinberg on the latest Paracast episode, and said he has outlived him by 12 years. I looked him up and he died at age 61 and Gene is now 73 so that checks out. Plus the name and middle initial match, and location Brooklyn, New York / New Jersey area (where Gene and his brother is from).

    Brother Wally seems like a real intelligent guy, very smart. And no mention of Gene or Barbara anywhere in the obituary?! I find that strange and very telling. Maybe there is more to the story here than we know. There are also children mentioned, so Gene does have nieces and nephews who could help him, but I'm sure Gene burnt those bridges many years ago.

    Keep digging and peeling the onion everyone. There are many more layers yet to be uncovered.

    Wallace Steinberg Dies at 61; Backed Health Care Ventures

    1. A tale of two brothers.

      Wally becomes an extremely successful, wealthy scientist and venture capitalist. He even invented the curved Reach toothbrush!

      And his brother Gene morphs into a scammer, grifter and con man.

      Do I sense the next hit blockbuster?! It would be perfect!!! Scheme Gene The Musical where are you?!

    2. Hmmm; well, I can't say that fellow was NOT Gene's brother but I'd certainly be surprised if he was.

      I read somewhere that Gene has or had a sister who is a lawyer who had "cut him off"; anyone know anything about that? It might not be true, not sure.

      And who is Jeffrey Steinberg?

    3. I can confirm this is indeed Gene's brother, Wallace who died. Jeffrey is Wally's son and Gene has been hitting him up for money on twitter.

      Jeffrey's Twitter (Gene's nephew)

      Wally was extremely wealthy so I can see where Gene gets his sense of entitlement from. The only difference is that Wally EARNED his wealth. Unlike Gene who refuses to work and wants everything handed to him FREE.

      RIP Wally. Gene can never compare to your achievements.

    4. More proof. Wallace Steinberg from Johnson & Johnson is listed in Gene's first print issue of Caveat Emptor from 1971. It's his brother and Gene must have been very proud of him (why put the asterisk?!!!). A multi-millionaire venture capitalist and inventor of the Reach toothbrush.

      And Gene mentions Wally from time to time on the Paracast. There's obviously some lingering jealously. This could have been Gene, if he'd taken a different path instead of illegal short-cuts.

      Pure irony and the stuff of movies.

  31. I'm someone who gave Gene some money ($20) a while ago. Even then, I didn't really believe his stories fully but I had known him quite a long time and do remember him being helpful on AOL. I remember telling the late Jim Moseley that I was thinking about giving him some money which Jim found hilarious and said that it would be "good money after bad". I should have listened to him. All those years ago and he's still up to it.

    The most dishonest part of Gene's con is the very selective and incomplete information he churns out.

    As an example, he might say:

    "I am down to $.36 in Paypal"

    At first glance, this seems dire but then you realize that it really means nothing. Are you down to $.36 because you just transferred all the money out into another account? Who knows?

    He frequently claims that things are improving (slightly) but never says just how much (it never seems to be enough).

    Without a full accounting, we have no idea what is actually going on--for all we know, he is still out there buying new cars and subscribing to Satellite radio.

    I do wonder who could possibly still be giving him money. Is anyone? Is this grift really just some sort of mental illness?

    It's sad and weird.


  32. I found another article. Wally Steinberg, sounds like an amazing guy. Unlike Gene who is a complete and utter failure and total loser in life. I hope you're proud Gene. You've let Wally and your entire family down. He would be totally ashamed of you and what you've become. You're despicable and are no more than a sad punchline. A total joke of a human being.


    Farewell To A Pioneer

    Local biotechnology executives are quietly mourning the death of Wallace Steinberg, a New Jersey-based venture capitalist who planted much of the seed money for Maryland's biotechnology industry.

    Steinberg, who died in his sleep July 31 at the age of 61, was one of six partners in HealthCare Investment Corp., which provided the money -- and often the initial idea -- for several of this area's most prominent biotech firms in the last decade: Genetic Therapy Inc., MedImmune Inc., Pharmavene Inc, Oncologix Inc., all of Gaithersburg, and Human Genome Sciences Inc. of Rockville and its not-for-profit Gaithersburg affiliate, the Institute for Genomic Research.

    "He was the engine that started it all," James Barrett, chief executive of Genetic Therapy, which was founded in 1987 and was bought by Swiss pharmaceutical giant Sandoz AG for $295 million last month.

    Steinberg, who had a bachelor's degree in pharmacy and a master's degree in pharmaceutical chemistry from Rutgers University, spent 21 years at Johnson & Johnson, including stints as a director of research and development and head of the company's venture capital and strategic planning division. After leaving J&J 10 years ago, he founded HealthCare Investment in Metro Park, N.J., and served as chairman. Every two years, he held a retreat for presidents of all the companies his group helped found. Earlier this year the retreat was held on a resort island in Florida. Those who attended listened to sci entists and other experts. It was a "heavy duty scientific immersion for four days," in the words of one attendee.

    Executives said that HealthCare Investment has very capable people and that they expect it will continue, though they said Steinberg's skills will be hard to replace.

    "Wally Steinberg is the kind of person you can't replace," said James H. Canvanaugh, president and partner in HealthCare Investment.

    William A. Haseltine, chairman and chief executive of Human Genome Sciences, said Steinberg always insisted the companies he helped start have a strong -- and independent -- management team.

    "He would always say, I'll give you advice but the decision is yours.' And that was the truth," Haseltine said. "It's very sad. He was a remarkable man of forceful intellect, farsighted vision and the highest integrity. He will be sorely missed."

  33. Gene really is the black sheep of the family. He’s borrowed, swindled, and stole from everyone. No one wants anything to do with him.

    I find it absolutely shocking that in all the glowing obituaries and articles about his brother Wally, not ONE mention of Gene. But other family members were mentioned. That’s telling. It’s as if Gene was wiped from that side of the family. Permanently erased.

    This was back in the 90s and one can only imagine the shenanigans Scheme Gene was up to back then. To be banned from a brother’s life and finally death is the ultimate fuck you.

    The whole thing is just sad. Very sad.

    1. But what about the groceries?!!!! I need to know if there were groceries!!!!

  34. Found another article. WOW!!! Wally was an amazing guy and well on his way to unlocking the Fountain Of Youth (see article link). Clearly a genius, very ambitious and wealthy. Loved by everyone. The total opposite of Gene. (We know who got all the brains and success in the family.)

    Clearly, this has affected Gene and contributes to his smug sense of self-entitlement. Imagine, seeing someone so successful in your family. Instead of praising him, Gene got jealous and it's festered and manifested into the man we see today...a con man hell-bent on stealing your money. Bowing down to the God of the almighty dollar.

    Wally's success could have been Gene's, if he choose another path. But, the "magic of writing" called and the allure of the AOL and Usenet groups beckoned. Flame wars had to be fought. Forums had to be policed. Twitter wars had to be won. Gene had to feel "powerful".

    It's easier to scam people by email, than actually work for a living. But, eventually people wise-up and the fraud ends. 15 years later, the chickens have come home to roost.

    Gene, you reap what you sow.


    Wallace Steinberg: Laying Pipe for the Fountain of Youth


    1. Gene's brother, Wally, clearly lived an amazing life. Butlers, personal tennis court, a home like from The Great Gatsby. I mean WOW! This explains everything. I can see why Gene is the way he is. Some excerpts from the article:

      "Mr. Steinberg tells this tale over a salad of steak, corn and tomatoes, served by a uniformed butler at his mansion in Rumson, N.J. Mr. Steinberg; his wife, Maria, and a reporter are the only people dining, clustered at one end of a long table, near the swinging door to the kitchen. When a course is completed, Mrs. Steinberg rings a small bell."

      "It was a typical Friday for Mr. Steinberg, who works only Monday through Thursday at his office in Metro Park, N.J. It's all part of a master plan. Taking three days off a week to relax and play tennis on his private court helps him keep his mind young, he said, by encouraging a different sort of mental stimulus. He focuses on tennis strategies and dancing through the night with his wife at local discos."

      HIS surroundings tell a lot about him. His 80-year-old home in an old estate village nestled between the Navesink River and the Atlantic was built by Thomas McCarter, the father of a boyhood friend of F. Scott Fitzgerald. "It is alleged that McCarter was a model for Thomas Buchanan in 'The Great Gatsby' and that this house was a model for Buchanan's house," Mr. Steinberg said.

      The Steinbergs are taking great pains in restoring the house, buying magnificent antique furniture and even X-raying the walls to find the original paint.

      Surrounded by the trappings of the past, however, the Steinbergs lack no creature comforts. They are building a replica of a 1910 tennis court, complete with wooden lattices, for example, but they eschewed grass courts of the sort the McCarters would have played on. Instead, they put in artificial turf over sand. That way, Mrs. Steinberg said, when it rains, "the sand soaks up the water" and you can play five minutes after the rain stops.

      Full article here:

  35. The Haters:
    Hate is a pretty strong emotion, so like the rest of Genes narrative his use of the word is overblown and exaggerated.

    Its usually associated with an extreme expression of anger, And emotion of such intensity seems a tad overdone in regards to internet shenanigans.

    Genes use of the phrase, is just another exaggeration for effect, like his use of the words emergency and crisis.

    Its used to paint a picture, purpose designed to elicit sympathy that is then milked for cash donations.

    I personally don't feel Hate, and i'm confident most commentators feel the same.

    My reactions to his dishonesty are more aligned with words like disgust and distaste.

    Normal people have a natural aversion to seeing someone commit charity fraud. To exaggerate and lie about their personal circumstances and then use that false narrative to con people out of money. Often money they themselves can ill afford to give away.

    Many times ive seen people say I'm not doing so well myself but I'll send what i can" or words of similar effect.

    When it becomes patently obvious an individual is deliberately and dishonestly ripping others off. The natural reaction is disgust.

    Haters ? Hardly.
    Disgusted onlookers with a decent sense of moral compass, concerned to see no one else is robbed.

    The "good citizens" are his detractors, we have a social and moral conscience and we see whats happening and are calling it out as The con job it it.

    The honest have a natural aversion to the dishonest

    The metaphorical torches and pitchforks are the natural reaction when a member of the herd deviates from the social covenants like Steinberg has.

    On a larger scale its why we have Police and prisons.
    Steinbergs numerous court records for financial default say it all.

    Criminals love to play the victim, Take that phrase back through the history of this individual and its a perfect match on both counts.

  36. Wow! Fascinating stuff. I have long suspected there was an interesting story lurking in Schnorrberg's background, but I figured he just came from a long line of swindlers, counterfeiters, and pickpockets.

    It's interesting to note that many US presidents have had "colorful" brothers who caused embarrassment to their brilliant and accomplished siblings. I suppose the mental health profession has a name for such underachievers, but I'm not going to put any energy into looking.

  37. The Paracast is nearing its end and Randall’s plan will soon take hold.

    What little forum members left are fighting, quality guests for the show are scarce and non-existent, the listeners have all fled, the people on the mailing list are revolting to UFO Trail, Scheme Gene Research Community and Alien Expanse, Gene’s reputation is in complete tatters, and Small Reprieve is hanging on by a hair!

    The end is near.

    Or, as one astute Paracast forum member summed it up nicely, “the show is circling the drain”.

    Gene, it’s time to close the lid and flush.

  38. There are a few comments on Gene's FB page where people have suggestions that Gene ignores. Ex-wife suggests possibilities, and all he says afterwards is hmmm...

    He says he does "some" driving. But we knew that. He only does "some." He doesn't drive nearly enough to live off of, much less pay for his car and it's expenses. But will he change a single thing? Nope! No advice is worth taking, I guess, as it is obvious he prefers living day to day in a "fleabag motel." Oh, and a real classic - the landlord won't listen to reason! It's the landlord's fault he gets himself into trouble!

    Here are the FB exchanges in which he changes nothing -

    Gene Steinberg
    June 14, 2018 ·

    So as my wife tries to heal from major surgery, there's the danger we'll be forced to leave our apartment on 15 minutes notice.

    Geneva Hagen What a nightmare! I owe way too much now to help out - thousands in taxes that I did not expect - and also just had to cancel a couple of unexpected/ unauthorized charges on my own credit card. Another friend had his bank account hacked yesterday. It must be a big-time racket now.

    Call your congress-critters immediately! Especially the state representative. Also try the tenants' association. And any legal aid/ Legal Services Society, if AZ has one. Some colleges offer it as a free service, by law students.

    Also see if your area has a "Fox on Your Side" TV program - sometimes they help in situations like this in Alabama. If they put you out on the sidewalk, by all means call the local TV news channel. They love to film incidents of "patient dumping" as they happen, and viewers will often donate generously.

    In most states a landlord has to give you at least a month's notice, especially if you have paid and they refuse your check.
    Our building manager complains that it has been hell to get bad tenants out - rowdy people who had literally hacked a hole in their door for more convenient dealing!

    At this point, getting both of you into Independent Living might be a good idea, and while Barbara is clearly sick would be the easiest time to qualify. There are different levels of supportive housing, with IL being the least meddlesome. I doubt either of you needs, or would qualify for, a nursing home yet, and you don't want the state-run facilities. But Assisted Living might be a realistic option. In some states you can even continue to work while in Assisted Living. Some of those places are fun to live in. But others by the same name just set their residents in front of a TV like potted plants.

    I am so sorry that you are having to go through such hell. But your ability to work and the economy will both continue to decline, so if you can find any supportive housing option now, go for it! If you wait until you have no choice, you won't be able to advocate for yourself, and some Public Guardian/ Trustee will rule your life.

    Gene Steinberg Hmmmm.

    Gene Steinberg
    June 13, 2018 ·

    The new landlord won't listen to reason. They want us out.

    Again, my fate is in your hands, but I'm losing hope.

    Gene Steinberg Save your effort. I’ve already said I do some Uber.

    Justin Larsen Do more

    Gene Steinberg And Lyft. I keep doing.

    No wonder nobody will do an Intervention. There is no helping him. Nothing will change for him. I wonder if there is even the faintest hope that someday he will wake up one day and want to allow himself to change and be helped.

    1. Sounds like Geneva Steinberg (Gene's ex wife) has drunk the Kool-Aid. She's falling for Gene's tricks all over again. Yeah go ahead and call your "Congress critters", like that's gonna help. The fact she watches "Fox On Your Side" says everything. Brainwashed as much as Barbara. Gene sure does know how to pick'em! Now, if Geneva could only deliver the "groceries" all of Gene's problems would be solved. How's that Discordian life working out for you, Gene?!

  39. Gene is like those awful singers on American Idol who are tone-deaf, can't hold a tune, and simply can't sing...yet expect the music industry to give them a career with fame and fortune. Sorry, it doesn't work that way.

    Gene, the world doesn't owe you a living. You simply haven't earned it because you have no talent. You expect everyone else to do all the work, while you reap all the rewards and keep all the money. You never shared a penny with any of your co-hosts. How about a "thank you"? NOPE. Even that was too expensive for you to offer.

    You're no "radio host", you're a hobbyist podcaster living in a fantasy world who expects to become the next Art Bell.

    The difference is, Art had talent and was a trailblazer. He virtually created this genre of radio in it's current form. What have you done, Gene? Except defraud people, steal their money, and been just a rotten human-being. I hope you're proud of your legacy.

    People still rave about Art Bell even as far back as the 90's. They knew greatness. Well after you're gone, this is what you'll be remembered for...thief...conman...homeless grifter...arrogant self-entitled prick...UFO asshole.

    And begging for groceries. Oh yes. We can't forget about "the groceries". And the $1.08 cheeseburger you refused to share.

    1. Somewhere along the way I firmly believe Gene decided to prioritize grasping at cash over having any kind of career as a 'legitimate journalist' or broadcaster. He wasn't making the money from his podcasts I suppose, but was getting money from his crisis acting, and followed the money. And here we are.

  40. Geneva wrote:
    your ability to work and the economy will both continue to decline, so if you can find any supportive housing option now, go for it! If you wait until you have no choice, you won't be able to advocate for yourself, and some Public Guardian/ Trustee will rule your life.

    Which is pretty much what i said to him.

    Sensible people offering sensible advice.

    Erickson has also offered sensible options, far more appropriate than the behavior hes chosen instead.

    He has options, begging for money is not the solution to the problems he claims to have.

    But when you factor in the dishonesty in these begs, painting everyday expenses as emergency's, exaggerating and embellishing what are normal everyday things for everyone else

    Ignoring what are sensible solutions to his claimed problems.

    One cant help conclude its all BS.

    That there is no crises, just a desire to grab as much free money as he can.

    1. Bingo. And what he does with the money, he alone knows, but there's never enough of it.

    2. And Gene got paid over a $1,000 yesterday, Wednesday, from Social Security. Indeed, there is no crisis except that Gene can't manage his own finances and blows all his money. He expects ALL OF US to pay for his lifestyle. Gene is an annoying pimple on the ass of humanity.

  41. It's amazing how many people have offered suggestions that would genuinely help him. Numerous people have attempted over and over to have him help himself to get out of the incredible hole he has dug himself into. He plainly isn't interested. As others have pointed out, there is no solution for him except for you to send him money with no questions asked.

    For over a decade giving him money has never and will never "help" him. He refused to take up the posters' offer of money if only he would show his driving logs. He admits only to doing "some" Uber and Lyft, and got pissy when he was told to do more. If he does more and it still isn't enough, then it is time to do something else. No, no, he will do it his way and the money just has to one day magically increase and fill his bank accounts.

    His ex offered excuses as to why she wasn't giving him her money. Heh. She knows better. She knows she would just as well be flushing it down the toilet or burning it. After all this time she won't "help" him? She knows better.

    I honestly don't intend to bring her into anything as that isn't fair, but I just want to point out that as someone close to him she knows better than to give him anything. Grayson, too. Neither even attempts to do an Intervention. Both know it would be utterly useless. All Gene would say is "hmmm." But even if they have tried to do one, it obviously failed. Spectacularly.

    All I can do at this point is assume that he is perfectly content right where he is. When someone won't change a single thing to alter their circumstances, then it is plain that they are happy to be right where they are. And honestly? It is the best place for him for everyone who is and who would be involved. This way he has to stay honest and nobody else will be harmed by him.

  42. Gene, you're a complete failure in life! Really!

  43. Personal tennis court, private butler, maids, a Tudor estate mansion, a life of luxury, financial freedom, many friends and family, a New York Times profile, respected by the world...things Gene could only ever dream of. But, his own brother Wally obtained through hard work and determination. The difference couldn't be more stunning! The jealousy must be burning Gene up all these years. It could have been HIM.

    1. This says so much about Gene’s current mental state and smug sense of self-entitlement. 15 years of daily begging and he still doesn’t change his life. At age 73, there aren’t many years left. I suspect Gene’s final days will be all alone, filled with sadness and regret. Money can’t buy what family and a reputation provides. Gene’s lost both. Sad. Really!

    2. If Gene hadn’t burnt every last bridge, his brother’s family probably would have helped him out. But Gene’s been lying and stealing from people his whole life. Any money given to him certainly doesn’t change his “situation”. It only makes him beg more.

      If Gene has even a pinky finger of the ambition his brother Wally has, he’d be able to have a nice life. Maybe even with maids, butlers, and all the riches a successful person enjoys like Wally had in that article.

      Gene could have been Wally but instead he’s just a delusional homeless bum who pretends to be Art Bell.

    3. Oh that "situation", also known as an "ongoing struggle", a "financial struggle", and a "financial mess", all in the words of the man himself. How he is comfortable normalizing such horseshit I'll never know.

  44. Todays sob story:

    "And, of course put together enough money to move to a new affordable apartment.

    As I write this, my accounts are down to zero — and then some."

    Soooooo, money saved for a new affordable apartment after 6 months..... Nil, zip, zero......And then some......

    1. Given Gene's innumeracy and inability to make sure a pending charge for even just $20 of gas doesn't make one of his accounts negative, AND his apparent practice of playing chicken with past landlords... what does "affordable" even mean?

      He likes to claim he could afford his last apartment, and that "trolls" got him thrown out. How anyone can take any claim of his seriously, I do not know. (Though I am granting him the benefit of a doubt on the recent statement that he took his PayPal account below $0 because he didn't remember the pending $1 charge for gas was really going to be a $20 charge. I mean, Gene being Gene that claim at least seems plausible.)

    2. I think we can all agree if he can't manage his day to day living expenses over the past, what, six to seven months, there's no way in hell he's going to amass the dollars to secure a new apartment. Which for Mesa area landlords is no doubt a good thing.

      What happened to the storage space and his invaluable earthly possessions? Will we hear of them again when he decides he needs something else to claim he needs a handout for right away?

  45. We haven’t heard much from Teddy Bear. Is he still barking at people and eating $8 a month dog food?! And what about Small Reprieve? Is he still hanging around or did he finally wig-out? And groceries? Where are the damn groceries?!!! You can never forget about the groceries.

    1. Who can forget when Gene mocked his critics questioning the wisdom of his owning a dog, since the dog's food "only costs $9 a month". How many times since them has this dimbulb claimed to be down to less than $9 and in need of a cheeseburger?

    2. A dog costs more than $8 to $9 a month moron. You got shots, haircuts, nail clipping, vet trips, dog walking, dog clothes, medicine, dewormers, flea collars, treats, dog washing, leashes, toys (like the ones Barbara tripped over) etc. A dog could easily cost thousands of dollars a year. Money Gene supposedly doesn’t have. Or does he?!

  46. His accounts are down to zero — and then some
    If true then he has nothing saved for a new apartment.

    The donations he has received in the last 6 months have fixed nothing, progressed him nowhere.

    Disappeared beyond the financial event horizon that is this black hole of fiscal incompetence.

    Those people threw their money away for nothing.

    But i cant help thinking the speculation that ticks the most boxes, fits what we do know the best. Is that he hasn't changed because he doesn't need to, its all a lie. That the dishonesty we see used in his word choices and exaggerated plot elements, includes the meta narrative itself.

    That he is doing fine, his bills are paid. He is meeting his rent costs.

    And that these emails are pure fiction designed to elicit the odd charity windfall.

    The email vesrion of a free slot machine, that sometimes pays off small prizes, and the hope that a jackpot might one day be forthcoming.

    Someone like his brother, with an interest in UFO's who will say you know what, i am filthy rich. Here have 20 grand, i wont miss it and it sounds like you need it more than i do.

    1. That’s exactly how gene got the $44,000 torson money. The email slots paid out that day and he ensnared a ripe old sucker he was able to dupe. Mr torson is the real victim here, not Gene’s pride or reputation. Gene deserves every “nasty” thing said about him online. It’s the documented truth and HE EARNED IT.

    2. If you look at the information that's available about the Torson episode, you will see a classic con job. It wasn't a $44,000 loan granted in one lump sum, but rather an escalating "emergency crisis" that Steinberg worked once his "friend" was hooked. It was a cynical, nasty undertaking and Gene should be held accountable for it. He likes to frame that sort of crime as "a business deal that didn't work out," or some such bullshit, but it's straight up criminal activity.

    3. Gene groomed Torson with lies and a sob story. An expensive guilt trip over many months. Gene’s been doing the same to us readers of his email list for 15 years. It’s a game for him and an addiction. He doesn’t care about his reputation or that he’s the poster boy of crime in the ufo community. It’s all about “the groceries”, bagfuls of your money so he can go gamble at the casino and eat 3 meals out a day. This man is a loser, a criminal and a human turd. He deserves no sympathy. He should be in prison.

  47. Yeah...down to negatives for money? *sigh* I truly don't wish for someone to give up a loved pet, but I am beginning to agree with the poster who suggested that those two should seriously begin to consider re-homing Teddy Bear. People who cannot afford to feed him decently? People who have likely seldom, if ever, taken him in for exams and shots? To have his labs checked to see if there are any issues? I have a hard time believing that a man who can barely buy a cheeseburger is having proper medical care given to his pet. And to have the little guy stumbling around a motel room filled with cartons and suitcases? Really? That can't be good for him, either.

    About previous donors... yes. They all threw their money away. They utterly wasted it. They had hoped that they were actually helping someone in need. Someone who was truly trying to better his circumstances. Someone who would actually pull himself up by the bootstraps and get to work. Someone who would actually take some effing responsibility for himself and his family.

    Well, at the end of the day he is still precisely where he wants to be. It's too bad that he is satisfied with that, but there is no helping him or getting himself to change his mind. Not only would money be wasted on him, but I'm beginning to think that well wishing would be wasted on him, too.

    1. If it doesn’t involve groceries, I don’t want to hear it.

    2. I’m starting to think Gene’s “groceries” are in tiny little colorful pill form or powdery like snow. Certainly not up to snuff. Eventually Gene’s spending will be sniffed out. Who nose?!

    3. Well, why should he need groceries when one can easily see them at their motel's grab-n-go breakfasts? Barbara cramming bagels into her purse and Gene filling his pockets with sugar, condiments, napkins, straws, cream, and whatever else he can get his paws on?

      Heh...why should he need groceries anymore? :D

    4. About a substance abuse problem? You may be right. That has crossed my mind, too. In the letter where he claimed that there are "wacky" theories about him, if I recall correctly, he did not deny substance abuse; he only denied gambling, and then he mentioned a gambling budget...

      If he's addicted to something, something like painkillers, then he really, really needs to get help. There are resources available and he would be helping not only himself but his wife if he were to get help. And not to sound mean, but in the pics of Barbara that we've seen, she looks like she may be on something, too. Like I said, I'm not trying to be mean, but she looks a bit off. Of course that could just be a bad pic or two. But if she's also on some substance, then they are in a very bad place and it will be extremely difficult to overcome. I truly hope that this is not the case.

    5. Plus the food bank with free food and the no ask senior center with free hot lunches daily. The pickings are grand when you’re a complete mooch! Eat on.

    6. Save a few bites for Small Reprieve and a doggy bag for Teddy Bear. And grab a $1.08 cheeseburger for Barbara on the way home. She’s working up an appetite watching Fox News and yelling at the tv.

  48. Many people think if it’s a prescription and a doctor have it to you then it’s safe. Many people become addicted to opoid painkillers. A simple pretzel back problem can morph into a drug addiction without a person thinking it’s a problem. After all, it came from a doctor. Money comes in and is gone within an hour. Where does it go? The fast takers are gambling, drugs, and even alcohol abuse. Any one of these three can quickly drain one’s finances. I certainly hope if Gene does have an addiction problem that he gets help. We already know he’s addicted to grift, but what under lies the constant need for money? That is the root of the problem.

  49. If the major chunk of his money goes to the car, then again, the obvious response should be to ditch the car. If he is still paying upwards of $700 a month, then that is absolutely insane for someone who claims to be perpetually broke! If his Uber and Lyft are such important means of income for him then he needs to drive more than he is. If he cannot and driving does not cover his bills, then he needs to stop that and get a job that actually will cover his bills. Doing the same thing year in and year out will not magically suddenly be enough for him to live on.

    Today he says that he hopes that what he's done (and what is that really, pray tell?) will boost his income. Does he honestly think that a redesigned site and a store will suddenly make him rich? Or is he just saying that so people will think he is actually attempting to better his situation? Personally, I think he does not buy into this and just wants an excuse as to why he won't get a real job.

    Despite what Murphy says about hobbies, they are just that if you spend time on them, expect them to pay you loads, and then they don't. Passionate he may be, but so are we in our hobbies and we don't expect them to make us loads of money. We know the difference between a hobby and a job.

    Gene will not make any real effort to change his life, and Murphy will continue to defend him while always being in damage control mode. I think it's too late, tho. Gene has destroyed his forum, run his show into the ground, and utterly ruined his reputation. I really don't know what Murphy really expects to gain.

    In the meantime, despite having such a loyal devotee, Gene hopes that sitting around doing the same thing he has always done will suddenly get the money pouring in.

    Hmmm...maybe sending the ebegs out more often will work, he thinks. *sigh*

    1. 3rd Sept 2018:
      "Anders is finishing up on the sites facelift, should be done in within days"
      5th Sept 2018"
      "It will get done no later than this week"

      4 months later, not done.....

      Now the tech night owl is getting trotted out with the same results.

      These adaptions are clearly aimed at the comments here about financial black holes, and throwing your money on the bonfire.

      He's trying to sculpt the narrative to "helping me get back on my feet" Instead of the obvious reality. That any donation is just a waste of money.

      By his own admission he's saved NOTHING towards a new apartment. Made NO improvements on his income and as such his bills are still overdue.
      Its a reasonable bet the storage locker was lost with all its contents.

      No one donates to a lost cause, especially one where the recipient is making no effort to solve his problems.

      Or as others have suggested with good evidence for those conclusions that the whole story is a lie. Yet another money making con job aimed at those gullible UFO nuts, The Low hanging fruit of easily tricked people.

      Wont be long now and he wont have to send the emails out anymore, He'll be off the fail train and have a life again.

      Its about as believable as Meier's explanations

      "As far back as the 1920s we worked with flying devices you have named the 'Wedding Cake Ship,' but they were only available for operations on Earth toward the end of the 1970s. This particular type of flying device was designed specifically for the Earth, and for this reason we endeavored to transmit all of the necessary data regarding the vehicles' shape to terrestrial scientists, in the form of telepathic impulses, to assist them in developing flying disks on Earth. (...) We thoroughly investigated the entire situation and discovered that the old, newly re-emerged drawings were used for the design and production of these receptacle covers.
      —Ptaah, 254th Contact Report

      Earths scientists took telepathic instructions on how to make a spaceship, and used them to make plastic bin covers, Gene will be off the train and back to normal soon, and i have a bridge to sell you......

    2. Do you have groceries to sell? Gene’s hungry.

  50. The latest episode of the Paracast turned into a bitch session between gene, Randall and the guest. You can tell the truth is having an effect on old Schemey. He can try and spin things however he wants but the world knows he’s a crook. He was bragging about how active his forums were because of last week’s guest. That isn’t a good thing. People were complaining. Not chatting. And Gene’s jealous of “that other forum” Alien Expanse. It must really burn him up to see his members flee the site. Gene it’s because of YOU driving them away. Why would anyone stick around when Gene read your private messages, deletes threads, rewrites a persons posts, and spy’s on his own members. He gets a sick thrill out of it. The master of his domain. Enjoy being by yourself Gene. The forum’s all yours!

    1. He's a crook, and he manages his forum and all conversations there to enable his crookedness.

      I realize in Gene's world nothing is ever, ever his fault, but it's still amusing he can't see how his own behavior has torched the Paracast forum. Well, that and all the lackluster shows. Seems pretty clear that Chris O'Brien was Gene's meal ticket for the past many years. Well, they say if something can't last forever, it won't. Thank goodness Gene has a Plan B! Oh wait, he just announced there is no Plan B? Whoops!

  51. How do we even know Gene is still in the “fleabag” motel? We’ve seen no proof of it but it provides a daily excuse to beg.

    Gene, I will give you $300 to your PayPal if you take a photo of yourself (must include face) in your hotel room holding up today’s newspaper (so we see the date) and show a copy of your hotel receipt. Post it in your forums.

    Prove to us that you are stuck in the “fleabag” motel. This is a serious offer. It’s easy money for you, if indeed, you are telling the TRUTH. With plenty left over for your “groceries”.

    I dare you. Prove us all wrong.

    Your deadline is the end of today.

  52. Allow me to take a moment to remind valued readers and commenters they may communicate with Mr. Steinberg directly if they choose to do so. I'd also like to offer a reminder that the most effective ways of informing the public of Steinberg's financial antics do not include unsupported accusations and name calling. Let's try to keep comments constructive and relevant, please.

    If anyone feels they've been a victim of criminal activity, the most advisable and effective options include consulting with a criminal attorney or contacting proper law enforcement agencies as listed and linked above. Thanks for all of your comments and interest.

  53. I do believe that Gene is in a motel. It will be interesting, tho, to see whether he decides to take you up on your offer. It costs him nothing and would gain him $300 if he feels that your offer is genuine. I look forward to seeing if he needs the money badly enough to act. Even if he doesn't believe the money offer is real, he should still have motivation enough to post proof. If nothing else, it would serve to shut up those who think he is lying about being in a motel in the first place.

    1. For what it's worth, Barbara Steinberg posted an image of herself on Facebook on 12/24 where she appears to be posing inside a motel room. Doesn't prove anything but strengthened my impression they are indeed living in a motel room, or as Gene would describe it, Hell on Earth. Your mileage may vary.

    2. Yes indeed. If he doesn’t respond it means he isn’t in such dire financial straights as he portrays. It’s all a ruse. A truly desperate person would jump at the offer. Even if it were just a chance. Costs gene nothing. He can get the newspaper free at the front desk. The biggest challenge for Schemey is to have his photo taken because he prefers to be a ghost so the skip tracers and bounty hunters can’t find him. You can’t serve a ghost court papers if you don’t know what he looks like.

    3. I don't believe he is truly in dire straits. I think he just doesn't want to live within his means and has routinely overextended himself, creating financial problems for himself and for others.

      Gene though is the beggar who thinks he can be the chooser; he will choose not to humiliate himself in some 419 Eater style photo holding up a photo of a newspaper so he can get $300. After all, someone else just might give him some money that he has to do nothing to claim.

      Gene may have zero shame but he seems to act as though he still has some pride. And he says he's a legitimate journalist, somehow with no credibility problems, so there you go.

  54. I just looked at that pic of Barbara, and indeed it is a motel room. I have believed that they are in one, but am surprised that they have been in one for so long. Gene does have money, it's just that he obviously spends it on everything but a real roof over his head.

    Since he is indeed in a motel, then it would be a very easy matter to post the requested pic! He could just hand Barbara the phone, get that snap taken, and post it. Easy peasy! But as someone said he probably doesn't want to show his mug. We already know what he looks like, tho, sheesh.

    Just post that updated pic, Gene, and claim the money! A couple of pics of you already exist somewhere on that Twitter feed, so a new one shouldn't be such a big deal. I don't know why you'd pass on the money.

    1. Tick tock. Tick tock. It’s after midnight. Offer is over. Sorry Gene but times up. You had your chance. Now we know you’re either lying about living in a motel or lying about your finances or BOTH. It could have been an easy $300 for you.

    2. He’d pass because he’s a crook and a liar. That’s why!

  55. Motel pics dont really prove anything though do they ?.
    Ive paid 10 bucks to use the shower in one of my local ones when our water mains burst. easy photo op right there.
    A visiting friend or relative who stays in one could also provide a photo op.
    Or in the case of this latest offer, $300 cash return for a $50 dollar one day booking.
    For me what makes his story unbelievable is that he would live in what he describes as a cliffhanger situation for so long, when other options are so clearly available.
    I dont know anyone who would live in a motel for 6 months when options like a room in a shared house would be much cheaper. I would live in a tent till i saved the deposit for an apartment before i wasted that sort of cash on a roof over my head.

    It makes no sense, It has to be Bullshit.

  56. So, if I recall all of this correctly, Gene has been offered -

    $1,000 free and clear
    Security deposit
    1st and last month's rent
    $463 to pay his storage unit fee

    And now $300 for a pic of him inside the motel room with the motel receipt.

    And not a single nibble.

    Yep, he's not as bad off as he claims he is. It is obvious. He has money and has had money all along. $2,800 per month as claimed on his Bankruptcy comes to mind, not including donations. Magically coming up with the money each and every day for over 6 months. Magically able to keep an expensive car. Always able to put out his shows. Not one single night has he had to sleep in his car.

    This guy is not as bad off as he claims, and he is right where he wants and needs to be.

    1. I agree with you and I'm pretty confident there have been other offers as well that he has ignored. Gene wants cash to use as he pleases, and with no strings attached. He is not so desperate as he claims. Your generosity must be on his terms. Has he ever even once asked for a job or lead on work of any kind?

      The problems with his behavior are a tough thing to get across to people. I think it's very easy to think OK, some weird guy asks for money a lot. There's really a lot more to it than that, though, but it's not easy (imho) to sum up or 'sound bite'.

      I've been paying attention to the freakiness that is the Gene Steinberg 'struggle' for about a year now and have yet to see a single good argument for giving him so much as a dime. Arguments against include "he is fine", "handing him money doesn't help", and more.

    2. As long as Gene has $1.08 he can eat like a king! And with that $1,700 in social security money and $1,100 in Paracast income totaling $2,800 month, its dollar hamburgers for everyone at the motel. There is no crisis. But it sure does sound sad and pitiful enough of a story to separate you from your money. And no mention of the free motel continental breakfast every day. .

    3. And Teddy Bear gets to eat $9 a month dog food and Small Reprieve gets a nice dry cleaning once a month. Everybody’s doing well in Schemey’s world except him. Now send him money.

  57. Gene face it. It’s over.

    1. His brother Wally would be so ashamed of Gene. He’s probably turning over in his grave to know the family name is ruined. Gene’s legacy is theft and deception. He’s ruined his life and countless others including his own family members. Despicable Gene. Absolutely despicable.

  58. Jack, you need to start calling out the enablers who appear on The Paracast. Gene couldn’t perpetuate his fraud without them. Many, even know of Gene’s criminal activities and turn a blind eye. They are just as guilty in my opinion. They’re supporting a known con man, grifter and thief!

  59. What I find despicable also is that Murphy not only defends Gene's behavior, but every time someone has any criticism at all to make, he spins it so that it is the other person's fault. He is trying to shut people down by implying that if they don't fix things themselves, they have no right to speak. Gene has done the same. Question him, and he demands that you fix his problems for him, otherwise, shut up.

    No. We WON'T shut up. We WON'T fix Gene's mess for him. And NO, we won 't fall for Murphy's crap, either.

    I already see him as a weak host, but every time he opens his mouth, he makes me lose any hope for him that I have. As is, I don't know how much respect he actually has at this point. I think that the more he defends Gene, the worse he looks.

    1. Agreed. J. Randall Murphy is really not doing his own reputation any favors by defending Gene's clearly terrible behavior.

      My impression of Murphy, and he's only reinforced this over time, is that he makes his mind up early and that interprets any evidence to suit his original impression. I'm dubious he's even read the blog posts here and attached court docs, or looked at the online court records, or paid attention to the repeated narratives in the emails, or seen people's tales of their experiences in comments.

      But whether he has read them or not he's confident in dismissing them all thusly: "virtually all the negativity specifically about Gene stems from subjective and negative interpretations designed for the sole purpose of smearing Gene. People who can think for themselves and are able to consider all aspects of an issue see through it."

      So, HE can think for himself and see through it all, the rest of us are deceived by years upon years of emails requesting money (with their shifting and contradictory narratives and dangling plotlines), Gene's bankruptcy filing, the Torson lawsuit, Gene's history of evictions, Gene's bragging about his expensive leased car while simultaneously pleading poverty, both of Gene's prior co-hosts indicting him as a lazy greedy bum, and so on. A true thinker sees no problems with any of this. Us dupes are the problem.

      And yes you are right. A common and obnoxious Steinberg tactic is to attack the person pointing out the problem and demanding they solve it. J. Randall Murphy seems to be taking to the same approach now, which helps nothing.

    2. Graphic makes a salient point

  60. Paper or plastic, Gene? Your groceries are ready.

  61. while in an apartment Gene could only beg so much for rent.
    In a hotel he can beg daily
    a hotel brings the grift from a monthly
    crisis to a daily crisis. No Gene is exactly where he wants to be.

  62. So he gloats about misusing the spam feature on his forum

    "When they show up, once they reveal their true motives, we mark their accounts as "spam," which impacts their ability to join other forums, because it sends the information to the spam-monitoring services."

    Its not Spam to ask about his begging. And the ban function should be all he needs to silence his critics, But he abuses the function as he admits to vindictively hinder those people from joining other forums.

    Conman and asshole.

    And in the final joke this feature was designed for:

    About StopForumSpam

    We provide details of those reported as spammers, those that persist in abusing forums and blogs with their scams, ripoffs, exploits and other annoyances.

    A ripoff merchant and scammer, abusing the feature..... hilarious

    1. What a clever tech genius!

      Typical sleazebag manipulation. Wretched scum. I half expect the next spam call on my cellphone to feature this asshole's voice, telling me my Windows computer has been compromised and he needs to get in there and fix it. Or that he can get me a lower interest rate on my credit card, just as soon as I give him the info. POS.

    2. What’s Gene’s IP address? Maybe he should be added to their “list”. It would prevent a true scammer on other forums. Give Gene a taste of his own medicine. He’s been spamming all of us for 16 years and you can never get off his beg list.

    3. This is such blatant trollish abuse of that system. Since the old fool has put it in writing, I wonder if there is someone to rat him out to.

  63. Gene just woke up and is busy deleting threads from members from his forum. People are questioning Gene and he doesn’t like it one bit! Even though I’m his emails he says to contact him with any questions. But if you do you’ll get a nasty reply.

    Screenshot everything while you still can.

    Gene, it’s over. We aren’t going away. You’re done. You’re scams have been exposed.

    You’re a LOSER who has toupee for your crimes.

    1. I think we all know that, unfortunately, he will never pay for his crimes. He's lived a charmed life. I think he's been scamming and making people and businesses miserable for his entire adult life. And he has absolutely no remorse. No sense of morality or ethics. Well, any morals and ethics he does have are all bad.

      He tries to make us believe that he is miserable living the way he does; but as someone said elsewhere, he has made it all these years living off of the good nature of others. He's never had a real job. He's never lowered himself to work for someone else; heaven forbid he work for someone, make good pay, and get things called "benefits." And heaven forbid he get a real job so wages could be garnished to pay back people and businesses that he'd ripped off. Oh, hell no! He'd rather sit in a motel whining and planning his next con.

      He noodles behind his pc and barely lifts a finger, all the while writing his next e-beg.

      What. A. Scumbag.

  64. There is no elephant? Good grief, Gene, you are the most self-righteous pompous asshole I have ever seen. When you have to lie and deny constantly, shouldn't that tell you that YOU are the one who is in the wrong? When you have to constantly ban and delete, shouldn't that tell you something? When you gleefully admit that you label others as spam out of spite, that should tell you that YOU are the problem. They don't "have hate in their hearts," YOU do.

    Anyone who polices and bans and deletes like crazy has a problem. Anyone who reads the private messages of others has a real problem. And anyone who lies as much as you do not only has a problem, but IS a problem.

    Nobody is hating on you for "having financial difficulties." It is how you bring them on yourself and then con others out of their hard-earned money that makes people angry. Nobody "harassed" the rental office of the Desert Mirage; that is an outright lie. Nobody has have even attempted to keep you "from earning a living." See, that is another problem. You don't do anything to "earn a living." You constantly harass people to give you their money for your day to day expenses. You drive so little for Lyft and Uber that you cannot even buy a tank of gas. People warning potential guests and advertisers is an attempt to let them know what sort of person they are dealing with. If you actually did something to truly earn a living people would, in reality, be pleased and relieved.

    Other have "gotten out of hand?" How about ruining your own son's good name and credit? Isn't that out of hand? How about running up debts with every business you could and then discharging them thru Bankruptcy? How about you scamming one trusting and good-hearted man out of $44,000 and then callously discharging it thru Bankruptcy?

    How about putting every landlord under the sun thru Courtroom hell just in an attempt to get the payment they are entitled to? How about you harassing every property manager with excuses and attempts to "negotiate?" How about all the utility companies you stiff? How about your phone provider who gives you the service you rely on and you try to cheat them, too? How about that unfortunate passenger you once had that you regaled with your "troubles?" Did that give her a pleasant ride?

    You are the very definition of "scumbag." The fact that you sit behind your pc all day obsessing over how to get money out of people is reprehensible. You literally wake up, live thru, and go to bed at night obsessing over money. And not only obsessing over money, but obsessing over how to part others from theirs.

  65. Anyone who appears on the Paracast needs to be publicly shamed for supporting the continuation of this scam. They give Gene the “credibility” he needs to build his email list and con people. Shame on them!!!

    1. I doubt that the guests know the extent of his shadiness. I think they just know that he e-begs but don't realize how much human damage he leaves in his wake. They have their own jobs and concerns, and likely don't have much time to dig into Gene. At least that's my take.

      Now Murphy, if he reads any of the threads about Gene, knows full well how thoroughly rotten and callous Gene is. He obviously doesn't care about what he did to Grayson's credit and reputation, and he plainly doesn't care about Torson, who is out tens of thousands of dollars. It's all there in black and white in the public Court documents, but he obviously couldn't care less.

      That troubles me. I mean, maybe it shouldn't, but I do care that people are harmed left and right by Gene. Murphy doesn't let any of that phase him. I don't understand that at all. But hey, maybe trying to get his foot in the door of notoriety eclipses all else for him.

      After all, from his perspective, Grayson is far away, Torson is not someone he knows personally, and all the landlords and businesses can obviously afford it, so what the hell? Okay, maybe he isn't that callous about it, but he certainly seems to be when he not only defends Gene, but tries to spin any questions and concerns back onto the people who question.

      I hope it is all worth it for him, in the end. I don't see how it can be, but it seems quite plain that as long as he is a host on a podcast he doesn't really care.

  66. A serious question: what is the deal with J. Randall Murphy? I just looked at his performance today on the Paracast forum. He appears to be earnestly, vigorously defending Gene and Gene's behavior. But he claims he's familiar with the claims against Gene and it's all just a matter of negative interpretation, people out to get Gene, smears....

    I think the prevailing theory is that J. Randall Murphy wants to take over the Paracast from Gene. So there's that, maybe. But if not that, really, what the hell?

    The guy clearly thinks he's the smartest person in the room and yet it's just no problem for him how Gene has lived and continues to live? From how Gene runs his forum to how he begs all but daily to how he's ripped at least one person off to the tune of $44K, to how little he actually seems to care about doing any kind of good job with the Paracast, to how his strategies for living have made the Steinbergs homeless?

    He makes it seem like he's taken pity on poor Gene and co-hosting the Paracast and standing up for Gene is his way of helping Gene. I'm really struck that he seemingly cannot see the glaring problems with Gene, which David Vincent, bless him, keeps bringing up.

    Is there just something in the makeup of 'USI Calgary' that cannot admit to being wrong, cannot even see points of view other than his own...? Is this truly his way of trying to help an old man out? Or is he just full of shit and fixated on 'inheriting' the Paracast per the reigning suspicion?

    I see dozens and dozens of people beholding Gene's scummy ways with disgust and disbelief. I see USI Calgary explain it all away and join with Gene in attacking those detractors.

    Just what is the dude's major malfunction?

    1. "Is there just something in the makeup of 'USI Calgary' that cannot admit to being wrong, cannot even see points of view other than his own...? Is this truly his way of trying to help an old man out? Or is he just full of shit and fixated on 'inheriting' the Paracast per the reigning suspicion?"

      All of the above, I suspect. I think that, yes, he will not and cannot admit to being wrong. He seems to have an ego the size of the Pacific ocean but the morals of a snail. He plainly doesn't care at all for the people Gene has harmed. In fact, I wonder if he doesn't hold them in some sort of contempt being that they are the reason so many people "hate" on poor Gene.

      Murphy wants the Paracast, I believe. He wants it badly, and he doesn't care who Gene has hurt or will hurt as long as he has his foot in the door, is gaining notoriety, and has any sort of an audience at all.

      I really would like to be mistaken, but it seems to me that Murphy is vain, opportunistic, and has no problem attempting to quash any debate that he doesn't like.

    2. Hes "invested", both financially as he states by spending money there to advertise his own product. And also in the time hes spent there, and what he perceives to be his reputation there. Reading his replies these last few days one can see the elephant in the room he continues to dodge.
      He claims its ok to ask for donations for the show and thats not unusual. Whats not usual is an almost daily beg for basic living expenses spanning years. He claims its OK to ask for living expenses, and in cases of short term problems asking for help is not unusual.
      Asking for help daily for years IS unusual, and therein lies the offense. Gene isnt asking for help to fix his problems. Hes asking for full time sponsorship of every aspect of his financial expenditure, not until the problem is fixed, but forever.
      He asks for "something substantial involving intent to deceive."
      Anyone looking at the scope and content of these begs can see that intent, and it is substantial.

      The claim that he cant pay "today" and will be out on the street "tomorrow", thats been thrown at us daily for six months, but it NEVER manifests.

      He presents this as a "reality" thats about to manifest, but it never manifests. Ergo it was never a reality.

      No one flips a coin, heads (i can stay), tails (i am unable to pay the bill and am out), hundreds of times in a row flipping heads every single time without fail.

      The claim of imminent eviction from the motel on a daily basis as a reality, that never manifests. Is substantial proof that the claim is deceptive. It does not reflect reality, its sole purpose in including this falsehood in the daily begs, Hundreds and hundreds of them is to elicit a false sense of sympathy and then money.

      Thats what makes it unethical. He is being untruthful to generate a sense of imminent disaster.

      If you go back through the hundreds of back to back daily claims that "i dont have the money to pay the motel today" and apply the coin toss logic to the results, IT CANT BE TRUE.

      The very laws of probability guarantee it.

      The claim "i dont have the money to pay the motel today, please send me some money" cannot by the laws of probability be true day in day out back to back , hundreds and hundreds of times in a row.

      It is so simple everyone else sees it, Randall must either be a moron, or is employing cognitive dissonance to resolve the logical conflict.

      Genes claim that every single day, back to back hundreds apon hundreds of times in a row that he is hours from being on the street (can you send some money) Is either true hundreds apon hundreds of times in a row, or its a lie.
      If its a lie then there is your substantial intent to deceive Randall.

      If its true, then he has to have defied the very laws of probability, Somehow in a manner that defies logic beaten those odds and "found" the money he didnt have just hours before, to pay the motel and stay just one more day. Flipping heads, (i find the money) at the last minute just before 11AM mountain time, hundreds and hundreds of times in a row. Never once flipping tails, not paying the motel by 11AM mountain time and being out on the street.

      The laws of probability and logic guarantee that there is your intent to deceive. There is no other answer that fits, unless the claim is he got lucky every single time.

      He claims imminent eviction is the reality, but it never happens, Ergo the claim is false. It is NOT the reality. The claim is a lie.

    3. Speaking of laws of probability.

      Either Both Ex Co-Hosts, and scores of former long time members including people that Gene called friends. A long list of Ex moderators, including Bob and Mike and others before them, are wrong in their conclusions and Randall is right.


      Randall as a minority is wrong, and all these people the vast majority are right.

      That as 2 Ex co hosts have stated, the claims of needing money from everyone else are false, That they way he has gone about things and the deceptive manner of the claims are just that deceptive.

      Either randall is right and everyone else is wrong, that his assessment and logical conclusions are correct and everyone else is in error. Or the reverse is true.

      Again the logic and the laws of probability favor the majority here.

      For Randall to be right, scores of others, many of them clearly smart and intelligent people have to be wrong.

      But the odds clearly favor the opposite premise, that dozens and dozens of smart intelligent people have seen through Gene Steinberg's BS and decided its a scam and that one single supporter has got it wrong.

      Either David, Chris, Mike, Bob and a long list of long time participants have suddenly lost their minds and misjudged Gene, or the Poor judgement rests solely with Randall.

      The logic and the math dont favor his chances here

    4. Randall, if you are reading go to this page:

      Scroll through the letters from Gene Steinberg. The key phrase you are looking for is "11AM mountain time"

      Look for these and recognise they are used in a particular context. Context is everything in this thought experiment.

      The context is the claim that he doesnt have enough money for todays rent, can you send him some.
      The subtexts is always the same, "I dont have it - If i dont find it - I will be on the street homeless"

      Scroll through, take a tally of every time you see "11AM mountain time"

      And ask yourself, does this have the ring of logical truth to it ?

      Does it as others have said breach the laws of probability that this phrase should be used this often in the context of being so very very close to being homeless.

      Breaking the law of probability isnt a crime, but it does point to what you were asking for a substantial intent to deceive.

      Ask yourself purely as devils advocate for a moment "What if ?". What if they are right and this is simply a lie to trick people into giving him money.

      If thats true, is that something you are comfortable defending ?

    5. "It is so simple everyone else sees it, Randall must either be a moron, or is employing cognitive dissonance to resolve the logical conflict."

      Cognitive dissonance, definitely. However, that he is a moron is also a possibility. Just because he is verbose and well-spoken doesn't necessarily mean that he's overall very smart. Okay, the word "moron" is pretty harsh, but anyone who spouts such nonsense time and time again doesn't strike me as terribly smart. He can spout as much word salad as he likes, (and boy does he ever) but it doesn't change the fact that he is not too bright to behave the way that he does. His decision to back Gene and stay with a sinking show also shows this, I think. I get it that he is opportunistic, but he would do better to take that streak of his elsewhere. The longer he stays and the more nonsense he spouts the more likely it is that he will sink along with both Gene and the Paracast.

      Regarding Gene's claims of imminent crisis; you are absolutely right. There is no way in hell that he can win that coin toss every single time. Indeed, there is no crisis. He is in no danger of being out on the street. He may be in danger, thanks to his supreme stupidity, of staying forever in a motel, but he is in no real danger. You are right; the claim is false and not the reality.

    6. There is no way that even Mini Me is do dense as to be ignorant of Steinberg's crimes, willfully or otherwise. That tells us all we need to know about him. He has made his bed.

      What I don't get is what he thinks he is gaining. Does he think he is Big Stuff? He couldn't carry Biedney's shadow. As in investigator he isn't even a footnote in one of O'Brien's books. Kimball makes him look like the preposterous wannabe he so obviously is. Nobody is listening to the shows. The only way I can begin to make sense of the situation is to start off by assuming Mini Me and Grift Boy are both just batshit crazy.

  67. J. Randall posted that as far as he know Gene has never scammed anyone. Gene has said that there is no elephant in the room. So let's clear the air and get rid of the elephant outside the room (since they disappear rather quickly from the rooms in the Paracast forums).

    The Paracast is looking for guests, I volunteer to be on the show so that Gene can explain why the haters and stalkers are wrong. Let's remove the cloud that surrounds the show! No more elephants!

    I would have certain questions about what Gene wrote about his brother in law's victims, why Gene used a nonexistent settlement to seek donations, including the $44,000 he received from Mr. Torson; why Gene obtained money from me when he was living in a luxury apartment and had just bought an expensive car; and why there is a perpetual crisis that he always seems to escape. He could ask me about why all of this matters. We could discuss various problems faced by Seniors and the relation between these things and the paranormal.

    I am perfect for the show because I am not a hater and have some familiarity with elephants. I have sympathy for Gene and have offered free advice about what he can do to get immediate help and eventually move to an affordable living situation. I have never accused him of abusing drugs or gambling away his income.

    Of course if Jack or the head of the SGRC wanted to be on instead, I would defer to them. But the show would be more entertaining than most of what the Paracast has been offering.

    1. Yeah and gene does the show editing so we know how this will turn out! We’ve already seen how he likes to selectively “edit” his forum. Snip. Snip. (And that is not a Small Reprieve hair joke.)

  68. Gene loves playing the old man card to garner sympathy. At age 73 he doesn’t have many years left. The emails will finally stop when he does.

    1. A lot of people live into their 90's these days, especially if there health has been good all along. There is nothing physically wrong with Gene, so him living a decade or so longer is very feasible. If that is the case, he'll still be begging and begin one with "I'll be 91 in September..."

  69. Randall I hope when you steal the Paracast out from under Gene it was all worth it. How does it feel to sell your soul?

    1. Sadly, it is obvious that Randall couldn't care less. If he can be so callously unfeeling towards the unfortunate Mr. Torson, then it must not bother him at all.

  70. Oh it’s all coming out now. The inmates have revolted. Screenshot while you still can. Old Schemey is burning up inside.

  71. Lol now this thread is locked:

    Maybe Gene should just autolock every thread. I'm sure that will help revive his dying forum.

    1. “And a tank of gas.” The new “groceries”.

    2. I have just posted the offer from a guy to buy the show and take it in a positive direction. But now I have to wonder - #1 how much would Gene demand for it?
      #2 would he give anything at all to his previous co-hosts, especially Chris for carrying nearly the entire load for years on end?
      #3 how much color commentary would he really add? The guy is nice enough to offer to keep him on board.

      I'll bet the show would see an upsurge in interest. I know I would eagerly tune in.

  72. I took a screenshot of someone over at the Paracast Forums who is offering the buy the Paracast! I posted it over at the SCRC just in case Gene sees it and deletes the post.

  73. Back when i offered Gene a fair price for the same reasons as Guestron, My accountant suggested 10,000 US was "fair".
    To be honest we would have written that off as a tax loss, since we knew the business wasnt making much more than the hosting costs.

    Its not worth anything now.

    1. Mike,

      Curious, I can't imagine an accountant putting a price on a business without looking at the books. That said, and if the books were properly examined as is custom in these matters, then perhaps you can add to the bankruptcy information. I'd like to know if he's showing the scam money income.

      Also, the two corporations (now false fronts) have been revoked for years, so technically there is no business to buy. In short his operations are illegal entities. Moreover, the legal baggage associated with the names might incur financial obligations.

    2. To be honest the value of the brand wasn't the issue for me, I wanted to help Gene out, so the amount was reflective of factors other than its worth. It was essentially an act of personal charity that would be written down on my tax as a business loss over time.

      That was the upper limit my accountant said i could spend in this way.
      During our talks i made it clear that i didnt expect to get any revenue out of the brand, since Gene himself had once told me the ads cover the hosting and not much else. That it was a wash between the cost and the revenue. When i mentioned this Gene insisted i "could make a living" from it. saying i just needed to find a good marketing and sales manager. I pointed out that HE wasnt making a living out of it.
      I had not made any offer of price at this stage, and felt gene was trying to overstate its value to push the price up. When i told him my accountant wanted to see the books to confirm his claim it made money. He changed tack. Suggested i should "invest" in the brand rather than buy it. That i should give him money as an investment, and that he would give me the brand when he was good and ready.
      My accountant had a good laugh at that, and told me NO.

      I never saw the books, and i never made an offer.

      The price my accountant agreed was fair was more about getting money to what i considered to be at that time a charitable cause in such a way as to be able write it down as a failed venture. I would have used some of the ad space to advertise my own business, but at the end of the day it would have been a loss on my books. My plan was to run it as a hobby since thats all i see it as.

      Genes insistence that i could make a living from it, when he wasnt was a red flag, The absurd suggestion that i should just give him money for a promise i had no way of enforcing should he not keep it was another.

      What ive learned since thanks to Jack and Erickson tells me i was right to be suspicious.

      When Don learned i was in discussions to buy, he did me a massive favour and deleted my account, not just banned, deleted the entire account. Gene offered via a FB conversation since to restore it from a backup but i said dont bother.

      But the intent to deceive was clearly a feature in our discussions, either he was lying about its ability to return sufficient revenue to "make a living" as he claimed. Or His claims of being broke and unable to pay his basic living expenses were the lie. It cant be both now can it ?

    3. I often wonder in hindsight if Don, knowing Gene and his history better than i, deliberately saved me from wasting my money.
      I can see a scenario where having "invested" in the paracast Gene would have Come back to me later and said you need to give me more money, With some contrived story about how unless it got a fresh injection of capital it would fold and my "investment" would be lost. That i might have been caught in a Beizer style scam involving an empty investment, seems a likely possibility.
      In hindsight and rereading our discussions it certainly looks like he was setting me up for a sucker.
      He ended up asking me for over 260,000 USD, as a gift. There was no mention of me getting anything in return for this cash.

    4. Mike,

      I know I speak for many when I say thanks for sharing the details re your interaction with Steinberg.

      Sadly, your experience simply comports with the behavior of a conman, which is Steinberg in spades, as evidenced by court records, his actions, his written words (via the sucker lists) etc., for decades.

      Re Don: If what you say is true, what does it say for a man who would take an action to prevent you from being victimized, yet knowingly stays in collusion with the criminal.

  74. The hotel stay ends at 11 AM Arizona time, with no money to continue.

    That's it for us unless we have some help.

    I’m running out of motel money fast. Then I will be homeless.

    It’s more expensive in Arizona too. The situation is becoming impossible.

    This was March last year.................

    Note How Guestron has evolved from falling for the lie, to questioning it, to calling it out as the lie that it is.
    This is the path many of us have trod.

    I guess one way to make the impossible possible, is to lie about the nature of "impossible"

    When is a crisis not a crisis, when it never was one to begin with.

    1. And apparently the great J. Randall Murphy can't look at that thread and the string of emails that followed up until today and see that something doesn't add up there. How is it blameless, guileless, spotlessly honest Gene Steinberg has managed to pay for his motel room without fail, even while regularly claiming without donations by 11 a.m. he'll be out on the street?

      Come on J. Randall Murphy, I know you can rationalize this one too. Don't let me down!

    2. I second that motion and I’ll raise you “a tank of gas”. It’s the new “groceries”. And just as pathetic.

    3. In March I posted that topic asking to help Gene. this was right before the hack seeing how I used to be I now promise to redouble my efforts to make 100% sure everyone knows about the grift

    4. Its OK Bob, Like Guestron, like myself, like so many others, First you fall for the lie, then you question it, then you call it out for the obvious BS is it. Its a process of evolution.
      Its not an easy path since no one likes to see their trust misplaced and abused.
      One can only hope that Randall's evolution will come to him sooner rather than later. And that once it does, like you, ppl will treat him fairly once hes see's the error he's made.
      It takes a big person to admit they were wrong. To admit they fell for Genes con, and threw their money at Genes lies. Money that rightfully belongs to your family not Gene. We should all get "I survived Gene Steinbergs fraud" T-shirts as compensation lol. He is the Harvey Weinstein of the paranormal genre. You gave him money,others gave him money, i gave him money #metoo

  75. I’m making a one-time statement about the stalkers and their conduct.I have spent years posting thousands of messages and engaging in questionable acts to fraudulently request donations.
    In other words, they don’t want me to Rip people off, and the better I can do at that, the easier it will be to part the idiots from their hard earned money.

    Here are some specifics:

    Shortly after I sent my first email dishonestly creating an imaginary crisis to trick ppl into giving me donations, potential victims were contacted and given a heads up on my charity fraud. Potential Paracast guests were asked not to appear on the show. Since their good names were being used to give my lies a veneer of validity

    As I said, this wasn’t after years of dealing with financial troubles. It has gone on since 2010. No doubt this has made it more difficult for me to con others out of cash.

    In addition, some of the stalkers have realized I am committing questionable acts that may skirt or violate the law.

    While I was bullshitting with the rental office at an apartment complex to prolong my free stay as a squatter and avoid a possible eviction, somebody unexpectedly sent flowers to the rental manager. The office received unsolicited phone calls about me. As a direct result,And realising they were never going to get the money i owed them we lost the lease. The offender (Gene Steinberg) confessed to these acts online. The episode is included in a police report, and the court documents relating to the eviction and subsequent court case to try and get me to pay what i owed.

    Over the years, I have received repeated fake promises to send me money to help out. Recently, one of those people even posted a message in the forums, but after exchanging personal messages, They realized i wanted much much more than they wanted to give.

    I have considered selling the Tech Night Owl blog to raise cash. One of the stalkers wrote me under an assumed name and offered to buy the web property. We even negotiated a price and payment. But then he got wind of my past court cases, that show i cant be trusted in any sort of business dealing. And Rightly concluding i would take their money and give them nothing they withdrew from negotiations

    Ahead of the signing of a promised contract, I was offered an advance to cement the deal. All they asked in return was to see the books and for my lawyers contact details so a contract could be drawn up. Instead, I was gave them a fraudulent Story about not wanting a contract and dealing strictly in cash as a gentlemens agreement. At this point, they realized it was all a scheme.

    And thats what really happened folks, now lets move on

  76. I was contacted many mahy years ago, by one of Genes ex Moderators and several long standing prominent members, who had hived off and started another forum to distance themselves from Genes fraud. I was given a few small examples which i dismissed to my own admission of shame.

    It wasnt until i could see the entire scope of the behavior as compiled and chronicled by this blog, and the twitter account thats doing the same thing that the enormity of the dishonesty became visible. The trees resolved themselves into the forest of the steinberg scam. Thanks to these sites and the people who put the time and effort into compiling the data i could finally see the outrageous scale of this scam.

    You deserve our Thanks.

  77. Don’t worry everyone Gene’s correcting those “wacky conspiracy theories” about him:

    It’s all the stalkers fault.

  78. "Over the years, I have received repeated fake promises to send me money to help out."

    Entirely consistent with my repeated Fake crises, designed to get people to send me money.

    I send out fake claims of imminent crisis, and people send me fake promises of money.

    Sometimes it feels like my whole life is just one fake event after another.

    I fake, they fake, we all fake fake fake. The UFO genre seems to attract fakers. How dare they send fake offers for money in reply to my fake calls for assistance.

  79. From Gene Steinberg's recent "one-time statement about the stalkers and their conduct": "I will not disclose what I am doing to stop these evil stunts in their tracks."

    Here's an easy way to stop all the unwanted attention, Gene. Just stop asking other people for money and start being honest. Live your life in the same way millions upon millions of other people somehow manage to live - within your own means and without abusing the truth and the goodwill of others.

    That's unthinkable though, right? OK, carry on.

    1. Gene can’t carry on unless you send him a tank of gas...and groceries.

      Next it’ll be toilet paper to wipe his ass.

      And soon diapers, but that Depends on how much money he’s able to raise from doing his share of grifting.

  80. Let Gene explain to you why he doesn’t live in the lap of luxury.

    Beggars evidently can be choosers.

  81. Heres another one to fry Randallbots logic circuits:

    Last March we had posted at the paracast forums: The hotel stay ends at 11 AM Arizona time, with no money to continue.
    That's it for us unless we have some help.
    I’m running out of motel money fast. Then I will be homeless.

    Today its: "Im trying to put together enough money for the motel by 11AM mountain time and maybe a day or two more. As usual if i dont pay i dont stay. Yesterday i made it with 10 mins to spare"

    And this 11AM deadline if i dont pay today i am out on the street tomorrow cry has been a feature in just about every email, since march last year.

    It is the classic "cry wolf" idiom, indeed Gene has even used the phrase wolves at the door on occasion.
    (English idiom "to cry wolf", defined as "to give a false alarm" in Brewer's Dictionary of Phrase and Fable[2] and glossed by the Oxford English Dictionary as meaning to make false claims)

    Daily we get emails crying "wolf" in the form of the 11AM deadline for which he claims he has no money, please can you send him some so he has somewhere to stay tomorrow.

    He crys "wolf" every day, but never gets eaten...............

    Just as in Aesop's cautionary tale, Its a lie

    The intent to deceive, is right there. Everyone see's it except Randall, Even Gene knows its a lie.

    Every day He has no money to may the motel by 11AM and faces being homeless tomorrow, every day he somehow made it through the previous crisis to face it fresh and anew today. And it will be the same tomorrow, next week, next month and next year.

    11AM and homelessness is genes daily cry of "wolf" at the door.
    Its not the 11am part thats the lie, he states as fact in each of these he DOES NOT HAVE the money to pay it, and that the result will be homelessness. Can you please send him some of your money. But the very next day he is still there. Getting lucky and finding the cash at the last minute, sometimes with just minutes to spare. Hundreds of times in a row, not once failing and becoming homeless. Its akin to flipping heads in a coin toss every single time for hundreds of toss's in a row.

    And just like the cautionary tale it too is a lie.
    The laws of probability guarantee it, that and common sense.

  82. So much to pick apart re Steinberg's latest statement, but let's look at Numis Gems:

    In an earlier article, Caveat Emptor: A Paracast Saga of Discrepancies, Omissions and Unpaid Restitution by Jack, written on 8-13-2018, Jack offered Steinberg an opportunity to respond, he replied:

    Here we go again:

    I never owned his business. I simply helped him with some paperwork [emphasis added] as a favor when he had his legal issues. Remember, family.

    Numis Gems was always Stephen’s. It was not a corporation, just a registered name. Someone is misreading the filing with the State of Arizona.

    I was not involved in its affairs. [emphasis added] I just wanted him to earn living, partly in the hope that I would be paid back.

    You see how that turned out.

    Gene Steinberg

    Yesterday, Steinberg wrote:

    But what about that “mysterious” Numis Gems, and what was my connection to that company? The answer is simple enough. Stephen operated under that name for number of years, dating back to the early 1970s. He traded in gold and silver and sold collectibles.

    He decided to use the name again, so he asked if he could put by [sic] name on the business paperwork
    [emphasis added] so he wouldn’t run afoul of his probation.

    The fact of the matter is as Jack has exposed in that previous article (mentioned above), Numis Gems, the corporation was signed over to Steinberg in March of 2004. Prior to that, Steinberg was Vice President of the company and prior to that he was listed as secretary and treasurer.

    On the paperwork, Stephen Beizer wrote to the Arizona Corporation Commission the following:


    Remember Biedny's Rules of Steinberg:

    1). NEVER believe anything Steinberg says!

    1. Wow gene caught in his own web of lies. I hope the spider eats him.

  83. If Gene really wanted to come clean and set the record straight, he should start at the top. It’s been a coverup for most of Gene’s adult life. The only way he’s going to get ahead is to look at the bald truth and face facts. Another close shave at the motel and Gene will be out on his ass in the street. With time running out at 11 each day, there won’t be any small reprieve. A hairy situation indeed. And to think this all happens again tomorrow. Rinse and repeat.

    1. Lol this is hilarious!!! What a way to wig-out.

  84. The "intent to deceive" that Murphy claims is lacking here, is patently obvious in the 11AM cry wolf aspect as has been well illustrated.
    The "value" of his hobby's is another one that can be dissected.

    In his recently exposed dealings with someone from SGRC he talks up the value, eventually suggesting fifteen thousand would be ideal as a purchase price for the TNO. ROFL If the Paracast forums are dead the TNO ones were buried, forgotten, tombstones removed and bulldozed over to make a new church carpark).

    He used claims of ad revenue to bump up the offer made. Yet on his forums has stated . "Our ad trackers aren't tracking anything but ad clicks so we get paid. Period. It's a pittance if you want to know."

    "Very few are actually paid, and that is what hurts bad".

    "We are paid by one of our advertisers on the basis of downloads from our server (not much, but it helps a bit)".

    "Well, you do understand that we're not paid for the network ads. Just our own when we actually get ones that are paid for"

    "Right now, we're only dealing with 2 minutes of paid ads per episode"

    Note how the story flips from just 2 mins worth of ads that pay a pittance when he is asking for donations.
    But becomes a business you can earn a living from when he's trying to swindle someone into buying it.

    There are more red flags here than a communist party parade.

    In each version either we are making sweet bugger all, or we are making decent revenue, as the obvious aim of each contradicting gambit is to put the maximum amount of money in his pocket.

    One of the IRS tests to determine if its a business or a hobby

    The manner in which the taxpayer carried on the activity.
    Are you keeping accurate books and using them to improve your performance?

    Given Gene says his books are "informal" The IRS would consider it a hobby

    The IRS’s enforcement of hobby loss rules means that if you truly are operating a side business, you need to treat it like a business, and be prepared to prove your claim to an IRS representative. Perhaps the surest way to have even a legitimate business — one that meets eight of the nine criteria for a business — considered a hobby is to have consistent losses year after year. The IRS views this as the biggest indicator that a business is actually just a hobby.

    Given the need to beg for rent and groceries and the established fact that the two corporations (now false fronts) have been revoked for years. One can conclude he is being dishonest in trying to swindle 15k, plus a cut of any extra ad revenue the new owner might sell. Its as deluded as it is dishonest.

    I'll finish with a quote from one of his own newsletters, the irony will be lost on no one.

    "In the world of paranormal research, you hope that it’s about facts and evidence, not someone’s agenda in the search for glory and profit. There’s nothing wrong about being paid for one’s labors, but if that profit comes from deceiving people, that’s another story entirely."
    Gene Steinberg - March 1, 2015

    1. Mr Bumgarner's exchanges had many, perhaps unsurprising parallels with my own genuine attempt to buy the paracast.
      As a member of the forum for over 10 years, i was well versed in the story of ads not paying much, trouble selling ads, and requests for marketing expertise and commercial evangelism to help it become a profitable enterprise. I was the first person to subscribe to P+ sending him cash before it was even up and running.

      Based on Genes own statements over 10 years i knew it wasn't making money. He had said so often enough.

      My motivation to buy it was primarily to help him and to that end was willing to pay far more than it was worth.
      The element of preserving the legacy was also a factor. I was doing him a favour.
      Instead from the moment we started talking, he started over stating its value and revenue.
      It seems likely given this latest posting at SGRC that neither company has filed a tax return, the books instead being informal. Confirming the reality its just a hobby not a business.
      You can call a chicken an F-111, but it wont ever break the sound barrier. Calling his hobby a business is a conceit, selling it as one is a deceit.
      My expression of interest was genuine and in good faith,had he not been greedy he would have had enough money to set himself up in a new apartment, Been freed of the ongoing costs and time spend running it. And most importantly from my POV since money isnt something i have to worry about, The forums and the history would have been preserved going forward, the legacy lasting long after he died.

      Instead in his greed he set about trying to find a way to get as much money from me as he could, whilst giving nothing real in return. In the end we went from selling it to me, to just give me money "invest" and i will give you what i like when i like.

      As others have said the corporate entities have been revoked for years, It seems like he doesnt file IRS statements on either of them. Australian tax law seems similar to US IRS laws. There is a clear distinction between what is a business and a hobby. By the criteria under both codes its clearly a hobby not a business.
      Trying to inflate the cost as he did with me by presenting it as a business when clearly it is not Is in his own words to try and profit by deceiving people.

      I was willing to pay him more that it was realistically worth, With all the other benefits that ive outlined above. But he got greedy and blew the deal.

    2. Once again Gene hangs himself with his own words.

  85. So now Gene is selling knock off Apple products in his new “store”. Yeah I’m sure those earbuds are just like the “real thing”. Cheap Chinese crap. The site is a white label Shopify store filled with generic product anyone can sell. Open the spigots, here comes the cash to save Gene!!!!

  86. The TNO store made its debut today, in just an hour the earbuds have gone off selling 14 in less than an hour. And the 3 reviews say shipping was just 2-3 days. even though the same product is selling for 15 bucks on ebay, ppl are time travelling back to before the store opened to place an order.

    Long winded guarantee with lots of promises. look for the phrase "money back"...... LOL


    We truly believe that this is one of the most innovative products in the world, and we want to make sure we back that up with a risk-free ironclad 30 day guarantee.

    If you don't have a positive experience for ANY reason, we will do WHATEVER it takes to make sure you are 100% satisfied with your purchase.

    Buying items online can be a daunting task, so we want you to realize that there is absolute ZERO risk in buying something and trying it out. If you don't like it, no hard feelings, we'll make it right.

    We have 24/7/365 Email Support. Please contact us if you need assistance.

    Thank you for supporting the Tech Night Owl!

    He just couldnt say it, "Money back" its his version of Fonzies "wrong"

    1. I’d pay for a cute stuffed Teddy Bear dog or an all-weather dark brown Small Reprieve. Those are a lot more fun to cuddle with and wear. I need a good Halloween costume too! I’m going as a urologist grifter this year. I hope I don’t have any competition. Fingers crossed.

  87. I did a reverse image search of the graphic Gene is using to sell his headphones and got many match's.
    I found the exact same image and product at aliexpress for $8.88USD

    So gene would have us believe they are worth 75 bucks, but he Kind and benevolent person he is, will sell them to you for 29.99.

    If we believe the random number sales widget that reports anything from 4 to 14 sold at any given time you refresh the page, and take the highest number 14.

    Thats 420 bucks in 24 hours. subtract 14 times $8.88

    Thats 295 bucks hes made today
    Subtract 10 bucks postage and he made 155 bucks clear today plus SS and uber fares

    That pays for motel bill and groceries and then some. More than enough to meet the 11AM deadline.

    His begging days are over....And when the opening sale is over and he starts selling 9 dollar headphones for 75 bucks, well our boy will be doing the pimp swagger all the way to the bank.

  88. One can anticipate the reply, Those nasty stalkers have crapped all over my new store and have prevented me from earning a living, thus my requests for donations needs must continue.

    Have they crapped all over the store, Yes yes they have

    Is that why its failed......

    No, No its not. The so called marketing genius Anders has failed utterly to understand modern marketing. Bricks and mortar business's know this only too well. Its as if Anders has taken a bricks and mortar business model and simply plonked it online.
    No matter the product people will always compare the price with online sources such as Ebay and Amazon etc. If you cant match their prices you wont be in business long. To make that same price matching error on a digital platform seems so stupid as to beggar belief.
    No matter what he's selling, people will always shop for the best price.
    Volume over margin is the name of the game. Instead hes gone the excessive margin route. As stupid as it is greedy.

    Thats why this store will fail, not the haters. frankly the comedic aspect of the reviews is the most value anyone will get from his store. "Portion of sales to hurricane victims" is pure gold.

    Bricks and mortar retail is dying, Its well known that people use the physical stores to look at the products they are interested in buying, and then buy them online for a fraction of the price.

    Its only advantage is instant gratification, you pay extra but you own it now, take it home today.
    If you are OK with waiting on delivery then you go with the cheapest online price/postage.
    If he wants to sell online, he needs to adopt the same volume over margin model. Instead he's using the margin over volume model thats killing bricks and mortar retail.

    Thats why it failed, not the hilarious reviews his fan club will keep posting

  89. Interestingly, I don't see the false front, bogus corporation, i.e., Making The Impossible Inc. employed at the store site.

    How is the sales tax being collected and what name is registered for the seller's permit.

  90. The new online store is a total fraud and a ploy to show that Gene is “doing his share”. The goal is not to sell anything, but rather provide a convenient excuse Gene can use to continue sucking free money from you in his quest for donations and daily living expenses.

  91. Like two bald men fighting over a comb, the new tech nite Owl store is utterly useless.

  92. So Anders has responded:

    "The "sold today" feature was implemented by a sub-contractor and the intent was it should have live updates and reflect actual sales numbers. It is true, that it's currently not 100% accurate, and this feature will be REMOVED within a few hours."

    In other words "it is true the sold today feature is a lie, a tool often used by scammers" removing it once youve been caught doesn't make you honest. It makes you caught out in a lie and thats all.

    When caught at a lie, and being dishonest, blame someone else and claim you didnt do it on purpose. Beizer did the same thing as does Steinberg.

    If caught out in a con, deny you meant to do it.

    And again who ever this person is he misses the bigfoot in the room riding the elephant.

    "It's not immoral to ask for donations if you're in financial trouble and I would have hoped that you would
    all applauded Gene for his efforts in trying to create a revenue-generating store that provides value for its customers."

    It IS immoral to beg almost daily using the lie you cant pay for the motel today and will be out tomorrow, when every day you manage to "find" the money. Its called cry wolf and the premise behind that cautionary tale is the boy keeps making false claims. Asking for donations by making false claims is immoral in most peoples view. Though that ratio would vary from demographic to demographic. Prison populations for example might lean the other way opinion wise.
    Bottom line: only the dishonest could think it was moral to solicit donations with false claims. I wont even dignify the value for its customers aspect.

    If you lie in court you are considered an unreliable witness and nothing you say counts as evidence. If your reviews are clearly lies, if your "sales today" claims are clearly lies then no other claims related to the site can be taken at face value and that includes the lie "value for its customers"

    Its just another scam, by a known scammer

    1. fraud
      noun: fraud; plural noun: frauds

      wrongful or criminal deception intended to result in financial or personal gain.

  93. Begging for money is not immoral..........

    It most certainly is if the beggar is lying.

    When you look back at all the beg letters on twitter

    There is a prevailing theme.

    "If you dont send me money today to pay the motel by 11AM i will be homeless tomorrow"

    That is the gestalt of these begs, I dont have enough money to pay todays rent, if you dont send me some, i will be on the street tomorrow.

    But......It never happens. WHY ?

    Either someone donates a days rent every day for the last 7 months, or Gene had the money all along.

    It's not immoral to ask for donations if you're in financial trouble, but if that financial trouble in this case not having todays rent money. Thats the specific claim he makes when he asks, Is a false claim. Then it IS immoral.

    The almost daily claim that i do not have enough money today to pay the motel, and unless you send me some of yours i will be on the street cannot possibly be true, when you consider he hasnt ended up on the street in over 7 months of making this daily claim.

    How does he manage to pay despite claiming he cant ?

    The answer that fits the only answer that is logical is the claim is a lie.
    Either hes managed to pay everyday for the last 7 months because he had the money (making his claim he didnt a lie)
    Or somehow people sent him the money at the last minute.

    A sensible person can look at those letters and spot the obvious issue. Gene has figured out people have a threshold for sending money, If you want money for luxury's, no one is going to send you some. needing food... maybe, but there are always food banks and soup kitchens for the needy. As long as he has a roof over his head ppl are unlikely to send cash.

    He's figured that out, so the "crisis" is now almost daily. I cant pay to stay another day, if you dont help me i wont have a roof over my head.

    And most decent people if they believe that is the case will help someone they know in that situation, exploiting that goodwill and thats exactly whats happening here is as immoral as it gets. Even Gene knows it.

    "In the world of paranormal research, you hope that it’s about facts and evidence, not someone’s agenda in the search for glory and profit. There’s nothing wrong about being paid for one’s labors, but if that profit comes from deceiving people, that’s another story entirely."
    Gene Steinberg - March 1, 2015

    The webpage claiming "limited stock" on an item that you can get from dozens of sites at a fraction of the price, with a red banner falsely claiming 14 have been sold in the last 24 hours, constitutes deceiving people.

  94. It looks like those two putzes really think the store is going to be a money maker. That is insanely stupid. Like many other observers of this particular train wreck, I assumed the loony story of "Anders" and the store that will be finished any day now was just some more hooey to try to make it look like the schnorrer was actually attempting to change something. Could it be that it really did take him eight months to set up a crappy junk store anyone else could get going in a day or two? Or maybe Mini Me / "Anders" finally did attempt to implement a store partly in a feeble attempt to validate some of Big Putz's BS. We may never know. Or care.

  95. So Anders turns up at AE, Is 33 and from defend Genes Shopify based webstore

    I found ANDERS BERENDT Born in 1986 in a suburb of Copenhagen. ie is 33 and from Denmark. Has worked in E commerce for shopify. And also Anders3 at shopify "Hi, Nate! Anders from the Shopify Social Care team here. Thanks for reaching out. I've had a look over your site and I can see your reasoning behind why you believe the product page may be leading to some missed conversions."

    Anders at AE: "The products were not good, it's incredibly hard to sign up at Paracast+ so it has almost no conversions."

    Both use the word conversions in the E commerce context

    An ecommerce conversion rate is the percentage of website visitors who purchased something from your online store (in a set period of time).

    Same guy ? seems very likely

    1. It’s probably him. I suspect Anders cut a deal with Gene to get a slice of every sale made. Gene likely oversold the traffic and value of his audience and played the radio host card. Anders probably is earning minimum wage at Shopify and trying to pad his income. A partnership made in gullibleness.

    2. So they managed to find a wage slave at Shopify who thinks, writes, and behaves on a forum in precisely the same way Randall does? What are the odds? Probably right up there with making a daily rent payment at a residence hotel with minutes to spare, every single day for seven months.

      Anybody try to contact this apparently real Anders? If it's the same guy, then he has spotless English so it should be no problem finding out if he is part of the Parasite. Yes, I know, everybody in Europe speaks English very well. I participate on a number of forums that have (thankfully) nothing whatever to do with the shitshow ufology has become, and there are quite a few Scandinavians on them. Fine people with excellent English, but it's obvious it's not their first language.

    3. I wasnt sure if the links would get posted,

      A google of

      ANDERS BERENDT Born in 1986 in a suburb of Copenhagen

      Will get you some links

      and one of

      Anders from the Shopify Social Care team here

      will get the you the shopify ones which included they way he used the word conversion which seems a good pattern match to me.

  96. Guys, it's not a good look to be doxing someone while posting anonymously. If you're interested in knowing more about Anders, I recommend reaching out to anyone you suspect and ask them. If for various reasons you don't want to get involved, then maybe it would be wise to not get involved at all.

    My point is that there seems to be a loss of purpose. If you're interested in informing the public of Steinberg's activities, then I suggest doing it clearly and directly. Otherwise, you do more to create sympathy for Steinberg than educate the public.

    1. Good point, Jack.

      I think several possibilities for the identity of Anders were posted here and elsewhere when the "advertising/web guy" thread appeared in the begging messages. It would be easy, and entirely in character (lack of, really) of the staff over at the Parasite to make use of some of that info. It would behoove those guys to keep in mind that identity theft is still a crime. If anyone did hire someone to set up that store, well, I hope they didn't pay more than about $2!

    2. Identity theft is still on the table, ie someone has created AE-Anders using information from Shopify and the real Anders from Denmark aged 33.

      Two reasons why i speculate thus :

      AE-Anders wrote

      "The "sold today" feature was implemented by a sub-contractor and the intent was it should have live updates and reflect actual sales numbers. It is true, that it's currently not 100% accurate, and this feature will be REMOVED within a few hours."

      And yet days later its still there, Its as if AE-Anders doesnt actually have the ability to make the changes he promised on AE.

      Also posted by AE-Anders:
      "The 3 reviews are genuine reviews of this product.
      The price of $75 is what we will sell this product at when the sale ends."

      And yet now the site lists these items as being $45.00 on sale for $29.99.

      Again the claims being made by AE-Anders are inconsistent with whats actually happening at the store.

      The reviews have been lifted from another sales site, as such they might be real reviews, But they are NOT TNO store reviews though thats what they are being presented as. That someone bought these from the TNO store and were happy with the transaction and delivery time. Outright lies.

      Its the same gold standard of dishonesty and misrepresentation we recognize all to well

      Genuine reviews ? maybe, actual TNO sales reviews hells NO . "currently not 100% accurate", Honest answer complete and utter BS. Painting a banner thats simply a random number generator as not quite accurate is a bald faced lie as well.

  97. Thanks Jack
    Anders has been using the fact that everyone is mistaking him for Randall and/or Gene to make a case that since they are wrong about him, they are wrong about Genes behaviour.
    It struck me as essential to find the real Anders to end the speculation which he is using to make a case everyone is wrong about Steinberg.

  98. The store:
    Quite a bit of the dishonesty still going on there:
    That fake red banner proclaiming "sold in last 24hours" which changes from 14 to 6 to 11 to 4 with each refresh is still there despite the promise yesterday in would be gone within hours.

    If you look at the banner ad at the Paracast the items are worth 75 dollars (the price the store originally showed) marked down to the discount price of 29.99. But the store now has them discounted from 45.00 to 29.99. The "true value" of the item on sale is just a price plucked from nowhere. this discrepancy shows that. These cheap clones are worth 75 bucks , the TNO is worth 15k and i have a bridge to sell if anyone is interested

    You can buy an identical product elsewhere for a fraction of even the false discount price.

    The whole thing is reflective of the Steinberg saga. Dishonesty and misrepresentation.

    One of the promo images posted on twitter, reverse image googled to show they are commonly available for less was also removed from the TNO page, the "Brains" behind that move not considering all the promo pics at TNO can be chased back this way. This item is available in volume from dozens of sites yet the TNO site says "hurry limited stock available", another marketing deception designed to convince the buyer to make a purchase asap

  99. Another odd issue"

    Color: Black - binauralShips From: United States
    L***y on Jan 07, 2019

    Order came super early and all intact...Thank you so much!!

    Color: Black - binauralShips From: United States
    L***y on Jan 06, 2019

    Order came super early and all intact...Thank you so much!!

    One review is from best selling products, the other from newest products. Looks like someone didnt proof read the date when they posted the fake reviews.

    Notwithstanding the 06-jan/07-jan mismatch they had to have placed the order well before the shop actually went live.....

  100. If Anders is real, then he is a victim of Gene’s too. He’s been duped by Schemey’s old man card. The technology expert who’s stuck on Usenet and AOL. Soon, Anders will see the truth as we all have. Don’t dox him. Educate him. #EnlightenAnders

    1. Or.... Anders, Shopify employee has seen a chance to sell Gene a shopfront and pretended to be a long time listener in order to make his pitch. They get 29.99 a month (oddly enough the same price as his single item for sale)
      As he says:
      "The structure of our relationship is conducted in a way, so I'm not in danger of losing money on this."

      LOL, no he gets his salary + commission no matter what.

  101. In a play straight from Orwells 1984. Randall is rewriting the past.He posts:

    Yes I've talked with Chris and his "exasperation" was due to the attacks on Gene that spilled over onto him as collateral damage

    He paints this as Chris having no direct problem with Genes behavior.

    Christopher O'Brien wrote:

    "The only thing that's burned me is doing the show for practically free and having to plead, dog and threaten Gene for a few measly scraps maybe (if I'm lucky) a couple of times a year and the burn out and embarrassment of being slimed by his constant begging for $$$. His latest drama has stretched me past the point of no return."

    Christopher O'Brien May 21, 2018 at 9:47 AM

    Whatever dude, I so tired of Gene, his pathetic begging and getting slimed while simply attempting to present quality guests and drill down to the essence of the subject matter covered on the show. I'm NOT shutting down conversations and can appreciate your POV concerning his panhandling. I'm absolutely fed up and through enabling his at best, questionable behavior. there's a big difference to ask for help one-time for a legitimate scientific effort and a decade's-long program of panhandling and scamming.

    When asked about the Paracast and Gene Steinberg on Michael Decons podcast, he stated:

    "I'm being slimed by Gene Steinberg's constant begging for money, which totally pisses me off"

    "I don't stoop as low as to, you know, to beg people for money and, and to get people to loan me money, knowing I'll never pay them back, I have real probelms with that you know ... I haven't been paid uh, ever really, for the show."

    "He hits everbody up for money ... oh he begs on-line, just go on FaceBook. He's constantly sending out e-mail blasts, you know ...he lives in a nice condo, gated community; drives a late model leased car, you know ... he's doing a hell of a lot better then I am. Yet I never get paid, you know ... it's bullshit! You know, the guy's lame ...."

    1. Yep, Team Scheme is just plain nuts. Poor reading comprehension doesn't cover it. Fundamental dishonesty doesn't get it. Anyone with a lick of sense knows what Randall said is utterly false and only a moron would think no one would notice. Okay, crazy *and* stupid.

    2. Yeah Chris' actual quotes leave no wriggle room yet Randall spins it as:

      "Had the lame attacks on Gene not happened, there would have been no "exasperating issue". "

      Chris describes Genes behavior in terms that make it clear It was Gene who caused him the problem, not because he took some splash damage.

      He cites "a decade's-long program of panhandling and scamming."

      Its Genes behavior he says pisses him off

      "I'm being slimed by Gene Steinberg's constant begging for money, which totally pisses me off"

      And he calls Gene lame

      " it's bullshit! You know, the guy's lame ...."

      But you know how it works in in an Orwellian control system like the Paracast, if you can rewrite the past you can control the narrative present and future.