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Steinberg Court Docs Include Scathing Beizer Letter

[Edit: If problems occur trying to view the Torson vs Steinbergs pdf linked throughout this post, view the file on Google Drive.]

Gene and Barbara Steinberg were sued in 2012 for failing to repay some $44,000 in personal loans to James M. Torson. The ensuing court motions included a scathing five-page letter penned by Steinberg's late brother-in-law Stephen Beizer, public records obtained from Coconino County Superior Court reveal. Beizer accused Steinberg of exploiting Beizer's personal plight in order to obtain cash donations, the vast amount of which, Beizer claimed, Steinberg kept for himself. 

Exhibit "A", p60 of pdf, Torson vs Steinbergs
The Steinbergs were eventually judged responsible for debt in excess of $44,000 in the case which began with a complaint for breach of contract filed against the couple by Torson. The debt was the result of 14 personal loans issued between 2011 and 2012. A promissory note for repayment was previously signed by the Steinbergs to Torson, but records indicate a total of just $50 was actually repaid, and not until legal action was imminent. Default judgments against the Steinbergs proceeded, and garnishments were attempted. The debt was eventually discharged in Gene Steinberg's 2016 bankruptcy filing.

Court records do not clarify specific reasons given by the Steinbergs to Torson for the purposes of the loans. Attempts to reach Torson for comment were not initially successful.

Attorneys acting on behalf of Torson submitted an application for writ of garnishment in 2012 on the now deceased Stephen Beizer, seeking payment from Beizer for the debt incurred by the Steinbergs. Steinberg has long dubiously claimed his publicized money woes were partly attributable to his generosity to Beizer. Steinberg further claimed Beizer was anticipating a lucrative financial settlement which would create a windfall for Steinberg, but no significant evidence of any such settlement has ever been produced.

Beizer did not mince words in his response to the 2012 application for writ of garnishment. In a hand-written letter to the court dated Nov. 27, 2012, Beizer stated:

...Gene proceeds to offer “help” in lifting our pending burdens of rent and utilities in return for a note acknowledging our indebtedness to him – 3-31-11 A note which he dictates and I write and sign...
Weeks pass, no help, no money... we are panicked and Gene assures us he will do what he said, BUT, he needs another note because a friend of his will loan him the money - $5,000 – which he needs two thousand because he's in a short term “pinch” - so he wants (Gene) reassurance that we (the Beizers) fully intend to pay him back...

Beizer goes on to describe telephone contact from a paralegal, Jennifer, acting on behalf of Torson, and Beizer's purported dismay when he was informed Steinberg obtained much more cash than the previously discussed $5,000:

After the first Jennifer conversation, I spoke to Gene via phone, and asked about $5,000? 44,000??? He said Jennifer misunderstood his association with this man in Flagstaff goes back many years to the time he was paying our bills – REALLY? NO! Jennifer said that $44,000 was given recently from ca. 4/11 to 1/12 – Now, what else had Gene lied about and to whom and how many “whoms” - turns out many, many, many whoms – like near VIRAL on the internet...

Beizer continued, writing about finding Steinberg's “extensive” cash solicitations, describing them as “Gene's begging for money from listeners of his internet programs and how many were angry and disillusioned because of his assertions/lies – how many people from many walks of life had read of my misfortune and the plight of my family and sent Gene vast sums of money to help us (my family) - 'crumbs' yes, indeed – compared to the money Gene received and used for his own enrichment...”

Beizer concluded:

...I had a surprise visit from someone with intimate knowledge of Gene's skull-duggery and it was admitted to me that Gene not only told wild and untrue stories about me and my family, but he posted a picture of MY SON on the internet for more sympathy and of course more money not for my son, but to fill his, Gene Steinberg's, pockets – from the moment in Sept 2012 going forward to eternity; I do not, my family does not owe, will never pay or give anything to the Defendants in this action. They are in debt to me and my family and it is so clear now that the CRUMBS are what we survived on, but the check for the MEAL is now ALL HIS RESPONSIBILITY TO PAY. We repudiate ANY DEBT to GENE or BARBARA STEINBERG.

To whatever extent Beizer's statements may or may not be entirely accurate (see the entire five-page letter submitted by Beizer, pp18-22 of pdf), his conflict with Steinberg makes it ever more clear that Steinberg's ongoing framing of the pair's relationship is less than transparent. Steinberg long used his claim of expecting a substantial sum of money from the Beizers as collateral to justify his hundreds of annual requests for handouts. However, Beizer could not have made it more apparent that no such repayment or gift was forthcoming. Steinberg nonetheless persisted with the story. 

Moreover and as explored in a previous blog post, Steinberg chronically failed to disclose to his following that Beizer pleaded guilty in 2004 to charges of Sale of Unregistered Securities and Theft. The charges arose out of what the Arizona Attorney General's Office described as bilking two elderly women out of hundreds of thousands of dollars. Steinberg repeatedly spun Beizer as a victim worthy of charity, going as far as to criticize those who sought legal action against him, while never accurately portraying the circumstances. 

In 2009 Steinberg presented Beizer to Paracast listeners as a “currency trader.” In doing so, Steinberg neglected to disclose Beizer was, in fact, the purported down on his luck brother-in-law described in Steinberg's ongoing cash solicitations. Furthermore, Steinberg neglected to disclose to his Paracast and Tech Night Owl followings that Beizer pleaded guilty to felony theft charges, and neglected to disclose Beizer owed $186,000 in restitution to his theft victims. This was the case all while Steinberg solicited money, supposedly on behalf of Beizer, through emails dispersed to those followings.

However one chooses to interpret all of the public court documents, it remains glaringly clear Steinberg frequently misrepresents the situations. Omissions and inaccuracies are commonplace, while public solicitations for cash under the guise of chronic emergencies continues relentlessly from a man, Steinberg, who presents himself as a gold standard of reporting on issues surrounding the paranormal genre.


Fraud or other crimes perpetrated through the internet may be reported at the FBI Internet Crime Complaint Center. Other resources include your state's Attorney General, the Department of Justice, and the Federal Trade Commission.

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  1. There is no honor among thieves. Looks like the house of cards is falling.

  2. Jack, thank you once again for keeping a bright light on the inexplicable and unsavory actions of Gene Steinberg, that well-known proprietor of the ‘gold standard of paranormal radio’.

    Beizer does proclaim that Gene paid bills for his family for at least four years and helped them out otherwise. I would not have credited it as possible, but there it is. Of course, Beizer also talks about the “financial strength” his family “enjoyed from 1993-2003”, when we know at least a portion of that strength was founded upon lies and exploiting others, so, can we really trust what he is saying? I imagine he’d have said anything to try to evade any responsibility for Gene's loans.

    If we can believe Beizer, Gene wheedled $44K out of poor James Torson over a period of time (one can imagine the conversations… “we just need a little more then I’ll be able to pa you back…”) and only gave the Beizers the “crumbs” of $5K. (I’d like a $5K crumb myself!) Beizer was, I’d say, clearly trying to be manipulative in his note and disentangle himself from any obligation here, so who knows the truth of the matter. I think all we can be sure of is Gene Steinberg borrowed $44K from James Torson and never repaid that money. But it's certainly not hard to believe Gene kept a good portion of that $44K for his own use.

    It’s darkly comic to read Beizer’s claims of trying to track down the Steinbergs, considering the Beizers evaded the law for a time themselves. And then Beizer complains about Gene’s begging such that it seems he might've fit right in here, or at @SchemeGeneRC or the Alien Expanse forum. Funny to read him saying “Gene owned or leased three late model cars during 2003-4-5 & 6 and the finest electronics and plastic surgery and expensive trappings of people with extensive resources.” Hah! (Also: plastic surgery?) All the criticisms of Gene one has read online over the years and continue to see to this day, all there in Stephen Beizer's handwriting. Gene is, was, and always has been Gene, it would appear.

    But then I wonder, did Gene learn to grift from observing Stephen, or did Gene coach Stephen in the art of the grift? Who was the master and who the apprentice? Either way: no honor among thieves, indeed. And never, ever lend Gene Steinberg money!

    1. Plastic surgery for Babs, maybe? I'd hate to think he got it for himself and that's how it turned out!


  3. Holy shit! This article should get sent to Randall and let's see what he thinks now.

    1. He does reply to this addy from his own website

  4. Hello Jack and thank you for this report, great work and quite revealing information which fills in a few blanks in my understanding of this situation...Thank you again, awesome work...

  5. Two worthless, scamming dirtbags engaging in a slapfight over money they defrauded out of others, then crying about the injustice of it all when they themselves get scammed will never not be funny.

    Fantastic work as always, Jack.

  6. Gene you are absolutely despicable. I hope the whole world discovers this blog and learns of your true nature. You are nothing but a criminal and scammer. You will go down in history as a laughingstock and joke of both the UFO and tech community. These posts aren’t going away. The movement and word is growing and someday justice will be served. You won’t have to worry about “groceries” anymore because you’ll be getting 3 tasty square meals a day. Unfortunately, at all our expense. Bubba will keep the sheets warm for ya!

    1. He'll call you an online stalker with hate in your heart. Bwahahaha!

  7. Is this the picture he posted i wonder

  8. It was written above:

    Beizer does proclaim that Gene paid bills for his family for at least four years and helped them out otherwise. I would not have credited it as possible, but there it is.

    Court records clearly demonstrate that Steinberg was by no means as well-heeled as he has claimed publicly and or to his BIL (assuming we take the Beizer declaration at face value). Since before the Steinberg's arrived in the Arizona (early, middle '90's), there is a trail of civil and criminal violations, all for financial misdeeds (to put it mildly).

    In Beizer's declaration, he surmises that he got the (much) smaller percentage of scam money raised in his name, and Steinberg got the lion's share. Moreover, on more then one occasion either Gene or his son admitted the the fund-raising (scam) was highly successful.


    Being the consummate liar that Gene Steinberg is–is a mainstay of the professional grifter.

  9. It is kinda bizarre that Stephen despite admitting he did get some money from gene would then claim that Gene owes them money

    (They are in debt to me and my family and it is so clear now that the CRUMBS are what we survived on, but the check for the MEAL is now ALL HIS RESPONSIBILITY TO PAY. We repudiate ANY DEBT to GENE or BARBARA STEINBERG.)

    Perhaps he thought all money raised on their behalf belongs to him.

    It is a strange mindset though, someone who is being given money claiming that the person giving the money owes them more.

    1. The gist of Beizer's declaration is that when Steinberg gave money to him (the BIL), he did it while telling him (Beizer) that he could easily afford it–it was his money from his ample income and it's "family helping family." Later Beizer learns that Steinberg was using his family, and his mentally challenged son to raise large sums of money (the con), keeping the lion's share for himself (Steinberg). Court records indicate that Steinberg didn't have the money he claims, and we all know he's lived/lives beyond his means.

      Thus, under those circumstances he feels he owes/owed Steinberg nothing.

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. David, none of us blame you. Gene is a total con man. He’s more “talented” than we thought, not some bumbling old man. You have spoken out against Gene and have more balls than Chris O’Brien ever had. I wonder what he has to say about all of this since he went on under his nose. I’m sure he and Gene had some private conversations about money. David you need to stake a copyright claim and get your episodes and name removed from The Paracast site. Though I’ve enjoyed your work, I fear any association you have with Gene will continue to haunt and hinder you. The Internet is forever and new people who don’t know the whole backstory will think you are part of the scam. If Gene wants to continue, he can do so totally on his own. And without the benefit of the hard work you put in. Why should gene continue to profit off the David Biedny name?! You continue to endure the stink and ill will of Gene’s behavior and don’t deserve this. Any search of your name on google and all this mess comes up along with that nutcase bellowing about the holocaust. I can see why you left the field. I am only an observer from the outside and have already seen enough. David you deserve better. Think of how much of your life has been affected and consumed by this loser. You keep trying to get away but like quicksand you keep getting pulled in. If anyone is a victim in all of this it’s David Biedny. The rest of us lost money but David has lost his good name, job opportunities and too much time dealing with Gene’s shit.

    2. I guess David Biedny has had enough of Scheme Gene’s saga. He had more courage to speak up than both cohosts Chris O’Brien and Randall Murphy combined. We wish David well in his future endeavors. May the stench of The Paracast eventually wash off your soul. Amen.

  11. Steinberg is to the paranormal community as Robert Tilton was to the televangelist christian community.

  12. When I first came across the docket for Torson's suit in Coconino County, I thought it was just another in a series of actiond against Gene. Gene borrows money. He defaults on the loan. A default judgment is entered against him. Gene discharges it in bankruptcy.

    Jack took the extra steps and obtained the records - great work on his part, particularly in light of what he obtained. It is a good example of what any investigator should do.

    We know that Torson found out about the promissory note from Stephen. It is not certain whether Gene used the note to get a loan from Torson or used it to string him along. However, we also know that Torson was willing to delay repayment or collection if Gene could prove Stephen's settlement was real. In either event, long after Gene should have known that Stephen claims were illusory, he continued to advance the idea of a settlement - a pattern that continues to this day. And he did so knowing that he could not prove the settlement existed.

    In the meantime, Stephen was upset because Torson is trying to garnish the note. He believed that Gene still owed him.

    So is Stephen's letter to the court a genuine falling out or part of a plan to make Gene judgment proof? Perhaps both.

    It was certainly entertaining to read that Stephen intended to repay Gene as soon as he recovered the financial strength he enjoyed from 1993-2003. That strength occurred at a time when Stephen's business was failing and he turned to fraud and theft to scam his victims. So when could Stephen expect to regain thus strength? He certainly tried to find it, looking forr new victims until the end of his life, seeking people to give him money for a proven financial opportunity. I am sure that this was done so he could repay Gene . . . or not.

    Through it all, Gene does not seem to have let the letter affect him. It did not signal the end of a relationship. Gene did not write emails about how he was the victim of fraud. Indeed, their partnership endured to the end.

    It's an intriguing story. It's just to bad that Torson got caught in the middle between two schemers.

  13. What a shit bucket - true & indeed.

  14. Well done everyone involved in unearthing this aspect, It confirms what everyone has long suspected about just how grubby Gene Steinberg's scam is.

    There is no doubt Beizer was a leech, to find that Steinberg was also leeching off him is both disgusting and amusing.

    Big fleas have little fleas upon their backs to bite 'em,
    And little fleas have lesser fleas, and so, ad infinitum.
    And the great fleas, themselves, in turn, have greater fleas to go on;
    While these again have greater still, and greater still, and so on

    Beizer used his victims philanthropic sympathy's to bleed them of funds, and in turn Gene used Beizers problems to Bleed his listeners dry as well.

    I find it disturbing that Gene would cry foul when the haters mention the disabled son, But in beizers own words, Gene used photos of the son to solicit donation of which he never saw a cent.

    He writes: "but he posted a picture of MY SON on the internet for more sympathy and of course more money not for my son, but to fill his, Gene Steinberg's, pockets"

    I dont doubt the truth of this claim given Genes form for using natural disasters in an attempt to divert funds to his own pockets.

    Its unspeakably vile behavior.

    Beizer deserves no sympathy, But by his own account Steinberg used his plight to raise funds for himself, throwing Beizer some crumbs.

    Its interesting that he also mentions Barbara.

    "It is so clear now that the CRUMBS are what we survived on, but the check for the MEAL is now ALL HIS RESPONSIBILITY TO PAY. We repudiate ANY DEBT to GENE or BARBARA STEINBERG."

    Gene borrowed money on the false pretense that it was for Stephen and his family, Gives Stephen a Small portion, "the crumbs". And then expected Stephen to repay all of the money borrowed.

    In that context he wasnt helping anyone but himself, and that while they had financial problems of their own.

    Not only did he steal from them, he used their plight to steal from others.

    What a bastard. a Vile Vile bastard.

  15. What I can't help but wonder is if Grayson volunteered his college savings or if he was pressured into it. Either way, his parents were beyond rotten to allow him to do so.

    1. You're giving Gene too much credit. For all we know, the whole bit about Grayson volunteering his college savings might be just another layer of BS.

    2. When i compare Graysons alleged letters with Genes, i see such a striking similarity in style and format that i think they are written by the same person, ie Gene.
      I would not be surprised to learn there never was a college fund. That Gene just wrote letters to that effect as a plot device to drive donations.

  16. Returning after 10 years. Stay with me...
    I used to listen to the Paracast 9-10 years ago. I loved it but stopped when David left and unsubbed from emails when the begging started.
    I’ve just started listening to podcasts again. The Paraccast seems like a lifetime away. Since then I have been married twice, now happily and have a child. Travelled the world, gained a degree and am doing another one, risen in my professional career, bought my own house and car, learnt guitar and photography.
    So, I google Gene and the first thing I find on his Twitter is he’s still begging! WTF!!!
    I’m not here to bash the guy as I presumed he must have got himself in some serious shit which turns out he has.
    Also, I just wanna say to David, and i emailed you a long time ago about this...
    You had a profound effect on me in the way that you thought, spoke, analysed and approached things. The way society is brought up, most people are simply not exposed to critical thinkers like you.
    Over the last decade I’ve thought about things you said many times and it’s helped me achieve things in life I am certain of that.
    I will be searching out your appearances on podcasts and maybe joining another forum, but which one is good these days?
    All the best. D

  17. Beizer's complaints seem like what happened when the homeless man sued his benefactors when he did not get all of the money from a GoFundMe appeal that he felt entitled to receive.

    But in that case, all the participants - including the homeless guy - were charged with theft by deception when the scheme fell apart because the underlying story was false. The prosecutor said,

    "The entire campaign was predicated on a lie. They conspired to pass off a fake feel-good story that would compel donors to contribute to their cause; it worked in a very big way but it was fictitious and illegal.”

    Both Gene and Stephen were lucky they weren't charged.

  18. Does Barbara know that Gene is scamming everyone, and more crucially, does she know that the whole of the internet is all over him?

  19. I don't understand why anyone is puzzling over he himself has revealed over the years he is as unemployed/underemployed as Gene. He has nothing to do all day other than run his Canadian UFO club, preside over the Paracast forums, and quibble over semantics with the few people still posting there. He gets to have a platform to promote himself and feel relevant without having to front any $ or lots of work for it. It's a win for him; he doesn't give a crap about whatever Gene has done. I think it's really just that simple.

    As for Gene, he thinks of himself as a broadcaster who's "doing his part" by putting out the show each and every week even when there's nothing to say, and this will never change. He invested his life in a couple of podcasts mimicked to radio format rather than actual work with a steady paycheck, 401k, etc. not only because he thinks he's above it all but because he has no currently marketable skills. He's obviously crossed over into lunacy by this point; I think he really believes his show is still in demand with a small but devoted group within the "field" and that it's going to be able to make a comeback if only he can build a more aesthetically pleasing store to shuffle off his merch.

    The Paracast was once a good listen but then it began to give a platform to people who believe in jinn and telepathic crystal skulls, and it totally went off the tracks. It's very telling about the nature of this "field" that the most compelling story to follow, and the only one with actual data points, is following the Scheme Gene copy/paste saga and guessing when the e-mails are going to finally end.

  20. Greed is why Steinberg was “lending” Biezer money. I’m sure Biezer promised a “good return” on Gene’s investment. So as one con man was conning another, he was being conned in return. Meanwhile conning innocent listeners as part of a bigger con. And even conned his own son and his wife’s father. The family that cons together, cons each other. Gene is so greedy and vile he thinks nothing of ruining his own sons college education and stealing his identity to default on a luxury apartment. “Thanks dad!!!”

    1. If I am not mistaken Gene was asking his listeners for donations for the Beizers, while he was expecting his own generosity to be repaid - with interest. And his "generosity" seemingly consisted of him getting loans from others...? It doesn't seem like a very well thought out plan, and we can all see the end result.

      Not sure I put a lot of stock in the Grayson college fund story; maybe. If so who knows how much money was involved?

      I'm now also finding myself wondering about something others speculated on in the past, that being, is the Helene Beizer profile on Facebook something she created herself, or was that Gene in digital drag using it to solicit donations?

      The whole saga reeks of greed, stupidity, and a complete lack of regard for others. I am not sure there are any other obvious stones to turn over but I don't doubt there is still more Steinberg dirty laundry out there. Seems pretty clear this is a way of life for him. I'm only glad he seems to be well into diminishing returns at this point. But it only takes one more uninformed, well-intentioned person for Gene to net another big grifting payday, which I'm sure is why he keeps at it.

    2. It was odd that Helenes FB profile had friends who were UFO related. I think its very plausible that its one of Genes sock puppet accounts

  21. And during Thanksgiving as friends and family gather and we all give thanks for the wonderful blessings in our lives and enjoying a feast of turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce and delectable homemade pies...

    ...Remember there’s a cruel, heartless, selfish, ego-driven old man and wild-eyed fiery red haired wife holed-up in some fleabag motel, gingerly chopping on a shared cold turkey sandwich and a stale bag of chips. Blaming the entire world for their plight, yet never looking in the mirror at the real cause of all their problems—THEMSELVES.

    A life of crime has finally caught up to them. There is no “small reprieve”. This is Gene and Barbara’s reality. No family. No friends. No good memories. No golden years. But, they have each other (for now) until The Constable arrives or the little green men decide they want a new specimen of two wretched creatures for their Earth Zoo.

    Please keep Teddy Bear in your hearts that someday he’ll find his forever home and away from these two scammers.

    Gobble gobble. Happy thanksgiving everyone!

  22. I love to think of how much it must burn Gene to see all of this love and admiration and respect for David Biedny who was really the heart and soul of what made the Paracast successful. He left the show over 10 years ago and people are STILL praising David. That’s how much of an impact he had on everyone. Meanwhile Gene has only to stew in his own downfall, reduced to begging for change and a warm body for his next “show”. I can’t imagine why any guest of substance would not only risk their own reputation by going on the Paracast, but also risk Scheme Gene hitting them up for money and “loans”. He does it every time. Gene is notorious for spinning a sob story and shaking his own guests down for money. Randall get help. Whatever hold Gene has on you isn’t healthy. He’ll just bring you down and ruin whatever sad life you have left. Do you want your name forever tainted with the stench of Steinberg? Think about that. 5 years. 10 years. 20 years. Whenever anyone googles your name Randall, then Gene’s will come up and you are forever linked to this scam, fraud and swindling. Randall you’ll be con man now and ever after. Denounce Gene or this is your legacy.

    1. My interest in and time of listening to the Paracast ended when David Biedny bailed. I certainly do not blame him at all for leaving, even leaving out the matter of his partner in the production being an authentically loathsome human being.

      As for J. Randall Murphy, he seems to be willfully ignoring that he's signed on as chief enabler of the paranormal field's foremost fiend in human shape. Why he thinks doing this makes sense for him when the two prior co-hosts soured on the experience, and also when the evidence of his new partner's crooked ways are right there to be seen.... You know, I guess I don't really care. Like Gene, he's made his bed.

  23. I can't imagine what it is like to have every single waking moment's thought devoted to money money money money money money money... Day in and day out. Year in and year out. Every single day and year of his life. Money money money. That's it. Hit people up for money money money. Screw people and businesses out of money money money. Lose your son over money money money. Be dragged into Court constantly over money money money.

    To have it be the do all and end all of his life. That is beyond sad and pathetic. I can't even think of a word to describe it! I'll be he dreams of ways to get money money money and calls it a nightmare when he can't get the money money money that he needs. I really wonder what age he was when money became such an obsession that he ruined his life and damaged other people's lives over money money money.

    I feel weird typing that word so much, but it has to be close to how Gene lives every single minute of every single day.

  24. Anyone else wonder how often Gene hits Murphy up for money? Or is Murphy the lone exception because getting another host may prove impossible at this stage of the game?

  25. On the latest episode at the 1 hour 4 minute mark, Gene will cook you Japanese Pablo Chicken from HelloFresh and get $30 off! Now that’s a bargain. Now more worrying about “the groceries”. Thank God for this “small reprieve” and to know Gene is “doing his part”. Now, back to Randall berating an UFO icon because he thinks he knows better and to prove he’s smart. Bulldozing the guest doesn’t make you look good. It makes you look pompous. Randall I’d tell you not to quit your day job but well you know...

  26. From the world of Scheme Gene, we now bring you Scandal Randall.

    The dynamic duo from The Paracast, the “gold standard” of paranormal radio.

  27. In my opinion, Randall hasn't yet found his footing as a good host. Of course he gets precious little help from Gene, who is as useless as tits on a boar and when he isn't useless, he's annoying as hell.

    Randall, I feel, doesn't conduct a good interview yet. He's new and may yet find his footing, but for now I can only enjoy the show when the guest is interesting and he/she is allowed to shine and not be interrupted by useless and idiotic pop culture references by Gene and long-windedness by Murphy.

    I can't help but think of Murphy's choice to stick by such a criminal and con man, but I guess he is desperate to make a name for himself. Biedny and O'Brien were smart to bail. We'll have to see if this guy lasts or he gets tired of doing all the heavy lifting without getting any of the benefits of subscribers income. I remember Gene was writing "so there's very little left for Chris." Yeah...niiiiice. The actual host who did all the work and works multiple jobs to make ends meet got nothing. If Murphy gets something I'd be shocked. I know he's been hit up for money because he said that instead of giving him money he bought ad space. Well, we'll see if he has fun when he has to do all the work year in and year out; that is if the show survives that long. It has declined so much that other than a decent guest here and there who hasn't been on countless times it is not really worth listening to. I also cannot help but think every minute that he/she made a bad choice to go on a show with Gene involved in the first place.

    I know Murphy couldn't care less about all the people Gene screwed, such as the unfortunate Mr. Torson and his own wife's father who was stolen from and abandoned, but I care and every minute I hear Murphy I can't help but think, "why the hell are you giving this slimy piece of crap a even a minute of your time?" So yeah, his reputation is being damaged before he can even make one.

    I think that if Murphy gets a spine and does the right thing and bails, he can find his chops as an interviewer and make something of himself in the field. So far, tho, he's just attached to a declining show and a real shitbag who has hurt countless people over the decades and continues to damage and hurt people, including his own son, whose credit and good name he's destroyed. Gene doesn't have to be actually convicted of a crime when you see what he did to his son. It's right there in the Court documents. It was despicable and utterly base.

    One of these times I'm probably going to stop listening altogether. Murphy is, in my opinion, losing any credibility he has gained week by week. I still hold out some hope that the Paracast can be good again, but week after week I find myself losing hope. It was once so good, and now it's sinking and sinking. I think I'll just go back over the Biedny years and once again be reminded of how good the show once was.

    1. Frankly, I am surprised that anyone who knows Gene as he really is could possibly listen to the Paracast. I tried a few times, but the 2 hosts just seem so slimy that I felt physically dirty listening. I never even look to see who the guest might be anymore. I removed the Paracast Bookmark, which is a huge rite of passage for me out of slime into purity. LOL

  28. Today November 23rd 10am EST


    1. This has nothing to do with the post and is just a shameless attempt to siphon traffic to your forum. You’re as pathetic as Gene. Shame on you!

    2. Yeah the big reveal at AE forums was some animated lights and snowflakes falling. Big whoop. Who cares?! Nivek at AE made it sound like he was revealing some big scooop on Gene. It was just a dumb trick to get members.

      We know Jack here at UFO Trail is the only one with the big scoops. He actually puts effort in. Unlike the peanut gallery over at AE. They have a ghost, a goblin, a shadow person, and a lot of free time on their hands. You have to wonder if any of them even work!

    3. The thread at the Alien Expanse forum has also had participation from David Biedny and Erickson, two of the most insightful commenters on Gene's crooked ways. I would suggest that some of the ideas Jack has pursued, like getting the Torson v. Steinbergs case records and digging into the Beizer story first bubbled up in part both in comments here and in discussion elsewhere online. Maybe they were all Jack's original ideas, if so more power to you Jack (and thank you again for not only bringing the ongoing series of revelations about Gene but hosting this discussion). I think you need the chatter here and elsewhere to keep the attention on Gene's activities and to turn up lines of inquiry. There have been blow ups about Gene's crummy ways in other forums and on other blogs in years past, but now you have @SchemeGeneRC keeping a record of his emails, discussions here and at the Alien Expanse, and of course Jack doing the heavy lifting of investigating and writing posts here. Possibly Chris O'Brien leaving Gene high and dry had more impact than all that but, maybe not.

      Anyway, if you don't like the Alien Expanse 'peanut gallery', ignore it. Everybody wins that way.

      And hell, I liked the Christmas theme there. Don't know that it needed to be promoted here but, I assume the admin was excited about it and got a little carried away. Among the hundreds and hundreds of comments on the Gene posts here, didn't seem to me much harm was done.

      Fight the real enemy, Anonymous!

    4. My favorite AE commentator is Porno Bob. Keep fighting the good fight PB!

    5. I try! thanks! I may arrange a date with stormy for you.

  29. It must be eating Gene up inside to hear all the love and admiration for David Biedny even 12 plus years later. The whole Paracast ordeal was Gene’s ego trip and it must royally piss him off that he can’t bask in his own glory. David is still “stealing” the spotlight from him even after being gone for so long!

    Gene, get over yourself. You’re a talentless nobody without an ounce of redemption. You scammed your own family members. How much lower can you go?! You’re absolutely despicable. You deserve to be in jail. You criminal. 73 years and this is all you’ve accomplished in life is to be a putrid, infected ass-pimple on the butt of Ufology. Go away and take your poor “groceries” and Small Reprieve with you!

  30. I joined the Paracast in 2008, and in the ten years i participated there, including doing two round-table shows i was unaware of the begging. It wasn't until someone posted at the forums a link to an interview that Chris did on another show where he made mention of the begging and how it was pissing him off. I had a number of discussions with both he and Gene about it, Gene claiming he had paid back all loans and then some, and Chris insisting he had not. It wasnt until Dirty Don deleted my account in an attempt to stop me buying the brand that i became aware via blogs like this the sheer mind boggling extent of the begging. As ive said before this isnt someone down on their luck asking for a helping hand, This is milking the charity and good nature of people out of greed.

    That said Beizers letter strikes me as odd. He says

    Many people from many walks of life had read of his misfortune and the plight of his family and sent Gene vast amounts of money to help my family. "Crumbs" yes indeed compared to the money Gene received and used for his own enrichment "

    I think Beizer was made aware of the vast extent of the begging, so many and so often the behaviour crosses the line into the bizarre. But i wonder about the vast amounts of money, I wonder what his vision of vast amounts was, given he had fleeced hundreds of thousands from others.

    Certainly being given 3 grand out of a 44 thousand dollar "loan" taken out on the pretext of it being for Beizer, is indeed crumbs.
    Gene told Beizer he was borrowingg 5 grand of which he needed to take two for himself, And it wasnt until later that Stephen learns the total was 44 thousand for which he was expected to be personally responsible for. As he put it getting "crumbs" from the table but being expected to pick up the check for the entire meal.

    What is apparent is the pattern of fraud.

    There is the money Torson will never get back, then there is the money landlords will never get back. And of course the loans and donations from listeners donated on the false premise the money was going to help people in need rather than feeding Genes greed.
    He's helped himself to so many other peoples money, and yet pretty much every day we are asked to pay tomorrows bills for him.

    I cant help but feel a sense of poetic justice at Beizers apparent outrage at being cheated, lied to and ripped off.

    And given these are sentiments expressed by beizer himself, it makes a mockery of Genes apparent outrage whenever his BIL is mentioned.
    The commentary on Stephens behavior cant hurt him now for all Genes feigned outrage, and it pales in comparison to what by Stephens own words Gene did to him.

    Still i am interested in what "vast" sums, via viral donations actually are. $250 bucks from 200 people is only 50 grand. I wonder if the scope is greater than that, i hope not.

    Add that to the 44 grand taken from Torson and the rent money that was never paid, it starts to add up. But given the time its spread over it strikes me that getting a bloody real job would have paid better, and been honest earnings rather than the slimy tale we are all now familiar with.

    1. Genes addicted to the grift and begging. It’s his “slot machine”. Costs him nothing to send an e-beg and sell his soul and reputation in the hopes of a big score. You see it’s paid off a few times and Gene is doing “his share” in life. Now it’s your turn to pay his bills.

  31. So Gene has started covering his tracks. The Paracast has been excluded from the Wayback Machine Internet archives.*/

    But Gene forgot to hide the Mac Night Owl / Tech Night Owl. There are archives going back 18 years to 2000. Lots of juicy stuff.*/*/

    Keep digging everyone before Gene tries to rewrite his own history.

    1. Save as many screenshots as you can everyone. The archives can be easily removed by Schemey. He’s deleting evidence of his crimes. He’s gotten wind and a coverup is underway. Keep digging into the archives and keep saving.

  32. Its funny how he considers commentary on the dead BIL as harassment, Yet was happy rip him off in both life and death.

    In 2012 Stephen is complaining Gene Steinberg is using his plight to enrich himself, throwing him some "crumbs".

    And then in 2014 after Stephen dies Gene posts:

    Complete with a now defunct link to a Numis go fund me

    Numis of course being a company Gene now ran after its transfer to his name to help game the legal system.

    Essentially any funds raised went to Genes pockets, He continued to use The Beizer family plight to line his pockets even after Stephen died.

  33. Gene how much is Randall paying you so he can be cohost? You know he wants to steal the Paracast out from under you. When you finally hit rock bottom, Scandal Randal is gonna swoop in. He’s a thief and he wants your show to pad his own enormous ego. Are you blind?!

  34. Thanks for the kind words, folks. And who knew - Gene is so FOS, it's beyond belief. I did a good show _in spite_ of that leech, he made it _harder_ to conduct an interview, what with his shitty "sense of humor", sleazy demeanor and total lack of attention. He can't help but fallback on his one or two lame gags or stupid questions - "how did you get into this crazy business" was his main opening line, and it was highly revealing, in that to him, anything dealing with the anomalous was simply a matter of "business", something to use to make money. Also worth noting: more than once during my four years with that dirtbag, I had to point out that he kept using "I" instead of "we" when referring to the show. The sooner he goes truly homeless and fades away from any form of public view, the better for everyone involved.

    1. Hey David, Gene recently have you a compliment on his forums. Granted, it's in the most backhanded pat-himself-on-the-back way possible. Can this guy ever NOT spin something as the world revolving around?

      But hey, according to Gene, you deserve "high-praise for what you accomplished working with HIM" LOL!

      "Not true. Many of the guests are those I selected, and I had decades of research to call upon. As to forums, I left it to the moderators to do most of the interactions, although I got involved in some of the discussions. This is the way many of these forums are run.

      Over the 12.5 years The Paracast has been on, I have produced and edited every single episode. I had the help of one person in adapting these forums to a new platform, but otherwise I did it all by myself. After the original Paracast site was redesigned with some neat PHP tricks, I managed it from then on. I run the web server, I post every single episode, including the stitched together Paracast+ versions free of the network ad blocks. I am up very early Sunday mornings to finish the work on the latest episodes.

      The Paracast+ was mostly my idea, and I was responsible for its implementation, for better or worse.

      This is not engaging in "shenanigans." This is spending a decent number of hours each week to keep this show running.

      That said, I do appreciate all that Biedny, Kimball, O'Brien and now Murphy did to create a better program. They all deserve high praise for what they accomplished working with me."

    2. I second that motion and will up the ante for a “bag of groceries” and a “small reprieve”. Your deal.

    3. David, we need your Angry Human podcast back now more than ever. You were a voice of reason and insight amongst all the chaos. The world needs true and genuine voices like you.

      Gene doesn’t have an ounce of the talent you exhibited on the Paracast. He can keep trying to fake it, but he’ll never make it.

      Gene would rather sell his reputation and soul for a nickle and a small reprieve rather than actually do the work necessary to succeed. The only thing he’ll ever amount to is a punchline.

  35. I haven't yet heard the latest episode, but according to a couple of listeners at the Paracast forum, Gene accidentally left his mic on and typed, rustled and sighed in the background. Cripes, can he be any less interested and involved?

    Gene claims that he does a great deal of work to keep the show going, and he likely does do quite a bit, but the end result is what the listener actually hears, and what they hear is someone who name-drops Keyhoe and Mosely constantly, blathers pop culture crap, spews a few lame jokes, but otherwise cannot be bothered to be constructively involved or even remotely interested in what is going on. Biedny and O'Brien have said as much themselves.

    Of course him being mainly uninvolved may be a very good thing. I do find Murphy quite intelligent and articulate, but I think he needs some time to grow into being a better interviewer. Attaching himself to a vile dirtbag isn't doing him any favors, tho, and even now I find myself questioning his ethics. In fact, I ask myself this every time I hear him speak, and that's not good. When I spend so much time wondering about that instead of paying proper attention to the guest, I know that either I have a problem, or Murphy has a problem.

    I admit that my thoughts are indeed my problem, but I know I can't be the only one who wonders with every episode what the hell Murphy is thinking.

    1. Preston is not my idea of an A Grade guest. He has authored some fluffy UFO books about how aliens have healed people and other fringe nonsense, but he isn't one of ufology's great thinkers, more a "I want it all to be loving wonderful space brothers who are going to help as Ascend to a higher dimensional reality...." kind of guys. He is the kind of guy that could say "When you wish upon a star, a fairy gets her wings" and it would be all in keeping with his discourse. My opinion. Except for an occasional visit by Nick Redfern (who will hawk his books anywhere, even a Revival Meeting in a tent in Mississippi) all his guests recently have been far from stellar. "Next week on the Paracast, Fred Schlump, the janitor at Gene's Motel who will share his views of astral physics and worlds he has seen within dust mots".

    2. Murphy is full of shit, simple as that.

  36. David, I just have to jump in and thank you. You helped me see things in a new light whenever I listened to you. My favorite experience was the handbag lady. That still gets to me! I remember, long ago, asking you if she ever found what she was looking for and you said no, she didn't. I just wonder that if she had, how the entire incident would have ended.

    Anyway, thanks for everything! I wish you well. It's just too bad that we had to hear from you again here amidst all the Gene bullshit. But even here you shed light on him and his long con. I can't help but wonder, now that everything's been quiet lately, if he has, at long long long last, been stopped.

  37. Gene is like a cockroach. He would survive a nuclear blast. Gene has the lack of shame granted to the average human and is not in any way harmed by our comments. He will continue his appeal to the kindness of strangers until a stroke or extreme poverty remove his ability to use a keyboard. While it is wise to educate the naive who are innocently drawn to the Paracast, Gene will just keep on frauding until the end of time. In the sexond coming, if Jesus was to appear in the skies, Gene would get to him first to tell him a sob story.

  38. This exchange is on Gene's FB page. I removed the mens names. This shows how people have tried to give Gene real help and real solutions, but all Gene wants is money money money. Forget real help and ideas, just give him money.

    Anonymous - That has a list of homeless shelters and what you need to be eligable at each one.

    Gene Steinberg
    Gene Steinberg I trust you realize that I would have checked out available resources long long ago. I'm surprised you don't.

    Anonymous - Remember we had long discussions a few months back about finding help?

    Anonymous - Who is the "They" that's forcing you out, Gene? The only "They" I see in your blog post is a storage facility requesting 20% added to your bill there. Give me the name of your storage facility and I'll see if I can work something out with them.

    Gene Steinberg
    Gene Steinberg There’s the motel of course. Please message me direct with your phone number and we will talk.

    It seems obvious to me that the 2nd guy bailed. Of course Gene couldn't have just settled with telling him the name of the facility and allowing him to, I assume, pay his bill for him - no, no, he has to "talk" with him. Yeah, into trying to get more money out of him. I'm guessing the guy hoofed it since Gene is still carrying on about the facility holding them back from their junk. And that first guy obviously spent a good deal of time trying to help Gene in real ways, but it is just as obvious that Gene just ignored all that. Just give him money money money.

    I was foolish to think even for a moment that Gene may have finally been stopped. This guy will never ever stop. I now think he'll find a way to spin this latest revelation. He'll say that "haters" and "trolls" are after him and his poor, unfortunate and/or deceased relatives. He'll assure everybody that he's "working hard" to "boost cash flow" and that he is assuredly doing "his share." Even with a numb right leg, he'll be back to driving. No, no, he won't change a single thing to improve his situation. He'll just keep doing the same thing over and over and we need to realize that things will suddenly and magically improve and he'll have "righted the ship."

    And never despair! He'll make sure that his shows carry on! Just help him to survive for one more day...

    Good grief.

    1. The guy is a sociopath. If you provide him any suggestions, they're either not good enough for him to try, or supposedly he already tried - which probably was a half assed half hour effort of Googling online.

      He could easily find living arrangements half as cheap as his motel off of Craigslist, from individual owners looking to rent out to someone with a spare place.

      But that takes actual effort, and takes pride to accept a place that may not have the most amenities. Two things that Steinberg has probably never had in his life.

    2. Getting old is tough. The Steinbergs seem to be fighting it in a strange way, demanding donations to subsidize their expectations of a proper lifestyle. Gene always talking about "getting his life back", whatever that might mean. I assume it means living like he has a six figure income while his work consists of what amount to hobbies, with his podcasts.

      He has to my knowledge never asked in his email for a job, or a lead on work of any kind. He doesn't care to hear the solutions, like going to the senior center for meals and possible socializing, or "Hey Gene, you've been living in motel rooms for most of the year anyway, why stay in Mesa? Go somewhere with a more favorable climate and economy." Gene just wants cash, and there are still people out there either uninformed of his ways, or of the opinion the right thing is to give him more. How much more? Never enough.

    3. The thing about him renting from someone off of a place like Craigslist is that he will be tricking the owner into letting him move in, and then he'll not pay. Again. He'll force the owner to jump thru every hoop imaginable, including Court, of course, to try and get his rent from him. And then he'll stay until the Constable finally comes. Then he'll run and stiff the owner for however many thousands of dollars as he whines and begs for yet more money from his listeners to move to a new place and a new owner to fleece. He has the professional squatter thing down pat.

      For every day he is not in a motel he is fleecing someone and making them miserable. At least in a motel he is being kept honest; he can't weasel out of paying. I truly hope he has to stay in one for good. For all the harm he has done over decades I don't want him to torment even one more person. He's done more than enough damage. Let him stay right where he is and learn what it is like to be an adult and actually have to be responsible for a change. At least for now no other property owner is being put thru Hell.

  39. My $1,000 offer still stands for Gene to post screenshots of his Uber and Lyft activity from the past year. Let’s see proof that Gene is trying to change his situation and “doing his share” (even with a numb leg) My pen and checkbook are ready. I’m willing to help. Just show us all proof. Gene, if you are so desperate for cash and want to get out of the fleabag hotel room, why won’t you take me up on my offer? Hmmmmmmm.....

    1. I’ll even sweeten the pot. Gene show us your Uber and Lyft driving records for the past year and I’ll even throw in first months rent, last months rent and a security deposit. Plus you get the extra $1,000 as your fun money. It’s an incredible deal and a serious offer. If you are in such dire circumstances and need money then simply show us all the proof that you’re “doing your share”. An honest man would jump at the chance. So what does that make you?!!!! This is your chance to get your own apartment again and escape the hotel. I am giving you a lifeline. Take it. Why won’t you accept my help?!!!!!

    2. I wonder if you could find a third-party escrow service online that could hold the agreed-upon amount of cash, then accept Gene's images of his driving records (or whatever is deemed acceptable there) vet them and release the cash (or return it to you). I don't know - something like that. Probably too much trouble to go to given that the most desperate man alive has so far as I know shown not a glimmer of interest in your proposal. Then again you're an anonymous commenter on a blog post, he may not know how to reach you to try to talk you into just loaning him the money.

    3. Still haven’t heard from you Gene. The money is here and waiting for you. It will solve all your problems. Just show everyone your Uber and Lyft logs from the past year so we can confirm you are telling the truth and doing “your share” and everything you can to change your situation. I dare you to prove us wrong. Just show us your screenshots. You want the money, don’t you? You could be in a new apartment by this weekend and escape the hotel. Problem solved.

    4. I’ve wasted enough effort on this LOSER. Gene doesn’t want to work and will never show proof. He just wants money for free. This whole offer just proves Gene was lying and is not in such dire circumstances as he portrays. I doubt that lemonade story was true. You remember the one where a Uber passenger asks gene why he isn’t sitting at home on the porch sipping lemonade (like those Bartles & James commercials, remember them?!). The whole tale was one of Gene’s more creative efforts. See if anyone can dig that one up. It’s worth laugh. If true, it means gene not only hits up his list but hits up his unfortunate passengers and every warm body within 3 feet of him. He’s shameless and despicable and one greedy bastard. The only “share” he’s doing, is to make sure you’re doing yours and paying for his luxury lifestyle.

  40. This genius who has already checked on whatever resources are available is the same flake who claims to be surviving on crackers and whatever he can wheedle some restaurant manager out of, instead of going to a food bank. Who claims to buy cheeseburgers with his last $1.08 instead of going to a place that offers free meals to seniors, no questions asked. A lying sack of shit, in other words.

  41. The bottom line is Gene is sick and delusional. He can’t control himself and needs medical help and to be committed to a psyche ward. He can’t care for himself or Barbara. Grayson and Helene, do something! It’s time for an intervention before one of them hurts themselves or others. Don’t you care about your family?!!!! Guess not.

    1. Most of the time I agree with you. He needs help, just not the cash he keeps demanding. He needs someone to manage his affairs, enforce that the Steinbergs live within their means. Get rid of the exorbitant car payment for example. Stop eating out every meal, stop living in motel rooms. Stop with the endless, pointless, reputation-destroying schnorring.

      At times I just think Gene is crooked and dishonest to the bone and committed to his program of grifting. But sick and delusional seem like they must be part of the mix as well. Going by Gene's emails he is miserable, yet he does nothing that could change his circumstances.

      That being the case, what does this say for the character and judgment of J. Randall Murphy? I believe that he is enabling a sick and self destructive man. I think he'd argue this is his way of helping Gene. How about the Steinbergs stabilize their life such that the begging (and the hyperbole, attacks and untruths that accompany it) stops, and then J. Randall Murphy and others can help Gene indulge in his podcasting hobby all he likes? Is there no responsible adult in the Steinberg's inner circle at all?

    2. Grayson doesn’t care about his mom or dad. He’s too busy “having sexy breakfast with Maria”.

  42. Gene will show proof when Trump shows his tax returns. Bwahahaha!

    1. Gene’s lying and will never show proof of driving for Uber and Lyft because it doesn’t exist. It’s just an excuse for him to drive a fancy car and make it look like he is doing something to earn money. He’s a total phony and scammer. If he were actually driving he would show his screenshots (unedited) and claim the money. But Gene won’t. Because it’s all a scam.

    2. Gene will never ever divulge his finances altho he begs for help almost daily. The offers here should be tempting beyond belief for him. He'll refuse, tho, and thus confirm that he isn't so miserable after all. As somebody said over at Alien Expanse, he is essentially right where he wants to be, so why would he change that?

  43. As i said in the caveat emptor thread the contents of the storage locker are lost.

    Today he tells us he needs $ 463 to bring it up to date.

    Thats never going to happen, no one is going to throw away $463 bucks just so he can grab a coat and some winter socks and then let it go into default again going forward.

    That would be a total waste of anyone's money.

    He says motel rent is unaffordable, Its certainly more expensive than actual rent and he couldn't afford that and got evicted, and clearly he cant afford the storage facility.

    Yet he changes nothing.

    You should not have entered into a contract with the facility if you couldn't keep it. Like so many of your creditors they too will make a loss.

    You seem to want to reserve the right to make stupid life decisions and expect others to pay for them, either as donations to a lost cause or as business losses.

    You posted this month:

    "When people ask me if I’d like to change my reality, I give an enthusiastic yes. After all, wouldn’t you also like to relive parts of your life and undo some of the mistakes you made along the way?"

    You cant change the past, but you can stop making those same mistakes going forward, and yet you keep going, digging ever deeper the hole you are in.

    No one is going to throw good money away to bring the storage facility up to date knowing based on past experience it will just go into default again going forward.

    Those who don't learn from the past, are doomed to repeat its mistakes.

    "Doomed" its your word for the day Gene, meditate on it and understand your reality as it relates.

  44. "Im in danger of losing my furniture

    Hello, im writing to you because you've helped me before. I realize you've done your share and more."

    The furniture is lost. You are circling the drain Gene, the storage is the least of your priority's as evidenced by the huge amount of money you owe them.

    No one helped you Gen. People have given you money myself included, Enabled is the correct word in this context.

    You are actually worse off now than when i last gave you money.
    It didn't help you as your circumstances clearly show.

    None of the money given to you has "helped" at best it delayed the inevitable. People who have given you money, like me more than once now see its a lost cause.

    It hasn't helped you, Your situation is worse than ever.

    We wasted our money, it didn't help. If anything judging by the results it made the situation worse.

    Giving you money hasn't solved a single problem.

    No body has helped you by giving you money, that much is obvious from your own beg letters.

    What's the difference between enabling and helping?

    The Difference. Helping is doing something for anyone, addict or not, whom is unable to do it for themselves. Enabling is doing something for an individual, again addict or not, whom could and should be doing for it their self. ... In regards to addicts, enabling is very unhealthy and can only further their addiction.

    Giving you money isnt helping, and only makes the problem worse.

    1. And todays message is titled

      "My money situation is getting worse"

      This is what the professors at the SchemeGene research laboratory refer to as the "Steinberg observer effect"

  45. How could someone be working for both Uber and Lyft? They're competing companies. Makes no sense at all

    1. You can do it, as i just googled, But i wonder about these fake uber drivers hitting the news, I can see him just printing the sign for the car and picking people up outside malls and bus stations. Not paying the fee to uber is consistent with his PayPal instructions on how to dodge the fee

    2. You overestimate Gene. This would actually involve “work”.

  46. Gene I hear you need money for storage, $463 or you lose your stuff. Show us your Uber and Lyft logs for the past year and prove you are “doing your part” and telling the truth. Let’s see if you really are driving and raising the money you need. Show us the proof and the money is yours. You do want to save your “meager belongings” and “40 year old furniture”, don’t you?!!! I offer you a solution and FREE money, yet you still ignore me. I wonder why? Hmmmmm...anyone venture to take a guess?!

  47. I wonder if Grayson will visit his folks this year or not. He usually visits at Christmas time. This year I bet he stays home. He would be smart to stay very far away. Of course he has been staying very far away all this time, so I guess that tells me he is staying put this year. Smart kid.

    1. That was harsher than I intended it to be. I've no doubt that Grayson is not happy about all this. They are his parents, after all. But to stay away and not get involved tells me that he knows his folks are a lost cause. No amount of money has ever or will ever change things for them. The best thing he can do is stay away, live his life, and not allow his parents to destroy it.

  48. If we do not see Uber and Lyft logs from Gene from the past year, I am rescinding my offer of help.

    Gene, you have 24 hours to show proof that you’ve been “doing your share” and driving many hours a day and working to change your situation. Let’s see how much time you’ve put in “on the road” with Uber and Lyft. This is a serious offer.

    $1,000 plus when you find a reasonable apartment first month rent, last month rent, and a security deposit. This is not a loan. This is free money. No strings attached.

    Claim the money now or lose it forever. My charity is not unlimited. Prove to us that you’ve been telling the truth, and the money is yours.

    If you’ve been lying, then don’t bother responding. We’ll know you’re full of shit.

    The clock starts now...

    1. I will pay for the storage locker if he post in 12 hours. all he has to do is release his logs. ALL of them. every second of driving. the clock starts now.

    2. While what you are asking for would seem a small thing to gamble, I'm not sure I'd jump through hoops based on the word of a fellow Anonymous commenter. Gene claims to be desperate of course, and he's shown his willingness to make a fool of himself for "free money" in the past.

      The one thing that makes me think he has done at least some driving for Uber and/or Lyft is the time he claimed an "Internet troll", a member of his devoted "hate pack" had someone engineered getting a ride with him and then left him a bad review.

    3. I’ll believe this story when we locate the woman who said Gene should be sitting on the porch in his rocking chair smoothly sipping lemonade in retirement and not driving for Uber. Both she and this bad reviewer are one in the same—purely figments of Gene’s overactive imagination. It could be Anders in a dress, and probably is! Or that damn Rockoids woman up to no good again. Biting the hand that created her! The possibilities are endless in Scheme Gene’s warped reality. Anything goes. And it often does.

  49. If Randall is unemployed, then where is he getting the money to pay Gene for his ads? Follow the money. There’s more to the story. I wouldn’t be surprised if the great and mighty J Randall Murphy had a litany of bad debt and charges against him too. Birds of a feather flock together and Gene is no Eagle Scout. Let’s see if Scandal Randall lives up to his name. Start digging everyone.

  50. Gene Steinberg: chronic schnorrer, sociopathic grifter, delusional and OCD, or just a hapless fuck up looking to avoid 'real work'? Multiple choice test; perhaps we must add all of the above and none of the above as well. The UFO Mystery has come down to this after all this time.

  51. Tick...tock...tick...tock. 21 hours and counting.

    1. 18 hours and counting. Plus Bob Watson aka Porno Bob is throwing in free money to save your storage. Say what you will about me, but you know Bobs word is good as gold. He’s an honest fellow. Show us the logs for the past year proving you are working hard with Uber and Lyft and you get the money. You want to save your stuff don’t you?! If you’re indeed telling the truth, then there is nothing to lose. And if you’re not, well you’ve already lost it all, so again nothing to lose. You win either way! Go ahead Gene. Prove us all wrong. I dare you!!!

    2. Tick...tock...tick...tock. 14 hours to go Gene. Times running out. I’ve made you an offer and Bob has sweetened the pot for you. How important is that stuff you’re prizing in storage? Enough for you to swallow your pride and show us your Uber and Lyft logs from the past year?! Or would you rather lose it all?! That is, if there is even a storage unit “crisis”. We haven’t seen proof of that either, so of course we would have to verify it ourselves and call the place directly to make a payment. We certainly can’t trust Old Schemey with even a dollar of cash. We’d hate to see the Casino or Barb’s purse fund get it. Teddy Bear, we’d be willing to throw him a bone. He deserves it for putting up with your shenanigans. So show us your logs and prove us all wrong. It’s easy Gene. If you’re telling the truth, you win! “Let’s make a deal.” No costume necessary.

    3. Tick tock...less than 10 hours Gene to show us your driving logs and claim the money. Bob’s been kind enough to front the storage unit and I’ll throw in $1,000 plus the apartment money when you find a place that will take you. You claim you are so desperate for money and almost homeless, yet remain silent. We just ask to see your driving logs for the past year to ensure that you’re “doing your share”. It’s a simple request. Why won’t you share them with us? Poor Bob is unemployed yet he feels compelled to help you and is willing to reach deep into his pockets. The spirit of Christmas has overtaken him! We want to help you. But you first have to help yourself and be truthful that you haven’t been driving and admit it’s all been a lie. You don’t drive. You sit on your ass all day policing your forums and watching Supergirl. Come clean Gene or show us your driving logs and prove us all wrong. If you’ve been telling the truth then the money is yours. It’s as simple as that. You always say in the end of your emails to ask you if we have questions about your money situation. Well, we’re asking YOU. And deserve an answer. The PayPal is ready to go when you are. Tick tock tick tock.

  52. times up! I gave him 12 hours. I recend my offer.

    1. Bob, Gene is still sending out emails asking for money for his storage unit otherwise he risks losing all his "lifetime of stuff". He should have taken you up on your offer. But, Gene's lying through his ass and knows he doesn't have the proof to back-up his claims.

      You called Gene out on it and he stunk like used colostomy-bag. The whole thing was totally made-up! Uber lies. Lyft lies. Storage unit lies. All lies.

      Bob, you have done everyone a great service and have redeemed yourself. Of course, with a Watson, calling-out obvious bullshit is elementary. And Gene is no Sherlock.

    2. This was never about redemption
      I want you all to know this.
      the storage locker went late on Oct 3rd please check Arizona state law. 30 days! so he default on his locker. his stuff is GONE! unless it's a lie.

  53. Hey everyone it’s Wednesday. Barbara got paid her social security money today. There is no crisis. Gene has at least a thousand bucks filling his coffers.

  54. One explanation that makes sense, that ticks all the boxes and reconciles all the high strangeness of Steinbergs behavior, is that its all a lie.

    We know from the BIL's own handwriting He is happy to use a false narrative for personal gain.

    There was a terror attack in Melbourne Australia this month and a homeless person now known as "trolley man" grabbed a shopping trolley and used it to intercept the killer and distract him while Police got him under control.

    A go fund me campaign set up for this guy raised 100 thousand bucks in just a few days.

    Its an example of how the right story presented to a large enough audience can pay big money.

    All the inconsistency, the bizarre collection of crises, The way the narrative seems to react to the feedback.

    The fact that none of it makes any sense to anyone, the staying in self described miserable conditions when there clearly are options to escape them.

    Are all reconciled in the its all one big lie scenario.

    "Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth."

    That its all a big con and scam is an answer that fits, its one that remains after all other scenarios are eliminated.

    Keep creating disposable sock puppet accounts, keep using his own email list to warn new forum members and direct them here.

    He's using his forum mailing list to con people, the best thing we can do is use it to warn them before they are parted with their money.

    We may never actually know the truth, but on the balance of probability his whole story is more likely to be a lie than it is the reality.

    Gene has seen the massive amounts of money a successful sob story can generate and has decided to try his luck.

    He isn't the first to do this and he wont be the last.

  55. Tick tock...tick tock...Gene?! Anyone there?! The opportunity is slipping. Almost out of time.

  56. "The storage facility called yesterday and demanded payment within days to keep our stuff safe."

    That call was on Nov 12.

    18 days later........

    How many days did they give him ?

    Makes no sense, unless its a lie.

  57. Tick tock...tick tock...tick tock. Sorry Gene but your time is up. You LOSE! You failed to provide any proof that you’re “doing your share” and driving for Uber or Lyft.

    Bob has withdrawn his offer to pay for your storage. And I’m withdrawing my offer of $1,000 and to help pay for your new apartment.

    The whole world knows you’re a total scammer and full of shit. Now, we have even more proof. You refuse to back up any of your claims.

    You’re a deranged loser and utterly despicable. Shame on you.

    1. And Barbara too!

    2. But Kendall loves him. They must be on the same wave length.

  58. Go ahead and leave Gene a review on MyLife:

    The more reviews, the more it will help warn others and appear in the search engines. Gene needs to be stopped before he steals again.

  59. Gene Steinberg still spinning tales and living in his own warped reality.

    In this eye-opening interview, he says Chris O'Brien was "suffering personal issues" and "hates everybody" but "Chris is family".

    We then get a year-by-year history of Gene's life from his hard-scrabbled days in Brooklyn to his rise to fame with Jim Mosely, and how the Paracast was started with David Biedny. Gene also talks about his "enemies" and "the haters". Says he "doesn't do twitter". Lots more cringe-inducing insights in this interview, including "former co-host problems".

    What world is this man living in? He is so far removed from reality, he's delusional.

    Get help Gene. You need it. You are a sick individual living in the shackles of your own senile mind.

    1. Its interesting Chris did an interview with him thats since been santised, the orginal text included chris saying he was sick of being slimed by gene. This is all thats left now.

      Gene is constantly begging for money. Chris says Gene “is doing a hell of a lot better than I am.” Chris tells us he never gets paid, that Gene “keeps shaming me to keep me there.” He says Gene is stuck in the 50s, that it is he who gets all the great guests. But he’s tired of reading 2-3 books a week and having to make all the phone calls.

    2. Heres what he originally said to Decon

      When asked about the Paracast and Gene Steinberg, he stated:

      "I'm being slimed by Gene Steinberg's constant begging for money, which totally pisses me off"

      "I don't stoop as low as to, you know, to beg people for money and, and to get people to loan me money, knowing I'll never pay them back, I have real probelms with that you know ... I haven't been paid uh, ever really, for the show."

      "He hits everbody up for money ... oh he begs on-line, just go on FaceBook. He's constantly sending out e-mail blasts, you know ...he lives in a nice condo, gated community; drives a late model leased car, you know ... he's doing a hell of a lot better then I am. Yet I never get paid, you know ... it's bullshit! You know, the guy's lame ...."

      If Chris is "family" then at least hes getting ripped of like family as the BIL can attest to.

      Another one from the Scheme Gene-English, English-Scheme Gene translator.

      Family: definition.

      An easy mark, Someone you can lean on and sponge off, easier to guilt into giving up the cash than the man on the street and less likely to demand repayment.

    3. Looks like Gene or the host, Michael Decon, had the episode removed. It was also removed from Youtube. It means Gene is monitoring this page and all comments about him. The cover-up continues.

      It was an eye-popping interview. Wish I had saved it. I forgot that with Schemey you must BACKUP ALL EVIDENCE. Otherwise, it ends up in the memory-hole, never to be seen again. I'll see if I can locate another copy.

      The host, Michael Decon ripped on his old co-host and was a generally unpleasant person. I can see why him and Gene got along so well, yucking it up like old buddies. Gene got to spin his lies and Michael ate it up like a groupie. It was sick.

      Gene is totally rewriting his own history. Facts are no longer facts, but malleable pieces of "truth".

      Sorry, Gene. You're still a criminal and always will be.

    4. I am not sure what has been removed. I just listened to the interview with Chris again, which is as I remember it. All the quotes are still there in the interview itself.

      I did not have the patience or the stomach to listen to the interview with Gene. There are some things I do not need to hear.

    5. Originally there was more commentary posted here


      "I'm being slimed by Gene Steinberg's constant begging for money, which totally pisses me off"

      "I don't stoop as low as to, you know, to beg people for money and, and to get people to loan me money, knowing I'll never pay them back, I have real probelms with that you know ... I haven't been paid uh, ever really, for the show."

      "He hits everbody up for money ... oh he begs on-line, just go on FaceBook. He's constantly sending out e-mail blasts, you know ...he lives in a nice condo, gated community; drives a late model leased car, you know ... he's doing a hell of a lot better then I am. Yet I never get paid, you know ... it's bullshit! You know, the guy's lame ...."

      Was there but isnt anymore, Note that Gene posts in the comments section rebutting the claims.

  60. Gene's all-time low has to be when he used his poor wife, Barbara's anal medical condition to beg for money.

    From the depths of the Internet, we bring you:

    Is It Time To Kickstart Mrs. Steinberg's Puckered Starfish?

    Schemey will stop at nothing for the almighty dollar. How much lower can you stoop, Gene?!

  61. And another Schemey classic:

    Is Gene Steinberg A Fraud?

  62. "It’s not easy juggling the cash I need, robbing Peter to pay Paul. The motel has to be paid each day to keep a roof over our heads. It’s more expensive than a regular apartment, as you know."

    It makes no logical sense:

    He defaulted on the cheaper apartment rent, resulting in the constable and a forced eviction

    But has managed to pay the much higher motel rent for months now.
    From a purely financial pov this makes no sense whatsoever.

    I guess asking for help to pay a much lower, weekly/monthly apartment rent crisis isnt as big a sob story as needing help daily to pay the higher motel rent by 11 AM mountain time every day.

    Hes changed the plot narrative to enhance the drama and urgency factors.

    It makes no sense from the perspective of having limited funds, why would you go with the more expensive daily problem over the less expensive weekly/monthly crisis.

    It makes perfect sense as a vehicle to trick people into giving you money

  63. He is asking for money for literally everything. He complains that car insurance will be very late, meaning he has no intention of paying. He says he needs his cell phone bill paid, which means he has no intention of paying it. He needs his storage facility bill paid, which means he has no intention of paying it.

    He wants a new apartment, which again, he has no intention of paying for. He has repeatedly asked for his groceries to be paid for.

    What the hell DOES he pay for? I can't think of a single thing he has ever paid for. He never even paid a single utility bill for crying out loud. Again, where does all his money go?

    He's already admitted, going by his own words, that he is incapable and/or unwilling to pay for anything. Anything at all. And as other posters have noted, giving him money has never, ever actually helped him. If anything, giving him money has made the problem worse. He's already at the lowest point ever, it seems, so why give him a single cent? Nothing at all will change.

    Of course he lives in a bubble (which he laughably accuses people who disagree with him as living in) where he is some huge celebrity who is owed a living. Gene, who lives in your ass-hurt-gimmee-gimmee-gimmee bubble except for you? You don't deserve a single cent. You don't deserve an ounce of sympathy. You've ruined and damaged many people's lives over the decades. Stay where you are. I've never said this before, but I will now; stay where you are and rot for all I care. You should not be allowed to bring harm to even one more person. And if you leave that motel by some miracle, you will harm someone yet again. Just stay where you are and leave innocent people alone.

  64. Keep leaving those reviews about Gene. We need to warn people. You can help. Leave a review here:

    Google will pick this up in search results. You can help. Leave a review now.

  65. Getting ready for another big day at the casino, Gene?

  66. I found the lost episode with Gene. Michael Decon and Gene are trying to erase it from the Internet, but here it is. Download it now while you still can. It's a damning indictment of Gene's absolute hubris and self-importance. It will be gone soon. Download it now.

  67. Gene has even set-up a Pinterest board to encourage donations. A new platform he can grift on! There's no escape from Schemey's scams.

  68. The Internet never forgets. From September 21, 2000 we bring you...

    Rodney Interviews Mac Author Gene Steinberg:

    "Gene was gracious enough to pause from his busy schedule and talk with Mac Observer is Rodney O. Lain about the plight of the printed user manual."

    Gripping material people. A page-turner. The "technology expert" demonstrates his greatness. Paper is dead. He predicted it. Bow down to the almighty Gene.

  69. I don't recall him begging for cash to pay his car payment. I'm sure the renta car eats up most of his SS money. He has priorities, idiotic though they may be.

  70. Oh my! How the mighty have fallen. Christopher O'Brien is washed-up and has been reduced to doing alien cruises. How sad.

    I find it quite telling that in Chris' biography there is NO MENTION of the Paracast, a paranormal show he CO-HOSTED for over 10 years with Gene Steinberg. He must be so ashamed of his time with Gene. A stain Chris is trying to wipe-off his resume.

    Sorry Chris, but when you crawl in bed with Gene, you wake up with fleas. You'll never wash the stench of Schemey off your body. You were one of the main reasons, Gene was able to scam and steal for so long. You enabled Gene to continue. Even when you knew what Gene was doing, you turned a blind-eye in your hungry quest for "fame" and "glory".

    You can try and erase The Paracast from your past, but the Internet never forgets. And neither do we.

    I'm glad you feel ashamed about your time on The Paracast. You should be.

    Shame on you, Lyin' O'Brien. You're just an awful human being.

    1. I'm really not clear how doing a cruise with Nick Redfern, David Weatherley and Robert Schoch is in any way a step down from whitewashing fences for Gene Steinberg for 8 or 9 years.

      And I am no fan of O'Brien, I think the guy is an obnoxious bs artist with a high opinion of himself who brings no particular insights to the table. Yeah, some people like the guy and see him as a legit researcher. Fair enough; more for them. I'll pass.

    2. There's no "small reprieve" for Chris. He'll always be associated with Scheme Gene. Chris was happy to support Gene's scams for over 10 years, all while basking in his new-found "fame" on The Paracast. Was it worth it, Chris to your reputation? I hope so.

      Eventually, J. Randall Murphy will learn his lesson as well, but by then it will be too late. He'll be "slimed by Gene".

      It never goes away. And neither do the requests for: storage payments, daily hotel money, car insurance, overdrawn bank and paypal fees, Barbara's medical bills, Gene's chiropractor bills, medical insurance payments, apartment money, movers, toupee wax, and groceries!

      Oh, we can never forget about the "groceries". It's always about the "groceries".

    3. Don't forget all the dozens of victims of Gene Steinberg's over the past 15 plus years. This isn't new. Chris knew about Gene's begging from day one and supported it.

      Yeah he can complain now all about it and say he was "slimed by Gene", but he turned a blind-eye for over 10 years. Chris is not innocent. He enabled Gene to continue his con, and brought a certain level of "credibility" to The Paracast. Without his support, Gene would not have been as "successful" with his fraud begging.

      If you know crime is happening and you support that crime, then YOU'RE JUST AS GUILTY. Just ask any get-away-driver. They go to jail too!

  71. Chris O’Brien has never fully publicly denounced Gene Steinberg or The Paracast on his website. Chris made a few small remarks on other unknown podcasts, but he has never entirely owned-up to his role. No one heard him. Until he posts a written denunciation of Gene’s begging and fraud, then he can be considered a full accomplice. I respect Chris’ interest and dedication to the field, but he must stand up to this. People like Gene are ruining Ufology. Either Chris is part of the problem or he can be the solution. It’s up to him if he wants to salvage any part of his reputation.

  72. It’s amazing.

    If Gene had simply accepted Bob’s offer to pay for storage and the other offer for the apartment money, all Gene’s problems would be over. He would be out of the “fleabag” hotel.

    All Gene had to do was show logs that he was actually driving for Uber and “doing his share”.

    But, nope.

    They don’t exist.

    Gene made the whole story up.

    And thus the daily hotel pay dance continues.

    But, don’t be late or “it’s a $25 fine”.

    In each email, Gene tells us to ask him if we have any questions about his financial situation.

    But, he never answers.

    Only Teddy Bear barks...

    ...and the Schemey saga continues.

  73. Gene don’t leave us in suspense. You’re always spinning tall tales that never get resolved. That’s bad writing. How do you expect to keep an audience when you leave cliffhangers such as:

    * What happened to your new webmaster Anders?
    * Why didn’t the new Paracast swag store launch?
    * Did you ever replace the bad tires on your car?
    * What happened to your pack of “haters”?
    * What about your teeth problems, how can you eat?
    * Did you ever get the “groceries”?
    * Where did the man that “Teddy Bear dared to bark at” go?
    * Is Barbara’s medical condition ok and has she healed yet?
    * Did you finally sip that glass of lemonade the Uber passenger suggested you needed in your retirement?
    * Did you ever pay the car insurance?
    * Was your storage bill paid or did you lose all your stuff?
    * Have you confirmed if Small Reprieve, your toupee, is alive? He might be hungry.
    * How is Barbara’s fledgling purse business going?
    * Did you ever donate to the victims of the hurricane and set up a fund to help others, like you promised?
    * Where did The Constable go?
    * Did the old woman “with nothing but vengeance on her mind” pass away? We never got wind of any funeral.
    * What happened with GCN? You said people were contacting them about your email begging.
    * Is Paranormal Davey still up to his old tricks?
    * Did Porno Bob ever kick the porn habit?
    * How much did J Randall Murphy have to pay in ad money to be your cohost?
    * Where do all the threads go that you delete on your forum?
    * How are you able to pay for a more expensive hotel by the day when you couldn’t pay for an apartment which is half the money by month?
    * Your bum leg, we never heard if you fixed it?
    * Are you still “sliming” Chris O’Brien?
    * Where’s Helen and her son Jared? And why don’t they help you?
    * Is Grayson ever moving back from Spain?
    * Where is that third Rockoids book? You can’t have a trilogy with only 2 installments.
    * You’re a technology expert, why can’t you figure out Twitter?
    * Supposedly you wrote 29 books, why haven’t you written any new books in 18 years or updated them?
    * Are you still fighting flame wars on Usenet?
    * Why do you never mention the thousands a month in income you receive from social security?
    * Why do you ask people to email you about your finances if they have a question but you never answer?
    * What’s your favorite Casino?
    * How do you sweetalk all those hotel managers into dealing with your daily demands?
    * Did the maid put a chocolate mint on your pillow today?
    * And many, many more questions left unanswered.

    Inquiring minds want to know, Gene you can’t leave us hanging. We’re a dedicated audience and we’ve been with you since the beginning, 15 years ago.

    We need to know. And as you say, “the need is URGENT!”

    1. Yes, the need as ever is always urgent, dear readers.

  74. A new e-beg just dropped from Schemey. Don’t send him another dime until we see his Uber logs. Demand to see PROOF!

  75. I like how he verifies that he reads every word written about him by addressing the skepticism regarding his ride sharing. For good measure he tosses in the "old man" card and "safety" concerns.

    It's obvious that his "gigs" don't bring in nearly enough money to maintain his already too high standard of living. But he absolutely refuses to get gainful employment that would actually pay him enough. So just stay where you are, Gene. It's the best place for you. It's also the best place for you to save other people from being hurt.

  76. So today's pester-mail again reinforces the reality that if this were a business it would be trading insolvent and its time to call in an administrator to make hard choices.

    It opens with the statement that hes working as hard as he can and that his personal circumstances mean he cant do any more than he already is.

    The equation is simple. Factor-Factor-Sum

    Above are the relevant factors, and he gives us the Sum in the next line

    "But I’m not keeping up."

    Thats the simple math, in rocket science terms if you are generating the maximum thrust possible and its still not enough, will never be enough, for escape velocity. Then you dont make orbit and instead crash an burn.

    Breaking free of gravity is like breaking free of debt

    Substitute thrust for reliable income (donations are not reliable income )and the math is the same.

    In his own words doing his best is not enough, nor will it ever be enough.

    "I need more help fast to catch up. Once that happens, it’ll be far easier to keep going."

    The stupidity of this is breathtaking.

    If you cant work your way out of this hole, you certainly cant beg your way out.

    The stupid dont learn from their past mistakes, and so are doomed to remain locked in the cycle unable to get out.

    And when we look at his pester-mails its clear thats the dynamic that prevails here.

    And as others have pointed out it makes no logical sense that someone could be that stupid, that incompetent that insane that they would keep employing the same ineffective strategy and expect different results.


    Take a pocket calculator,key in 2 plus 2... it always equals 4

    You can do it over and over and over for months

    The result is always 4. It doesn't change.

    Genes strategy seems to be if he keys in 2 plus 2 often enough it will eventually equal 6.

    That somehow despite the unchanging factors in his life, the sum of those factors will magically produce a net gain.

    The best predictor of the future is the past.

    Those who dont learn from it are doomed to carry it forward on the balance sheet in perpetuity.

  77. Gene’s begging is an addiction. The emails are his slot machine. Sometimes he hits it big and gets free money. Sometimes not. So he keeps sending them thinking magically one day his ship will come in. This is purely OCD and addiction at this point. Gene’s playing “the email slots”.

    1. Dr Tom Stafford, a lecturer at the University of Sheffield and co-author of the book Mind Hacks, believes that the same fundamental learning mechanisms that drive gambling addicts are also at work in email users. "Both slot machines and email follow something called a 'variable interval reinforcement schedule'," he says, "which has been established as the way to train in the strongest habits. This means that rather than reward an action every time it is performed, you reward it sometimes, but not in a predictable way. So with email, usually when I check it there is nothing interesting, but every so often there's something wonderful - an invite out, or maybe some juicy gossip - and I get a reward."

      As you say every now and then Gene gets a bit of free money from these Pestermails.

    2. In the early day, 15 years ago I’m sure Gene “hit it big” when people were naive and stupid and still believed him.

      Gene abused his position of trust with this audience. Most people don’t expect a “radio personality” to be lying. There is a certain level of “credibility” there. People want to help and do something. Gene abused that trust.

      Gene’s entire life has been one con after another. We ain’t the first and we ain’t the last.

      In a small way I believe Gene relishes all this attention. Having dozens of strangers analyze, dissect and rebut his every move. Gene is finally getting the sad attention that his own family refuses to give him. He’s burnt too many bridges and no one cares or acknowledges him any more. The only family Gene has left are his “pack of haters”.

      It’s almost Dicksonian. A sad tale of comeuppance where nothing is what it seems.

      Everyone loves watching a good train wreck. Unless Gene has a serious intervention by Grayson, this ain’t going to end well. The Titanic is going down...toupee or no toupee...makes no difference.

  78. the offer to pay the storage locker was legit. had Gene posted his uber logs I would have unblocked him to get info on the storage facilities. once I found out where it was I would contact them.
    once a verification was done I would then pay them..NOT Gene. but Gene never posted so the offer was withdrawn. Gene I know you read this. I made this offer in good faith. but you chose your path. Good luck..

    1. Gene has no logs because he is not driving for Uber or does it extremely little if at all. He’s a total liar. That’s why every legitimate offer for help goes unanswered if there is any ask of proof. Gene just wants free money and doesn’t want to work. There is also the chance that the storage locker is already paid in full. Gene can say what he wants but he has never produced a single bill to show proof. Every email he sends out ASK FOR PROOF. He won’t reply. He’s lying.

    2. It could be that. As others have said the simplest answer that makes sense is that this is all fiction, a contrived sob story to milk the charity cow, to help himself to spare change from the charity bucket.

      But i can also see why he would not want to give away the actual details of his storage lockers location or logs that might identify where he works.

      In the wrong hands these could be used to do him some serious mischief, and i know many would be tempted to use that info in that way.

      But these are peripheral aspects to this case. Either he's telling the truth and is too stupid to realize the simple math is that his current lifestyle and choices is unsustainable, or its a transparent con and scam.

      Personally i have never seen such a constant rolling crises in real life before.

      Its either a very incompetent person, or an incompetent liar.

      In either case you would be wasting your money in sending him some.

  79. Chris O’Brien your silent speaks volumes. How does it feel to be an accomplice of the Paracast and Gene’s scams for over 10 years? You played an integral role and are just as guilty. You should be ashamed of yourself for enabling this fraud. You knew about yet ignored it. You have no balls and are a sad excuse of a human.

  80. "I need more help fast to catch up. Once that happens, it’ll be far easier to keep going."

    By "help" he means cash.

    "I need more CASH fast to catch up. Once that happens, it’ll be far easier to keep going."

    Actually by "catch up" he means clear the deficit. Once that happens he will be back to square one. No money in the bank, no reliable steady income, and cost of living bills well beyond his income stream.

    Your cash wont "help" him, it will just push the inevitable back a small way. i give you a rolled gold guarantee that next week he will be in dire financial crisis once again.
    Your money will be gone and it will have fixed nothing.

    Well its Xmas time again, and many people fund their celebrations on the credit card, so i predict donations will be thin on the ground as everyone has their own backlog of Xmas expenses to pay down.

    May the Ghosts of grifting past present and future visit him and show him how his life choices have been so bad for his personal lifespan.

  81. Christopher O’Brien is still involved in the Paracast. His name appears in the copyright audio if you listen to the end of the show. He’s “doing his share” and probably getting his cut of the grifting. Chris please explain yourself. Why are you so silent?

  82. Speaking of Credit cards.

    It highly likely they have at least one.

    His problems then are likely to be simply finding cash to pay down the overspending they do on them.

    The no money to eat mails, are likely to be fictions

    There is no emergency if i dont get cash i dont eat, put gas in the car, pay the motel bill scenarios.

    Your money isnt going to avert "(insert todays tragic disaster here)

    Its going to fund a lifestyle he simply cant afford.

  83. I look forward to Gene’s histrionic headlines every day. He’s a real copy writer.

    The hyperbole and impending doom is always there. It’s impossible to believe someone’s life is always in a perpetual crisis.

    If true, he would be out of control and committed to a psyche ward for this own safety.

    How does it feel to be a loser who begs for his living?

    Gene thinks he’s turning up the dial and fooling all of us. Putting more pressure to get donations. Little does he know his emails are simply fodder for entertainment.

    The guy is a complete joke of a husband or father. And an even bigger joke to himself. The whole world is laughing at you Gene. You’re a living punchline.

  84. The credit card aspect does explain whats been a glaring plot hole.

    So on June 19 he tells us he is in a Motel. And its been a recurring theme that unless he pays "tomorrow" he is out.

    Every day he will be out tomorrow unless you "help"

    Lets round this down to 160 days thus far, with the threat that unless he pays by 11 AM he is out.

    This is odds of 160 to 1, Odds that get longer with each passing day/week/month.

    Thats one hell of a lucky streak, you'd think after 160 days he would have rolled snake eyes at least once and been out on the street.

    A far far more likely scenario than lucky Gene, is that he is indeed using a credit card and his social security to ensure that he never actually gets thrown out.

    Money for other things might be short once the credit card bill is paid, But the "emergency" aspect of his narrative is fiction.

    Every day we hear there is an emergency and unless he pays another day he is out. But it never happens.

    Using a credit card and "smoothing" as it called his rent seems more likely than him being lucky 160 times in a row.

    To be sure there might not be much left for other things once SS is used to pay the card down, and he wants your money for that.

    No doubt he is broke and miserable, But he hasnt wound up on the street because he's never been at any risk of doing so.

    That makes more sense than him being lucky enough to beat 160 to 1 odds, Odds that get longer every day he avoids living on the street.

    Take a coin, Heads he finds the money by 11 AM mountain time and stays another day. Tails he's out on the street.

    By his own account hes flipped heads 160 times in a row.....

    1. Your reasoning about Gene beating the odds he is claiming makes perfect sense to me. He has indeed claimed he has managed to make the payment at times only by "minutes". For me this has never added up, and one would think he could pay weekly rates to get a better deal - it's not like he's going to be going anywhere anytime soon, unless he's asked to leave, again.

      As for the credit card, I am not so sure on this point. Gene declared bankruptcy in 2016. I wouldn't think he could have a credit card again so soon. Possibly Barbara has one, or Grayson lets them use one? I don't know. But I wouldn't have thought Gene could have won of his own just two years out from bankruptcy.

    2. A quick google indicates there is no actual impediment to getting one, and this article makes a case for why its a good idea for some to do so

      Its one explanation as to how despite claiming a daily emergency scramble for enough cash to pay just one more day by 11AM arizona time. He manages to find it.

      The coin toss example is spot on, Hes managed to toss heads 160 plus days in a row. Not once did he toss a tail.

      When you factor that into the narrative, its obvious that deliberate deception is at play here.

    3. It's hard for me to imagine Gene would've ever put down the cash to get a secured line of credit, which is what most of those cards in the article you link to amount to. Potentially he could have an unsecured card with a deathly high interest rate however.

    4. We can only speculate.

      We have genes version which is a daily struggle to find the rent, sometimes with minutes to spare. Flipping heads 160 plus times in a row and not once being tossed to the street.

      Another option is its all a lie and a scam

      And of course another explanation as to why he hasnt once tossed tails and wound up on the street might be because he has a credit card and the daily impending doom of being on the street is a fiction.

      Certainly the "if i dont pay tomorrow by 11 AM" plot device relies on his being lucky enough to have beaten 160 to 1 odds thus far. Odds that get longer every day.

      That seems the most unlikely of the possibility's.

      If it was the daily emergency, averted sometimes with minutes to spare, there is little chance hes beaten the odds as the story seems to suggest. And by little chance i mean 160 to 1.

      Thus we can safely conclude there is no emergency, that requires your help -cough- cash to stay another day.

      For his version as detailed in his begs, of the story to be true, he needs to simultaneously be hours away from being on the street for 160 days in a row now, and be lucky enough to have averted that 160 days in a row.

      With luck like that he should be making a killing at the craps table.

  85. Over 15 years of begging, hundreds of people donating, thousands of dollars collected to pay Gene’s bills and support his lifestyle and not even one “thank you”. He’s never uttered these two simple words which are free. That proves the character of Gene. He believes the whole world owes him a living and he can just keep taking, no matter what the circumstances. Even if they’re false. Gene doesn’t care who he hurts to get his own way.

    1. I am not sure other people are real to Gene. They seem to largely serve as a means to an end.

    2. Others not being real people has a good deal of explanatory power, when applied to Gene's behavior. Not only is it fine to use others at will, or rip off their businesses, but too you can ignore what anyone says about you online. Hundreds upon hundreds of critical comments out there about you? It only matters to the extent it might cut into your donation game. Don't give those trolls and haters another thought!

      To live as Gene lives you almost cannot have a healthy sense of empathy.

  86. Gene you’ve ruined your life. You’re 73 years old. There ain’t much time left. You’ll be grifting until the end. This is your legacy. Even after you’re gone, you’ll always be known as a con man and fraud. Someone who spins lies in order to steal. You won’t be remembered as the “radio personality” or “ufo expert”. You’ll just be known as a crook and thief. Put that on your tombstone. I hope you’re proud.

  87. It’s amazing Gene can read the hundreds (literally) of pages of negative comments about himself and his frauds, and maintain any self respect for himself. He can call us all “haters” but we’re merely pointing out discrepancies in what he TELLS US. We have no other knowledge other that what Gene shares. Yet he keeps begging and keeps churning out mediocre shows, week after week. He’s totally delusional and needs serious help. Any normal person would take stock of their situation and listen to the feedback and change. But Gene? Nope. You’re the problem, never him. Now give him your money.

  88. "Hello,

    It’s collapsing around me. I am driving as many hours as I can handle safely, at my age, on Lyft and Uber. I am working hard to boost the radio show and sites and get more ads

    But I’m not keeping up.

    I’m facing disconnects, cancellations and more. I’m working hard, real hard, but I need to catch up.

    Can you help?"

    Good effing grief, Gene! It's already collapsed around you! By your own admission you can't drive the hours you need to drive to make a difference. You "working real hard" involves nothing more than the same old same old you've been doing for years and years that accomplishes nothing.

    Facing disconnects and cancellations? Of course you are! And how can people "help" pray tell? Just delay things for another day? For them to piss their money down the drain just so you can, once again, change absolutely nothing?

    Gene, try to understand; what you've been doing is not working. It's not even close to working. Continuing to try and "boost" your income has not and will not work. Sitting on your ass policing your forums and the internet for any posts about you is not working to better your situation. Sitting on your ass working on your sinking shows is not bettering your situation.

    Nobody has done an intervention for you, including your own son, because you have shown that you are beyond hope at this point. You refuse to see the truth and continue to live beyond your means. As others have pointed out, giving you money will not help you. It has, if anything, only made matters worse.

    "Help" you catch up? And then what? Just go thru all the same stuff again? And again? No amount of money will help you. It never has and unless you change it never will.

    I don't know what else to say. You will not change. You utterly refuse to even consider changing. Thus, there is no reason under the sun for anyone to give you even one dime.

    It will not "help." It will not solve even one problem. You are the only one who can help yourself and solve your own problems. But that won't happen, will it?

    Just stay where you are; at least that way you won't be able to harm any more innocent people.

    1. Disconnects and cancellations? What could that be? Streaming services? Cell phone services? Car insurance? Hosting services for his websites?

      In any case you are correct. Even if by some miracle his leaky boat is completely bailed out, it still has holes in it, and he's going down. Handing him cash is just delaying the inevitable; indeed, it always was.

      I've noticed he's stopped lashing out here and in other discussions about his hijinks. I wonder if even he has realized his behavior is indefensible, and he only hopes to dupe the unenlightened. Well, he'll always have J. Randall Murphy, so there's that.

    2. But no mention of having to beat the now 170 to 1 odds of avoiding being on the street by having to pay by 11AM Arizona time.......

  89. Gene, there is a magic solutions to all your's called a JOB.

  90. You're right; I'll bet he is referring to streaming services, cell phone, and hosting services. That makes sense. As a couple of posters have pointed out, the best thing he can do to turn things around is to get rid of the car. It is a huge albatross. He simply does not need it. He can't drive enough to justify having it.

    Yeah, Gene has Murphy to worship him, doesn't he? Of course Murphy could simply be an opportunistic buzzard circling Gene just waiting for him to keel over.

  91. Chris O’Brien endorses and approves Gene’s behavior. He refuses to publicly address the situation here on this blog. Chris you are just as guilty as Gene in perpetuating this fraud and you did it over 10 years and never stopped it. Shame on you!

    1. Chris is a coward. He benefited from the Paracast and Gene’s fraud. Even if only indirectly. Chris has zero credibility and is a thief like Gene. Many people lost money getting sucked into the Parascam. No wonder they call him Lyin O’Brien. A name Chris certainly lives up to!

    2. Speaking of names, this hateful and childish ranting looks pretty chickenshit posted under Anonymous. Grow a pair and at least use a screen name, or shut up.

  92. There is no crisis. Gene gets paid over $1,000 next Wednesday for social security and will have plenty of money for his “service disconnects” and “groceries”. And even be left with some money for the casino. There is no crisis except in Gene’s own mind, as a convenient ploy to beg for money. Plus where’s all that Uber money from Gene “doing his share”? Or Barbara’s purse business money? Again there is NO CRISIS.

    1. You are right that there is no crisis. They each get SS every month that, combined with the show subscription revenue is plenty to live on, especially if he gets rid of the car. He cannot possibly drive it enough to cover its payment, insurance and gasoline. If he does drive it enough, then he has that income, too.

      Indeed there is no crisis save that of his own making from sheer and utter stupidity. $2800 a month should be more than enough to live on if lived on modestly. To get that sort of money each month and still end up in a motel barely scraping by day to day is ridiculous.

      I cannot fathom the utter imbecility of the man.

    2. Hey, Murphy, why are you okay with Gene taking Grayson's college savings and giving it to a convicted criminal? Why are you okay with Gene destroying his son's good name and credit? It's right there in the Court documents. Take a good look, Murphy. Take a good look.

  93. disconnect = cellphone
    cancellations = Netflix
    and like a vulture Randall circles waiting to claim the carcass of the paracast.
    there is no uber.
    he is most likely living with his SIL.
    Gene is the captain of the Titanic.

  94.                               PROMISES BY GENE STEINBERG

    5-5-2010-"In case you haven't been following this ongoing soap opera, my financial nightmare began before the end of 2009, so I am sure many of you have been wondering whether there's any end to our misery. This has become of major importance in light of the fact that I continue to ask for donations or loans.

    The answer is yes, this mess will be over! There's a light at the end of the tunnel and these problems are strictly temporary and not long-term, and there will be a solution at hand in the near future...."

    –Gene Steinberg


    Today 12-6-18 "I’ve lived at the motel for nearly six months now, and it’s been an impossible situation. I can’t keep up with other payments, or save for a regular apartment, which is lots cheaper.


    By the time you read this, mobile phone service may have been disconnected. I have other bills, plus an expensive scheduled maintenance due shortly for my car.

    I need more a lot of help fast to catch up, so I have the time to get into a new place. Once that happens, it’ll be far easier to keep going...."

    *In the first statement above, Steinberg claims that his "financial problems" began in 2009; however, the evidence, beginning with court records demonstrates that his problems are in fact pecuniary crimes, dating back to the early '90's in Arizona and or Nevada alone with one case transferred from back east, indicating a lifelong pattern of illicit behavior.

  95. 6-21-2018–" I need your help to raise money towards an apartment I can stay in, and continue to pay the motel bill. We’re staying on a WEEKLY BASIS [my emphasis] to keep rates as low as possible."–Gene Steinberg

    1. And yet he contradicts that WEEKLY BASIS comment with ones like "I have to pay by 11AM each day to have a place to stay" Then we had the added drama of " I have to pay the motel bill by 11AM each day or they can charge a $25 late fee"

      As others have surmised the logical answer to these contradictions is that the whole story is BS.

      But we can only work with what we have so Todays beg mentions expensive car maintenance.

      Clearly he cant afford the car, AND the motel bill. Both expenses at the high end cost wise, expenses someone in his dire financial situation shouldn't even be trying to pay.

      Its an example of champagne taste on a beer budget.

      Expensive wants or preferences which one lacks the finances to fulfill satisfactorily.

      You are asking your email list most of them on beer budgets themselves to fund your champagne lifestyle. Expensive (compared to apartment rent) Motel rent, expensive car lease.

      Many have said let the car go, good advice when considered along with the phone being cut off.

      Personally i'd buy a tent, keep the car and phone and drop the expensive motel bills.

      But again when we look at the contradictions contained in his poorly thought out pestering beg letters, The logical conclusion is its all BS anyway.

      That he continues to claim he is paying two high end expenses on a small budget, that he claims he will be better once he catches up. Or better when he gets a new apartment is an unbelievable premise.

      He was in that place to start with, in a cheaper apartment with money in the bank. He couldnt maintain that then, and he thinks if he can get back to that position things will be easier. NO they wont they will be the same as they were. The whole "things will be easier once i catch up" narrative is a transparent attempt to address the fact that no amount of donations actually fix anything. Its a waste of money to throw money at Gene, Nothing gets better, nothing gets easier.

      No one believes these absurd delusional claims.

      Hes been kicked out of several cheaper apartments because he didn't pay the rent. Hes managed to beat unbelievable odds in paying the more expensive motel rent by 11AM each day, despite claiming the day before he didn't have that money.

      In sorting the wheat from the chaff, its been impossible to find even a single grain of truth in his story.

      It makes no sense, or more appropriately "It doesn't add up"

      It cant be true that he could go from the cheaper apartment rent that he defaulted on multiple times resulting in evictions, to the more expensive motel rent that hes managed despite the odds to pay every single day, all the while paying for a car lease and other bills including storage and..... Groceries

      It just doesn't add up, So given my commentary is directed at a fictional plot, The gestalt none the less applies.

      If you cant afford both as "claimed" (claims everyone agrees are BS) then you must cut one expense, either the car or the motel.

      Weigh up which one provides you more utility ,Is more beneficial on a daily basis and drop the other one.

      Use the savings made to put together the money needed for either a cheap car or cheap apartment.

      Donations haven't helped as has been demonstrated to beyond a shadow of a doubt proof by your own emails.

      He has to do this by himself or not at all.

    2. Gene caught in his own lies. Hey Gene, I thought you were paying for the motel DAILY? And, if we didn't cough up the cash you would be homeless?

      What are the odds that Gene was able to pay the bill at the last minute every day? He's been doing it for 6 months and always makes the cut-off, just in time. Hmmmm, now we know why?! Because there is NO daily bill. GENE PAYS WEEKLY!!!

  96.                   SAVING MONEY FOR AN APARTMENT

                                        By Gene Steinberg

    6-19-18—“So Barbara, Teddy Bear and I are staying at a cheap motel. Again, we have to pay for the hotel, and set aside money for a new home.”

    6-28-18—… I’m also saving for moving and move-in expenses for another apartment

    7-1-18—“I’m also saving to cover the move-in for another apartment.”

    7-2-18—“I’m also saving to cover the move-in for another apartment.

    7-12-18—“Meantime, I’m also trying to put away cash for moving to a new apartment.”

    8-6-18—“I still have to juggle funds for a new apartment and it’s not easy by any means.”

    8-9-18—“I have to keep paying for the motel, pay bills, save money for a new apartment ….”

    8-13-18—“Can you help us pay the motel and put away more money for an apartment?”

    8-14-18—“… I’m living in a cheap motel and trying to save for an apartment….”

    8-16-18—“… I also have to continue to set money aside for a new apartment ….”

    8-17-18—“I am coming closer to finding an apartment and I’m trying to save enough money to cover the move, upfront fees, and the first month’s rent.”

    9-10-18—“I’m also continuing to put together money to move to a new apartment.”

    9-24-18—“I’m only making slight progress in setting aside money for a new apartment.”

    9-26-18—“I am still trying to raise money for a new apartment ….”

    9-27-18—“I am trying to raise the extra money to cover the move to a regular apartment.

    10-9-18—“I am trying to save money for several critical needs, such as the motel, replacing the tires on my car, and saving for a new apartment.”

    10-18-18—“I’m juggling a lot of things, including trying to save money for a new apartment.”

    10-19-18—“we ended up in a motel to hang our hats while trying to find a new apartment.”

    10-26-18—“… I haven’t raised enough cash to cover all that plus saving money for a new apartment.”

    10-29-18”… raising enough money to move to an affordable apartment ….”

    11-21-18—“I also need to raise enough money to cover the costs of moving to a new apartment.

    11-25-18—“… I’ve made no progress in saving towards moving to a new apartment.”

    12-6-18—“I can’t keep up with other payments, or save for a regular apartment, which is lots cheaper.”

                      STEINBERG'S RULES OF THE CON

    Rule 1). Write the e-mail con in a way to maximize profitability.

    ** As demonstrated above, early on, Steinberg admits to setting aside money for an apartment. With Rule No. 1 in mind, for his victims, he paints a picture of being principled, doing what any normal person would do under his alleged circumstances, so "please help me"; however, as time goes by, the return is minimal with that particular story, so he slowly changes it, first by saying he's trying to save money, so "please help me." Finally, he says, "I’ve made no progress in saving towards moving to a new apartment." "So please help me."

                      BIEDNY'S RULES ON STEINBERG


  97. Gene face it. You’ve worn out your welcome. Your lies have finally caught up to you. It’s over.

    There are no more magic fairies or the casino winnings or Torson loan money to bail you out.

    You can keep sending those emails and cyber begging but no one’s going to donate. There is no rescue. You’re done.

    You’ve dug this hole yourself. Now, do us all a favor and climb into it.

    1. Yep.

      Gene I know at some level you think you may as well send your ridiculous, pathetic, sociopathic emails. In your mind they cost you nothing, and you occasionally get some cash in return. And as you like to claim, the recipients can opt out! (that's not what I hear...)

      Here's the thing: now your emails are shared online and commented on, here and elsewhere. People who hadn't already woken up to the absurdity of your claims and expectations can share in the revelation of your ugly nature from one simple Google search. With each new email you send, you just make things worse for yourself, the dishonesty of the whole thing and your delusions only becoming more evident. Your program of lying and pestering anyone and everyone is now far past the point of diminishing returns.

      Just give everyone (including yourself and your wife - remember her?) a break and live within your means. Or if you must stay true to your low character, at least give everyone else a break and figure out a new swindle. The con you've been running on the backs of your Paracast audience, co-hosts and guests has at long last played out.




    Just to be fair, the criminal prosecutions (bad checks) were all dismissed upon the motion of the prosecutor. So I would probably define them as charges rather than prosecutions.

    As far as I can tell they no longer show up in the court's online database (with the exception of a 2017 traffic case that was dismissed by the officer) but are documented here.

    1. Erickson,

      Respectfully, I disagree (see definition below).

      Moreover, making restitution after the normal, lengthy process of attempting to collect or repatriate funds for hot checks before it goes to court, only to finally pay when the crime appears before a judge is in the conman's play book.

      the institution and conducting of legal proceedings against someone in respect of a criminal charge.
      "Olesky faces prosecution on charges he spied for Russian intelligence"
      the party instituting or conducting legal proceedings against someone in a lawsuit.
      noun: the prosecution
      "the main witness for the prosecution"
      the continuation of a course of action with a view to its completion.
      "the network's prosecution of its commercial ends"

    2. It wouldn't surprise me if Steinberg has made attempts to expunge his criminal/civil records, he sanitized his web-site some years back, then changed the configuration respectively to prevent archivation.

    3. When you’re dealing Gene and Small Reprieve, his 1970s permed’s never good to split hairs.

  100. I'll be brief, the money situation is real bad.

    But of course in reality, his life now F.U.B.A.R is a S.N.A.F.U

    That is to say real bad is the new normal.

    The bookmakers are now giving odds on keeping the phone on while the bill remains unpaid.

    How many days can he keep this ball in the air we wonder.

    On nov 19th we are told the storage locker can be auctioned off by next month, now we hear the deadline is dec 21.

    So thats one plot device we wont expect to hear about in 2019. It will be gone by new years. How long he can keep the "any day now" phone disconnect lie going will be interesting.

    Expensive car maintenance, a 500 dollar storage locker bill, months worth of defaulted phone bills, and of course he has to pay the motel by 11AM tomorrow if he wants to stay another day and avoid the 25 dollar late fee. And Groceries...

    It's true there were dark storm clouds.
    Heavy,black, and pendulous, toward which they were driving.
    It's true, also, that the spare tire they were carrying was
    badly in need of some air, 2019 was to be a year they would not soon forget.

    An Annus horribilis , an Annus best wiped........ from memory.

  101. Contact anyone who dares to appear on the Paracast and send them links to this blog post. Ask them why are they supporting this criminal? Do they want their name forever associated with this scam every time someone googles them? If they get in bed with Gene, they’ll wake up with a nasty’s called co-conspirator. They are enabling this fraud to continue.

  102. There is no emergency. Gene gets paid his social security money Wednesday and will have at least $1,000+ dollars coming in. He has plenty of money, but not enough of YOURS!!!!

    1. Gene can easily pay his phone bill and storage on Wednesday with his social security and still have money left over for the casino! But, he’d rather have YOU pay instead. Why should Gene work?! He always manages to find a new sucker. Over 50+ years of his adult life running a con. You think he’s going to change now?!

  103. Gene, is whining now that his cell phone is about to be shut off and his storage unit is about to be auctioned off if we don’t “act fast”. Funny how a man so desperate for money wouldn’t take the offer from a listener to pay, by simply posting his Uber driving logs. If Gene was willing to just show proof that he was “doing his share”, he’d have the money “he needs” to pay his cell bill and save his stuff in storage. He refused to show any proof. Does this make sense to you?! Obviously, Gene’s a liar.

  104. So someone who claims to be a TECHNOLOGY EXPERT can’t figure who to NOT double post on Twitter???

    Gene’s a moron. Everything is tweeted twice and is rife with mistakes.

    Umm yeah. He’s a technology expert. LOL!!!!!!!

  105. Another reminder of how much of a scammer Gene Steinberg is. Here’s Gene bragging about his new 2014 KIA, meanwhile as he cries poverty and homelessness to his email list to scam money from them. This man is absolutely despicable:

    What a smug asshole. He even berates and belittles people who dare question his car knowledge. Wherever he goes, Gene always has to toot his own horn.

  106. something is wrong..
    Socal security money
    ad money
    uber money
    yet gene acts like he does not have a penny..
    so..where does the money go?

    1. Thats the million dollar question Mate

      I reckon hes simply seen that people will donate money if they feel sorry for the persons sad story.

      And he figures why shouldnt i get a share of that action.

      The begs are free throws of the dice, in a game where sometimes you win a small amount of money.

      The "i have no money pls help" is an essential theme to such a gambit, with variations on that theme to keep the whole thing fresh. Because its duration would leave it smelling bad otherwise.

      I truly thinks its harmless, that no one is forced to throw money his way.

      But when you look at the magnitude of the matter, then its clearly dishonest. And therin lies the harm.

      When you find out youve given money to someone who's created the sad story, you get cynical. Less likely to donate to charity because it becomes impossible to differentiate between genuine causes that should get our charity and People like Gene gaming the system.

      There are thousands and thousands of sad storys out there, some are true and some are not. Sorting the wheat from the chaff becomes essential to ensuring any charity goes to those in genuine need. Good people give money to the needy, not the greedy.

      You become less likely to give to charity when you see this sort of thing happening, The greedy end up spoiling the mechanism designed to help the needy.

      And thats the harm he doesnt see he is causing.

      Gene also sees Ufology as nothing more than entertainment, weve discussed it privately and thats how he views it. Others especially experiencers take it very seriously and so the disrepute this saga has brought to the genre is also harmful, in just the same way as billy meier and others of that stripe bring the topic into disrepute by trying to make a quick buck from it, while peddling BS as truth.

    2. That should have read

      HE truly thinks its harmless, that no one is forced to throw money his way.

      Indeed as has been pointed out that's his official stance. He says:

      "I'm sure some of you also know that I've asked for personal donations from time to time to help resolve a long-term financial problem. Nobody is forced to send a donation."

      Its true no one is forced to donate, and if the financial problems were real and not exaggerated and or downright false that might have some merit.

      But when you read the begging letters in totality, you see the contradictions, the conflicts with common sense and logic.

      In this context even a voluntary donation is wrong given its made thinking in good faith there is a real problem, when there clearly is not.

      All charity donations are made of ones own free will, that part of his argument is correct. But if that choice is made in response to a lie, then by definition its not charity at all, its larceny by trick

      Larceny by trick is descriptive of the method used to obtain possession. The concept arose from Pear's Case decided in 1779.[52] The issue was whether a person who had fraudulently obtained possession of personal property (a horse) could be convicted of larceny. The chief impediment to conviction was the doctrine of possessorial immunity which said that a person who had acquired possession lawfully, that is with the consent of the owner, could not be prosecuted for larceny. Clearly the owner of the horse had given the defendant possession of the animal – he had agreed that the defendant could borrow the horse to ride to Surrey.[53] The case would seem to have been cut and dried – the doctrine of possessorial immunity applied and the defendant was therefore not guilty of larceny. The court held that consent induced by fraud was NOT CONSENT in the eyes of the law. The fraudulent act that induced the owner to transfer possession "vitiated" the consent.

    3. When you read the details below, and compare them to Genes tactics you can see exactly why people call his behavior a Con

  107. Gene gets paid his social security money Wednesday. Gene and Barb are gearing up for a big day at the casino now that YOU'VE paid all their bills. Meet for lunch at the buffet anyone?

  108. Hey Gene, who’s your next guest this week? The janitor at GCN?

  109. Gene’s latest email says he’s drowning but managed to pay some small bills. But has many more. Don’t fear Gene. You get your social security money Wednesday so there is no crisis. Use that money to pay your bills and skip a day at the casino. But nope. Schemey logic says to keep on begging until you find another sucker like poor unfortunate Torson. Gene’s looking for another windfall to carry his sails.

  110. "Monday began with little improvement. I’ve paid a few small bills, but I still have to catch up with the mobile phone bill, auto insurance, and there’s that auto maintenance coming soon.

    The motel expects its money by 11 AM each day, no extensions, and prices are up as “snow birds” return to Arizona.

    Despite some sort of stomach flu this weekend, I put as many hours as I could into the ride sharing gigs.

    But I need help to catch up, so I can save for a new place and get my life back. Once that happens, it’ll be far easier to keep going."

    So again we have the 11AM deadline, And yet despite slim odds of almost 180 to one, he flips heads and stays another day.

    On December the 1st he tells us the phone bill is overdue, and going forward warns it could be cut off "by the time you read this" Ten days later the "daily" potential of it being cut off still hasnt happened.

    So using the coin toss example again we have the daily flip a coin. heads it stay connected, tails its disconnected.
    Hes flipped heads Ten times in a row and not once flipped tails.

    And of course we end with the patent nonsense that if he can get enough external cash via donations, he will catch up and be able to keep going with ease.

    If he cant catch up using his own funding model, then he cant keep going using that same model.

    The equation as he paints the picture requires external cash via donations, not only to catch up, but logically also to keep going.

    He hasnt been able to keep up with his bills using his own money, hence the call for cash to make up the shortfall, but by simple logic even if he were to "catch up" with your help, the same shortfall would still kick in and he would not be able to keep going from that point under his own steam.

    These begs are not calls to help him out of a hole, they are to fund his lifestyle in perpetuity.

    He doesn't need donations, they haven't helped at all, he needs sponsors. People prepared to commit to giving him a regular cash injection going forward.

    You need to go to work to pay your bills pay your rent and feed your family AND pay his bills his rent and his grocery bills not just today, but everyday going forward.

    When you read the years worth of begging mails, that's actually the proposition being put to the reader, Support yourselves AND him in perpetuity.

    You should all get second jobs and commit to sponsoring him going forward for the foreseeable future. Thats what hes asking you to do. And he doesn't understand your resistance to this reasonable proposition.

    Shame on you all

    He needs help to catch up, Once that happens, it’ll be far easier to keep going."

    Dont bother to help him catch up, unless you are also willing to keep paying going forward, Otherwise he will just slip back to where he is now.

    You need to be willing to pay down the debt already accrued, and pay new debt created going forward.

    If you do that for him, it will indeed be easier for him to keep going.

    1. You are spot on. Gene seems to fantasize that he can "keep going" if he is caught up, but he knows that he will not. He knows this. Even he is not so stupid that he doesn't realize this. Dumb as a box of rocks that he is, he absolutely realizes this. He just hopes that we don't.

      The mythical "if I could only catch up I can keep going..." is such utter crap. But then again, so is his actually paying for that motel by the day. He isn't. He's said before that he pays by the week. And as for that roll of the dice; yep...he is never actually out on the street. Not one single time has he been out on the street.

      And notice how he has all sorts of excuses for not driving very much for Lyft and Uber? It's his "age," for "safety", his night vision "faded long ago" and now due to a "stomach flu." Excuses excuses. Of course we knew all along that his driving was pure bullshit.

      Just as his being able to "keep going" is pure bullshit. Just as all his promises of "doing everything that I can" are bullshit. He'll "find an affordable place to live, and a way to stay there." All bullshit. one poster said at Alien Expanse; he's essentially right where he wants to be. Why would he change that?

      Right, Gene. You are precisely where you want to be. It's time to embrace it. And leave innocent people alone.

  111. GCN needs to throw his ass off the air. Gene is not a “radio host” he’s a con man who happens to be on the “radio”. I’d say much of Gene’s hubris and smugness comes from the fact he’s on the “radio” and thinks himself to be the next Art Bell. Little does Gene know GCN is just using him for filler space, essentially dead air when no one is listening. But in Gene’s head he imagines thousands of people with their ear up to the speaker and hanging on Gene’s every work with baited breath. Like some old 1940s secret decoder serial. Those days are over Schemey. Who listens to the radio anymore? Certainly no one under 40! Here’s a reality check Gene. You’re just flapping your gums. No one’s listening. You’d have a bigger audience screaming at the old ladies sitting by the nickel slots. At least they might hear your bloviating.

  112. But I need help (your cash) to catch up, so I can save (have you pay) for a new place and get my life back. Once that happens, it’ll be far easier to keep going (until i get evicted again)."

    Does he not even read this shit and see how absurd it reads ?

    He got evicted from his apartment because he couldn't pay the rent, If he can just get enough cash together to get himself back to a situation he couldn't afford then, it will be easier to keep going now.

    Why would the outcome be any different this time around when nothing has changed.

    He couldn't afford his expenses then, he cant afford his expenses now, but somehow as if by magic it will be easier in the future.

    No one believes this crap, because when you read it, the absurdity of the claim sticks out like the dogs bollocks.

    The best predictor of the future is the past.

    He couldn't pay his bills then, (without help). He cant pay his bills now (without help) , Ergo he wont be able to pay his bills in the future.....(without help)

    Its a charity black hole, nothing gets fixed, nothing gets solved, nobody gets helped.

    Dont waste your money on this case, give it to someone who actually needs it and can be helped by it.