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Caveat Emptor: A Paracast Saga of Discrepancies, Omissions and Unpaid Restitution

Multiple individuals contributed to this post.

Public court records reveal Stephen B. Beizer reached a plea bargain in 2004 stemming from what the Arizona Attorney General office described as bilking two elderly women out of money in an ongoing series of scams undertaken between 1995 and 1999. Some of the cash was repaid but Beizer was ordered accountable for over $186,000 in restitution. Files from the criminal case were obtained from Maricopa County Superior Court.

The late Stephen Beizer was the brother-in-law of Gene Steinberg, who solicited money on Beizer's behalf, according to Steinberg's emails and posted statements. Court documents indicate Steinberg also had business dealings with Beizer. Steinberg operates Paracast and Tech Night Owl, and has drawn increasing criticism for his years of requesting cash gifts - as frequently as several times per week by email - for his common living expenses perpetually framed as emergencies.

Maricopa County Courthouse
Beizer was initially indicted in 2001 by an Arizona State Grand Jury "on 3 counts of Fraudulent Schemes and Artifices, 11 counts of Theft and one count of Illegally Conducting an Enterprise," according to the documents. A guilty plea was entered in 2004 on amended charges of Sale of Unregistered Securities and Theft, which included a sentence of eleven months jail time, five years probation, and restitution. 

The charge of selling unregistered securities, according to court records, resulted from Beizer's tactic of issuing fraudulent stock certificates. He would sell worthless certificates as well as give them as purported repayment for numerous delinquent loans and empty investments. Beizer was subsequently ordered to pay $186,822 in restitution. From the above linked April 12, 2004 sentencing doc: 

In an Aug. 13, 2018 email response to request for comment on soliciting funds on behalf of Stephen Beizer while failing to fully disclose the circumstances and restitution, Steinberg replied, "If your sister-in-law's family needed financial help, would you launch a full background check first?"

The Aug. 13 email exchange between this writer and Steinberg for full context:
Mr. Steinberg,
Do you care to comment on the following for a blog post?
Attached please find an image of a June 2, 2009 Maricopa County Superior Court public document indicating Stephen Beizer owed in excess of $171,000 in restitution at that time. Also attached is a screen shot from your Jan. 1, 2010 email soliciting cash on behalf of the Beizers.
Any comment on requesting donations for your in-laws while failing to fully disclose his restitution responsibilities?
Jack Brewer
The UFO Trail

Steinberg's initial response:

Mr. Brewer,
At least you finally admit that I originally sought help for a relative, not for me. That’s refreshing.
If your sister-in-law’s family needed financial help, would you launch a full background check first?
Obviously, if I knew then what I know now, I would have made very different choices and I’d be in much better financial shape today.
Stephen Beizer died of pancreatic cancer in 2014. It was a painful death. He left his widow and handicapped son penniless and I will never be paid back.
Gene Steinberg

This writer replied:

To be clear, is it your contention that you were unaware of Mr. Beizer's criminal charges while you were soliciting money on his behalf? Is that your position?

I made the decision to help the Beizers around 2003. Don’t forget that the family includes a seriously handicapped son.
I was aware that Stephen did not live a squeaky clean life but not the specifics of any court records. I think most families would be generous even when imperfect family members were involved.
Gene Steinberg

Soliciting Cash for Beizer

Steinberg apparently began raising money allegedly for Beizer some time prior to Aug. 1, 2003, as indicated in an email shared at an online forum. According to the copy of the email, Steinberg discussed previous and continuing attempts to solicit cash for in-laws, including encouraging readers to forward the message to others or link his solicitation from their websites. 

An entry in the court record dated June 2, 2009 shows the vast majority of restitution remained unpaid in 2009. Restitution hearings indicate Beizer largely failed to pay the debt while $171,572 was still owed at that time:

A Jan. 1, 2010 email to Paracast newsletter subscribers demonstrates Steinberg continued to request money on behalf of the Beizers. Steinberg wrote that many readers had previously been extremely generous in providing assistance, reminding them, "I made a public appeal for donations to help to [sic] sister-in-law survive the onslaught of legal harassment from a vengeful woman." The same message was again distributed to the Paracast list in emails dated Jan. 12 and Jan. 29 of 2010, and in all likelihood many more times. A screen shot from the Jan. 1, 2010 email:

Steinberg's portrayal of circumstances surrounding the Beizers varied. The alleged legal harassment from a vengeful woman, as noted above, was one account. Another was that Beizer needed money until a financially lucrative civil case, in which a favorable ruling was anticipated, was completed. There has yet to be any evidence produced of the existence of such a legal case, which, according to Steinberg's above 2010 email, was expected to be fully resolved that year. Steinberg would later state the civil case remained unresolved upon Beizer's death in 2014. No records of any such legal proceedings were located during a search that revealed Beizer's criminal history as presented in this post. 

A quote from an Aug. 25, 2011 Steinberg email cash solicitation sent to the Paracast list and titled, "An Urgent Summer Update!":

There's also that large payoff from a relative's investment, delayed for several years due to endless legal complications and slow court schedules, which is due this fall. It will help us pay off all our bills, invest in the business, and maybe provide some savings for a rainy day.

Steinberg claimed to have sunken all of his own money, along with his son's college fund, into support of the claimed forthcoming Beizer windfall. Steinberg subsequently blamed the situation in part for continuing to request cash gifts several times per week until present day. From Steinberg's Correcting the Lies About My Money Situation and posted on the Paracast website:

Going back much further we find a 2003 message attributed to Grayson Steinberg, Gene's son:

Update: A Special Request From Grayson Steinberg
July 31st, 2003
My dad and I never like to devote any part of our daily content to personal matters, but this is a severe exception, because members of our family are involved and have nowhere to turn.
My aunt, Helene, and uncle Stephen have a son, Jaret (pictured at left), who is severely handicapped and requires special care. Life is tough enough balancing the burdens of raising a handicapped child and dealing with work and social concerns as well. Unfortunately, their problems have been greatly increased over the past five years, as an elderly woman with millions of dollars in the bank and time on her hands has been harassing them relentlessly because of a failed financial deal. Her actions are completely unjustified. The matter has gone through several federal and state court actions, and my family has won every time. Yet this woman won't give up, and her actions have deprived my cousin of his disability insurance, and left his parents destitute. Creditors are constantly hounding them and they are on the verge of becoming homeless.
My mom and dad have established a special fund to raise money to help cover their huge legal bills and other expenses, including food and shelter. The situation is really complicated, and I’ve spared you some of the details. If necessary, my father can explain the rest if you wish to help us. I assure all our readers, however, that this is a serious problem, the need is urgent, and time is extremely short. As a result of your generous financial contributions, we've raised nearly a third of what we need, but there's still a long road to travel. The rest of our small family has helped as much as it can. We still require outside support. Readers who wish to provide some immediate assistance may write to for further details.
You may also send your donations directly via PayPal using the following link (if you prefer not to use PayPal, write us and we'll send you a snail mail address for donations):

A 2003 update:

Thank You for Your Generosity
October 1st, 2003
We are making great progress toward resolving the serious financial trials being faced by my sister-in-law and her family. Your donations have made a huge difference, and we hope to reach our goal shortly. For those who haven't seen the online appeals, the story is long and complicated and the situation has left them nearly penniless. In brief, they have been the victims of ongoing legal harassment by someone with deep pockets and a desire to inflict as much financial and emotional pain as possible.
We have already contributed as much as we can afford. My son has even donated a large portion of his college fund for their needs. We have also established a special fund to provide financial assistance to help them pay legal bills and other mounting expenses. If you want to know more about the situation, or would like to send a donation, please send your inquiry to
You may also send your donations directly via PayPal using the following link (if you prefer not to use PayPal, write us and we'll send you a snail mail address for donations):

Steinberg undertook long term fundraising efforts for Beizer, a convicted thief owing a six-digit figure in restitution, while failing to fully disclose the actual circumstances to potential contributors. That might particularly be considered questionable in light of the findings of a March 12, 2004 pre-sentence investigation, in which an Attorney General Investigator expressed "concerns on where the defendant is currently obtaining his money to live and pay a private attorney." The investigator also reported Beizer had more victims who were unwilling to cooperate with the court, as seen in the screenshot below. 

The same file establishes "friends and family" were giving the Beizers "$750.00 per month or more." Concerns were again expressed about how such money was being obtained, including the recommendation, "[T]his will have to be monitored to see if he is soliciting victims." Beizer's lack of gainful employment was pointed out, as was his failure to produce legitimate income through his businesses for over nine years.

Beizer and Steinberg submitted paperwork showing full ownership of one such business, Numis Gems, was transferred to Steinberg, according to the 2004 file. Beizer was then hired by Steinberg, at least "on paper."

From the "Presentence Investigation, State of Arizona v. Stephen Barry Beizer, CR2001-003702":

Numis Gems

Steinberg, Beizer, and family members held various positions on the articles of incorporation of numerous businesses, including Numis Gems. Entities registered to Steinberg or immediate family members of Beizer or Steinberg also included GoldBugg, All Things Precious, and Making the Impossible, among others. One such apparent company discovered was Cross-Country Consultants, where Steinberg was named as president of an outfit whose stated primary business activity was investment advice.

Information on All Things Precious and GoldBugg, as it was often referenced:

The Numis Gems website in 2006 posted content pertaining to selling sports memorabilia, but a few years later offered what were termed proven methods to improve your bottom line. All Things Precious was described as part of the "Numis Gems family of services" on the Numis Gems home page in 2014. According to the website, your precious metals could be liquidated by a registered agent of one of America's largest refiners. The outfit boasted some 45 years of experience and claimed its customers thought of them as super heroes. 

In comments posted June 14, 2018 at The UFO Trail, a blog reader quoted Steinberg from an email exchange. It appears Steinberg adamantly denied business relationships with Beizer as recently as a few weeks ago. Per the screen shot below, Steinberg was quoted as writing, "Mr. Beizer's corporate name was NOT transferred to me. To help him boost his income, I set up a site for him and paid for him to register a trade name, since I filed, my name was on it. Period. I had no other involvement in his business. He was never involved in my ventures..."

Steinberg's denial of business relationships with Beizer, and particularly the transfer of Beizer's Numis Gems, obviously contradicts information established above per court records. A file from the Arizona Corporation Commission further calls Steinberg's denial into question. A March 2, 2004 document indeed appears to transfer full ownership of Numis Gems from Stephen Beizer to Gene Steinberg:

Offered an opportunity to comment on the discrepancy between his denials of a business relationship with Beizer and public records, Steinberg replied in an Aug. 13 email, "I never owned his business."

The email exchange with this writer:
One more point, please.
Attached you'll find an image of June 14, 2018 comments submitted at The UFO Trail in which the submitter quoted you adamantly stating in a recent email exchange that Mr. Beizer's corporation was not transferred to you and that you had no involvement in his business. Also attached please find a doc available on the Arizona Corporation Commission website and dated March 2, 2004 which indicates Beizer's company was fully transferred to you. 
Do you care to comment on the discrepancy?

Steinberg's full response:
Here we go again:
I never owned his business. I simply helped him with some paperwork as a favor when he had his legal issues. Remember, family.
Numis Gems was always Stephen’s. It was not a corporation, just a registered name. Someone is misreading the filing with the State of Arizona.
I was not involved in its affairs. I just wanted him to earn living, partly in the hope that I would be paid back.
You see how that turned out.
Gene Steinberg

Another record from the Arizona Corporation Commission:

Such discrepancies are many. Steinberg's above contentions he was unaware of Beizer's criminal history, for instance, are difficult to accept based on many items contained in the court records, including the following entry in a motion by the defense to modify Beizer's release:

On Dec. 6, 2009, Beizer was a guest on Steinberg's Paracast. Between a series of 2009 restitution hearings and Steinberg's early 2010 continuing pleas to provide money for his in-laws, each as referenced above, Beizer was presented to the Paracast audience as a "currency trader." He was not introduced as either a beneficiary of Steinberg's cash solicitations or a business associate.

The web link for Beizer at Paracast directs to the GoldBugg site. The 2010 GoldBugg website claimed to offer unspecified financial services ensuring financial freedom through private, personal service. Later versions of the GoldBugg site redirect to Numis Gems.

During the time frame Beizer appeared on Paracast, the show featured ads promoting GoldBugg, as can be heard at the 15:25 mark of this Nov. 29, 2009 episode. The basic concept was cash for gold. The owners had decades of experience in the business, the ad claimed, so listeners were encouraged to call or visit them online.

As of this writing, the Numis Gems website is stagnant. A message to "all hard asset subscribers and believers" informs them Numis Gems is closed due to the death of its founder, Stephen Beizer.

Stephen Beizer

According to court docs, Stephen Beizer resided in Greater Phoenix while attracting victims through his sports memorabilia venture, building rapport with them, and subsequently employing a variety of techniques to illegally obtain their cash. In the instance of one Florida woman, he sold her an item then kept in touch with her and falsely claimed to be starting an otherwise nonexistent business. Records indicate Beizer persuaded her to invest in the scam, sold her worthless stock, got her to buy an Arizona condo under the false pretense she'd make money on a quick turn around sale, then he resided in the condo while obstructing its sale, among other acts perpetrated. 

Beizer used his aged father-in-law as an excuse to solicit more money. As demonstrated in the screen shot below, investigators reported that Beizer did not use the acquired money for his stated reasons and was actually depleting the cash of his father-in-law.

In 2000 authorities began administrative action against Beizer and his wife, Helene, for fraud and sale of unregistered securities by unregistered salesmen. They fled Arizona to avoid prosecution, according to the public record linked above. Beizer's attorney would later deny his client was intentionally evading authorities.

A warrant was issued for Beizer's arrest in 2003, and he was taken into custody in Las Vegas. The State's response to a defendant motion to reduce bail:

The actions of Stephen Beizer, presented by Gene Steinberg to the Paracast e-list as worthy of charity and to Paracast listeners as a currency trader, as described by the State of Arizona in the Presentence Investigation:

From a sentencing memorandum submitted to the court by the defense:

Gene Steinberg

In fairness to Beizer, he paid his debt to society - but he did not pay his restitution debt to his victims. More importantly to former and potential future supporters of Gene Steinberg and his radio shows is the questionable ways Steinberg framed his relationship with Beizer at different times. That would be relevant while considering sending money to Steinberg in response to his chronic pleas for cash. One might also question Steinberg's commitments to accuracy. At best, Steinberg's judgement is called into significant question, all actions considered, and it is entirely reasonable to expect full accountability when someone publicly and perpetually requests money. That might particularly be considered the case in the UFO community, long known to attract the antics of hoaxers and charlatans.

Steinberg's assertions that assisting Beizer triggered Steinberg's long claimed financial crisis are further complicated by public court records which do not support the claim. While Beizer was not indicted until 2001 and entered a guilty plea in 2004, Steinberg had a $1,600+ judgment ruled against him on behalf of First Deposit National Bank in 1994. Similarly, Household Finance was awarded a $4,000+ monetary judgment against Steinberg in a case beginning in 1994 and completed in 1997, among several more actions publicly available for viewing. Public records show Steinberg defaulted on tens of thousands of dollars in debt spanning many years both before and after Beizer's indictment and subsequent hearings. This makes it difficult to lay the blame for Steinberg's hundreds of pleas for cash gifts at the feet of Stephen and Helene Beizer. 

Moreover, the scenario does not adequately account for requesting money on behalf of someone owing restitution for felony criminal activity while failing to disclose that to be the case. It arguably makes it more difficult to accept. In order to entertain Steinberg's claim Beizer substantially contributed to his financial woes, one must weigh the likelihood Steinberg knew very little about Beizer while Steinberg was repeatedly named in significant court docs and suggesting his following give money to Beizer. Otherwise, Steinberg solicited cash for the man while he was failing to financially take care of himself and failing to pay restitution, all while failing to repay Steinberg. Then, we would have to suppose, Steinberg decided it was a good idea to present Beizer as a currency trader on the Paracast. Such scenarios are not supported by public docs and the court records obtained.

Below is a screen shot of the body of Steinberg's Aug. 13, 2018 email, "Monday and broke again!", sent to the Paracast e-list. As of this writing it was Steinberg's approximately 127th such email of 2018, and his 266th since Jan. 1, 2017.

Fraud or other crimes perpetrated through the internet may be reported at the FBI Internet Crime Complaint Center. Other resources include your state's Attorney General, the Department of Justice, and the Federal Trade Commission.


  1. WOW.
    Hats off to you, Jack, and to everyone who's been working on this. This is astounding detective work. Well done.

  2. A detailed and comprehensive dissection of the Steinberg scam. I just hope as many people as possible in the UFO/paranormal community read this. People like Steinberg are poisoning the whole field with their fraudulent schemes. The sooner people wise up the better.

  3. I second your "WOW." This would make an interesting crime show episode. The part that makes my skin crawl the most is that Stephen and Helene stole from and abandoned her father. That is reprehensible!

    I cannot believe that Gene knew very little of his BiL's crimes. Another thing that gets me is that a number of Stephen's victims refused to co-operate due to fear. That is really scary. This was no nice man exercising bad judgement, this was a hardened criminal.

    Of course Gene is a criminal, too. He and his wife live their lives stealing money from individuals and businesses with no shame. Is the entire family hopelessly corrupt? I truly hope that Grayson is not. He appears to be a productive citizen in Spain and maybe as a teen he didn't know the full extent of the Beizers' crimes.

    Let's hope that he and the Beizers' son will be alright in the end.

    1. "I cannot believe that Gene knew very little of his BiL's crimes." Yep. You'd think, wouldn't you, you'd notice if your brother-in-law went missing for eleven months?

  4. Fabulous work, Jack. All of this on top of the Hurricane Harvey disgrace he really does deserve everything coming his way.

  5. Amazing work as usual, Jack. Tip of the cap to you, sir.

    Under normal circumstances I'd say that soliciting for your convicted con artist BIL's court-ordered restitution without so much as mentioning that fact (but making DAMN sure to mention the guy's poor disabled son for sympathy points) is pretty GD unbelievable, but Gene's shamelessness apparently knows no bounds.

    It's also mind-blowing how, in his email exchanges with you above, he continues to lament the fact that dead con artist BIL will not be able to repay HIM, *as if anyone but Gene and the rest of the Motel 6 crew give a single solitary shit*. Just wow.

  6. Gene, you’re fucked. You scammed your last victim. I’ll personally see to it that every one of your guests, advertisers, colleagues, and radio networks gets a link to this article, so they know exactly what you use The Paracast really for. It’s a way for you to solicit more victims. We all suspected you were a con for over 15 years, now we have proof. You stole all of our money under false pretenses and took advantage of everyones goodwill. You scammed all of us. From your own words and the evidence of the court, the truth is finally revealed. We will no longer be your victims. Your days of grifting are over. Go shove your Rockoids up your ass, you cockroach.

  7. Great research and sleuthing, Jack! Damn, you're getting good at this - detailing a family's grand scheme to defraud and (this makes me crazy) TO BEG! It staggers the imagination.

    1. Thanks, Carol! A valued compliment, indeed. A number of competent researchers contributed to this post, and I concur they are good at it.

  8. Everyone go listen to the Stephen Biezer episode. It’s both ironic and eye-opening!

    Gene makes no mention that Stephen is his Brother In Law and the person he was soliciting money for. Gene even goes 1 step further and calls him just “a friend”. Gene also had a financial interest in Stephens company and was listed as an officer, yet this was never disclosed. It’s totally duplicitous. I suspect that David Biedny had no clue about it.

    The first part Gene jokes about money and conspiracy theories. Little did we know that Gene was behind one of the biggest ones—his OWN!!!

    Listen to the whole show here:

    I predict Gene will be pulling this down very quickly. Download and save your copy before he does.

    If Gene removes it, then is proves he’s guilty as Hell.

  9. You did a great job getting deep into the Steinberg saga.

    When I wrote to Gene about Stephen's history, he not only stated that he took Stephen at his word, adking "At this point, it hardly matters, does it?"

    To me, the answer was obvious. It matters because Stephen's situation has long been part of the narrative underlying Gene's pleas for help. Indeed, he began his recent Facebook fundraising appeal with that story and defended it over the years.

    In 2011, David Biedny commented that Gene's stories about a family legal settlement had been going on for years, but it was "a crock of crap." Gene adamantly insisted that the "settlement is real."

    On this blog Gene stated that Stephen died before he could settle his case. That was dubious for any number of reasons - there clearly was more than what Gene was saying.

    I am willing to accept that Gene was trying to help Stephen him through legal and financial problems (as he has maintains) - but lost not only his retirement, his son's college fund, and incurred large civil judements against him (discharged through bankruptcy).

    In that light, perhaps Gene is a victim of one of Stephen's greatest frauds. However, the circumstances also show that at a minimum he was working with Stephen to shield him in the face of fraud charges and restitution orders. That is far different than anything Gene has acknowledged.

    If Gene is right - and the full story hardly matters at this point - then it is also true that it is not a justification for all that has happened in the interim.

    Ultimately it matters because of credibility. Once that is lost it's hard to restore.

    I have written before (both to Gene and online) that he needs to be honest about his history - which includes his involvement with Stephen and extends to any number of other matters - his persistence in living beyond his means.

    As an aside, I was just reading a statement by Gene on Jeremy Vaeni's blog that he got rid of the Kia Optima as soon as his financial situation changed. No Gene, bankruptcy records show that it was repossessed and that you raised $14,000 to purchase a Passant and assume a monthly $674 car payment while regularly begging for help.

    Honesty includes transparency. And it includes a plan to stop relying on "emergency" appeals - and take responsibility to make hard choices.

    1. Thank you, erickson. Your contributions and opinions continue to be appreciated.

  10. A big thanks to Jack Brewer and others who worked to obtain, review and present this material.

    So now we know more than we ever wanted to about the miserable career of Stephen Beizer.

    It's extremely difficult for me to imagine Gene was anything other than informed enablers of Stephen Beizer's behavior. And what was he thinking having his son make an appeal for funds?!

    I am married to a woman who has two sisters. These sisters have husbands. Happily both husbands are decent men but were they not, I cannot imagine agreeing to have one sign his swindle-shell of a company over to me temporarily. I suspect the first order of business would instead be trying to talk my sister-in-law out of continuing in marriage to a con man, or at least encouraging she and her husband to find a way to make honest restitution.

    Numis Gems et al, Stephen Beizer... awful, reprehensible behavior from start to finish and I don't see how anyone can make excuses for the parts Gene Steinberg played in this. Yet knowing UFOlogy, some are certain to see their way past it. Gene whines about his 'miserable day-to-day existence' at the Extended Stay America. After viewing this I say good riddance and he should be grateful he can afford a motel room.

  11. All of your compliments and interest are appreciated. Thank you. The many who collectively contribute to this ongoing story value your appreciation of their efforts.

    1. Proving people don't mind contributing to a good cause.
      Thanks for setting up a worthy NO fund me campaign....

  12. p.s. "I was aware that Stephen did not live a squeaky clean life but not the specifics of any court records. I think most families would be generous even when imperfect family members were involved."

    Gene was certainly comfortable repeatedly smearing one of Stephen Beizer's victims vengeful, vindictive, and harassing. And claimed his family kept winning in court against her!

    1. I find it impossible that Gene gave his brother in law or anyone else a dime! More likely, Gene have money in the hopes of a big payout and to cash in. Gene’s the type who is always looking for the Big Hit, a windfall. Hence the reason Paranormal Davey was able to easily lure him in with the promise of a large payday. You also see in some of the other email exchanges how Gene operates, trying to swindle donations from hurricane victims and people’s inheritances. It’s the big score he’s after. Which begs the question. Does Gene have a gambling problem? He’s certainly got OCD. He lives near the casinos. He’s always broke. It doesn’t take a genius to see where the cash and your donations are going. $2,800 a month goes pretty quick at the poker table.

    2. Yeah the “old wench” was good for a long story line. Then came the “greedy landlords”, “faceless management company” , “the eager constable” and “corrupt movers”. It’s been one character after another in Gene’s 12 years of begging.

    3. Its hilarious the court records refer to her as the "victim", But Clan grifter paint her as the bad person in all this. Gene mentions her as an elderly woman with millions of dollars in the bank, as if that justify s stealing hundreds of thousands from her. That Bitch, how dare she object to having her money stolen she has plenty. Its the same self entitled arrogance that says how dare the property investor demand their rent, they own multiple rental property's, why should we give them rent. This is a criminal mindset, its the shoplifter who says its OK to steal because the store makes a profit.

  13. Now I'm having trouble believing Gene, Barb, and Teddy Bear have ever actually lived in a motel. Easier to believe after reading the above is that they are living in a condo owned by the estate of one of Beizer's many victims. They'll be tossed out as soon as the estate manager figures out what's going on, but there is no telling how long that might be.

    Seriously, this is some evil nasty crap. Beizer should have stayed in prison for eleven years, not eleven months. Gene should have been his cellmate for a few of those years. If I were Grayson, I'd be changing my name.

  14. This is just the tip of the iceberg. This is only the second of Gene’s narratives to unravel.

    1. He says he’s broke and on the verge of being homeless. FACT: We know from bankruptcy records he gets $2,800 in monthly income. Where is he spending all his money?

    2. He says he didn’t know anything about Stephen Biezer’s crimes. FACT: It’s been proven in Jack’s article here that Gene not only knew about Stephen’s crimes but participated in covering it up. He also went one step further and hid his relationship with Stephen and even promoted the criminal on his show.

    How many more lies are there Gene? Do we have to start going through every email you sent over the past 15 years?

    When will we see proof of these reasons we donated money to you:
    1. Barbara’s purse business.
    2. Your back problems.
    3. Your server hosting.
    4. Your utility bills being overdue.
    5. Your moving expenses.
    6. Your storage expense.
    7. Your medical copays.
    8. Barbara medical issues.
    9. Your medical issues.
    10. You being hacked multiple times. Where the police report on this one?
    11. Your Uber and Lyft driving record.
    12. That car accident you got into that totaled your vehicle.
    13. The multiple lawsuits.
    14. Your dental work.
    15. Your groceries which you say you never have.
    16. Your daily coffee run.
    17. You eating out all the time.
    18. Your slow internet.
    19. Teddy Bears dog food.

    The list goes on. You’ve used all of these excuses and more over 15 years to paint impending doom and pressure people into donating to you. All the meanwhile you drive fancy cars, live in a gated community, eat out every night, and tinker away in your forums reliving the glory days of the 60s.

    You are absolutely despicable and deserve every bit of misery coming your way. I hope each and every person who has donated to you files a police report so you can be held accountable for your crimes. A full investigation is surely already underway.

    You deserve to end up in prison, gingerly munching on saltines and bitching to your cellie on the top bunk about your pretzel back. A fitting end to a grifter, scammer, conman, and LOSER.

  15. Keep digging everyone. There’s more to uncover. Don’t stop. Gene Steinberg needs to be fully exposed. With your help, his life of stealing donations under false pretenses is over. The truth is out there.

  16. This rabbithole goes far deeper than I ever suspected, what an absolute shitshow. I had my doubts about the claims I kept hearing from Steinberg, but never knew it was this dirty and convoluted - had I known about all this at the time, the Paracast would never had happened with my involvement.

    Now folks can understand why I bailed out, and why Steinberg cut off my access to the Paracast forums immediately after I left. He's a deeply dishonest dirtbag.

    Thanks for digging all this up, Mr. Brewer. Kudos on your research chops.

    1. Thank you, sir. It's been a collective group effort, but thanks. The encouragement is appreciated.

    2. So good to hear from you David. For many of us you WERE the Paracast. Gene never brought any intelligent conversation to it. When you left it went to shit but I understand why you had to get out.

      Would be great to hear your side of the story in a podcast because Gene has been going round painting you as someone who has been spreading lies about him based on what he describes as an irrational hatred.

      Seems this is what he does when someone calls him out on his lies.

      Anyway all the best and hope things are going well for you.

    3. Thanks, Truthseeker. I tend to avoid the cesspool of UFOlogy these days.

    4. Yeah with that nutter Kal Korff stalking you I can see why you left UFOs. You’re one of the few sane people in the field.

    5. I understand David. I sure would LOVE to hear your side properly on a show, I heard you on Church of Mabus but I sure would love to hear the full story as well as your thoughts on this mess. I hope you’re living a good life with as little of those strange experiences you had in the past as possible.

      My takeaway from this is something I’ve been thinking for a long time. You have to wonder about these guys who are In UFOLOGY for decades despite never having an experience themselves. There are genuine guys like Don Ecker who have never had a paranormal experience themselves but the difference is that in Dons case, he threw his hands in the air and said “fuck it, you guys are all bullshit artists”.

      It always bothered me that Gene never had an experience yet seemed to revel in the filth of UFOLOGY. He contributed NOTHING. The only reason I follow this crap is because I want answers to experiences I had. If I had never had them, I wouldn’t be involved in any way whatsoever.

      You take care David, I loved your work.

    6. I miss David Biedny's 'Angry Human'.

  17. Fantastic work Jack

    I was struck by Grays cognitive dissonance when he says

    The matter has gone through several federal and state court actions, and my family has won every time. Yet this woman won't give up, and her actions have deprived my cousin of his disability insurance, and left his parents destitute.

    How could they have won every time and still wound up destitute ? Reading the courts verdict, they didn't win at all. they lost and were ordered to pay up. Yet Gray is somehow able to claim they were both the Victors, and the Victims. Thats crazy

  18. Thanks so much for putting the heists in perspective, Jack. It’s all very interesting and incriminating.

    Maybe I’ve lived longer than most of the responders here so I’ve seen Gene in a much darker way. I suspect he’s never lived in a motel. I suspect, though once bankrupt, he’s had resources we will never know about. I think this is a life long practice on his part, essentially the long con. He may be a sociopath for all we know as he appears to have no remorse for his victims and even scorns them. Sociopaths mimic concern for others, but when their actions don’t equate to their words, one can bet empathy is something a sociopath will never really understand.

    I tend to think of sociopaths as mutants, but I’m pretty sure the psychiatric community would view the lack of empathy in the direction of borderline personality disorder, an incurable disorder that destroys families and other beneficial relationships. But then I’m old. I’m less forgiving of crooks and certainly wary of aberrant behavior. If Gene will lie about needing money, he’ll probably lie about absolutely everything.

    I’m thrilled to see I’m probably on the right track. Blocked his emails years ago after figuring out his long game. Thanks Jack and all of you great investigators.

  19. So someone paid 58 bucks for an annual subscription. A days motel rent at best. he would need 365 of these to justify his claims the podcasts generate "income" that could be called a living wage. and thats just rent. He'd need more to pay for food and grocerys. This person at least thought they were getting something for the money. The idea he could pay his way with donations, ie money for nothing should be obvious as a fantasy and nothing more.

    1. He gets $2800 social security a month. More than many working people get. He could easily live off that.

  20. Graspers And Gaslighters

  21. I doubt Grayson wrote that email. It has Schemey’s tone all over it. Even some of the phrases are the same and lifted from previous emails. Cut and paste. Gene simply used Grayson as a foil to beg from another angle. Gene is rotten. He also ruined Grayson’s credit by using his name on his last lease Gene defaulted on. The Internet never forgets. Grayson is young and has another 50 years ahead but now whenever anyone googles his name he’ll be forever linked to this post and Gene’s scams. Even if he had nothing to do with it. But grifting seems to run in the family (uncle Stephen, Aunt Helene, Dad Gene and Mommy Barbara). Is it too much to assume that the rockoid doesn’t fall too far from the mothership?!!! I am willing to give Grayson Steinberg the benefit of the doubt. Would you?

  22. "Progress for the sake of progress must be discouraged. Let us preserve what must be preserved. Perfect what _can_ be perfected... and prune practices that ought to be... prohibited." Dolores Umbridge

  23. Thanks to Jack and his team for the extensive work they have put into this.

    If only we had more people like Jack in the community and less like Gene, we might have a chance of being taken seriously.

  24. Well it seems that Gene had to respond to this the only way he can, with a new set of lies and spin. According to Schemey he and his brother in law are all victims in all of this - despite what the courts and the actual victims may say, not to mention the public records:

    "Now they're going after my relatives!"


    After running out of ways to complain about me, a small group of online stalkers is now going after my relatives.

    So they are now attacking my late brother-in-law, Stephen, who got himself into a legal jam in the early 2000s. For several years, I tried to help him and his wife and seriously handicapped son by paying their living expenses, such as rent, utilities and food. When I ran out of money, I solicited donations to help them survive.

    Stephen promised to pay me back when he settled a legal case that he said held up payment of the proceeds of a large stock sale. When the case never seemed to settle, I helped Steven reestablish his former business, involving the sale of collectibles. By helping him to earn money, I hoped to get paid back faster.

    Unfortunately, the business, set up with several different names, didn’t do very well. In the final years of his life, Stephen began to exhibit what appeared to be mental deterioration. He died of pancreatic cancer in 2014. His family was left penniless, and his wife couldn’t even afford a funeral.

    Stephen didn’t live a squeaky clean life. The stalkers who looked up his public records have provided a lot of information about him that I didn’t know.

    But what sense does it make to spit on his grave? Will they go after my brother Wally next? He died in 1995.

    And how does Stephen’s tragic life affect me?

    Well, it means that all the money I gave him will never be paid back, which is how my own financial difficulties began some years back.

    Today, I’m living in a cheap motel and trying to save for an apartment and pay other bills.

    It’s a difficult juggling match.

    In the meantime, I’m working hard to boost ad sales for the two radio shows. A marketing expert is rebuilding The Paracast site and adding a terrific online store. It’ll debut soon. My side gigs, ride sharing, continue.

    For now it’s a day-to-day existence.

    Can you help me?"

    1. He's a lot like Douchetator™ - just spin the bullshit, double and triple down on the dishonesty, swim in lies and deny, deny, deny. And you gotta laugh at the "can you help me" finale - no, Gene, no one is going to help you dig your hole any deeper, you're doing just fine all by yourself.

    2. I'm starting to wonder if he is an all out sociopath. In the sociopath mind whatever they do to help themselves (no matter what the harm to others) is acceptable and justifiable.

      Gene always portrays himself and Stephen as the victims in all of this. Multiple times he described one old lady who lost nearly 200K to the scam as "a vengeful woman". Another victim was Gene's own elderly father in law who was for all intents and purposes incapacitated due to poor health.

      The fact that Gene keeps defending this is inconceivable to any normal person.

    3. Sigh.

      Gene, maybe you could have responded by apologizing to Stephen's victims - who you or your family defamed. Maybe you could respond by apologizing to those who donated to you after you stated that the expected settlement was real. Maybe you could have responded by taking stock about your current situation, the people you have taken advantage of, and the things you have said that have not been true.

      By "helping him reestablish us former business" you were also helping him evade his responsibility - to allow him to claim that his businesses were not his own. You should not want to be where Stephen was before his death, trying to pull off one last scam by offering people a proven financial opportunity and evading those he owed.

      But I am glad to hear that your ride sharing gigs continue. Along with social security, money from the shows, and a new online store I am sure you will be fine. There are people who really need my help. You are not one of them.

    4. David, when is The Angry Human coming back. We miss your show! It was great. Great perspective and always on point. You were the only reason I ever listened to the Paracast.

    5. David if you read through Jacks other great articles about Gene you’ll notice your name was mentioned many times in the comments section. There are 3 other Gene articles. Mostly positive feedback about you. A few bad comments. Make sure to click on “more comments” to load more at bottom. Just thought you should know.

      Not sure how closely you’ve been following all of this but these posts explain it all. Yes, the rabbit hole is deep and wide and twisted more than Gene’s pretzel back. Enjoy!

    6. I really hope someday he wishes he had just let this one go. Instead he doubles down as always, since he can't be wrong and loves to play the victim who just can't believe what his foolish critics are up to now. But this is serious stuff and his lies will not hold up to any scrutiny. Flippant dismissal of this criminal business, not even just his role in it but all of it as "a legal jam", even while he whines near daily about the conditions in the Extended Stay America he's turned into his home.

      My questions are will enough people pay attention, and will enough of those care? Apparently co-hosting the Paracast these days is worth associating with a guy who sides with a con man against his elderly victims - even when one victim was his own father-in-law. Appearing on the Paracast and enabling Gene seems worth it to some guests still, too.

      Please, can't awareness of this reach some critical mass that finally drags Scheme Gene down the drain he's been circling? Leave him to his fate in the little motel room he's so fond of; as Gene likes to say when finally trapped by his own bullshit, "Let's move on."

  25. A magnificent job! I don't see how he can keep up his scamming after this. Devastating.

  26. The silence of Christopher O’Brien is deafening. Biedny had the balls to call Gene out but Chris still suckles at Gene’s teat.

    1. Yep hes back posting at the head office of Cons inc today.
      The site is an Email scam mailing list collection center.
      Nothing more

    2. Helping Gene build and exploit his sucker list

      A sucker list is a list of people who have previously been successfully solicited for something.

      The major areas of sucker lists are solicitation of donations and fraud.

      Anyone providing content at the Paracast by posting, is contributing to the perpetuation of Genes scam

  27. GCN, Genesis Communications Network, do you support Gene Steinberg’s lies? Is this the type of host you want on your network? A proven scammer who uses your airwaves to find new suckers to con.

    Being on “the radio” gives Gene a lot of credibility which he uses to his advantage with his “marks”. GCN, you are supporting and enabling his schemes to continue.

    Being a host, Gene is representing your network and brand. Is this what you want to be known for? Being a front to the largest and longest running con in UFO history?!

    The choice is yours GCN. It’s up to you if you want to stay in bed with Gene but read this blog and realize exactly who you’re sleeping with.

    1. Oh, puhleeeze, they're the same place that broadcasts Alex Cokehead Jones, do you really think Steinberg is even on their radar?

    2. David, there is always hope. If GCN's advertisers pull-out, then Gene is sunk. I smell a boycott of Berkey water filters, Go To Meeting and Prepared Pantry foods.

    3. Pretty much have to agree with Biedny here. Honestly, if Gene wasn't scheming people, GCN may not even take him. He fits right in with those alt-right lunatics, and the persecution complex he gives them fits right in with their alt-truth reality.

    4. One need only listen to a round of adverts that GCN inserts to know they don't care about anything but money. I still have a hard time believing Gene signed up with that bunch of kooks. I do NOT believe that Gene gets nothing in exchange for those tumors being attached to his show except for distribution, as he claims at every opportunity. Basically, if he says something, it's a safe bet it's bullshit.

  28. I hope the son of a bitch ends up in prison. That's where he belongs.

    Thanks, Jack and crew. As disgusting and pathetic as all this is, I'm glad y'all uncovered it and put into such a coherent article. Nice work!

  29. And it's not all just about money. Gene cares nothing for all the human collateral damage. An elderly woman was slandered, and his wife's father was abandoned and stolen from. Grayson's college money was used, (did Gene persuade him to offer it because he was really hoping for a big payout?), Grayson's credit has been damaged, and Jaret was named in a lawsuit, tho he is mentally disabled and the charge was dropped. What the hell was Helene doing in allowing him to be named in the first place?

    Did Barbara ever help her dad when he was robbed and abandoned? Did she ever work a day in her life to help her own family, or did she just benefit from all the well-meaning people who donated to her family and herself and Gene? What does she do now? Anything? Anything at all?

    And Gene continues to do nothing to change his own situation. He continues with the radio show "jobs" and Uber and Lyft as "side gigs." So anyone who donates will just be throwing their money away. Again, more people the Steinberg's care nothing about.

    It's not only about money, it's about people.

    1. Barbara Steinberg played an active role in the scam and even turned on her own father who was a victim of Stephens. Read the documents Jack put together. The wild wacky eyed bitch needs to be in jail.

  30. Fan-F*CKING-tastic work, Jack, and all who worked on this research! Thank you for continuing to investigate Steinberg's claims.

    I can't wait till he attempts to post here to refute research.

    I've known he was a grifter for years, now we know he was straight up involved in criminal fraud. We also know he's not above using tragedies (Hurricane Harvey) to boost his own grifting at the expense of those in true need. Truly, an evil person.

    Schemey's email this morning was so mind numbingly ridiculous, it should be used in a masterclass of how to NOT reply to investigative reporting.

    No one should continue to donate to him, when even a cursory internet search brings up all of this information. He has created his own hell.


  31. Hats off to Jack and great work, everyone. This is an important UFO story. And it's about to make me sneeze -

    Ahhh...ahh..ah - Newton and GeBauer!

    (Seriously, GoldBugg?)

    Here I was taking Gene as your standard older, socially rigid, misogynistic, lacking- or uninterested-in-insight ufologist. But it turns out he's so much more than that! This story is an interesting crossover between UFO and true crime genres. Not just your standard Project Beta type psyop, not just your standard big store/long con. Maybe a kind of paranormal Theranos - the biotech startup that turned out to consist of a complicated mix of delusion, lies, fraud, secrets, deception and publicity.

    I'll be waiting for the book.

  32. I love how Gene tries to spin Chris O'Brien's disgruntlement with The Paracast. Gene really does live in an alternate reality. It's worth a listen to hear the ultimate grifter at work. Truth is twisted worse than a pretzel.

    1. And listen to how he re-paints everything else in glowing terms like a Horatio Alger story. Someone listening to the podcast who doesn't know Gene might even think the man is intelligent. This is how sleezeballs operate. They lure you in, then grab you by the rockoids and TWIST!

  33. Hey David, your ghost is haunting Alien Expanse. He's a real character. You have fans, even in the afterlife.

    1. You made such an impact on The Paracast and are well missed. A unique and needed voice in the UFO field. The show was never the same after you left. You can see how Gene has destroyed it. Both the show and his reputation. You tried to sound the alarms but no one was listening. Now, the whole world knows what a scammer Gene is. Don’t worry, we know you had no part of any of it. Gene conned you too! Wishing you the best of luck and hope Angry Human makes his return. Take care!!!

  34. This blog post has been shared in /UFOs on reddit, but doesn't seem to be getting a lot of interest:

    1. >This blog post has been shared in /UFOs on reddit, but doesn't seem to be getting a lot of interest:

      Everyone should go and upvote this. The more attention we can get on it the better for the whole community.

      Even if you don't have a Reddit account, it will only take you a few minutes to make one and you may actually find it useful for other things too.

      Help get the word out.

    2. Replace the courthouse photo (in the link) with Gene’s mugshot and that disgusting follicle rug he calls “hair”. They’ll have no choice but toupee attention.

    3. TruthSeeker, I think the subreddit has a few days for approval to post or do anything.

      Not to mention the fact that as soon as you click the link you have to deal with the alt-right the_donald cultists like liquidcoax in that subforum. Within a post of someone gifting him Reddit gold or whatever it is, he goes on a tangent about how the site he's posting on is horrible because rabble rabble censorship rabble rabble free speech.

      You would think these people would love Steinberg's ability to use persecution complex in everything he says, like their own hero.

  35. Don’t forget it’s not just the Paracast list Gene is scamming. He does it to the Tech Nite Owl list too. His guests on that show need to know too about Gene’s past. Keep spreading the word. The world needs to be protected from this financial predator. Grab your wallet, Schemey’s got itchy fingers.

    1. Beizer was incarcerated for 11 months, Gene had to know this. Gene was mentioned in the court documents.
      Yet in 2009 he had him on the show complete with advert.
      Genes reasoning being if he helped Stephen make money, he would get his back. He didn't care that he was exposing his listeners to someone he knew had form stealing ppls money. He didn't care if his listeners got conned, as long as he got his cut. Disgraceful behavior.

  36. I blame that Rockoids woman for all Gene’s troubles. She was a bad influence. The bitch needs to stay in her own dimension.

  37. Knowing Beizer was guilty of fraud, that he stole those lady's money. Gene went on to post the lie that they were being vindictive stalkers who were harassing Genes family.
    He still spouts the same lie today.
    When these "victims" as the court describes them sought to stop a thieving lying scammer, Gene cried haters and stalkers.
    Now he's the thieving lying scammer, and he cries the same BS.

    His dishonesty is laid bare beyond a shadow of a doubt in the court of public opinion.

    But he wont show any remorse or contrition, like all criminals its always someone else's fault.

  38. I still find myself wondering about that $44,000 personal loan that was in Gene Steinberg's personal bankruptcy filing. I wonder what kind of story that fellow would have to tell, but I find myself reluctant to approach him and ask him to tell it. Given everything else we've learned about Gene and his good friend Stephen Beizer, that loan has my swindle sense tingling.

    Also, two things jumped out at me in reviewing the files Jack posted here, and I'm not sure I've seen them mentioned.

    First is that Helene Beizer called one of the victims and tried to talk them out of cooperating with the investigation, saying it would derail the pending merger of the imaginary company she had stock in. Frankly I'm not sure why this didn't result in charges against Helene Beizer.

    Next is that Jaret Beizer is characterized as having a mentality at or below that of a five year old, yet we've seen him listed as an officer of some of these Beizer companies, and we know there was a judgment against him for Discover.

    These things have removed any sympathy I could have had for Helene Beizer. A person Gene seems to have tried to raise funds for. I guess pointing this out is just "going after Gene's relatives", eh? Because I want attention. The only attention I want should be focused on Gene and his miserable career of deceit.

    1. The case against the younger Beizer went from Discover to another company, one that I believe to be a collection agency, called C.A.C.H. Court records show that that case was "dismissed by the Plaintiffs."

      In other words, a collection agency walked away from an open lawsuit, one in which I'm fairly sure they were all but guaranteed judgment. I am not an attorney, but I do work in the legal field; I can tell you that in my experience, this does not happen. I infer then that they must have some very good reason to eat the debt that they bought; said reason, in my opinion, I do not have personal knowledge of this, is that the young Mr. Beizer is indeed disabled in some form or fashion, and that someone else who had access used his identification to engage in a line of credit.

      Other than that, there is no trace of a Jaret Beizer that I can find online. No Facebook, no email, no Twitter, nothing.

      The court documents, specifically the presentence report of Stephen Beizer, indicate that young Mr. Beizer (who is now in at least his 40s, something Gene NEVER mentions -- instead every time he mentions Jaret, it's "my brother-in-law's severely handicapped son") is indeed severely handicapped. From that, then, and the fact that the collection agency voluntarily dropped the case, I infer that Jaret, at least, is innocent in all of this.

      I'm not a lawyer, I'm not an investigator, take my opinion as it is, from an interested amateur; but two and two in this case seem to add to four.

    2. Hes also listed as

      Jaret Beizer
      Buying precious metal , jewelry & coins etc.

      So Yes i think its safe to infer he's been used by everybody in various scams. Uncle Gene has used him in his begging painting him as a "child" needing help/money. And someone else seems to have used his name to set up a company and line of credit. Money and greed, its an ugly thing isnt it ?

  39. So it has been clear for sometime, and repeatedly demonstrated that Steinberg uses the Paracast and Tech Night Owl platforms and their associated mailing (sucker) lists as tools/weapons to separate people from their hard-earned money; it is also clear that his nefarious behavior won't stop until he is prosecuted. Mr. Brewer kindly provided links for victims to file complaints, to the proper authorities in his article above. If you gave Steinberg money based on a solicitation, painted as a temporary, one time emergency–only to find out that this is a long-term (over a decade) pattern of behavior–then you are a victim.

    The simple, legal, definition for fraud is:

    “… wrongful or criminal deception intended to result in financial or personal gain.”

    You victims have the power to stop him once and for.

    Separately, I'd like to pose a question for those that have been following the Steinberg saga, and are sickened by it:

    Are guests that go on either one of Steinberg's shows, who know of his criminal behavior and how he perpetrates his crimes (via said shows)–are they in fact culpable in aiding and abetting this criminal?


    1. Yes. They are also GUILTY AS CHARGED. They’re supporting a known criminal.

  40. Gene keeps complaining he has to pay for the hotel and try to save money for an apartment. Poor baby!!! I guess Gene will have to cut back on lattes and eating out and live on his paltry guaranteed $2,800 a month in social security income. That’s more than most of us have to live on. Tighten your belt and make do. The world doesn’t owe you caviar and lobster especially when you have a McDonalds budget. Gene you are absolutely shameful. Grow some rockoids and go apply at Walmart. Or, are you too lazy and afraid to literally lift a finger?!

  41. Barbara must be a “real catch” to stay with this loser. She’s either dumb as dirt or as guilty as Gene is. Either way, I’d never buy a purse from her (though I doubt there were ever any in stock). Mrs Schemey come clean and fess up. You stole our donation money for your purse business and never started it. That’s not only immoral, it’s criminal!

    1. Here's something most don't know:

      Barbara doesn't work, and can't work, because she's not all together in the head.

      Gene - a progressive - spends his days trapped in a space with an obsessive-compulsive conservative Republican, she is addicted to Fox News, between that and her posting pictures of rescue dogs all day long on Facebook, her whole life plays out in a mental prison I don't envy. Remember, I once offered to buy them a coffee maker so he didn't have to go out for his coffee fix everyday, he turned me down cold, with the explanation that if that was in their kitchen, he would not be able to control her obsessive use of it, that she would be guzzling java without any sense of control, from dawn to dusk. Ever wonder why they needed "help" packing their meager possessions? Anyone notice how Gene complained that the motel didn't do daily cleaning passes? She's two sheets to the wind, she can't boil water, much less hold down a job or even clean a bathroom once in a while. And I'll tell you what - it's pretty clear that her sister is cut from the same cloth, another useless consumer lump of flesh who hasn't worked a day in her miserable life. A purse business? Please, at best, Gene would have ordered cheap Chinese merch that they would have posted on eBay with his help (in other words, he'd do all the work). It was never a serious consideration - which is why that story branch didn't last very long.

      I once had a conference call with Barbara and Gene, we spoke at some length, and it was clear to me that she's not mentally well. If you have a chance to see a picture of her, it'll all become clear. She must have been a very attractive woman at some point, now, she's trying a bit too hard to hold into any semblance of her looks. I'm not trying to be petty here, I genuinely feel a sense of pity for her, the Steinberg home is not a pleasant place to be - which is why Grayson has made sure to be as geographically far as possible from this absolute car crash. I would guess he has little idea of how his father has used his name and credit, Gene has shown zero loyalty to anyone but himself. He is rather obviously lying about what he knew about his BIL and when he knew it, that's right out in the open now, but he simply puts his head in the sand and pukes into his own mouth.

      From my vantage point, I'm furious that Gene has now totally trashed any constructive, positive work we did in those first four years, he's flushing the whole thing down the drain. As soon as I was out of the picture, him and my replacement starting attacking my anomalous experiences, calling my honesty and veracity into question, and you know why? It generated controversy, and more eyeballs, which is all Steinberg ever cared about. The show was never anything more than a way to sell advertising, he never read a single book we were sent, never helped prep for an interview, in fact, most of the time he wasn't talking about Keyhoe, pop culture or his "glory" days, he had his microphone turned off while furiously typing shit in the background, largely ignoring the interview I was conducting, interrupting and interjecting for the lame commercial breaks. I constantly asked him about what money he was collecting, he simply changed the subject or claimed poverty, and because I never did the show for financial gain anyway, I simply let it go on for those four years, I had my own reasons for being there, which should be obvious to anyone who has ever listened to those episodes. I was trying to apply logic and reason to the discussion of the anomalous, and look at what it got me. NOTHING. For trashing me and the show I founded, I will never, ever forgive him, he turned on me and fucked me hard, as far as I am concerned, he can get fucked right into the cold ground. I hope he ends up on the street, that POS, he deserves everything coming his way.

    2. Oh, and those "hacking" episodes he claimed happened out of the blue? Barbara got onto their computer when he wasn't looking, and entered their banking information into phishing email schemes, that's how they were "scammed". Another round of bullshit from Steinberg.

    3. David,

      I think most of us have come to realise that the Paracast went downhill after you left.

      The Paracast or Parasite Cast as an astute observer on the AE forum called it, is complete trash now.

      It was pretty clear that Gene really brought nothing to it and without your influence he has filled it with so many ads that it has become impossible to have any kind of coherent conversation about anything. - That would be important if the subjects were anything interesting in the first place which they are not:

      Basically it has become a repetitive feedback loop of the same handful of historical cases that Gene and his close friends love to talk about. Even the guests are mainly a handful of regularly recycled people.

      I find it very hard to believe that anyone still listens to it.

      All in all it is a sad end to a once great show.

      The forums are basically restricted to posts by hand selected yes men and anyone who disagrees with Gene or asks uncomfortable questions is immediately banned. A crackpot dictator would be proud of the efficiency with which this is done and the relish Gene seems to derive from it.

      As for Chris I don't think he is a bad guy. I wouldn't be surprised if Gene badmouthed you to him and convinced him that you were some kind of kook.

      Anybody who actually listened to the show knew that was garbage. It seems to me that Chris was very easily manipulated by Gene and that was really his undoing.

      He did eventually get some balls and leave but it took far too long for him to come to his senses. Like I said I don't think he is a bad guy but he exercised poor judgement when it came to Gene.

      I do hope you return with a Podcast eventually - the sooner the better for me. Your personal stories and accounts, as well as healthy skepticism is what really got me into the show.

      It is sad that the rare perspective of someone who is both an experiencer and a true skeptic is no longer being heard.

      I speak as someone who is highly skeptical (but in an open minded way) myself. Anyway I can also understand why you might never want to return. We all have to live in the world and the paranormal field as a whole is still mired in stigma due to a combination of bad actors and the collective ridicule factor that persists in society.

      I would also like to invite you to join the Alien Expanse forums it is a great place for discussions.

      (They also have a thread on this subject:

      All the best,


    4. David you’ve confirmed what we all suspected about Mrs Schemey. Barbara is a total basket-case and out of her gourd. She probably needs professional mental help. I say that out of her own concern. Obviously there is something wrong there. And to think Gene used her anal prolapsed condition as one of his storylines to scam money. It’s despicable. I hope she divorces this loser and gets the help she needs.

      As for Gene, I don’t know how well you two knew each other before the show started, but I am sure that if you knew that Gene was a scammer you wouldn’t have hosted with him. David, you were the only real reason why people listened to the show. That’s what made it unique and a breathe of fresh air! You have more integrity in your pinkie than Gene has in his whole body, including that ridiculous wig he wears. That thing is just plain nasty!!!

      David It’s been about 10 years since you left but you made an impact. I hope you can at least look back fondly that you made a difference in the UFO field and that people respected your opinion. You genuinely cared. You are everything Gene is not and will never be—which is a true professional and a joy to listen to!

      We can only hope the Angry Human someday makes his triumphant return. Best of luck in your future endeavors.

    5. Wow, well... that picture of the Steinberg household is almost enough to make me feel bad for Gene, but only almost.

      I will say though it could account for at least part of his unwillingness to get a regular job. Sounds like his wife can't be left unsupervised.

      I have the idea Gene is not so mentally well himself but I do not know. Certainly the non-stop begging has a whiff of the compulsive about it, and I've seen others claim Gene has OCD but, not sure what they based that on.

    6. Barbara Steinberg


      Mesa, Arizona
      Apparel & Fashion

      Indeed you are correct, a picture (see link above) paints a thousand words.

    7. Great post and insight.

      There's some sort of irony to all of this, that for years I remember the show being a sort of UFO Watchdog type group that would sort out the guys like Ed Dames and Sean David Morton. And really, in the end, Gene was one of them all along.

      I agree a lot of the field is trash, but hopefully you don't throw the baby out with the bath water. With the AATIP story coming to light, and people like George Knapp, Leslie Kean, and Jeremy Corbell doing a lot of good research on these things - now is the most promising time I can remember.

      The more in the field that are exposed for being fraudulent, the stronger it becomes, in my opinion.

  42. I enjoyed the hell out of your shows, David. I left the Paracast behind shortly after you left, but not before I started receiving Gene’s pleas for money. Thank God he gave me the option to unsubscribe.

    But you were a very good interviewer throughout the madhouse Gene created. Your exploration of some of your experiences helped me put mine into a new perspective so I’m thankful. For those of us to whom the show meant something because of your involvement, feel good. Those four years were fascinating because you shaped it.

    I checked in again sometime afterward and found the content on the board ridiculously childish and shallow. Gene got what he gave, nothing of value. But I have great memories of your sharing and that enough for me.

  43. Wow, David, thank you. You've explained a lot. I remember you sharing some of your incredible and frightening experiences with us. You certainly deserved far more consideration and respect than you ever got. To this day I recall a very frightening encounter you had and witnessed with a friend. Extremely disturbing and terrifying.

    I sort of feel badly now that I have asked Gene why Barbara doesn't contribute to the household. I had no idea. Although, a couple of times he said that he and she may need to go their separate ways; but for her that sounds impossible. And Grayson needs to keep his own life intact or it will be utterly destroyed. I'm glad he escaped.

    Thank you for breaking your silence. You've shed a lot of light. I sincerely wish you the best. Thank you again.

  44. David Biedny had the balls to speak out against Gene scams. What say you, Christopher O’Brien? Or, are you too scared to go against the omnipotent and powerful great Gene Steinberg?!

  45. David, I sense you’re holding back. You don’t have to be polite. Tell us what you really think.

  46. David Biedny is on Alien Expanse now!

    1. Actually, I just requested the removal of my account there.

    2. Wait until David spills more tea and tells everyone the rest of the story. Call the weatherman because they gonna be sum serious shade being thrown. This is a plot twist even Scheme Gene could never see coming!

    3. David don’t go. We need your voice of reason now more than ever. The world is more interesting and enlightening with an Angry Human.

    4. I didnt think you'd last long. Given the site owner posts about his ability to astral travel to other worlds and communicate with non terrestrial entity's.

      Another Crystal waving psychic

      I use specially charged gemstones throughout my home, with special combinations for certain applications...In particular I have a unique 5 inch sphere containing special properties that have been conditioned to it for years, it's used to amplify protection from undesired entities or energies from a certain source...

      It's very effective and I have a wide variety of gemstones, some of which are tuned for particular work,,,

      I figured David would find such a place intellectually intolerable

  47. Does anybody know which Paracast episode it was where David talked about his experience with something that took the form of a woman with a purse or handbag? Sorry to be off-topic but I don't know where else to ask. I looked at a Paracast Archive page and there is no description that would tell me which episode it is.

    1. Look for the one with Bill Vellekoop... here:

    2. That's my favourite episode and also the one where David described the weird carnival music on the phone that made him ill when a woman was asking for help - that one creeped me out for weeks.

    3. Good lord! I heard woman and purse and immediately pictured that horror Barbara all wild eyed and caffeined up coming at you. Now that’s scary!!!!!

    4. Thank you so much, Mr. Biedny!

    5. TruthSeeker, I had forgotten that one! Now of course I'll try to find that episode if I can, but the Paracast Archives aren't terribly descriptive and I don't know the name of the guest it would be listed under. But that one creeped me out, too. The woman and her handbag is the one I remember most, but I want to hear that other one again, too! I listened to the handbag lady last night and it gave me goosebumps...

  48. Gene:
    I sent a copy of this to all network bosses. I will monitor your dead forums
    for names of Guest.
    they also will get a copy! your done Gene. It is over!

  49. To David Biedny:

    Seriously, what do you think the end game to all of this is? Gene just bumbles along month after month, year after year, sending begging emails until the day either he or his wife gets gravely ill and/or passes - then the site and podcast go abandoned completely?

    Or maybe does Gene have an epiphany and turn it around at least to the point of stability with some honest effort? Or maybe just sell off The Paracast site rights to someone and call it a day?

    I honestly don't know where this is headed.

    1. My opinion is that Gene will continue as he always has until he is incapacitated by age or other events. Then if he can make a few bucks selling the show (but now the Paracast isn't even the tin of ufo research, much less the gold standard). If his show is dropped from the "Crackpots R Us" radio network, then he might face some problems. If the money stops coming in, I think he would drop it immediately. It is merely a means to an end.

    2. OCD has no endgame, it ends when he does.

    3. Gene is either an alcoholic, addicted to opiod pain killers, or a gambler. Or all three?! Where the Hell is all his money going? He gets $2,800 month guaranteed income. That’s plenty to live on when the average rents are $800 or less. My guess is that he’s blowing it at the casino hoping for a big win. He’s lazy like that. Always going for the bid score. Dangling the carrot that the next pull of the slot machine is when he’ll hit it big and never have to work again. That’s Gene’s mentality. The world owes him free money.

    4. You didn't ask me I realize, but...

      As I've said before, I believe Gene will keep sending his emails so long as he is able to send email. If he still has a cell phone and McDonald's still have wifi, expect to be asked to help him get past this nightmare and get his life back.

      As for endgame, I forecast that his overall financial situation can only get worse. Consider:

      - So far as I know he and his wife can't expect anything more than maybe cost of living increases in Social Security payments.

      - His take from begging almost certainly has gone down, and I imagine will continue to do so.

      - If he really is driving for Lyft and / or Uber I would expect he'll have to put in less time there as he continues to age. (Personally I doubt he is doing much driving for them anyway.)

      - I suspect revenue through his podcasts is in decline, and will continue to decline. What happens when his current laptop fails?

      He still has the hope a well heeled sucker will give or "loan" him a big lump of cash but apart from that glimmer, it seems to me a pretty grim picture. I can't think his rental prospects look good either, given his history of evictions. He should have tried harder not to fuck up his deal with that last apartment he managed to get into. But maybe he couldn't help himself.

      I take no pleasure from this sorry picture. Senior citizens do not have it easy in the United States and the Steinbergs seem to chosen a path that has left them with little hope for help from friends, family or any other community apart from Gene's audience. So Gene can try (and try and try) to appeal to the sympathy of that audience, as he has now for many years. As others have said, Gene's podcasts do give him resources many others in their 70s could only envy. Of course we'll never hear any gratitude or word of his comparative fortune out of Gene, just more moaning and dramatic appeals. But if he thinks he has it hard now, just wait.

    5. Hmmm good thoughts on gambling, it would fit the overall picture one gets of Gene's mentality. He seems the type to think himself smart enough to profit from gambling, too.

  50. David has made a statement that pretty much said it all. There really isn't more for him to say unless he wishes to just document examples of Gene's greed. But I doubt that David wishes to continue in this vein. I treasure the PARACAST episodes with David and have them all safely downloaded. Now the PARACAST seems to be a "good old boy" or "the old farts" program as Gene and someone cruising toward the cemetery nostalgically discuss people and events no one in 2018 cares about (by the way, I am 66 so I am no impudent punk debasing the elderly. I just don't think you can sustain a successful podcast by talking about events that were obscure when they occurred in the 50's and 60's). The other guests have been extremely obscure people innocent and far removed from the Gene Scandal. Perhaps someday David will do a podcast of his own creation. I don't think I can take an hour of angry ranting (Angry Human) but perhaps something honest that does not make me want to drive my fist through a wall (Damn Republicans!). LOL

  51. On January 29th, 2010 Gene Steinberg wrote:

    "... I am returning once again to my extended family, you readers and listeners who have followed me loyally all these years, in the hope that you can help provide donations and even loans to keep us afloat. Understand that our prospects for the future remain solid.

    Today (August 19th, 2018) he wrote:

    As I’ve said before, there is good news on the horizon. ... In the meantime, I’m trying hard to get past this nightmare.

  52. I’m sure David has more stories of Gene to share but he’s being polite.

  53. The Paracast Radio Mythos

    There seems to be a belief (propagated, initially by Steinberg himself and ignorantly repeated by others) that the Paracast has a large listening audience. Very recently Steinberg commented (bragged) about the Paracast being carried by 31 AM/FM affiliates. Although anything coming out of Steinberg’s mouth is questionable, the latter is in fact true, via the GCN network.

    However, what are the facts behind these numbers?

    First, let me state the obvious—if the Paracast and or The Tech Night Owl had a large audience of any kind, radio, web-site or otherwise, Steinberg wouldn’t be getting evicted every few months; his claimed income from self-employment, as seen via bankruptcy court documents would be ample and O’Brien could have been paid a decent wage or a shared profit from the show. This is not to say he (Steinberg) wouldn’t be doing the con, as this has gone on in good times and bad, and he simply views it as part of his (albeit ill-gotten) income.

    As to the 31 affiliates:

    Important to note that the recorded Paracast show airs via GCN on Sundays, between 3:00am and 6:00am (CST)—that, by itself should give readers and idea of audience size with only 31 stations (in contrast, to say C2C, which is heard on over 600 stations nightly). Fourteen of the stations delay the show to other times; however, the majority are still late night or early morning.

    Audience size is dependent on several factors, e.g., air time (the time the show airs); the population of the area or city that a station is broadcasting and the reach of said station indicated by broadcasting power measured in watts. Nominal power for AM stations in the U.S. for example, is 50,000 (50 kw) watts during the day. Most AM stations, per FCC rules are required to lower their output at night, to a fraction of their daytime output.

    With that in mind, according to GCN, out of the 31 stations that carry the Paracast:

    Only six are at or over 10,000 DAY TIME watts (3 AM and 3 FM).

    Nineteen stations are at or under 1000 watts.

    • Out of those, eleven are at or below 500 watts.

    The populations vary for the cities listed in where the show is broadcast, many are unfamiliar (thinking of Timbuktu); however, taking one that is recognizable, i.e., Lubbock, Texas, it’s population is over 200k (in contrast to the very low average, probably the largest market in the group); however, the broadcast power for that affiliate, KRFE (at night) is only 290 watts. Although Nielson and formally Arbitron are/were the go to entities for detailed ratings, metrics and demographics—overnight audiences are so minuscule—they aren’t even gauged. Again, radio stations charge for ad spots based on the demographics of their respective markets, and the authority that does the analysis for this—doesn’t bother with overnight radio.

    Now, this ain’t rocket science, and most people reading this can imagine the size of an audience for a show being aired on a station broadcasting at 290 watts at 3:00 in the morning. (A few insomniacs and a cat maybe).

    Conversely, other affiliates, like KBDB, cater to population of only 3,783; this includes people and children of all ages, and of course that minuscule number doesn’t matter as the very high majority of these folks are asleep, like most everyone else at 3:00am in the morning.

    -continued below-

  54. -continued from above-

    Finally, a large audience is much like a large rock tossed into a pond—it creates ripples. A large audience via GCN or anywhere for that matter would be evidenced by the other platforms Steinberg has. If one visits the GCN forum for his show, you’ll find that THE ONLY commenter there is Steinberg himself. And as an example, the views for said posts this month (August) total 99 and for July, it was 409.

    If one inspects the Paracast Forum, again you’ll see that the majority of activity is by Steinberg himself (sock puppets haven’t been looked into). Inspecting the Paracast YouTube Channel, views of the archived shows average in the low hundreds. The Paracast Twitter account which has been active for ten years has only 3572 followers.

    So the notion that The Paracast has a sizable audience of any kind is demonstrably false by any measure.

  55. Gene is rapidly becoming a parody of himself. One week he needs $400. The next week he needs over twice that, without a change in circumstances. One day, he is saving for a new apartment, working for Uber or Lyft, and his cash flow is improving. A few days later he has 82 cents in his pay pal account and asking for a meal.

    I have been thinking of credibility lately.

    I had a friend who died a couple of years ago. He had a certain recognition in ufo circles but was definitely part of the fringe. Even some in the fringe had a hard time with him. Many of his stories challenged my world view. I put many of his experiences in the "I don't have to believe or disbelieve it" category - high strangeness, somewhat like Mr. Simonton and the pancakes. Most people would lean towards disbelief. Gene undoubtedly would have dismissed him as being delusional at best, as some others have done.

    But at one point I loaned my friend a sizable amount. Nothing like the $44,000 personal loan that Gene got discharged through bankruptcy, yet sizable enough so that it was borderline according to my basic rule (never give a loan to family or friends that you are not willing to write off without it interfering with the relationship). Although I did not really expect to be paid back, a year later I was. Just as when we met for lunch or dinner, he always sincerely offered to pay even if money was tight for him. And if my friend sometimes got into trouble it was usually because he tried to help the wrong person who took advantage of him - not the other way around.

    When I think of my friend, I compare him with Gene. Gene might have a better appearance and has prided himself in asking hard questions of others. Yet, his history shows a different character and a different credibility than he might want people to accept.

    My friend was totally honest in every dealing I had with him over the years. If I use that to measure what he told me, there is no question in my mind about who I believe. That does not mean that I agree with the conclusions my friend drew. High strangeness is high strangeness because it is strange. But it does mean that I retell some of my friend's stories, believe in his honesty, and miss him.

    Gene has squandered that kind of legacy. It's sad.


  56. Gene’s latest email says he has no money to buy food. And he even conned a restaurant out of a meal!!!! He didn’t pay for it. How much lower can this asswipe grifter sink? Stealing from a takeout place. This is deplorable. If you appear on The Paracast you are as guilty as Gene. You’re a scammer too because you support his methods. There is no separating “Gene” from “The Paracast Gene”. This is his lifestyle. He’s a thief. If you support Gene then you’re a thief. I hope Groggs and J Randall Murphy and Tim Beckley know their reputation is now DIRT, courtesy of Gene.

    1. I would agree that ufology insiders should know about Gene and stay away from his show. But some, like Nick Redfern, live off of their books and need the constant publicity. Recently, the guests have been quite obscure people who are not affiliated in any direct way with ufology or the paranormal "community". I doubt such people have a clue what Gene has been up to. This was the case with Ryan Sprague. I shared with him the urls for the Jack Brewer Trails blogs. He read them and told me that he would never appear again on the Paracast. Gene had convinced him to give free copies of Ryan's book to new subscribers. Ryan cancelled that agreement. So sometimes people just don't know. They have busy lives and don't spend all day surfing the internet.

  57. And it was theft. We know he has cash set aside for the next apartment. He could have paid, He had the money.
    So he defrauded the restaurant of money. Would the restaurant have given him free food had they known he had hundreds of dollars set aside in another account ? No, of course not. He lied and cheated them out of the cost of the food.

    But i bet it tasted great, it always tastes better if you get it free.

    When you look at all his begging letters recently hes also lying about not being able to pay the motel. He can . he has cash set aside. What hes really asking for is money to fund his next move and security deposit. To fix a problem of his own making and one that was clearly avoidable (it would have been cheaper than a motel to have simply paid the rent) And if you do pay for his next apartment and move, he will squander that again by defaulting on the rent and getting evicted yet again like he has so many times before.

  58. Here’s a hint. If one were to venture to Casino Arizona around lunchtime, you’d find a familiar pair of guests. Look for the woman with fiery red hair and the slouched over man with the ratty toupee. They love the slot machines, especially poker, and the overflowing buffet. It’s in Scottsdale Arizona and I think you know you lives in the area. It’s worth a visit.

  59. At this point it’s pathological. Gene gets a sexual boner from all this attention. He’s clearly revealing in the publicity whether it’s good or bad. He has more people now talking about his scams than he has listeners to The Paracast. He loves it all!!! Poor insignificant Gene has finally found his audience in the pool of outraged people. Congratulations Gene, your legacy remains.

    1. Poor Mrs. Schemey!!!! Heaven forbid just the thought of know!?!!!

    2. I hope our donation money didn’t go to those little “blue pills”.

  60. So about that casino/gambling comment: I don't remember exactly where I saw them - probably Facebook, some number of years ago - but I had seen pictures of Gene, Barbara, Grayson and Helene walking around a casino, all looking happy. To the anon person who brought up the casino comment, is this something you personally witnessed? Might actually help clear a lot of the mystery up.

    1. Major Dames remote viewed it.

    2. Maybe someone can track down this photo.

  61. Looks like Nigel Watson backed out of ATP After The Paracast. And fallback goofball and gauche Tim Beckley to the rescue!!’

    Nigel Watson I hope you came to your senses and gave up on Gene’s scams. Don’t ruin your reputation over Gene. He’s talentless, toothless and tacky. A triple threat!

  62. Gene says he can’t drive anymore and lost his car registration due to non payment. I guess he should have used some of his apartment money he was saving up to pay it. You know PRIORITIES!!! Nope. Gene expects YOU to foot the bill. And because YOU didn’t Gene is in trouble. Its YOUR fault that Gene is a complete failure. How dare you!!!! Oh the inhumanity of it all.

  63. Gene, you’re addicted to gambling and grift. The one-armed bandit is robbing you of more than just money. Get help. You’ve destroyed your family, your friends and your reputation. Life is short. You won’t be here in a few years. Is this how you want to be remembered? Help is available if you are willing to admit you have a problem and seek assistance. Repent for what you’ve done and make amends. The first step in your recovery is to swallow your pride. May the Lord have mercy on you and show you the way to salvation. Even you can change because Jesus works in mysterious ways to those who believe.

  64. Do the math. Gene gets $2,800 a month in income from social security. His hotel is about $50 day that’s $1,500 month. That leaves $1,300 month in extra income for food and car. He has not utility or other bills. He spends some money on streaming. Where is all the cash going? Plus he gets income from ads, google, your donations etc. That money isn’t even counted in the $2,800. Who’s the sucker? We are.

    Gene you’re going to have to sacrifice. No more eating out. No more expensive cars. No more luxury streaming services. Life has to change. You need to live within your means like everyone else. You are luckier than most of us yet squander your good fortune.

    You can’t lie to us anymore. We did the numbers and your stories just don’t plain add up!

  65. I would pay serious money for a photo of the Scam Clan (Gene, Babs, Grayson and Helene) at Casino Arizona. It’s sad to think our donation money went for them to stuff their pie holes at the endless buffet. Despicable. Crying poverty yet gambling the night away on our dime. The buck stops here Schemey and company.

    1. That would be priceless! Keep digging everyone. The money shot is out there.

    2. Did you save copies? Looks like he deleted them.

    3. Sorry, this content isn't available right now
      The link you followed may have expired, or the page may only be visible to an audience you're not in. Can you repost them on twitter ?

    4. Photos are gone now. Gene deleted the evidence of him gambling our donation money at the casino.

  66. And...he STILL thinks that the Paracast is the answer to all his problems. He continues to do nothing different. No decent job; just his shows and driving. I can't see him making much from the new store. How many tee shirts does someone need? How many water bottles? How many mugs? And that is only if people actually decide to purchase stuff from a mediocre show. Sure, it's decent from time to time, but overall the quality has gone so far downhill that I wonder if it isn't actually swirling the drain.

    He sits back and expects the show to make him rich. I don't see that happening. He pins too many hopes on that podcast instead of looking for real gainful employment. So yet again he is doing nothing different to change his circumstances. Any donation will be totally wasted.

    His wife must have been a productive citizen at some point in her life. It sounds like now she needs serious help. Her remaining utterly dependent on others does not bode well for her. There will come a time where she may be without Gene, so hopefully there is some sort of back-up plan for her. If not, there is no good ending for her story. Crashing in on her son and ruining his life should not be her end game, and if her sister Helene won't help her, she will be royally screwed. Not good.

    And then there's Gene. If he decides that he will never "be good and ready" to go to a nursing home, then his story will not end well, either. At all.

  67. Exactly, he has the cash to pay the motel, the takeaway food bill, the car registration. Its sitting in another account.
    But in his mind he gets lets sympathy for the need to save for a deposit on a new apartment than he does, impending eviction, empty bellys, or walking ten miles barefoot in the blistering heat to the nearest bus stop.

    So when you think about it hes actually asking for money to save for a new apartment, nothing more. He has enough income to pay for the other stuff.

    But if you help him save for a new apartment, you will be a party to what happens next. Serial squatter Gene will default on the rent costing some landlord thousands in lost rental income and court costs. Many of these landlords are retirees who have sacrificed eating out and other luxury's to save for a second property to provide some income in retirement. Gene has no problem ripping them off over and over and over again.
    A mean deed doubly so because the state would pay for his accommodation in an aged care facility as he has mentioned he could do many times

    1. I heard someone called the exterminator on Gene’s wig. It almost bit them.

    2. "the state would pay for his accommodation in an aged care facility as he has mentioned he could do many times"

      People have suggested that to Gene as an option, but it is quite limited. You must be screened and approved for such care. The state makes clear that it is there to provide for medical needs rather than housing or custodial care. Time limits and copayments might also apply.

      There are programs that offer subsidized low income senior housing. Although it's never too late to start the process, Gene should have put himself on waiting lists a long time ago. In the meantime the senior centers provide meals for free or a small contribution (no one is refused if they are unwilling or unable to pay) and there are agencies and nonprofit groups that might provide further assistance.

      None of this, however, would create the kind of drama - the embarrassing moment in the restaurant that Gene wrote about or the crisis of not being able to obtain food - that provides material for his emails.

  68. It would be a shame if everyone went to the Paracast website and clicked on all the Google ads dozens of times and Gene got demonetized because of too many suspicious clicks. That would be just awful if people were to do that. How could Gene continue to perpetuate his fraud and survive without his Google ads?! They came for Alex Jones. Will poor Gene Steinberg be next?! He might actually have to send out a resume and get a real 9 to 5 job...something he’s never had to do in 40 years. Oh the horrors of being an “ADULT” with bills to pay. I wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy. A JOB!!!! It’s just too much to bare. It would certainly be a shame if those Google ads got too many clicks and Google shut them down. A shame indeed. I hope for Gene’s sake it never happens. Don’t you?!

  69. Who do we call at GCN to report Gene’s illegal scamming activity?

  70. The scammer needs to be removed from Facebook, Youtube and Twitter and de-platformed. He is using these channels to perpetuate his fraud and stealing donations under false stories. Everyone keep reporting him. The Internet deserves to be scheme-free. Make Gene get a real job and see what the rest of us have to suffer on a 9 to 5 daily basis. Why is Gene so special?

  71. Gene, admit you have a gambling problem. That’s where all our donations went. Get help. Make amends. Life is short.

    1. There are photos of him at the casino but he deleted them.

  72. Gene’s birthday is coming up, September 9, 1945. He’ll be 73 years old and this is his legacy he leaves of fraud and deceit. Should we send him a cake?

  73. Here’s Gene at the Casino all the meanwhile begging for money. YOUR MONEY!!! Download it now before it’s gone!

    Thank you to our mole on the inside, from earlier in these comments.

    1. Looks like the incriminating photos were deleted. I hope someone saved them. It was proof that Gene has been gambling our donation money away. Greedy. Always looking for that big hit. He’s an addict. This is where all the money is going. Right down the slot machines.

    2. Please post these on the Alien Expanse forum as photos as I suspect many of us have Gene blocked on FB so can't see them.

      I think it is useful to gather evidence of him gambling while begging for donations. The more there is the better and it also means there is a repository in case he starts deleting them.

    3. Interesting. I can't / couldn't see the images, but if shots of Gene and co. in casinos are out there, and Gene is trying to hide them, that only makes it seem more likely that he has a gambling problem.

      A gambling problem would fit with what we know of Gene, and would explain where all the money has gone. Might explain all those loans in his bankruptcy filing, for example.

      Of course, I've been in casinos, and I do not like to gamble. Pictures of Clan Schemey in casinos don't prove it's a habitual thing.

    4. When a person is claiming destitution and homelessness and can’t supposedly feed themselves, then even 1’nightbat the casino is too much. Gene has done nothing to change his financial situation. If he can’t live on $2,700 in fixed income then he has a problem managing money. Where are all the donations going?!

  74. Gene says he can’t get an apartment because he’s stuck in the hotel because he can’t earn money because he can’t drive for Uber or Lyft because he can’t renew his Arizona car registration because he can’t earn money. It’s a mental circle jerk.

    All the meanwhile, we know he gets $2,800 in social security income a month plus has a slush fund with money saved up.

    Gene lies and makes up stories for sympathy to dupe people, and cries poverty. Yet has a steady income and side money from ads and Paracast subscriptions.

    Do the math. Gene thinks his shit doesn’t stink and wants you to say it’s roses. He simply doesn’t want to live within his means.

    As Austin Powers once said: “I’d like a golden shitter to sit on, but it’s not in the cards, baby!”

    Gene, it’s not in the cards. Know when to fold em.

  75. Even the hotel staff can’t deal with Gene. He reeks of self-entitlement and excessive hubris. It was so bad a hotel guest heard his name and googled him and stumbled upon Gene’s online antics. And the whole sad story of Schemey exploded...

  76. I know people who once were paracast plus subscribers and prior to that occasional donators. One former moderator was donating the equivalent of two Paracast plus subscriptions a year.

    None of them have ANY sympathy for him now thanks to blogs like this and SchemeGeneRC.

    They are no longer on the sucker list. So the Griftbergs need to find fresh suckers to rob. Keep creating disposable accounts at his sites, and keep using his own PM system to warn new signups not to give them money. Send them links to the evidence like this blog and SchemegeneRC on twitter so they can be inoculated against this viral begging disease.

    Information, the truth is the vaccine, Lets eradicate this malady once and for all.

  77. Hey Gene there is a magic solution to all your’s called a JOB! It solves everything.

    You sent 2 begging fraudulent emails today. You are a pathetic LOSER. I hope you spend your final days huddling under a bridge with Babs, licking your lips with sweet regret. Your arrogance sealed your fate.

    You stole hundreds of thousands of dollars from people over 15+ years and you still won’t change.

    The only thing the world owes you is to forget you ever existed. You won’t even be a memory once you turn into worm food. Even dirt is too good for you. You are absolutely pathetic.

  78. Gene I hope you spend your last days staring at that wall of that fleabag hotel room you’re in.

    You abused the trust of your listeners. We helped you out of the kindness of our hearts and you STOLE money from everyone.

    You lived large at our expense. You drove expensive cars. You moved into a luxury gated community. You ate out every night on our dime. You went and got Starbucks coffee every day. You bought new computers and other tech gadgets. You had your groceries delivered. You gambled OUR money away at Casino Arizona. You shilled for your convict brother in law and tried to dupe your listeners into his scheme. You stiffed 3 landlords out of their rent money. You ruined your sons credit by using his name to get a lease. You bitched and moaned about your cohosts who built the Paracast for you.

    All the meanwhile crying poverty and homelessness all the PayPal money rolled in.

    You robbed all of us and you deserve absolutely no sympathy.

    You’re almost 73 years old and time is short. You don’t have many years left. Father Time is ticking. You will soon leave this world of natural causes and free all of us from your miserable scheming existence.

    May God NOT have mercy on your soul. I hope you burn in Hell for what you’ve done. You deserve everlasting pain.

    And take your co-conspirator Barbara with you!

    1. Does Hell have bathroom breaks. I guess it Depends.

    2. Don’t Pamper(s) him.

  79. Here’s Gene displaying his arrogance on tech matters in the rough and tumble of the Internet. He goes by Rockoids on some forums. Hundreds of messages means he was playing keyboard warrior instead of working or looking for a job. Start digging. I’m sure there’s some corroborative evidence in these archives or other golden nuggets from the weird world of Schemey Gene Steinberg. Look and ye shall find the truth. (click on postings)

    The truth is out there.

    1. Align these forum posts with his begging emails and see what you find. He was claiming potential homelessness yet upgrading his servers and website capacity and bragging. Doesn’t sound like someone who is about to be homeless. It was all a ruse to shake you down for donations and free money. Gene doesn’t want to work. He wants to play online and pretend to be Art Bell. Art had class. Gene’s just an ass!

    2. He also has plenty of harassing messages on old AOL Usenet groups, as a former AOL Mac stooge back in the day.

      The guy is nothing more than a lifetime internet troll with the bed he made coming to fruition.

  80. Jack thank you for exposing this weasel. Light always forces the cockroaches out of hiding. You have saved many potential victims from Gene’s grip. People who could not afford to give money but would do so out of the kindness of their hearts. They would have been duped by this fraudster and had their money stolen. You and others (Scheme Gene twitter and Alien Expanse) are the unsung hero’s of this story. You are saving the world from this ungrateful grifter. A BIG THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU’VE DONE!!!

  81. Get help Gene. It’s a sickness.

    The first step is to admit you have a problem.

  82. And of course Gene has a few spam-infested Casino articles on The Paracast site.

    Some SEO person probably paid him to keyword stuff and backlink them for some Google juice in the rankings. Google considers it unethical but it’s no problem for Gene to look the other way. The extra money helps feed his gambling habit.

    And we know how much Gene and Babs loves casinos!

  83. For somebody who claims to be financially destitute, Gene certainly has a LOT of income sources:

    Paracast radio ads
    Paracast website sponsored ads
    Paracast Google Adsense ads
    Paracast newsletter ads
    Paracast premium memberships
    Paracast donations
    Swag sales of Paracast merchandise
    Affiliate links on the Paracast

    Tech Night Owl radio ads
    Tech Night Owl website sponsored ads
    Tech Night Owl Google Adsense ads
    Tech Night Owl newsletter ads
    Tech Night Owl premium memberships
    Tech Night Owl donations
    Swag sales of Tech Night Owl merchandise
    Affiliate links on Tech Night Owl

    Gene’s YouTube channel income.
    PayPal donations from Gene’s email list.

    Driving for Uber
    Driving for Lyft

    Freelance writing
    Past royalties on all those books and magazine articles he’s written.
    Amazon sales of his Rockoids books

    His social security.
    Barbara’s social security.
    Barbara’s fledgling purse business.

    Gene’s GoFundMe campaign
    Gene’s Facebook fundraiser

    Gene’s lawsuits and money his family owes him.

    He makes so much money from so many sources that it’s us who are the suckers! We’re paying his bills while he plays at the casino.

    Don’t fall for Gene’s lies. You’re being played worse than a bad hand at poker.

    1. Gene gets $2,800 month in guaranteed income. We have proof from his bankruptcy filing. He doesn’t want to work. He’d rather come up with excuses and have you pay for his lifestyle. If he can’t live on $2,800 a month, something is seriously wrong. He has a problem managing money. Where are all your donations going? A full accounting is not too much to ask.

    2. Teddy Bear, his dog, has very expensive tastes.

    3. ArizonaWill I hope Gene refunded your Paracast subscription. The show is so bad it’s worthless and provides absolutely no value. I don’t know if he banned you too, but you deserve to get your money back. Best of luck!

  84. Gene you say you called those charity groups for help. Where’s the proof?! I’m calling bullshit on it. With $2,800 in monthly guaranteed income, you are well over the poverty line for help. You can’t con them like you did to all of us. But I see you’ve used the charity angle as a hook in one your begging storylines. Lies and more lies. Keep sending those e-begs and we’ll keep calling your ass out to warn others.

  85. What gets people mad is the oblivious self-entitlement and arrogance of the man. Even when his multiple lies are called-out, he still has the nerve to ask for money. He’s not financially destitute by any measure. He simply doesn’t want to live within his means. And he has a lazy wife who refuses to work or help change their “situation”. That is the most frustrating part. The duplicity and audacity of Gene and Barbara.

    1. There is so much shit pouring out of Gene’s mouth, he wears a colostomy bag as a bib.

    2. Barbara is too busy watching Fox News and ruminating about her hemorrhoids. She can’t be bothered to work. Even her purse “business” was a failure before it even began. She never started it. Took all our money and blew it on God knows what. Probably at the casino. Barbara, you’re a theif and just as despicable as Gene.

  86. If anyone’s looking for Gene or Barbara down at the Casino Arizona, here’s what they look like.

    Say hi and wish Gene a Happy Birthday. It’s Sept 9th. He’ll be 73 years young!

    We can only hope for many more years of endless entertainment!!!

  87. The fact that Grift Geneberg wasted no time deleting photos of him in a casino tells me we are onto something there. Being photographed in a casino proves only that the person was in a casino. As with many other aspects of his behavior, he tells us a lot more than he intends to.

    Of course, if one is begging for cash in order to survive, then any visit to a casino is too much casino. Food was dirt cheap there in the olden days, but that's not really the case anymore. It's free at the soup kitchen. I doubt anyone will come up with a photo of Grift at one of those.

  88. As we mark the 1 year anniversary of Hurricane Harvey, let’s all remember the time Gene diverted funds from the victims and urged people to fill his own pockets with their donations. How despicable! These people lost literally everything but they provided Gene with a good hook for another one of his poverty stories to solicit funds for himself and that dingbat wife Barbara. What a nut job!!!

    While the hurricane victims waded through water and climbed on roofs for safety with just the clothes on their back, Gene was living off of $2,800 tax-free a month in guaranteed income (proven in bankruptcy records) but saying he was penniless and about to become homeless (from his luxury gated community with pool). He urged his listeners to give HIM the money instead of hurricane victims.

    That is as low as a person can go. Stealing from the hungry, the sick, and the truly homeless. Gene has no moral compass. He is a pathetic turd with no sense of human decency. This scumbag doesn’t deserve an ounce of sympathy.

    And anyone who goes on The Paracast or supports the show is just as guilty in perpetuating this FRAUD.

    Shame on you Gene. Shame on YOU! At nearly 73 years old I hope you enjoy whatever pathetic, impotent life you have left. We’ll certainly enjoy it when you leave.

    1. Hopefully it’ll be soon. His insides are rotten to the core. That’s what grift does to you. Makes you rancid and nasty. If you look at those recent photos of Gene all you see are his “dead eyes” and rat wig. He’s a gaunt, walking corpse with a bad toupee. What a horrible creature Schemey is! His scams are taking a toll in more ways than one.

  89. Gene's spin on his solicitations regarding Stephen Beizer was posted in the paracast forums today:

    The solicitations often mentioned that he had confronted legal issues. The family also believed him when he said he was innocent, and his troubles were all due to the machinations of the rich woman with whom he had a falling out on a business matter. He went into very deep detail of what he said really occurred.

    Let's leave it at that. He died four years ago. Let him rest in peace regardless of what he did.

    I thought about replying there, but did not see the point. Gene has a history of deletng posts and it would not last. The issue, of course, is not what Stephen did but what Genevhas said about it - and how he has used the situation to justify his own actions.

    As has been documented here. Gene never mentioned that Stephen faced fraud and theft charges, that he entered into a plea bargain and was subject to massive restitution fines. Gene maintained that his brother in law had a settlement - that the settlement was real - but it could not be resolved before his death. Gene shielded his brother in law by taking ownership of Stephen's business. The Steinbergs had no problem defaming the victim.

    Gene's post confirms that he knew that the issue was guilt or innocence. He states the family believed Stephen was innocent - but then why did Gene invent a story about a settlement and insist it was real up until this year?

    Again, Gene could have used the opportunity to apologize for his actions. His refusal to acknowledge his own actions is all that one needs to know about his credibility and character.

  90. Looks like we may have something brewing on the Paracast forums.

    1. Already gone. Schemey can't allow anyone to question him or point out facts. He has begging to do.

    2. Gene deleted the whole thread but I was up late and took screenshots. I have the full conversation. Gene’s spins up a new take against his felon brother in law Stephen Biezer. Gene always the victim.

  91. Hey Schemey, gearing up for another day at the casino with our donation money?

    1. Help is available at

      Repent! Jesus is your savior if you admit your guilt. Gene it is not too late to save your soul before you stand in front of God.

  92. Angry humans unite!!!

    1. Biedny’s finally getting his revenge. Lol.

  93. Gene has just admitted to committing Corporate fraud
    He allowed Stephen to set up a business in violation of his probation. Stephen wasnt allowed to own a business, so Gene used his name to get around that in a clear case of corporate fraud and contempt of court. I'm not in the US. But im sure this is an angle that can be reported to the authorities.

    1. Anyone who wears a toupee undoubtedly has something to hide. It’s no way to get a head in life.

    2. Gotcha Gene! Now you’re fucked!

      I hope you like orange.

  94. Gene’s becoming unhinged and losing his mind. Up all night patrolling his forums and reading users private messages like a dictator. Squashing anyone who DARES to question where all our donation money went.

    The facts are unraveling the fraud. Each day brings new revelations and another side to Gene’s scams. It’s cutting into Gene’s “revenue”. Now he’ll have to survive like the rest of us. Get a JOB!!!!

    I hope you’re having fun at the Casino Arizona today gambling with our money.

    We will NOT stay silent and we will NOT go away. Keep begging with your lies, Gene, and you’ll only dig a bigger hole for yourself.

  95. Any guest that goes on The Paracast or The Tech Nite Owl is guilty of enabling this scammer. Think twice before you appear on Gene Steinberg’s shows. Do you really want to have your name associated with this criminal? Remember, the Internet never forgets. YOU will be Googled. Now and forever. Tarnished for life. Think before you get in bed with Schemey Gene Steinberg.

  96. Wow what a listen. The episodes are really going downhill and Gene is scraping the bottom of the barrel. Their latest guest was just awful! A backwaters yokel who couldn’t string a sentence together. It was just painful to listen to.

    This is not worth paying for, either as a subscriber or advertiser. The show was horrible!!!! Boring and rambling. The guest was all over the place and seriously deranged. Low IQ. Certainly no “gold standard”.

    J. Randall Murphy is doing an awful job getting guests. He’s no David Biedny or even Christopher O’Brien. The future doesn’t bode well for show. It’s all downhill from here.

    1. Gene just shit on himself with this episode. He’s going to lose so many listeners. I hope GCN pulls the plug on this con man. I wasted 2 hours of my life listening to a delusional religious nut job who thinks fictional characters in his books are REAL. Little did the guest know that he was talking to the TRUE VAMPIRE Gene Steinberg who will suck him try if every last dime he has.

      I guarantee you Gene hit him up after the show for cash, so he’d have something for the nickel slots at Casino Arizona.

      Always trying to hit it big on someone else’s dime.

    2. I haven't listened in forever, but when there's even been solid guests, the shows are horrible because of Gene.

      I remember a few years back they had a guest on that was on to discuss poltergeist type activity, I believe in a New Jersey house. The show went on, and on, and on with Gene making random references and making it about himself and his crappy aged pop culture references - and he asked virtually nothing about the incidents.

      He doesn't do interviews on his shows, even with good guests. He comes off as someone who hasn't talked to anyone in a week and wants to prove he has some sort of knowledge, and just spews gibberish everywhere and ruins any sort of information that the guest may have.

  97. With Kimball publishing the contractual prices for advertising at The Paracast and Tech Nightowl, at the SchemeGeneRC twitter feed one can't help but wonder if the contracts are in illegal conjunction with the now defunct corporations, i.e., The Paracast LLC and Making The Impossible Inc that Steinberg previously operated under and still provides false fronts for.

    There's a legal term for entering into contracts under, or as a corporation that doesn't exist.

  98. Coming to you NOW via the Paracast:

    Delusional religious zealots with vampiric visions from the deep south.

    Makes perfect sense, Gene is educating himself about his own kind - vampires.

    Nice going, Steinberg. Shit on the grave right after urinating all around it.

    1. But who will be the hair-apparent when Gene goes? Anyone want to adopt the toupee?

      If you’re bald. Own it. Bald can be sexy if you’re not a scheming grifter.

    2. Gene’s just follically-challenged. Special needs.

  99. Former Paracast co-host Christopher O’Brien has the cat got your tongue? David Biedny had the balls to speak out. Do you?

    1. No I think he is scared of Gene. Always has been.

      Took him 8 years to leave in spite of Gene's behaviour and he still couldn't come clean about why he left.

      He even ended up posting some kind of lame reason on the Paracast forums that wouldn't offend master Gene.

      So there is no reason he would say anything now.

    2. What a coward christopher O’Brien is! I have absolutely no respect for this man. He’s as guilty as Gene is. Chris helped Gene to perpetuate the fraud. Chris O’Brien partner in crime. Shame on him!

    3. So we have Gene admiting to six felonies:

      1. Bankruptcy fraud for not declaring his begging income on his application.

      2. Income tax fraud for not declaring his begging income to the IRS.

      3. Falsely using his sons name on his rental applications when his son didn’t live there. That’s identity theft.

      4. Defying a court order. Covering for his crooked Brother In Law, Stephen Biezer and Gene signing his own name on Stephens companies to become an officer, so Stephen could continue the business even when he was barred by the court. Stephen was involved in securities fraud.

      5. Solicitation fraud from over 15 years of begging under false pretenses then using the donation money to gamble, buy expensive cars and lease luxury apartments.

      6. Business fraud. Entering into contracts under false LLCs. His companies are technically defunct on paper but he issues contracts under those names.

      If you support Gene Steinberg you are enabling him to continue his life of crime. You know the proof. There is no excuse.

      Ladies and gentlemen of the jury. Case closed.

  100. Gene, how’d you do at the casino today?

  101. Sadly, John McCain died. Gene’s senator from Arizona. Let’s see how Gene spins it to be all about himself. Gene’s loves to find an external “hook” for his begging emails. A good latch for another one of his tall tails. Let’s see how he weaves in John McCain. This week’s e-begs are gonna be interesting.

  102. 7. Check fraud. Writing checks he knows he can’t cover and bouncing them.

    8. Entering into leasing contracts knowing he has no intention to pay the rent.

    Eight felonies. You need more? What else can you think of Gene’s done. List it here. Maybe Jack wants to do a recap post. There is plenty of evidence.