Saturday, April 21, 2018

Mind Control Files Included in FOIA Response

The persistent researchers over at MuckRock scored an interesting FOIA response. While casting a net seeking records on Antifa and white supremacist groups, journalist Curtis Waltman unexpectedly snared files on the effects of remote mind control. Waltman explained in his April 18 MuckRock article the files were released by the Washington State Fusion Center (WSFC) during the course of his ongoing research:
As part of my ongoing project looking at fusion centers’ investigations into Antifa and various white supremacist groups, I filed a request with the WSFC. I got back many standard documents in response, including emails, intelligence briefings and bulletins, reposts from other fusion centers - and then there was one file titled "EM effects on human"

The "EM effects on human body" file contained some docs pertaining to threat assessments of criminal activity, along with the three following images:

Some obvious questions arise. Waltman indicated the records are not government documents and suggested their presence should not be interpreted as evidence Homeland Security possesses such devices. Similarly, others I consulted who have experience in such matters suggested researchers might look into the history of the possible uses of the facility prior to a fusion center, or that perhaps the docs were once submitted as part of a previous, unrelated FOIA request.

Waltman wrote:
It’s difficult to source exactly where these images come from, but it’s obviously not government material. One seems to come from a person named "Supratik Saha," who is identified as a software engineer, the brain mapping slide has no sourcing, and the image of the body being assaulted by psychotronic weapons is sourced from, who apparently didn’t renew their domain.
It’s entirely unclear how this ended up in this release. It could have been meant for another release, it could have been gathered for an upcoming WSFC report, or it could even be from the personal files of an intelligence officer that somehow got mixed up in the release. A call to the WSFC went unreturned as of press time, so until we hear back, their presence remains a mystery.

MuckRock Executive Editor JPat Brown indicated in an April 20 tweet that comment had not yet been obtained from the fusion center. Brown also stated via Twitter, "DHS called and asked us to remove their name" from the piece. View Waltman's full article, including supporting links, at Washington State Fusion Center accidentally releases records on remote mind control

In light of the peculiar chain of events I submitted a couple public records requests to the Washington State Fusion Center. One seeks further files containing such terms as "psychotronic," "electromagnetic low frequency," and "voice to skull" technology, among others. The second request seeks records indicating how the above images were obtained and why the WSFC is in possession of them.

Department of Defense

Whatever the reasons the images on mind control ended up at the WSFC and were included in its response to Curtis Waltman's inquiries on records pursuant to Antifa and white supremacists, it reminds me of Nick Redfern's unexpected find. Redfern wrote in 2014 how, while browsing a Department of Defense file on Cold War era research into how microwaves can affect the human mind and body, he was surprised to find the "MJ12/Eisenhower Briefing Document." The document is notoriously well known within UFO circles as part of the infamous "Majestic 12" meme and is in all likelihood an inauthentic record. 

As a matter of fact, and as Redfern pointed out, it was noted in writing on the "EBD" that it could not be authenticated as an official DoD document. Less clear is specifically what it was doing in a file on potential mind control weapons.

Learn more by reading Redfern's article linked above, as well as posts by Kandinsky at Above Top Secret. Kandinsky delved rather deeply into some of the intriguing details of the DoD file, such as it contained docs included in an FOIA release to Michael Drosnin, an author and friend of CB Scott Jones. A career intelligence officer well known to the latter 20th century UFO community, Jones claimed Drosnin was once targeted by the FBI with an incapacitating electronic mind control device. As late as 2012 Jones continued to claim to think "the UFO/ET subject has been used to cloak a number of classified U.S. programs that certainly includes mind control."

Whatever the reasons ultimately were for such statements and claims, they became common in the ufology landscape, including among intelligence officers. They are part of the state of the genre, as are the history and locations of the files that continue to surface. Whatever the explanations may prove to be, the circumstances have certain degrees of relevance. They warrant attention if we want thorough, accurate understandings of how the topics of UFOs and electromagnetic weapons became enmeshed, as well as how intelligence agencies played roles in the narratives. 


  1. Hi Jack,

    I can't remember if you mentioned it in your book (i want to say yes) but there is a very interesting work called "The Controllers" which delves into this correlation and makes a strong (and disturbing) case for it. What better way to test said weaponary than by focusing on the "fringes" of society :-(

    1. Yes, I know what you're talking about, it was written by Martin Cannon. He did an essay titled "The Numbers Game" that's also a fascinating read.

  2. There's an outside possibility . . . Muck Rock just got punked.

    Or deliberate disinformation was released in order to see how it's interpreted, who's most interested, who believes it's true, how it's spread, and how it's used.

    I don't believe the release of this was accidental.

    1. I agree it's premature to conclude the release was accidental.

    2. Those documents are ridiculous. Seems like obvious disinformation to me just as purrigurri said.

  3. was deliberate..Much of the work described on raven1 was dated but it must be acknowledge the tech involved is not complicated and readily available, like microwaves..a dual use principle. The author /owner of raven1 Eleanor White had a large inventory of victims stories almost like a mufon list of cases. I am surprised she listed the names of victims..because this helps the perpetrators and serves as an indirect tracking system..
    Wayback excludes Raven1 for some odd reason..not giving the usual robotext barriers we usually see..

    that said Eleanor whites last post appears on ATS 2008 :scroll to bottom

    while some may deride the intensity of her work..just remember that even blue lights leds are are associated with certain cancers..with a statistically significant correlation..
    Throwing in the Supratik Sahar chap mentioned in MuckRack ..seems contrived.. and it means he is being monitored..but why would he surface in 2017? with 30k tweets to boot? his posts directed at the Indian government seem written with available data on In Q tel types/companies..who are doing this kind of brain mapping..and "enhancements" ..and as I mentioned about microwave .can be induce states of delusion..and even aggravate them ..perhaps permanently and or worse.. They don't appear to cure anything that I am aware of..
    But why introduce this old data and risk exposing a target of monitoring and alerting him..well if he is a one believes him anyway..he thinks everyone is watching him..he can get no traction..perhaps what is needed is a lean hungry ambulance chaser that can expose this obviously unwarranted surveillance and invasion of his privacy..that will affect his his job and life..and God only knows what else..
    But then...on the other side of the coin.. I have noted several times study after study..especially about game rooms..being gauge information velocity and and how it affects users ..FB was caught..NSAs Jtrig manual describes how to can fill several tractor trailers with the number of these types studies..paving the way for mind well as herding..China already is doing emotional surveillance..something even FB let slip..when the VP stated
    "We connect people. Period. That’s why all the work we do in growth is justified. All the questionable contact importing practices. All the subtle language that helps people stay searchable by friends. All of the work we do to bring more communication in. The work we will likely have to do in China some day. All of it,” Bosworth wrote in the memo, according to Buzzfeed"

    I am pretty sure Sahar falls in the latter category of group behavioral studies and mapping the ballistics of it all..

  4. Manuel, you provide some good points. I was unaware of the Eleanor White website. That seems an interesting avenue in itself. I can tell you it is a BIG problem that she actually named the victims unless, of course, they consented either verbally or in writing. Perhaps she had this consent and thought she was just giving voice to them. Then again, perhaps there was something more sinister going on. Perhaps, the whole thing was just a honeypot created by an agency for behavioral study or to draw these victims out.

  5. Thank You..Jack has been a mentor and a trail blazer in this area ..opening a window which many feel uncomfortable
    ..thus the expressions go do you REALLY wanna know? &
    The Devil you say?
    In a manner of speaking ..yes!
    Eventually the files of the U.S. Army’s old Military Intelligence Division yielded a thin dossier on Crowley’s WWI activities. This handful of documents contained one critical piece of information: during the war, American investigators, while probing the activities of suspected German spies, discovered that “Aleister Crowley was an employee of the British Government . . . in this country on official business of which the British Consul, New York City has full cognizance.”2
    U.S. National Archives [USNA], Record Group 165, Military Intelligence Division [hereafter MID] file 10012-112, “General Summary”, Intelligence Officer, West Point, New York, 23 Sept. 1918

    Think of how much of our Ufology masonic illuminati with some good ole time drugs and freewill debauchery enriched would even be possible w/o the help of the unsung heroes of the intelligence community..
    Comparing this to the eerily Nxium resonating sex scandals with slavery..running daycares..trafficking....sado masochism..spirit dinners by political elites...makes one think THEY picked up the baton where Crowley left off..

    If Conservativism is the New Punk..We are the New Fringe..
    and boy oh boy..are they lookin'

    1. Thanks Manuel. I was aware of Crowley's work with the British Government (fun fact: Crowley also attempted to summit Everest shortly after WWI). During WWII, British Intelligence also employed a number of "psychics" and similar persons to help sway public opinion on both sides of the pond. So, this goes back some time.

      Also, on the Crowley note is that Jack Parsons (one of, if not THE, father of American Rocketry) was an extremely passionate follower and active member in Crowley's religious movement. Parsons was also an associate of L Ron Hubbard.

  6. Thanks for your comments and interest, guys. Much appreciated.

    If helpful to know, Eleanor White is well known to those familiar with the latter 20th century to present UFO community due to her participation on the old UFO Updates e-list. She continues to comment occasionally at the Updates successor, UFO Collective. She has long been outspoken on what we might term controversial topics.

  7. Jack ..thanx..I'm happy she is alive..her health was bad last time I checked..Say..can you rejog my memory since the old site at UCB is no more (so much good stuff gone forever) and you had some brilliant posts there..the name of the UK researchers who did regression hypnosis for the purposes of "reincarnation" of like 200 or more people. and his partner particularly....I'm totally blank..but I'd like to follow that up....Thank you!

    1. Not sure, Manny. I don't recall a UK hypnotist off the top of my head, but you might be thinking of Barbara Lamb or Delores Cannon. I wrote a bit about Hopkins, Jacobs and Carpenter, too. Hmm... there was a BUFORA article by Heather Dixon featuring comments from Judy Jafaar about the British moratorium on regressive hypnosis in UFO research. Hope that helps.

  8. It was a lucky catch on my part during a discussion you and DrWu the assistant taking notes and tapes retired to mi6 cryptographic archives library. I found that all these years his last name had been mispelled in the papers..and I kept going in circles..its done more frequently than people can imagine..then boom.It's dreadful I can't remember..perhaps I should consult a Regression Therapist!! :D
    Well..given what we know now..I am not surprised..and thank you for the white googlegroup.sadly no mention of EM ELF ULF's all ufo centric...only 3 or 4 posts..very very short like a'd swear it was a different person..anywho..I'll just attend to my senses and let the microwaves tend to themselves..