Wednesday, October 12, 2016

IC Contractors, Leaked Emails and Gitmo

Let's start this roundup off with a link to a VICE News story which cites recently declassified documents demonstrating what some contractors and employees of U.S. intelligence agencies are doing on the job. Seems members of the intelligence community check out porn, browse online dating services, hang out on social media and even engage in illegal internet activity while on the taxpayers' dime - and it happens a lot. 

The Office of the Intelligence Community Inspector General oversees 16 federal intel agencies and investigated dozens of instances of spy misconduct between 2013 and 2015. The hundreds of pages released by the watchdog entity to VICE resulting from an FOIA lawsuit documented widespread contracting fraud involving millions of dollars.

A worker at Science Applications International Corporation, a Virginia-based company consisting of some 15,000 employees, admitted 95% of his time on the internet was for personal use while contracting with the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI). The man, who spent the vast majority of his workdays emailing and instant-messaging friends, was also contracted with the National Counterintelligence Center, which collects, monitors and analyzes information on potential terrorist threats. In some instances, contractors were engaging in "sex chats" with minors. VICE reports such fraud and illegal activity involved employees assigned to highly classified intelligence programs with the NSA, CIA, and ODNI on behalf of contractors such as IBM, Booz Allen Hamilton, Boeing and General Dynamics.  

Readers of The Greys Have Been Framed will recall in Chapter 13 I explained how during the pre-Snowden years I developed suspicions intel analysts were overemphasizing various questionable threats for reasons possibly most motivated by creating job security. I suspected analysts were subsequently compiling lists of names of citizens and conducting surveillance. I speculated the UFO community was adversely effected by such circumstances, given its members commonly hold counterculture and conspiratorial perspectives. The Snowden revelations and ongoing reports of lack of accountability continue to strengthen my suspicions that, in at least some cases, UFO enthusiasts and intel assets engage in self-perpetuating and largely inconsequential exchanges, in addition to whatever more significant spy games may influence ufology.

Emails to Podesta

Meanwhile, Julian Assange and Wikileaks have been rattling the ufology cage by way of publishing private emails apparently obtained from the Clinton camp. How the leaked emails, which in some cases contain discussion of an alleged extraterrestrial presence and related matters, were obtained is not clarified. Not surprisingly, the ET-related emails surround John Podesta, a Washington VIP currently serving as Secretary Clinton's campaign chairman who publicly demonstrated a willingness to pursue the UFO topic. 

An August 18, 2015, email appears to contain a message from the late Edgar Mitchell and was sent from disclosure activist Terri Mansfield to Podesta. Mitchell mentions a war in space, adding that "our nonviolent ETI from the contiguous universe" is bringing zero point energy to the planet and will not tolerate any forms of military violence, whatever you care to make of that.

Rocker-turned-ufologist Tom DeLonge courted Podesta, as well. DeLonge apparently informed the longtime political insider that a "General McCasland" was in charge of a laboratory "up to a couple years ago" at Wright Patterson Air Force Base designated to hold Roswell crash artifacts. DeLonge described McCasland in the January 25, 2016, email as "a very important man" who helped assemble his advisory team.  

A November 16, 2015, email apparently sent from DeLonge to Podesta by way of a Clinton staffer contained a link and password to a private trailer for DeLonge's upcoming film. The clip consisted of warnings the public can't handle the truth and testimony from a silhouette figure describing knowledge of an extraterrestrial presence, among other items.

I'm not going to venture at this time to thoroughly inventory the many possible scenarios of such potentially complex dynamics involving the merging of disclosure activists, the staff of a presidential candidate, intelligence officials, and an outfit such as Wikileaks. That's a mouthful in itself, and suffice it to say it would be wise to tread lightly in forming conclusions. I will say, though, that my initial thoughts turn to possibilities of "canary in a coal mine," counterintelligence operations; intel agencies might investigate potential adversaries who demonstrate disproportionate interest in people holding security clearances in the circles kept by figures such as DeLonge. Who is feeding the young man such narratives and why might also be questioned, among other reasonable concerns.     

Dr. Jeffrey Kaye

From the "last but not least" file: In The Greys Have Been Framed I wrote about how my interest in social dynamics within the UFO community bled into exploring human rights issues. Psychologist Jeffrey Kaye was among the qualified experts and researchers whose articles I cited. Kaye recently published new work readers may find interesting, Cover-up at Guantanamo: The NCIS Investigation into the “Suicides” of Mohammed Al Hanashi and Abdul Rahman Al Amri. It is a 119-page gripping and thought provocative account of the doctor's descent into events surrounding Gitmo, including some of his personal experience. Footnotes and citations are more than adequately offered in this exploration of two of the prisoner deaths documented at the facility.

Kaye's latest work also includes scoring an FOIA win as described in a recent blog post, Documents on Guantanamo as "'America's Battle Lab' in the Global War on Terrorism". The article addresses events surrounding a formerly classified 2002 report composed by Joint Chiefs of Staff on intelligence operations at Gitmo. Even after 14 years, Kaye notes, the mission statement for the report remains classified. Additionally, all discussion of PSYOPS, or psychological operations, is redacted. 

However, Kaye's latest article contains the report and its references to interagency intelligence gathering efforts which involve use of Guantanamo as "America's battle lab". Such documents offer relevant insight into mentalities prevailing at the Pentagon and among intelligence personnel, which, in my opinion, stands to provide deeper understanding of why the intelligence and UFO communities frequently overlap: the exploitation of people and circumstances for strategic purposes, either perceived, actual or unduly inflated.


  1. Throughout my work life, ill-thought out and hastily sent e-mails have been a bane of communications. Most people don’t think at all about the gibberish their e-mails contain before hitting “send”. Grammar, spelling, syntax are all tossed aside so what’s being said can sometimes be wildly misinterpreted. Almost nobody bothers to read over either e-mails or texts before sending them to be sure they’re saying what they meant to say and not something else entirely. In one place I worked, it was best to ignore e-mails that didn’t come directly from my boss to avoid getting sucked into the disaster of the day.

    I don’t take anything about this e-mail business seriously – Clinton and her server, which was likely more secure than the government servers she chose not to use (I used the federal government e-mail system and it sucked), or Podesta’s alien e-mails. Oh . . . and, I still have big, ongoing reservations about Assange and his motives.

    All this e-mail furor has been titillating, but it hasn’t impressed me yet as being anything of substance. I don’t believe it will win or lose an election for anyone.

  2. So let me get this right.

    Three weeks before the Presidential election and with nothing since May about UFOs from the Clinton/Podesta camp, miraculously some Podesta emails are "leaked" with some tempting mentions of possible UFO Disclosure related topics.... but that don't include any classified information, give away anything of any substance or really tell us anything much at all. Yet, to the 54% (Newsweek poll, September 2015) of the electorate polled who believe in intelligent ET, this is possibly a significant enough carrot to get some of their votes.

    And how many leaks do you know of that only contain largely one way web traffic? Virtually nothing yet FROM Podesta, just emails TO Podesta.

    Wikileaks promised to finish the political career of Hillary Clinton, yet thus far, the most damning thing they've published are Goldman Sachs speeches that were largely in keeping with her public statements. Let's also not forget that recent leaks portrayed Hillary as tough on Assange ("can't we just drone him") - a convenient cover as to just how convenient these leaks really have all been for the Hillary camp. Let's face it, if they really wanted Assange, he'd be dead by now.

    The final piece in this Disclosure psyop puzzle has to be the British mainstream journalists who cover the ET and Disclosure nonsense almost daily. Rather than needing any US mainstream outlets, in today's new media they could be positioned anywhere in order for the psyop to work. And work it did - at least to the people clinging to Disclosure in the UFO subculture who are foaming at the mouth and dribbling incessantly at the Wikileaks material. Why? So far they've largely shown us that Edgar Mitchell and Tom De Longe have an interest in UFOs and that Wright Patterson may be linked with Roswell. Big deal.

    The question now has to be... who's arm does Wikileaks belong to? Obviously Clinton's and Podesta's, but through who? The CIA, the NSA? Or both?


    1. I appreciate your attention to the issues, Lorin, and I think there are a lot of angles that warrant discussion. Among them is privacy.

      Granted, it's complex, but I think wider, more thoughtful discussion is in order on why, if we don't want NSA reading our emails, it's apparently okay if it's done by undisclosed sources to people with some degree of public notoriety (politicians, UFO researchers, etc.). Not sure I'm on board with that.

      Suffice it to say I'm not convinced what we're seeing is comparable to or should be framed in same context as Snowden and the NSA or obtaining FBI files that led to public disclosure of COINTELPRO. Outing public policies of intel agencies isn't the same thing as scrutinizing statements made in what were intended to be private communications. There are issues here to sort out, and I'm unconvinced the solutions are contingent upon the notoriety of the citizen or the consequence of the statement.

      And the angle you chose to explore is valid as well, in my opinion: Politics makes strange bedfellows. As I've frequently suggested, we simply don't know exactly what is taking place in any given chain of events absent full disclosure of evidence available for public review. It is reasonable to question, or at the least not fully accept at face value, statements and occurrences involving the current cast.

    2. Thanks Jack.

      Something is very definitely off about all of this. Now the Max Spiers story going global after a number of weeks. Why now?

      Some of the Wikileaks emails don't even make any sense in that some almost appear to be threads of other emails... some appear almost cut and pasted.

      Here's the deal.

      Assange promised to finish the political career of Hillary Clinton before the election. He then backed down on this after the farce of the "October Surprise" press conference at 3am - which was nothing more than self congratulatory nonsense.

      We are now up to about 21,000 emails today and there's been nothing much of career ending consequence so far. In fact she's up 9 points in the latest poll going into the final debate.

      Ignoring all the Disclosure nonsense (which so far largely mirrors or plays into existing UFO folklore and mythology) and just focusing on the larger political landscape for a moment - look at the statements made by Wikileaks and then look at the facts.

      Obviously things are fluid and changing daily, but if the wider situation remains the same beyond the election and into 2017 and with Hillary not being ousted in any dramatic twist or turn of events and the UFO meme receding back to pre-election levels... then I think, at the very least, we have to ask some very serious questions about John Podesta and Wikileaks.


  3. The Clinton's and Podesta have had a long interest in the UFO topic, but the White House controls nothing since it can't keep a secret, the Pentagon controls everything.

    Delonge showed his incompetence by taking contact with Podesta through email and giving out names. I guess he is finished now and that Pentagon will withdraw into its shell again. He had some interesting information about the phenomenon, but now it has turned into a human conspiracy phenomena.

    As I understand it: a hacking group connected to the Kremlin was behind the hacking job and WikiLeaks was used as a conduit.

    1. The narrative being promoted in this psyop, almost to the letter. Thanks.

    2. Today 17 intelligence agencies claim that Russia was behind the hacking job. I guess of course that they could all be part of the psyop though.

    3. I remember when they had NK dead to rights on the sony hack and we shut down all 30 or so of their YUGE controlled websites . That'll learn em.
      The trouble was..It wasn't NK but a disgruntled employee.
      As for the 17 intel agencies now down to 2, and those had no evidence other than a strong hunch ..high confidence to suit the occasion for public consumption. Worse yet a new type of Net cannon was revealed which can bought for 7$500 that takes the ips of millions of smart devices from TVs to toasters to electric meters generate DOS attacks.
      While wagging fingers at the Russians, even ex NSA director Hayden said hacking into opposition elections was a time hored tradition and he would not like to be in a court of law denying his agencies had done the same.