Saturday, December 12, 2015

Update on 'The Greys Have Been Framed'

I'm pleased to report my forthcoming nonfiction book, 'The Greys Have Been Framed: Exploitation in the UFO Community', is complete. I'm in the final stages of making it available for release, so I'm confident it will remain on track for publication by late this year or early next. I'm very grateful to all who continue to express interest, link to my website, extend invitations to podcasts and similar forms of support and encouragement. Thank you.

'The Greys Have Been Framed' will be offered in printed book form as well as Kindle. It's 275 pages, including footnotes and index. I will post further information as it develops. Links to come soon, and thanks again for your interest and support. A description of the book:
'The Greys Have Been Framed: Exploitation in the UFO Community' explores the ways deception, sensationalism and questionable ethics characterize the UFO genre and distort public perception of the UFO phenomenon. With interviews and insights from James Carrion, Leah Haley, Dr. Tyler Kokjohn, Simone Mendez, Carol Rainey, Emma Woods and others, the manipulation of ufology as perpetrated by suspect individuals and the intelligence community is documented. The circumstances, existing from the very outset of the modern day UFO phenomenon, prove relevant whatever opinion one may hold on the mystery of UFOs and their alleged occupants.


  1. Congrats Jack! Looking forward to it.

    Happy Holidays,

  2. Let's hope that all the venues that promoted Jacobs' latest book will give you equal consideration.

  3. Looking forward to reading it. I do believe that the intelligence community played a much greater role in the past than it does now. Today, I believe, Ufology is dominated by hucksters out to make a buck. There's good money to be made from click bait, especially from hoaxed videos from You Tube.

  4. Thanks, guys. I appreciate your interest!

  5. It is definitely on my "must read" list, which rarely happens for a book that is not published. While I would like to believe that MUFON would give you an achievement award, it might have helped if you had written about how the grays and reptilians were framing the alien insect hybrids. I assume you reached other conclusions. I can only hope that the book gets the attention that the topic deserves.

  6. Erickson raises a good point.

    Send MUFON a copy. If you subscribe to the journal, Jack, make sure to mention you are a MUFON member in your covering letter.

  7. Do you know Joseph Patrick Farrell of the Giza Death Star website. Because you seem to share ideas about the origins of the UFO phenomenon.

    1. I am aware of Dr. Farrell and have read some of his articles but, no, I do not personally know him.