Monday, November 9, 2015

Dozens of Gov Offices Regularly Visit UFO Website

Following publication of the recent blog post, 'Homeland Security Reads 'The UFO Trail'', I received an email from Frank Warren of the popular website, 'The UFO Chronicles'. My post addressed information recorded via a blog traffic statistics program which indicated some recent site activity originated from an Internet service provider (ISP) registered to the Department of Homeland Security. Similar visits from additional government offices have previously been logged.

Frank brought to my attention traffic of potential interest regularly recorded at his website which include ISPs at the locations below. The list, a comparatively small sample not to be interpreted as an all inclusive accounting, is published with his permission. Please note it is offered without speculation of purpose or intent of site visits.

Thanks to Frank Warren for the heads up. 

ISPs logged at 'The UFO Chronicles' in recent weeks include a Department of Defense (DoD) office located in Lawton, Oklahoma, and Navy Network Information Center (NNIC) offices in Hawaii, California and Florida. Other ISPs recorded over time at the website: 

  • US Department of Defense Network    Las Cruces    New Mexico    United States
  • DoD Network Information Center    Indianapolis    Indiana    United States
  • National Aeronautics and Space Administration    Sherman Oaks    California    United States
  • Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory (fermilab)    North Aurora    Illinois    United States
  • US Department Of Defense Network    Colorado Springs    Colorado    United States
  • DoD Network Information Center    Huntsville    Alabama    United States
  • National Aeronautics and Space Administration    Bowie    Maryland    United States
  • Federal Aviation Administration    Oklahoma City    Oklahoma    United States
  • National Aeronautics and Space Administration    Cleveland    Ohio    United States
  • FBI Criminal Justice Information Systems    Clarksburg    West Virginia    United States
  • Department of Homeland Security    Springfield    Virginia    United States
  • US Dept of Justice    Potomac    Maryland    United States
  • DoD Network Information Center    Arnold    Missouri    United States
  • Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory    Livermore    California    United States
  • US Department of Defense Network    Fort Huachuca    Arizona    United States
  • Navy Network Information Center (NNIC)    Virginia Beach    Virginia    United States
  • US Department of Defense Network    Natick    Massachusetts    United States
  • Bigelow Management    North Las Vegas    Nevada    United States
  • DoD Network Information Center    Washington    District of Columbia    United States
  • US Department of Defense Network    Fort Polk    Louisiana    United States
  • U.S. Department of State    Washington    District of Columbia    United States
  • Government of the District of Columbia    Washington    District of Columbia    United States
  • Navy Network Information Center (NNIC)    Pass Christian    Mississippi    United States
  • U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
  • Sandia National Laboratories    Albuquerque    New Mexico    United States
  • Headquarters, USAISC    Colorado Springs    Colorado    United States
  • Australian Department of Defence    Port Melbourne    Victoria    Australia
  • Headquarters, USAISC    Tacoma    Washington    United States
  • National Aeronautics and Space Administration    Beltsville    Maryland    United States
  • Brookhaven National Laboratory    Upton    New York    United States
  • U.S. Department Of Energy    Las Vegas    Nevada    United States
  • US Senate    Washington, District of Columbia, United States
  • National Aeronautics and Space Administration    Mountain View, California, United States
  • US Department of Defense Network    Belcamp, Maryland, United States
  • FBI Criminal Justice Information Systems    Clarksburg, West Virginia, United States
  • Department of Homeland Security    Washington, District of Columbia, United States
  • U.S. House Of Representatives    Washington, District of Columbia, United States
  • U.S. Department Of State    Washington, District of Columbia, United States   


  1. Lisa Romanek. no doubt, will see this as evidence you are on the payroll.

  2. Of course, I visit your does that mean I too am a paid operative of the government Silent Group? (The people on YouTube always said so!)

  3. I have had some of those, and others, on my website for years as well. I have also had some Canadian, British, and Israeli ones.

    1. Thanks for the input, Emma. Like you, I've seen some of those around here, as well.

      I was kind of wondering why the situation doesn't receive more open discussion, and I think there are a few reasons. One of those reasons might be that most people seem polarized on the topic, either quickly minimizing the subject matter or adamantly asserting their preferred conspiratorial explanations. As seems to often be the case, there appears to be a much smaller demographic able to simply review the circumstances without prematurely passing judgment on what is indicated.

  4. Ditto at my UFO blog. I've covered everything from the visits from the Pentagon to the Office Of The President, etc. Yepper... they have an interest.

    1. Rick, I think most of us can agree these are personal visits, not official government monitoring. The USG would be able to easily mask their presence using dynamic ISP addresses.

      Also, I'm sure there are numerous freelance proofreaders reading this site (I'm one), but that is not evidence we are monitoring his site to see what Jack knows about formatting possessives.

  5. All we know is that people are accessing the sites using government computers. We can't even be sure those people are government employees since these days a large percentage of staff at many agencies are private sector employees (remember, Snowden was one). You can spin out any number of scenarios to explain these visits, but you can't prove any of them. There's just not enough data to do so. All that really can be factually stated is that people with access to government computers housed at these entities visited UFO websites.

  6. My government office monitors employee use of the internet, or I'd visit your site from there too! Sorry though, it wouldn't be because my office has any interest in UFOs, only because I do.

  7. PG that is fair enough, but you cannot deny that these same agencies have spent millions as with JTRIG not merely monitoring buct actively creating, engaging forums, neutralizing with prejudice actors m baiting, to suppress and or coerce the discussion into a different direction..
    That's a fact..
    and whether they visit to out of personal curiosity whilst on a coffee break or an assignment does not mean they should be ignored.

    1. Since many UFO sites are anti-government, conspiracy mongers (blowing paranoid hot air with no evidence to back up their wilder claims). I hope someone in the US government is monitoring UFO and conspiracy sites. Honestly, I believe it would derelict not to do so. The man who died with all that weaponry and money hidden in his home who claimed to be a CIA alien hybrid is just one example of the kind of potentially dangerous people who attach themselves to Ufology. Remember the crazier the claims Ufology makes, the more unbalanced the minds that become drawn to it, and the bigger a target Ufology makes itself for those with responsibility for national security. Everyone in Ufology (including those who approach it the most rationally) must reap what those who are on the Ufological lunatic fringe sow.

    2. This story imo was a well staged hoax for sending an antigun message. Obama was there the year before, and just this last October 10..hobnobbing with JJ abrams, and raking in 750K dollars for the antigun Dems. Oregon was discussed..but not this event,,,why if its such a threat. to the very anti gunHollywood millionnaires that live there..Possible gun running..a gun nut..explosives...comeon..
      Wake up and smell the latte
      If Real..
      The man had the guns legally. The man never fired a shot, save at a firing range. The story of aliens came from the Lawyer. No evidence of aliens was ever mentioned in any conversation of the players during courtship and interaction. Only after death and mishandling of his corpse. He became incapacitated due to illness and witness point to a state of being totally dependent on surviving players. If anything shows mr gun collector was probably being scammed by caretaker..something that can happen to any of us in an invalid state.The fiancé with guardian powers and power of attorney made the decisions..

      I like your message..and as you have visited many to brush them with such a wide brush can you name me some so we can stay away from them and not be accidently tainted by these toxic fringe messages and stay on the straight and narrow, plus stay sane and balanced like yourself:? :)

    3. Might I add not only was JJ abrams from that was the Asst Da Whelma LLanos and The VP of the LA Commission Soborov and not any news source mentioned that and why its so queer that none certainly they all know each other..This makes the matter a commercial for gun control..imo..I bet the folx in Paris are commending the stellar monitoring and safety offered by the French equivalent of NSA or Echelon. I bet they wish they had had guns and are seriously contemplating getting one..Trillions spent here too and all they pop are teenagers with the asst of informers paid to bait..Yeah I feel safe with all the monitoring..that didn't stop the Boston Marathon event even when the Ruskis gave them evidence of terrorist activities of refugees we let in..
      way to go guys..

    4. Let's see if I have this right, Manuel.

      The Joint Threat Research Intelligence Group targets and kills people who have ideas different from the government narrative, it doesn't target terrorists. Giving handguns to boozy, pot-smoking concertgoers will stop suicidal terrorists who have AK-47s. JJ Abrams helps stage anti-gun hoaxes.

      I have learned many things. It is good to have so many experts helping me out.

  8. > JTRIG not merely monitoring but actively creating, engaging forums, neutralizing with prejudice actors, etc.

    Any of this happen to UFO people?

    1. I believe Glenn Greenwalds site has the JTRIG report ..great read..just google it..

  9. for TC
    How to squash those annoying posters not following the party line. note the use of false imagery in ufology..JTRIG

    How to exploit tragedies you did not prevent to get more funding and legislation
    while blaming whistleblowers for pointing out your failures.

    Learning from history great read 2008

    "During my first week as an intern at the Wende Museum, I was very confused when what seem to me two ordinary jars crossed my desk needing to be cataloged. After inquiring what the significance of the jars were, I was told that they were Stasi smelling jars. While this reply was meant to answer my question and end my inquires as to why these jars were important, it only served to create more questions. I had taken classes on Eastern European Communism but the term “Stasi” had only briefly been mentioned, so when the term came up again with these jars I was lost. But when I was researching these jars, I not only learned their purpose, I learned a great deal about who the Stasi were and what they did.
    The Ministerium für Staatssicherheit (Ministry for State Security), commonly known as the Stasi, was the official secret police of East Germany. It was widely regarded as one of the most effective and repressive intelligence and secret police agencies in the world. By having my introduction into learning about the Stasi through the lens of researching the smelling jars, I realized how intensive their surveillance was. The smelling jars used odour recognition to keep tabs on potential dissidents. The Stasi often collected the samples surreptitiously – breaking into homes to steal suspects’ underwear, or by wiping down chairs used during interrogations. The samples were then stored in glass jars, each carefully labeled with details of whom the sample came from. The idea that there were jars full of people’s scents as well as detailed records of people’s lives in Stasi buildings was pretty disturbing to me, because it illuminated the vast scope of power that the Stasi’s and the GDR had over the lives of the East Germans. It is pretty incredible to me how something that seemed so innocent to me, could mean so much.'

    Everyone has their opinion and angle..I certainly strive to have history on my side..
    That's all I will post on this matter.
    Happy Holidays to you and yours