Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Project CORE Goes Live

Data and expert analysis gleaned from Project CORE, a survey of over 200 self-described paranormal experiencers, is now posted online at projectcore.net. The project was conducted by Jeff Ritzmann, Jeremy Vaeni, Dr. Tyler A. Kokjohn, Dr. D. Ellen K. Tarr and Dr. Kimbal E. Cooper. The website offers sections including a synopsis of results, commentaries and graphical results. About the project:

"Project CORE was a massive online survey asking questions and gathering data of those reporting 'paranormal' experience. Questions ranged from psychological, and physiological data to ancestral heritage and outlier data. The questions asked by the survey were comprised of questions submitted by all Project CORE members, and then as a team questions were edited, subtracted and added until we arrived at the final version that was ultimately used.

"Participants were asked to give written account of their experience(s), and there was a written stipulation of the survey page: The survey required complete, raw honesty in relating the experiences. No matter how utterly bizarre or self-negating those experiences may have been. We also asked that the accounts submitted not be edited, sanitized, nor derived from hypnotic regression.

"The survey actively collected data via the internet from participants over the course of a full calendar year, and the survey was widely promoted on social media, message boards, and podcasts. After data gathering, the work presented here in it’s final form comprises nearly 2 years worth of analysis and discussion between team members."

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