Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Seeking Film of William Moore 1989 Speech

If anyone has a copy they would consider parting with of the film of William Moore's controversial speech at the 1989 MUFON Symposium, please contact me. I would be willing to negotiate a reasonable price, and payment options include PayPal.  

I am also interested in a transcript of Moore's speech if available. Please send me relevant info.

I exchanged a few emails with Ron Regehr, who shot the original footage back in 1989. He informed me that he had turned over all remaining copies to MUFON, but also indicated a few dozen or so were floating around the public. The MUFON office manager indicated by email that they were unaware of the specific whereabouts of copies of the footage, so if anyone could help me out it would be appreciated. 

Anybody got film and/or a transcript of Moore's speech?


  1. Jack, if you do find an audio or video/film version of Moore's complete speech at the 1989 Symposium, or a verified transcript of what he actually said, please make it available in some form(s), noted here with links to the verbatim content, so that others may review the details for themselves if interested. I'm sure it would be a revealing and intriguing document to some.

    In lieu of that, for now, there was a two-part article written by Moore for the MUFON Journal, part 1 in the November 1989 issue, part 2 in the December issue. I'm sure there's some significant variances between the actual speech and Moore's later written and edited form of his presentation for the Journal.

    I mean, after all, we're talking about William Moore. It's a given some dissembling is required, to the say the very least. 8^}

    Moore's written articles were entitled "UFOs and the U.S. Government," parts 1 and 2

    Part 1: http://bit.ly/1pri6nq

    Part 2: http://bit.ly/1vQlqkC

    Source: http://www.theblackvault.com/encyclopedia/documents/MUFON/Journals/1989/

  2. Unfortunately, when you go to the youtube link noted above by Harvey P., it simply displays the message "This video is private. / Sorry about that."

    If there is another legit link still active to the "Mirage Men" documentary (and I don't mean some torrent streaming download, a potential malware risk), please post it here. "Mirage Men," both the book and documentary, are central in covering some of the same issues Jack has been posting about here recently.

    The other link Harvey P. notes is valuable, in that it contains several messages with related links included by Isaac Koi, a British barrister and UFO history archivist, to "The Aviary," Moore, etc.

  3. I give my two thumbs up to Mirage Men. I got the double disk DVD set:


    It's very good work.

  4. Hi Jack,

    I am surprised at your reaction to Mirage Men (which I just watched). From my perspective, the whole thing hinges upon known frauds, dubious simpletons, and venal hucksters who love to spin tales to see the reaction. Here they are allowed free reign to do what they do in a self-sustaining feedback loop, without the slightest introspection or examination by the filmmakers.

    The entire proposition has less supporting evidence than the UFO mythology that is supposedly connected to.

    It is absurd, again from my point of view, to imagine that all this government activity was implemented to manipulate the tiny tiny group of people who are part of the story, people whose actual effect upon public perception and potential value for disinformation was almost zero.

    Was there never the thought to perhaps ask for some form of evidence?

    Linda Moulton Howe's perception of her own importance was a comical highlight of the film.

    The end of the film makes it clear that the chance of the things discussed like Serpo and MJ--12 being a disinformation campaign are just about zero while the self-important silly hacks pretend the opposite.

    Additionally, the belief in this kind of dubious nuttery acts as yet another aid to the unfalsifiability of UFO belief (and there were already plenty of those in place).

    And Doty is a POS.


    1. Yes, I think 'Mirage Men' was nice work and brings relevant circumstances up for consideration. I find the mirage men/IC involvement in the lives of members of the UFO community relevant in and of itself.

    2. I agree wholeheartedly with Lance about the complete failure of the documentary to actually come to grips with the real essence of what Doty represents. Instead, as he says, we get a boring feedback loop, livened up by the occasional appearance of Linda Moulton Howe, who is unintentionally hilarious.

      The kind of documentary film that should have been done about Doty et al can be seen in Errol Morris' Mr. Death: The Rise and Fall of Fred A. Leuchter, Jr., his fascinating portrait of Holocaust denier Fred Leuchter.

  5. Yet the focus of the film was CLEARLY to pretend that Doty and Moore were actual disinformation agents instead of twisted prevaricators. The film offers the viewer a raw deal because it was too lazy to ask any non-confirming questions.

    No mention of how Doty was actually running a mess hall, for instance--an odd duty for a super secret UFO disinfo agent.

    Admittedly there was mention of the work of Broadbent that exposes Doty as a scumbag who feeds on the attention that gets for his bullshit. But the heart of the film wasn't into that part of the story.


  6. FWIW: Ron Regehr supplied MM the videotape of Moore's mea culpa and Greg Bishop has Moore's original copy of his speech.

    1. Thank you. There have been some good ideas shared and I appreciate all of your interest and efforts. Thanks.

  7. Just because Doty ran the mess hall doesn't preclude the fact that he worked for the AFOSI, does it? In fact, just because he ran the mess hall doesn't mean that he actually did other work too.

    Case in point: My father was a Royal Marine Commando. Once, he spent some time on an aircraft carrier, and he was given the job to sort out the stores before an important mission. He was given only a few days to do this. So he worked for about 3 straight days getting it all sorted out. He ended up with a medal for his work. Yet, he still was a Royal Marine Commando. Just because some of your job may include something boring like logistics, does not preclude the possibility that you still would go out on patrol with other soldiers, like my father did.

    So I don't believe for one second that Doty just did the mess hall thing. Also, he was on the UFO Coverup Live! thing in the late 1980s, wasn't he? (Horrible program by the way. I shall never watch M*A*S*H again for that, Mike Farrell!!)

    Did the production team just let this guy wander in to a studio, and talk crap for a while? Didn't they do any background checks or actually know who Doty was before using his bs in the program? I think they probably knew exactly who he was, and what his job was.

    So ... none of what has been said is necessarily true, or indeed logical.

    From what I have read and seen, I still feel that Doty was working for the AFOSI on a disinfo program for the military. Look at Bennewitz. That definitely wasn't a mirage no matter how you spin it.

    And, of course, Doty feeds on the attention. I bet he gets a blast out of fooling the gullible people in the UFO field. I bet he has a great laugh doing what he does, and enjoys being paid for it. But then again that's his job: to distract people from the real stuff which is happening, and one of the by products is that, people end up talking more about him, than about what they should be actually talking about.

    Remember these people are very clever, and psychopathic. They get great fun out of what they do. But their actual reasons for doing it are very serious. Keep the prying eyes of the public away from the "real stuff" (whatever that may be) ie distract attention, and spread disinfo.

    Best wishes

    Harvey P.

    1. I continue to find a number of things about the Doty circumstances interesting, Harvey, and I agree that dismissing it all out of hand is no more functional than accepting statements without question. To do either misses a great deal of the substance of the saga, in my opinion.

      Writer/researcher George P. Hansen has a chapter on gov disinfo in his book, 'The Trickster and the Paranormal', in which he presents some solid research and worthy questions about Doty, the AFOSI and so on. Certainly worth a look.

      Also, Alejandro Rojas of Open Minds did some work that deserves consideration. I agree with Rojas that, one way or the other, the USAF should address Doty's actions because, at the least, he was employed with AFOSI during the time in question. The related article from Rojas:


  8. Sonce it's now been over a month since your original post here, Jack, I was wondering if you were ever able to locate any film, video, or a transcript of Moore's 1989 speech at the MUFON symposium as yet or not.

    If so, do you still plan to provide a link to any such actual record of Moore's speech?

    1. Hi, Steve,

      As far as a transcript or copy of Moore's speech, I have as of yet found no particularly better source than the links you initially provided. They are apparently about as good as any. Thanks.

      I do have a line on a copy of the video footage that I expect to prove fruitful. You and others who share our interest are welcome to email me to discuss it further at some point if you would like.

  9. I believe Moore discusses part of his speech on a Radio Mysterioso episode.

    1. Thank you, sir. I found what I was looking for since publishing this blog post, but I appreciate the tip.

  10. Jack, do you have the full tape/ transcript??

    1. Moore's speech was published in two parts. The first was in the November, 1989, MUFON Journal, and the second was in the December edition of the same year, 1989. The Journals may be found by year at:


    2. Hey Jack- Came across this old thread while searching for video, audio or transcripts of Bill Moore’s 1989 Las Vegas MUFON convention speech...

      I haven’t found any A/V, and the links here to transcripts of the speech no longer work... Any possible links for A/V of the speech or links to transcripts you can share? Thanks.

    3. Hi -

      The transcript of Moore's speech was split into two MUFON Journals, November and December of 1989.

      Part one:


      Part two:


  11. That link says the video is "private."

  12. As of 8/15/2020 this link to Mirage Men works. I just Tube searched the title.