Friday, May 9, 2014

Updates on Romanek Saga

Those interested in the unfolding saga of Stan Romanek might find the posts linked below helpful. Romanek is an alleged alien abductee who has made numerous fantastic and often difficult to accept claims over the past 13 years or so. Filmmakers Jon Sumple and Jack Roth have been at work on a documentary about Romanek's alleged anomalous experiences for about five years. Romanek was arrested in February and charged with two felony counts of exploitation of a child, reported by the Loveland (Colorado) Police Department to be related to possession and distribution of child pornography. The documentary, extraordinary: the stan romanek story, is set to debut online this month, among the latest events in this bizarre and at times concerning ongoing saga. To read more, see the following posts, in order of most recent first:

Documentary on Romanek debuts May 13; preliminary court hearing continued

Romanek documentary set for release; producers, wife discuss controversies

Romanek preliminary hearing rescheduled, set for May

Romanek conspiracy requires solid evidence

Stanley Romanek of UFO fame arrested and faces child porn charges

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  1. I have this terrible feeling that Romanek (or his wife/estate) will somehow profit from all this as the "victim" of a nebulous conspiracy, ect. Of course we're all innocent until proven guilty, but there were plenty of red-flags in Stan Romanek's background, particularly that ridiculous "alien" that was filmed peering in his house window.

    Good links, Jack!

    ~ Susan