Sunday, February 2, 2014

Paranormal Waypoint Series: Problem, Evidence, Result

Jeff Ritzmann, host of Paranormal Waypoint on KGRA Radio, recently undertook a three-part series of shows dedicated to addressing challenges within research of alleged alien abduction. The series, designed to identify problems, evidence of such problems and their subsequent results, began with reviewing information presented by psychologist Dr. Scott Lilienfeld.

The doctor explained the lack of reliability in the use of hypnosis as a memory retrieval tool. Also covered were the inherent challenges related to witness narratives obtained via hypnosis. Such challenges include a high degree of cultural contamination within ufology, as well as biased hypnotists who are typically overeager to obtain predetermined outcomes. Regressive hypnosis is of course the preferred investigative tool of such trend setting researchers of alien abduction as the late Budd Hopkins and retired historian Dr. David Jacobs. Problem.

Ritzmann's second episode included guest Carol Rainey, an award-winning filmmaker, author, grant writer and ex-wife of Hopkins. Rainey drew both widespread support and emotionally-based criticism from the UFO community in 2011 when she published The Priests of High Strangeness: Co-Creation of the “Alien Abduction Phenomenon”, an article documenting poor research practices by Hopkins and his misrepresentation of events.

Rainey followed up the essay by posting videos demonstrating Hopkins' exaggerations, including one clip in which the writer himself described his misleading portrayal of circumstances as stacking the deck. Additional clips on Rainey's YouTube channel include documentation of extreme inconsistencies in the Linda Cortile case and as additionally covered by veteran writer/researcher George Hansen and colleagues. Such circumstances are indeed evidence of problems.

The third and final episode of the Paranormal Waypoint series will cover results of the problems and will be broadcast Tuesday, February 4 at 9 p.m. EST. The show will focus upon circumstances surrounding the case of Emma Woods and the flawed research methodology of David Jacobs. The historian's reliance on regressive hypnosis as a primary investigative technique has been coupled with shameless promotion of completely unsubstantiated claims of human-alien breeding programs. Opportunities for researchers such as Jacobs to exploit such circumstances grew out of a ufology culture and subsequent following largely developed by Hopkins. Jacobs' now resulting iconic status has blinded many within the demographic to his researcher bias, circumstances affording him virtual immunity from critical review of his methodology, conclusions and care of research subjects.

Ritzmann extended an invitation to me, Jack Brewer, to join him and microbiologist Dr. Tyler Kokjohn on Paranormal Waypoint Tuesday evening. I look forward to supporting Ritzmann and his guests in their efforts to clarify circumstances and chains of events occurring within the alien abduction genre. Join us in the KGRA chat room and express your opinions about the material covered.

It should be noted that the Paranormal Waypoint three-part series consisted of individuals, including Ritzmann and Rainey, who do not dismiss reports of high strangeness out of hand. They are interpreted by this writer to be among a growing number of community members who recognize it is a poor choice to settle for premature conclusions in lieu of verifiable explanations, whatever those explanations may ultimately prove to be.


  1. Looking forward to hearing you on Paranormal Waypoint tonight! Fantastic blog BTW Elle

  2. Thanks, Elle! See ya in the chat room.

  3. Thank you, Jack. It is much appreciated.