Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Those Mysterious Men and Their Flying Machines

Dr. Michael Heiser, who holds a Ph.D. in Hebrew Bible, recently made a couple particularly noteworthy posts at his interesting blog, UFO Religions. In what has so far been a two-part post titled, Thoughts on a New Book About Triangular UFOs, Dr. Heiser explored the David Marler book, Triangular UFOs: An Estimate of the Situation.

Part one of Heiser's post included summaries and opinions of Mr. Marler's work, as well as thoughts on a foreword for the book provided by Colonel John Alexander. While Dr. Heiser commended Mr. Marler for his research and suggested the book to those interested in UFOs, Heiser also expressed concerns about glaring omissions of relevant data and as particularly committed by Colonel Alexander. The colonel continues to suggest he is willing and able to inform us which reported craft are ours - implying some are supposedly not - and in spite of at least pretending to be virtually oblivious to the history of man-made triangle craft and the interest held in them by two of his former employers, the Department of Defense and Robert Bigelow's National Institute of Discovery Science.

Heiser pointed out many relevant circumstances commonly omitted from discussion of the reported triangles, including declassified aircraft and dirigibles dated both old and new. The controversial activities and interests of the colonel as described in posts here at The UFO Trail were also referenced and linked.

Part two further questioned how Colonel Alexander could purportedly not be aware of quite human-created triangle craft that a couple hours of Internet research easily identifies to exist. Dr. Heiser presented many documents and related photos from such sources as the US Patent Office concerning triangle craft and what might likely be reported as unidentified flying objects. The point was effectively made by Heiser that omission of such data is indeed a disservice to the UFO community, while emphasizing that such information does not necessarily provide explanations for all reports.

Just a few of the craft and circumstances presented by Dr. Heiser included:

Popular Mechanics reported on the stealth blimp in 1999

A V-shaped high altitude airship. Note the large size
of the craft as demonstrated in the photos above and below.

Modern Mechanix reported on
fascinating dirigibles, circa 1934.

The DoD's stealth worm airship can conduct surveillance
at tens of thousands of feet for days at a time

Aerial Phenomenon Investigations

Meanwhile, the Aerial Phenomenon Investigations Team, known as API, launched a new website. Dedicated to conducting investigations, research and analysis of UFOs and other aerial phenomena, the group and its director, Antonio Paris, vow to bring more science to the often misdirected and wayward field of ufology.

The new website includes a page on man-made flying objects. Below are some of the many interesting photos presented. Visitors to the site are encouraged to register, allowing them to comment, submit posts and more.



  1. These STILL do not answer the questions to the large Triangle shaped craft seen by many. Credible eyewitnesses include several police officers from Illinois. Are we capable of building something 2 stories tall and as long as a football field? I wonder!

    1. Hi, HeyJude1965, and thanks for your comments. While I of course do not speak for Dr. Heiser, I interpret he emphasized that he was not attempting to provide explanations for all reported triangle sightings, but wanted to make a certain point.

      That point being that information about patented dirigibles, some of which were triangular in shape and dating back over 100 years, relevant declassified aircraft and similar such circumstances deserve inclusion in a serious review of the topic. I further interpret that Heiser suggested such info was largely ignored by Colonel Alexander during the foreword he authored for Marler's book, as well as omitted from mention by Marler. I think Dr. Heiser was suggesting that, while he overall recommended Marler's book, a thorough and informed discussion should include such circumstances.

  2. Thanks, Jack. I would of course echo that thought, as it reflects what I said earlier on my own blog. With respect to the football field size, I'd say we *can* do that. The triangle dirigible in the pictures (the fat blue one) are a good 30-40 yards long. I see no reason we couldn't double that size. We have blimps at that scale - this just requires changing the shape to a triangle. You'd just need a facility to contain them - which of course we have in the modern aerospace industry. But again, no one is claiming that such technology explains every sighting. That would be claiming omniscience. I have a pretty secure grasp on my own lack of omniscience. Having said that, it's telling how many ETH proponents presume that ET is behind such sightings - and some presume basically all of them to read their material.

  3. Yes we are capable of building something that size.
    The Hindenburg was 245 m long, a football field is only 109 meters long. Take 3 Hindenburg type air-frames and join them nose to tail and thats one very large flying triangle.

    Some nice size comparison pics here

    I support the ET'sH hypothesis personally (multiple species of ET, an important distinction to the ETH label imo)

    But to the question could we build something this size, the answer has to be a yes.