Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Science Versus Sensationalism, Part Four of Four: Aliens and Evidence

The final post in my Examiner.com series further explored the manners we might expect purported scientific researchers to conduct their activities if they sincerely believed the fantastic claims they put forth. Protocols for handling trace evidence were explained by Dr. Tyler Kokjohn, and overall concerns were considered:
Mostly, though, I considered how I would not be particularly concerned by such self-described investigators, the likes of the Mutual UFO Network leadership and their sensational proclamations if it were not for their claims of following scientific protocols. The subsequent damage being inflicted upon well intentioned individuals is also concerning. I can think of some pretty accurate descriptions of such activities and circumstances, and suffice it to say 'scientific' is not among them.

People are entitled to believe anything they choose. They are not entitled to demand others agree or to do harm to others in the process. Neither are they entitled to describe extremely questionable theatrics bordering on intentional deception as scientific research.
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