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The Bizarre World of Doctor David Jacobs: An Interview and Review, Part One of Three

I initially spotted Dr. David Jacobs browsing the vendor area at the recent Ozark UFO Conference where he was a scheduled speaker. Clad in business casual with an accompanying blue sport jacket, he made his way from table to table of products, observing this and contemplating that, but not appearing particularly interested in any of it.

I approached him. Jacobs stood five-foot-something and wore glasses he seemed to peek over or under about as often as not. His white hair could reasonably have been considered to need a cut. He wore khaki pants accompanied by a worn and weathered old brown belt.

I introduced myself and explained I was the man who he agreed to provide a few minutes of time. I previously asked Jacobs via email if he would meet with me at the conference and allow me to ask him a few questions for a blog post, to which he cooperatively replied he would.

David Jacobs
We stood among the conference vendors as Jacobs tried to identify a suitable time to meet with me during the weekend. This interaction provided me the basis for forming a perspective that would continue to develop as the weekend progressed, a perspective that painted the relatively high profile historian and researcher of alien abduction as a rather 'absentminded professor.'

This is not, however, to imply I came to perceive Jacobs as particularly intellectually deficient or unusually challenged to persuade people to admire him. Not at all. As a matter of fact, and even with my admittedly predisposed negative opinion of his work, I found myself initially motivated to find him... likable. His abilities to win friends and influence people, so to speak, combined with his absentminded – even seemingly non-threatening – demeanor, offered me opportunities to consider how otherwise sensible individuals might find themselves rationalizing ways to accept his potentially dangerous fringe-research methodology and extraordinary claims.

During his public presentation, Jacobs quite effectively presented himself as a friendly - maybe even humble - man who never wanted to end up here, but this wacky UFO stuff left him no other choice but to accept the supposed reality of what he claimed is taking place. He framed himself as a victim of a stubborn scientific community that refuses to listen to him. He intermittently mumbled, cussed and made fun of himself during his Saturday night lecture.

“Damn,” he mumbled several times during his presentation, a reference to technological malfunctions and/or user errors he seemed to repeatedly experience while trying to operate electronic equipment.

“How many times can a person say damn in one life?” he then asked rhetorically, invoking waves of laughter from an audience apparently feeling increasingly both relieved and happy to be led to believe they should relate to the man. After all and as was the case with him, they did not understand how that equipment he was trying to use worked, either, and the scientific community refuses to listen to them, too.

At times he spoke rapidly, effectively measuring voice inflection as he employed long, run on sentences to metaphorically express the manic nature of alleged alien abduction and his claimed bewilderment with what his research supposedly revealed. Other times he more calmly presented the hundreds of attendees with third person, anonymous narration after narration of abductions, breeding programs and mind control – all committed by non-human beings... aliens and hybrids – but, mostly, he entertained the audience. They grew to like him. They liked the way he at least seemed to validate their personal notions, and they seemed to feel better about themselves while with him and listening to him.

In smaller groups of people, Jacobs was truly in his element. He was demonstrative and animated, yet at other times equally effective when soft spoken. He masterfully transferred emotion and motivated people, who clearly and quite willingly wanted to be motivated, to thoroughly consider and envision his described scenes and scenarios. They 'wanted to believe' and, in many circumstances, long had.

He would step forward among a group of a dozen or so conference attendees, as if taking a stage, wave his arms and confidently warn of an alien invasion, while followers huddled ever closer to hear supposed insider insights and cherished details. Then, periodically, he would ease the mounting tension he created, sighing softly about how frustratingly little we know as he lowered his head, timidly slumped his shoulders and took a step back.

Is there any validity to the work David Jacobs claims to conduct? Has science forsaken the man, as he suggested, or has he simply not provided the scientific community anything it can reasonably evaluate? These are the types of questions and related issues we will explore in this series of three posts, drawing upon the man's statements and using reviews from qualified experts as our guides. The previously published work of Susan Blackmore, Ted Goertzel and Stephanie Kelley-Romano will be cited. Recent comments generously provided to The UFO Trail by retired engineer Frank Purcell and microbiologist Dr. Tyler Kokjohn will be presented for consideration.

The vendor area at the Ozark UFO Conference
Standing with me in the vendor area, Jacobs pulled notes from his pockets and briefly glanced at both sides, ran his finger up and down a conference schedule while mumbling something or other about it, and thought aloud about how he lost his flash drive that he intended to use during his then imminent presentation, all during the process of trying to decide when we should meet. He abruptly looked up and asked if I had any special equipment I wanted to set up to interview him, the papers he held in his hands then suddenly seeming close to the status of trash.

I replied that all I wanted to use was a hand held audio recording device. He then asked if I had it with me, to which I informed him I could easily go get it.

“Let's talk,” he proposed.

The Interview

After retrieving my audio recorder I guided Dr. Jacobs to a room I noticed earlier that was adjacent to the larger vendor area. It was there that we pulled a couple of chairs together and proceeded to talk.

I noted how opportunities to test DNA are becoming increasingly available as large strides continue to be made in the evolution of sequencing technology. I asked if he found such evolving technology and related opportunities of interest.

“I am very, very interested in that,” Jacobs replied, explaining how his views of the kinds of research required to advance ufology have changed over the years. He described how when he was “just a UFO researcher” he thought astronomers and astrophysicists could be most helpful.

“Then when I became interested in the abduction phenomenon,” he continued, “and I began to do work in it, I thought that what we needed really was physiologists - and then gynecologists because of the reproductive quality of it. Now I think that what we need is neurologists.

“I think that's the most important thing we could possibly have is neurologists. However, what we also need is geneticists as well, people who can do DNA sequencing who can help us.”

Jacobs suggested “we,” a pronoun he consistently used to describe those who understand what he asserted to be “known” about topics alien and hybrid, have “learned more and more.” This, he declared, assists us in knowing where we should go from here.

“So, yes,” he answered as to whether or not he is interested in the evolving DNA sequencing technology. He added, however, that he sees many challenges, particularly with funding, stating, “DNA sequencing is not cheap, and looking for slight differences in DNA is not cheap.”

Jacobs indicated he is not optimistic that any significant advances in abduction research will be made in the near future, explaining, “I just think we're going to have to poke along as best we can and just try to figure out as much as we can, and eventually we're going to hit a wall. We're going to know as much as we can possibly know about the subject and after that it's going to have to be people with a lot of talent and a lot of knowledge, a lot of skills putting their heads together and trying to figure this thing out both scientifically, genetically and everything else. I don't know if that's going to happen in my lifetime.”

“Some that follow the field have been encouraged and optimistic about such websites as 23andMe,” I said. “That's a place that - starting at like nine dollars per month – one can send saliva and have it sequenced. Are you aware of the advances being made?”

“No, I'm not,” he replied. “I never heard of 23andMe. Thanks for telling me. I'll take a look at it.”

“Sure. The New York Times also recently ran an article on a company that for under $1000 does extensive sequencing. You're not aware of those kinds of advances?”

“No. I am aware that if you want to do professional sequencing looking for differences in DNA it can run up to three million dollars. This is something that I am aware of,” Jacobs explained, and went on to indicate he thought less than seven digits worth of sequencing may purchase little more than basic data.

“I think what they're just looking for in certain DNA sequencing,” Jacobs supposed, “for people like that is - I don't know what they're looking for. I don't know if they're looking for alien DNA or anything like that or if they're looking to see if there's something wrong with their fetus or if there's something wrong with them or if they have a certain chromosome that will yield Huntington's that killed Woody Guthrie and all that. So I'm not sure. I'd have to examine it more because most people when they also go for chromosomal sequencing they are looking for heredity – you know, where they come from. I've learned if you go back far enough, everybody's related to Queen Elizabeth.”

I stated, “A moment ago you mentioned it's difficult looking for slight DNA differences.”


“What specifically leads you to believe there would not be large markers?”

“Because...” Jacobs began, thoughtfully paused a few seconds, and then continued, “now you're getting into the 'inside baseball' stuff. If you're dealing with alien DNA there's going to be huge markers. I don't even know if they have DNA; I can't tell you that for sure. So that's going to be almost impossible to get, unless you're in a situation where you can cut off one of their little fingers - but it's just not going to happen - but if you're interested in hybrid DNA, that's different.

“With hybrid DNA we have Bill Chalker writing a book in Australia called Hair of the Alien, and that's a hybrid hair. It's mitochondrial DNA and they can only find out certain things, although recently they made strides in sequencing mitochondrial DNA and they can find out more things now. When the book first came out all they could find out was heritage – the mother's heritage.

“What we need then is not just hybrid DNA but – and if you read my book The Threat, you realize I divided hybrids into early stage, middle stage and late stage for convenience sake, although it's a little more subtle than that, obviously – but now there is what I call human stage, who really look human; who are human except that they can do things that other hybrids and aliens can do and we can't. They can control people, and without that control obviously there would be no abduction phenomenon.

"At that point you're dealing with a human. This person is human in every way except for sleep cycle and the ability to control others."
“At that point you're dealing with a human. This person is human in every way except for sleep cycle and the ability to control others. Searching for that, which is basically a brain situation, it seems to me would be difficult. Now, I don't know, but it seems to me it would be.”

I asked, “Am I correct in my interpretation that you believe these hybrids will be released into the general population?”

“This is what abductees tell me, this is what abductees tell me. It's not something that I wanted to hear. It's not something that I led them into. In fact, I tried to lead them away from it but they won't have it. They know what they remember and they know what's going on with them, and these are people who have already passed all sorts of tests about whether they can be led or whether they're vulnerable or anything like that – and the hypnosis I do is extremely light. It's just relaxation techniques. I'm not a professional hypnotist, obviously, although I have trained a whole bunch of other people to do this kind of work. The fact is, though, that this is what they tell me.”

Jacobs claimed he is embarrassed to talk about such circumstances, adding that, as an academic, he “must go where the evidence leads” him. He claimed to believe it led him “into this embarrassing position.”

Am I correct, with the name of the book being The Threat,” I asked, “that you suppose this is not for benevolent purposes as the alleged hybrids enter our domain?”

Jacobs explained the publisher, Simon and Schuster, selected the name of the book. He stated he was opposed to the title but eventually printing proceeded.

“However,” he went on, “I must say that over the years since The Threat came out, I have come to think that this is a threatening situation. I really look upon it as catastrophic, I must say, but not necessarily malevolence. They're not here to hurt us, I don't think. I don't really know, but I don't think. They're not here to, you know, stomp on Tokyo or destroy New York or something like that, so we really don't know.”

“Now,” Jacobs continued, “the question is if hybrids integrate into society, why? Why are they doing that? We do not know the answer to that question because they don't tell abductees, therefore we do not know. That is the last remaining question of huge magnitude that we don't know, I think.”

“Can you offer any comment on how they reproduce or its envisioned they reproduce?”

“You mean aliens or hybrids?” he asked.


“Okay, well, with aliens we do not know how they reproduce. There's no reproductive organs. When people say they've had sex with aliens, with grey aliens, it can't be true.

“They might be stamped out of a dye, they might be cloned, we really don't know how that happens. We don't know the behind the scenes aspect of that.

"With hybrids, we know the hybrids are made out of - when women describe eggs being taken, men describe the sperm being taken, and then they're - the fetus is put in a - you know, the egg is fertilized."
“With hybrids, we know the hybrids are made out of - when women describe eggs being taken, men describe the sperm being taken, and then they're - the fetus is put in a - you know, the egg is fertilized. Something happens then. Either DNA is added or something is altered which we don't know because we don't know any of this technological stuff. The fetus is reintroduced into the woman's uterus or other places in the woman's body near the uterus and between ten, eleven weeks, they're removed. It's a fetal implant, fetal extraction and this happens to virtually all women.

“Then they're sort of kept in tanks until they are – you can't use the word 'born' and you can't use the word 'hatched' - until they're taken out of the tanks.”

“...And you get this information...?”

“From abductees who see this. This is standard stuff. I literally have hundreds of cases of this. This is just primary stuff.

“Then you get some that look more alien, some that look in the middle, some that look more human in the spectrum, but as years have gone by we've seen more and more human - late stage ones as I call them. Now we're seeing human ones.”

Jacobs continued to describe the “human ones.”

“The human ones and the late stage ones, we think, reproduce normally. However, we don't know because we do not know if late stage or human hybrids and late stage males and females get together to produce a little bitty baby. We don't know that. My guess is they don't.

“My guess is they skip certain procedures and just impregnate a normal human female, and the fetus is taken out between nine and eleven weeks. So that's how they reproduce, but aliens, we don't have a clue. We are clueless about that, and you'd think after all these years of studying the subject, we'd know, but we don't because abductees don't. It's all behind the scenes stuff.”

We discussed further why Jacobs stated millions of dollars in funding is required to conduct DNA tests on individuals or items allegedly coming in contact with aliens or hybrids.

“The reason I say millions,” Jacobs said, “is because Lloyd Pye has this skull and he estimates it costs several million dollars to get the skull completely sequenced. That estimate apparently has been agreed upon by other people too.

“The point is that if somebody comes along and wants to do it, fine, then, you know. I have taken material for analysis to various DNA testing places. They had negative results. There wasn't enough of it or they couldn't tell what it was – that sort of thing.”

“Are these tests available for the public to review?”

“Not yet.”

“Will they be?”

“I don't know. One I did many years ago at a local lab in Delaware. Another one was done by American Testing Institute in New York City – American Chemical? I can't remember the name of it now. That was also many years ago – about brown stains that people have; that's routinely there.

“I had another one done for a TV show and they didn't know what the heck it was. They just sort of laughed about it and I got to look at those reports.

“Maybe one day I'll put them on the Internet. I don't know, but I'm still old school. It never occurs to me to put things on the Internet, but that's an idea 'cause they're just sitting in my files. But with this purity of DNA that comes directly from a hybrid, that would be another order of things.”

“Am I correct in my understanding,” I asked, “that Barbara Lamb claims to personally know a hybrid?”

“You're going to have to ask Barbara that. I don't know. I haven't talked to Barbara in a couple of years, actually.”

“What I'm getting at,” I explained, “again, is the possible opportunities to do some testing. It would seem like she would prioritize such a thing if she knew a hybrid... Am I correct that you understood hybrids to have sent you text messages and emails?”

“Yes, yes,” Jacobs said, “and that I will be writing a book about. Within context, you'll see the build up to it and how it's all logical; how this came about. Now, I can't tell whether it's a hoax or not. The only way whether I can tell if it's a hoax is by looking in this person's window while typing, instant messaging, and she lives 125 miles away from me – and I'd have to be typing the whole way and then looking in her window to see whether she's sitting there or some guy's sitting there, ya know what I mean?

“So, I don't know. All I know is that the woman I've known for 13 years and I still know her, and she's wonderful and she's great, and she's never ever, ever, ever lied to me in any conceivable way.”

“Is this the woman known as Elizabeth?”


Okay,” I began, “I can empathize with someone being 125 miles away... I can empathize with that -”

“You can't look in her windows anyway,” Jacobs interjected. “She sent me pictures of her room. There are curtains and the air conditioner and this and that and you can't even see inside.”

...and can you empathize,” I continued and asked, “with people that might say if a camera or fingerprint stood between you and a Nobel, it seems like we could figure out how to get the goods on this hybrid?”

“It was much more difficult than you think. This was something that - we – it's much more easy – she wouldn't even remember what was happening until I'd talk with her the next day. By that time, there are no fingerprints. She's already - I'm just going to have to write this thing up and let people decide for themselves. I'll let people decide for themselves on this but, to me, it was typical hybrid discussion, having heard hundreds and hundreds of hybrid discussions from abductees – but I don't know, we'll see, we'll see.

“I'm not going to make any claims one way or the other. All I know is it's one of the scariest things that ever happened to me.”

As I began to ask another question, Jacobs requested I turn off the audio recorder. I complied. We then briefly discussed a couple more aspects of his research and career before concluding our interaction. I appreciate the time Dr. Jacobs offered me and his willingness to meet with me.


Having now conducted somewhat of an interview with Dr. Jacobs, attended his presentation at the Ozark UFO Conference, observed discussions in which he participated throughout the weekend of the conference, and reflected upon it all, I identify several concerns with his statements and suggested lines of reasoning. Among the first items I found worthy of calling into question was that, in so many words, Jacobs was seemingly suggesting it is relatively futile to try to obtain physical evidence of the beings conducting the abductions because the abductions are now being carried out by humans - manufactured by aliens, in what we are apparently led to believe are the results of some type of devious strategy. There seem to be a number of potentially mentally unhealthy and concerning aspects of entertaining such suggestions, but I will leave it at that for now.

Another item deserving much more clarification is the doctor's mention of undertaking previous DNA research. This is potentially significant for a number of reasons, including raising the issue of how Temple University defined the work conducted by Jacobs.

It is reasonable for the UFO community and academia to expect transparency concerning such activities, including clearly stated research objectives, methodologies and outcomes. These are circumstances legitimately deserving further clarification and are universally recognized as such among professional researchers of any discipline.


The Bizarre World of Doctor David Jacobs: An Interview and Review, Part Two of Three

The Bizarre World of Doctor David Jacobs: An Interview and Review, Part Three of Three


  1. Dr. Jacobs says: “This is what abductees tell me, this is what abductees tell me. It's not something that I wanted to hear. It's not something that I led them into.”

    Contrary to what Dr. Jacobs claims, I have hours and hours of tape of him leading me extensively and overtly under hypnosis, and in my opinion he had to have known what he was doing.

    Dr. Jacobs says: "Now, I can't tell whether it's a hoax or not. The only way whether I can tell if it's a hoax is by looking in this person's window while typing, instant messaging, and she lives 125 miles away from me – and I'd have to be typing the whole way and then looking in her window to see whether she's sitting there or some guy's sitting there, ya know what I mean?’”

    The hybrid instant messaging sessions were arranged in advance by emails between Dr. Jacobs and the hybrids. So Dr. Jacobs knew when they would be arriving at Elizabeth’s house. He could have arranged for a private investigator to watch the house at those times. There would be countless other ways of doing it, if he was approaching it in good faith. He tries to make a mockery of it in my opinion to cover his own lack of investigation.

    Dr. Jacobs says: “It was much more difficult than you think. This was something that - we – it's much more easy – she wouldn't even remember what was happening until I'd talk with her the next day. By that time, there are no fingerprints."

    Dr. Jacobs is flat out lying here, because the times of the hybrid instant messaging sessions were arranged in advance. He had ample opportunity to arrange something ahead of time.

    Elizabeth’s hybrids were talking to Brian Reed on instant messenger as well as to Dr. Jacobs. Unlike Dr. Jacobs, Brian took steps to catch Elizabeth out.

    On several occasions, when the hybrid instant messaging had finished, Brian went invisible on instant messenger instead of logging out, to see what Elizabeth would do. A few minutes later she would put up an “away” message, such as a joking comment about pizza, etc. He asked her repeatedly to put up a webcam, and she gave him numerous different excuses for why she wouldn’t. He eventually asked one if her hybrids a trick questions on instant messenger, and caught her out.

    Brian presented Dr. Jacobs with the evidence he had accumulated that showed that Elizabeth was writing the hybrid instant messaging. Dr. Jacobs simply stalled him, the same way that he had stalled me.

    Eventually Dr. Jacobs had Elizabeth take a polygraph test on whether she had written the hybrid instant messaging to Dr. Jacobs and Brian. However, Dr. Jacobs and Elizabeth colluded in deceiving the polygraph examiner about what she was accused of. She passed the polygraph on a question that was not exactly about what she had done. I wrote to a polygraph examiner to ask his opinion on it, and he said that if a person being examined by polygraph participates with the person requesting the polygraph in deceiving the examiner, this could reduce the stress on the person being tested and make it easier for them to pass. Polygraph tests are also notoriously unreliable.

    In regard to Temple University's definition of the work conducted by Jacobs, I filed a complaint with the Office for Human Research Protections (OHRP). In response Temple Universe made a case to the OHRP that Dr. Jacobs was conducting “oral history”, and not “research”, and that therefore the OHRP did not have the mandate to investigate it. The OHRP was nevertheless concerned, and they asked Temple University to investigate it voluntarily. However, Temple University told me that they could not do that as Dr. Jacobs was not conducting “research”. In my opinion, Temple University’s definition of Dr. Jacobs’ work was guided by evading liability for his misconduct as a researcher.

    1. Hi, Emma -

      I of course realize that while others may find the subject matter to be of varying degrees of interest, it became an ongoing and central issue of your very life. I am thoroughly convinced the work you have both conducted and inspired made significant and constructive impacts on what became known as research of alien abduction.

    2. I've just spent 2 1/2 weeks going intensively through 'his side' and 'her side.'Countless hours of audiotapes and audio transcripts of David Jacobs blatantly telling the subject, both before and during hypnosis, _exactly_ what part of the alien/hybrid narrative he wanted to hear come out of that person's mouth.

      I've just listened to or read about 50 hours of that material and it is not something that he would ever, ever show the public. He is literally creating the narrative. Anyone not yet convinced might want to go deep down inside those valuable archives of materials that exist online and pull from them. Emma Woods has simply put online the abduction researcher's archive that they would never, ever in a million years, release to the public themselves. Take advantage of it. If it came down, you'd never really know a thing about abduction research methodologies, except exactly what those joined at the hip researchers _tell you_ they do.

      As far as I am capable of judging, Emma's site puts the raw, source material out there (with some unskilled edits that delete names or identifiers) for people to make up their own minds.

    3. Hello Carol,

      Do you regret co-writing (with Budd Hopkins) your book: 'Sight Unseen: Science, UFO Invisibility and Transgenic Beings' (9/2004)? I found the book informative and fascinating, btw.

      I ask because of the documentary you're working on, rough-cut parts of which are available on youtube (re- your obvious skepticism of Hopkins Linda Napolitano case -- film and info that predated your co-authored book); as well as your interest in the "Emma Woods" case where you often refer to Jacobs and the late Hopkins as "joined at the hip researchers" - yet you co-authored a book with the latter.

      ~ Susan Brown

  2. Jack wrote: "Some that follow the field have been encouraged and optimistic about such websites as 23andMe,” I said. “That's a place that - starting at like nine dollars per month – one can send saliva and have it sequenced. Are you aware of the advances being made?” - - -

    I went to the 23andMe website and it's $99.00 as long as one signs into a year long contract of $9.00 monthly on top of that-for membership access and updates.

    This is the company that Dr. Henry Louis Gates uses on his interesting PBS program 'Finding Your Roots'. However the star treatment of going back, sometimes over a thousand years, to find certain ancestors, is NOT included in the $99.00 plus $9.00 a month for a year plan. ;-)

    When you think of it how would anyone manage to get a "hybrid" (or someone you suspect is one) to spit their saliva into a tube, which is then placed into a 23andMe secure mailing kit. I think the person (hybrid or not) would become suspicious.

    ~ Susan

    1. Hi, Susan -

      Perhaps it would help for me to clarify I was not suggesting a hybrid be asked to submit a saliva sample, although such a scenario might well apply to circumstances as described by Barbara Lamb. My point was that sequencing is indeed now within reach to test people and/or objects allegedly coming in contact with hyrbids or aliens, as would be applicable to any number of scenarios commonly presented by Dr. Jacobs.

    2. Hi Jack,

      Oh, I'd forgotten about Barbara Lamb! You may want to consider contacting Lamb about her hybrid friend in regard to taking genetic testing - the 23AndMe for instance. It would be interesting to know Lamb's reply - but I can imagine it being new-agey and evasive.

      Also, I noticed doing some Bing and Google searches there are a few people with their own websites who claim to be "hybrids". If they're public enough to have their own websites and admit to such information about themselves, perhaps they would agree to being genetically tested.

      ~ Susan Brown

  3. Hypnosis -Truth Serum of Make Believe

  4. @ Emma,

    Emma, you have been slandering David for years now. Give it up. Get a job. Get medical and/or psychological help and move on with your life. I know I'm not the only one who is sick and tired of you making the rounds.

    1. Here's where Jacobs's affability gets undermined. By paranormal thugs like you. I know I'm not the only who is sick and tired of Jacobs's internet-hooligan UFO charlatans spitting up their fear-inflected, alien-human hybridized doomsday venom like Linda Blair on LSD. Thank you for your visions of world peace. Any other bright bequests for our children's future?

      Don't you have another website to take down? Someone to ban or something? Or do they allow that when you're on day pass?

      Police Room 619

    2. RD I couldn't agree with you more. Emma I feel your pain sweetie, really I do, but enough already. Let it go so you can move on with your life and finally heal. Obsessing over something is not healthy. I wish you well.

  5. I'm huge fan of Jacob's and will be looking forward to his new book!

    1. I'm hugh fan of Jacob's and will be looking forward to his new book!
      Translation: I need someone to lie to me so I can be comfortable in the world.

  6. Dr. Jacobs has all of the rationality of the Mad Hatter. There is virtually zero evidence that alien 'abductees' have experiences which intersect object reality in any way. Do they have experiences? Sure. Are they literal space/time events? No. Does hypnosis lead to false memories? Absolutely yes.

    People who are truly traumatized by their anomalous experiences should probably get some help; help from a professional therapist perhaps, but they sure as hell shouldn't go see a bat shit crazy history professor with a penchant for S&M!


    1. It's amazing to hear all these authoritative opinions of Jacobs when I know NONE of you have met the man or certainly not observed a single hypnosis induction he performed. I did 12, on myself, and on the rare times he "fished" for something not there, I predicted what he was looking for and denied it before any direct question would be asked. He never led me anywhere. I did resist attempts on occasion. He failed when he tried, and he is THE MASTER at separating physical reality and mindscan confabulation. All this 100%positive/100%negative emotional investment stuff reveals you folks are too emotionally invested.

    2. USE abductees to feel like you're somebody with something to say, but STOP RIGHT THERE when you use defending my interest as an excuse to talk about Dr. David Jacobs's private sexual proclivities. You have no right. That is morally wrong. Please cease & desist, you trash act. Thank you.

    3. Anonymous, you make some valid points.

      Now to something else - I've mentioned it before - here and on other blogs/forums - and think it bears repeating. And that is we (whatever 'side' or p.o.v. we hold on the complex topics within ufology) should use our true, legal name. To hide behind pseudonyms is, at this point in ufology, unnecessary. [I'm not singling you out, just taking the opportunity to bring this up]. The more of us who use our real names hopefully may cause an effect of flushing out cowards who hide behind fake names as they push their agendas.

      ~ Susan Brown

    4. Hiya Susan, it's a difficult call on using real identities because for some people it would present obstacles at work.

      In my own case, I've posted under this name for several years and never anonymously. This means I'm able to share an interest in these subjects whilst still being held accountable for whatever opinions I express.

      If anyone ever writes an A-Z of ufology, I won't be in it and that's fine with me. Likewise, using my real name won't take ufology any further.

      Ufology is a small pond where we tend to recognise each other's perspective. If I see you posting, it's usually something worth reading and is intelligently expressed. For all I know, you could have a different name and it wouldn't take away from the content you post.

      In different circumstances, we could be political posters or pursuing conversations about recreational drug-use. We might be into the dark worlds of conspiracy theories. In those worlds, anonymity could be the difference between getting a new job or being rejected. They could be reasons to succeed or fail at a promotion. Perhaps someone's workplace is fuelled by a bullying ethic? It happens - as Facebook news stories have demonstrated.

      In Internet terms, I reckon the problems of anonymity are outweighed by the benefits.

    5. Dr. David Jacobs hypnotised me 12 times, uncovering 11 abduction experiences. He was always a model of professionalism and rationality, was not a particularly giften hypnotist by any mens, but is a Golbal master at separating confabulation and mindscan memories from physical reality. I am grateful he helped me identify the differences and learn to distinguish them. He DID lead me indirectly towards the details reported by others, but he NEVER succeeded in leading (maybe a better hypnotist than Jacobs is needed to really lead a hypnotic subject???). I always saw where he was going and said "I know you're leading up to ask if this happened. It did not. This is what I remember instead."

    6. Hi Kandinsky, I acknowledge your points and do see if you're working in a very conservative enviorment that it could be used against you if you were found out. I'm fortunate to work in a liberal, open-minded enviornment where personal interests aren't judged and I have colleagues far more eccentric than me (phew...that's good thing!).

      I still think though, if we all use our names, ufology, in general, can be seen as not so....hmmm...shameful perhaps. And it's just so irritating! John Radcliff also brought up the issue of posting anonymous, in this thread.

      Here's another point - People that have an interest in ghost hunting (and related paranormal experiences) use their names with no shame. It's interesting too that skeptics and debunkers use their own names.

      As for our governments (western govs in particular) - if they're following activities of close encounter experiencers as well as investigators - they already know who we are. No handle, fake name or posting anonymous will protect us from their prying eyes and surveillance.

      We're also easily tracked on Facebook by whatever government or private interest entity that may be interested.

      And from a personal perspective, on Facebook I have a mix of friends ranging from lifelong ones, school chums, work colleagues and ufo-ish buddies. I've yet to be de-friended by any non-ufoish peeps and I have my Facebook set for all the friends to view each other. Now maybe they're loling behind my back, but ahhh, I don't care. And, to think in a positive sense, perhaps the negative stigma is disolving.

      No one posting online is truly anonymous anyhow. For example blogger dot com as well as most forums have programs that can be used by the blog owner or forum owner to track an ISP locale. I'm likely showing up coming in from a western-Massachusetts city and Comcast.

      I just want to see people who are involved and posting about ufology to 'come out of the closet', the way people involved in ghosties have. And I think the more of us who post our real identities will enable others to do so.

      ~ Susan Brown

    7. amazes me how so many people that have not experienced anything to do with UFO's are so quick to ridicule those that have..and the funniest part??...after everything the abductees tell you, it is only going to take the government to just say seven little words...'Yes, we have had contact for years' to have the whole world believe.

  7. Jack Brewer (if that is in fact your real name)

    You only post crap from people who do one of three things:

    Make you look good

    Give "Emma" another outlet to spew her lies

    Make abductees and those who try to help them look bad

    You're a FRAUD and anyone who believes the crap you write about on any topic is an IDIOT

    1. Excellent anonymous post. Dr. David Jacobs is a professor of history. He has no right whatsoever to be messing with people who have suffered a traumatic experience. He should not be conducting hypnosis on people. There is zero evidence that alien abductions happen anywhere other than within the minds of people who have these experiences. Their reports are like those of people who have taken psychedelic drugs or simply had powerful dream experiences.

      It's very brave of you to post anonymously.


  8. C'mon... we all know who anonymous is. He's the "justice doesn't matter guy"! I met David Jacobs, interviewed him for a radio program, bought his books and attended his seminars... I was 100% in the guy's camp! In the tank!

    ...Then he advised a woman in a highly suggestible state that she had a serious mental disease, a disease requiring doctors and psychotropic drugs. In no way competent to make such a diagnosis, he only made it to, at best, cover his cowardly ASS if he believes the narrative, and for crass pecuniary reasons if he did not. Tilt! We need go no further! Step off, Dr. Jacobs! Step down! Step away!

    I'm cheek by jowl with the worst, and disappointing the best...

    Only, why are the best of us supporting this psychopath!

  9. Jack,

    Another excellent article!

    Thanks and looking forward to the next installment.

    Lance Moody

    1. Thanks, Lance! Let me/us know what you think about all this as you read the rest and if the mood strikes.

  10. Hiya Jack. Although I wouldn't enjoy seeing the hostilities of 2011 again, it's still a topic that hasn't been resolved. I guess those on the edges have it all tied up in certainty and the rest of us wonder how it's gone on for so long?

    In my opinion, Dr Jacobs has lost his way. He should realise that he's holding psychiatry to two different standards. On the one hand, people like Emma are readily diagnosed along the DSM-IV criteria but such diagnoses are refused by Jacobs et al when applied to them. In that way, disorders are only for *other* people.

    Anyway, I'm not here to write personal attacks (anonymous or otherwise). Having read a lot of your previous blogs, I'm intrigued to see what direction your thoughts will take us during these interviews. Nice work.

    1. Hey, K -

      Glad you are enjoying the work! You bring up very valid points, in my opinion.

      In the event you are wondering, which I suppose you are due to your comment about my previous blogs, I indeed do not think it takes a great deal of sympathy for conspiracy theorists for someone to pose the question about certain self-described abduction researchers: WTF, man?! And now we are being told - when crime scene investigation techniques are increasingly within our grasp - that we should not bother with such because the culprits are, for all practical purposes, human.

      Heyyyyyyyyy, WAIT a minute.....!!!

    2. Yeah it's a logical maelstrom.

      The supposition goes that at one time the 'early stage' hybrids could have been discovered but technology wasn't up to it. Now, our technology *is* up to it and they've moved on to being so human we'd never find them.

      Tricky bastards.

      This thinking doesn't explain where all the early and middle stage hybrids have gone in the intervening 3-4 decades. Neither does it address the implication that, despite them allegedly having the tech to manipulate time, space and biology, they are hovering some handful of years ahead of us in the genetics field. One would expect such a sophisticated program to be backed by technology far in advance of our own rather than slightly pacing ahead...

      It's fair to ask if, faced with an absence of supporting data, the researchers are conjuring explanations to paper the cracks? Maybe not completely dishonest but trying to maintain the integrity of their hypotheses in the face of jarring cognitive dissonance?

  11. Jacobs has been molding the hypnosis retrieved experiences of others into his own twisted fantasies for too long.
    Respect to Emma who has not given up the cause to prevent others looking for help from Jacobs going through the same trauma and unethical activity that she was subjected too.
    Before anyone criticizes Emma, do the research and listen to the hypnosis tapes.
    The fact that Jacobs is still given the platform to speak shows what a sorry state the 'alien abduction' cash cow is in.
    There are genuine people who have had extraordinary experiences looking for answers and help, Jacobs shouldn't be allowed anywhere near them.

    1. Joe, I don't think the alien abduction subject is a "cash cow". Only Whitley Streiber's first book on the subject made the NYT's Best Seller List. And still, he somehow ended up filing for Bankruptcy and losing his beloved Hudson Valley cabin in the process.

      ~ Susan Brown

    2. Brownie, It's a cash cow for people like Jacobs who create narratives of a hybrid threat and then write books and speak at conferences on the subject pushing their fantasies as 'research'.
      Bottom line; People such as Emma should be supported.
      People like Jacobs should be exposed.

    3. Joe, with all due respect, I don't think you know what "cash cow" means.

      American 'alien' abduction researchers/writers - Leo Sprinkle, Raymond Fowler, Budd Hopkins, David Jacobs, Karla Turner and John Mack all had careers to financially support themselves and their families, outside of their 'alien' abduction research and before their retirements (or in the case of Turner, Mack and Hopkins their unfortunate deaths).

      ~ Susan Brown

  12. David Jacobs clearly, on tape, asked one of his subjects to wear a chastity belt with nails directed at her vagina. He offers to order her one from a bondage site he knows. That's where the story should end folks.

    1. Dear oh dear....indeed, game over. End of.

      @Jack Brewer, I thoroughly appreciated this part #1 because your observation skills and nuanced narration are of an excellent standard. Rare in the Ufology world.

      But I've read enough - here and elsewhere over the years - to recognise that David Jacobs comes over as, at best, a charming snake oil merchant with an overheated fantasy life and irrelevant as far as serious, trustworthy research goes. So I won't be reading parts #2 & 3 of your interview.

      Let's move on.
      We all know the reputable researchers and reporters in this field. They are active in e.g. the Citizens' Hearings and setting up FREE which will, no doubt, yield some interesting and probably surprising research.


  13. If there is any solid substance to all this, he should speak to everyone. Only for him to decide how important it is.

    Is he telling the truth? Or exaggerating things?

  14. These comments demonstrate that in fact very little is know "academically" about the "ET Contact Phenomena"

    A new not for profit organization titled Foundation for Research into Extraterrestrial Encounters (FREE) has been established to undertake the first ever comprehensive long-term peer-reviewed academic study on the ET Contact Experience. Advisory Board members of FREE are as follows: Dr. Edgar Mitchell; Dr. Rudy Schild (Prof of Astro Physics at Harvard); Dr. Jon Klimo (Prof for 40 years who specializes on the Paranormal); Dr. Leo Sprinkle (Prof and Dean of Abduction/ET Contact Research); Kathleen Marden (MUFON's Ufololist of the Year and Director of MUFON's Alien Abduction Project; Mary Rodwell; Barbara Lamb; Denise Stoner; Whitley Stieber; Dr. Joe Lewels; Rev Michael Carter; Peruvian Ufologist/ET Contact Researcher Giorgio Piacenza; Linda Moulton Howe; Dr. Virgilio Sanchez-Ocejo (Allen Hynek's Latin American liason); Dennis Briefer (President of the John Mack Institute); and many others.

    The website, "EXPERIENCER.CO" will be opened to the public on September 1, 2014. Until that time, any questions can be sent to my personal email:

    1. I'm aware of FREE, Mr. Hernandez, and perhaps I will conduct some inquiries into the activities of the organization as it develops. I'm not sure comments demonstrate very little is known academically about the ET contact phenomena, as you suggest, as much as promoters of the ET contact phenomena know very little about academics, or, at the least, frequently conduct their affairs as if that is the case.

  15. Bullshit artist if there ever was one.

  16. He seems dangerous, I find it strange he only talks about negative aliens and he's too set on stone. I found his fraud by this link:

    The guy seems like a gentleman, usually rare but as more and more evolved beings are incarnating here we'll have more men who can wear a woman's shoes and stand up for them. I felt him very genuine (I'm intuitive) and concerned, or he's an empath cause he is genuinely upset for the woman, when I heard about chastity belt and dirty panties I was very disgusted and this crazy man needs to be stopped.

    Be really, really careful with your hipnoterapists. Dolores Cannon's group is asking for ton of money and I don't know why but I've been able to get into alpha and other states by myself (I'm a starseed maybe I learned before) and I was very disappointed if they want to help us all they'd charge so much for it. I tried to get into tetha myself and got into my own origins, I wouldn't put others under yet and specially not with recordings or phone.
    And the Cannon group are 'certifying' people so know that hipnotherapeuts now can have an online certification, they could be anyone, how do you know their morals??? Cannon's students are also asking for absurds such as 300 to more dollars per session, if you don't have much money you can't get rid of TRAUMAS that might be haunting you for centuries maybe??? That's how I lost faith in Cannon's teachings as well. And remember her own daughter said she was channeling in the end, some new agers just open up to anyone so the information could be coming from lower dimensional beings.

    Back to that, sorry, just wanted to point out the hipnosis field became a joke and it's really, really dangerous, you can put anything straight into your subconscience. Record yourself with affirmations and get into a relaxed state, it's better and you know you can trust yourself.

    But back to this man, he didn't feel right in his interviews and I'm finding out why now, I'm very open minded but question at the same time, I think I'm half of both and when I find the fraud is very disheartening. For this being a non vegan world where people think it's right to kill and exploit animals, that a country should have factories and work as slaves for the rest of the world it shows this is very barbaric planet and we don't need to work on others but ourselves. That's why bad entities might be here, we could be attracting them ourselves. How come those who were supposed to be using hipnosis to take someone from traumas exploit this? It's so revolting.