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The Interesting, Eventful and Incredible Story of Commander C.B. Scott Jones

The story of C.B. Scott Jones is one brimming with intriguing topics: UFO sightings, encounters with entities, military intelligence, the US Senate, exopolitics, disinformation, high profile members of the UFO community, mind control and more. You name it, it is very likely Jones has been on its trail, if not right in the middle of it at one time or another. Described as enigmatic, mysterious and a subtle mover and shaker, his activities have long placed C.B. Scott Jones among the more controversial names of ufology.

I emailed Jones to learn more. He cooperatively agreed to field some questions, of which I appreciate. Following are certain aspects of his story along with statements he provided during email exchanges.    

Not Your Father's Peace Activist

Commander Cecil B. "Scott" Jones, US Navy, Retired, is the founder and president of the nonprofit corporation, Peace and Emergency Action Coalition for Earth, or PEACE. His bio on the PEACE website states the principal function of the organization is to "oversee the development of the global Center for Sustainable Peace and Development system." This seems to include enrolling the involvement of "academic, political, spiritual, military, intelligence and business leaders" in the planning and design of the Sustainable Peace and Development (SPD) program. 

You might ask what that actually means. That is a good question. 

The SPD, continuing to quote the PEACE website, is a project that addresses "consequences to peace, stability and growth when full disclosure of ET/Earth contact is made." PEACE and its SPD recommend the US President establish a cabinet-level "Peace Advisor," and that the President encourage other global leaders to do the same.

Additional PEACE lobbying activities include the proposal of a Constitutional amendment designating the President as the primary "Peace Maker of the United States." Doing so, according to PEACE and its suggested legislation, provides the President a legal basis to establish a "Department of Peace" and what is termed "the institutionalization of peace." While such proposals might sound concerning to some, PEACE asserts it is all necessary, or at the least recommended, due to complications bound to arise in the wake of disclosure of contact occurring between human beings and extraterrestrials.  

In justification of such a platform, Jones explained, "I believe that a global pre-disclosure dialogue about the potential consequences of disclosure to each country and their cultures would reduce the shock that I believe will be associated with formal disclosure. This is discussed in my website under Plan C."

Plan C indeed contains details of the PEACE and Jones proposals, as well as reference to Laurance Rockefeller and "the CIA's Weird Desk Officer," Ron Pandolfi. Plan C also provides insight into the Sitchin-like views promoted by Jones and related to the alleged significance of such topics as the Anunnaki, Nibiru and the extraterrestrial tampering of the origins of humankind. Jones, his organization and his allies in exopolitics hope to enroll the support of global universities in teaching and promoting such plans.

"I continue to work with a few countries to get them to research and write a White Paper on the consequences of disclosure to them," Jones wrote, but added he is not close to success in the effort. 

"The very successful U.S. counterintelligence program to make this subject a third rail for academe has really worked. It appears that some ET groups that want disclosure to be made have decided that it will never happen by earth action, and that they will cause disclosure to be an informal accumulative process by increasing the number of sightings."

You might now ask how, exactly, such a corporation and situation came to be. That is a very good question and, as is the case with so many similar questions within ufology, not one with as clear and absolute answers as we might like.

Who Is C.B. Scott Jones?

According to his bio, Jones earned an AB in Government from George Washington University in 1961 and an MA in Government and Politics from the University of Maryland in 1963. He received a PhD in International Studies from American University in 1975.

C.B. Scott Jones
His long and prestigious military career began in 1946 when he joined the Navy. His remarkable service included intelligence collection and support throughout Southeast Asia, the Middle East and North Africa. Jones was assigned to the Naval Scientific and Technical Intelligence Center where he headed the Missiles, Ordinance and Astronautics Division. In that position he oversaw the production of intelligence reports for the Navy and Defense Intelligence Agency at all classification levels. Jones chaired, supported and coordinated multiple inter-agency intelligence operations. He briefed the President's Scientific Advisory Committee and testified before House and Senate committees and sub-committees.

Jones retired from the Navy in the mid 1970's. Somewhere along the way, this accomplished career intelligence officer jumped into the deep end of the pool of ufology.

Ufology and Beyond

From 1985 to 1991 Jones was employed by Senator Claiborne Pell of Rhode Island. Jones was hired as a member of the Senator's staff for the quite remarkable stated purpose of studying paranormal phenomena, as reported in 1990 by The Washington Post.

In another early 1990's article titled, Will the Real Scott Jones Please Stand Up?, writer/researcher Robert J. Durant called Jones "the most ubiquitous character in ufology and parapsychology," a reference to his significant involvement in both fields. Jones was a regular attendee of related conferences during the 1980's and 1990's. He was as aware of the trending stories and activities of the high profile players as practically anyone anywhere.

Reports, such as referenced by Durant, have long indicated Jones claimed to experience a UFO sighting involving a "silver disc" and a later "parapsychological" event during his Navy career. More recent reports suggest Jones tends to narrate alleged fantastic experiences involving intelligent non-human beings, the memories of which were recovered with assistance from psychics and hypnotists.

Jones wrote that such experiences were a revelation and described them as his now 83 years of "personal contact with ETs." He added he does not discuss the experiences in detail.

What does Jones think is the most significant event in ufology?

"This is the U.S. strategy of denial and disinformation about all things ET," he stated, describing such a cover up as ongoing.

Calling the strategy one of the most amazing policies ever encountered in the modern era, he continued, "It suggests that the economic gain from it must really be huge. We will find out some day."

Jones held the position of what was termed the MUFON consultant in international relations for a while beginning in 1989. He served in key roles with many additional organizations, including founding the Center for Applied Anomalous Phenomena and president of the American Society for Psychical Research. He was also president of the Human Potential Foundation, a nonprofit corporation he co-founded with Senator Pell in 1989.

According to the PEACE website and writer/researcher Philip Coppens, the Human Potential Foundation received major funding from Laurance Rockefeller. Activities included the studies of the social effects of alien contact and the most effective methods for lobbying Congress. In November of 1998 the Foundation was dissolved and the continuation of its principle interests was undertaken by the Peace and Emergency Action Coalition for Earth.

In Your Face Disguise

The controversial circles of C.B. Scott Jones included Colonel John Alexander, Major General Albert Stubblebine and Dr. Rima Laibow. He accompanied them during their ufology-related travels and attended their presentations.

Jones was also reportedly involved with disinformation figures Richard Doty and William Moore, the latter of which stated during a presentation at the 1989 MUFON Symposium to have long been working as a "controlled informant" for the US government. Moore further told the audience he deceived a number of people along the way. Three years later, in 1992, Moore informed the UFO community during an interview he was still acting as a controlled informant, according to Durant and other sources, whatever we might make of such incredible occurrences.

When I asked what Jones would say to individuals who might suspect his presence and activities in ufology have been indicative of operations conducted on behalf of the intelligence community, Jones stated the issue rarely comes up in a one-on-one situation.

"When it does I easily agree that everyone has a right to their own opinion. I simply affirm the truth about my life on this subject. It certainly does not deserve or need any energy investment on my part to defend the truth. This issue is not important to me at all. It has never come to the point where I felt that legal action would be required because I was being slandered or libeled."

Demonstrating his now long time practice of modesty and apparent preference for others to take the spotlight, Jones concluded on the topic, "The fact is that I am not that important a player in the field."

One of the more intriguing events in the remarkable saga of C.B. Scott Jones can be found during his employment in the office of Senator Pell. In an October, 1990, article titled, Hearing It Backward and published by The Washington Post, writers Tom Kenworthy, Maralee Schwartz and Barbara Vobejda reported on the reprimanding of Jones by the Senator.

Jones apparently sent a letter to then-Defense Secretary and future Vice President Richard Cheney, questioning whether President Bush and other officials were using a code word during speeches about the Persian Gulf situation. The strange chain of events included copies of the letter sent anonymously to news organizations. The contents of the remarkable letter included Jones describing theories surrounding hidden meanings found in select tapes of speeches when played backward. Pell reportedly took issue with Jones lacking permission to write Cheney, resulting in the reprimand. 

Jones long claimed to know nothing of any activities conducted by the US government in the field of ufology. The situation, according to Jones, was that he could find no evidence the powers that be were involved in matters related to UFOs. While we might rather easily think of an event or three that contradicted such an assessment, including some circumstances considered right here in this post, this is evidently because Jones appears to primarily consider such things from the perspective of his apparent interest in alleged aliens. He does not seem particularly interested in government involvement in ufology as compared to specific involvement with ET, as demonstrated in his response to my request he clarify his stance on what he thinks about government activities in the field.

"I was never briefed into any government UFO/ET programs. During my assignments in Naval intelligence and while working for Senator Pell, a total of twenty-one years, I was most attentive to that possibility, but it never happened. Therefore my reply on this issue is that I do not have any personal knowledge about U.S. official UFO/ET programs."

Jones added he believes some sincere whistle blowers have disclosed details of actual US government UFO/ET programs. "While I am sure that I will never be offered to be briefed into these programs," he explained, "I would not accept the offer. That would keep me from doing my global peace work, most of which now is intimately involved with issues of disclosures."

Although Jones stated he had no knowledge of government UFO/ET programs, he has publicly discussed circumstances of other types of alleged government involvement in ufology. During a 2008 presentation hosted by Austin (Texas) MUFON, Jones tackled the mind control issue.

As posted on the Austin MUFON website and recently confirmed by Jones, he claimed during his presentation to believe writer/researcher and friend Michael Drosnin was targeted by the FBI with an incapacitating electronic mind control device. Jones further claimed he advised Dr. John Gibbons, science advisor to President Clinton during the time in question, of such matters.

Jones reportedly informed Gibbons, "There are reasons to believe that some government group has interwoven research about this (mind control) technology with alleged UFO phenomena. If that is correct, you can expect to run into early resistance when inquiring about UFOs, not because of the UFO subject, but because that has been used to cloak research and applications of mind-control activity.”

When asked if he continues to think the UFO subject cloaks mind control research and applications, Jones replied, "I think that the UFO/ET subject has been used to cloak a number of classified U.S. programs that certainly includes mind control. It probably has been used more often to confuse and disguise aerospace weapon systems than other subjects. It has been particularly effective when there is a presumed close relationship between what is trying to be protected and assumptions about characteristics associated with UFOs and ETs.

"For example, in my first visit to the old Soviet Union, Senator Pell asked me to find out what research the Russians were doing in the field of psychic phenomena. The first research institute I visited was publicly known to be involved in this area. What I discovered was that they also were tasked to look into the issues of UFOs and ETs. The lab director explained that so much of what they had learned about UFOs and ETs appeared to be psychic in nature that it was logical to research both areas together."


  1. The remainder of the Rockefeller funds for the Human Potential Foundation was used by Scott Jones for a conference at The Washington Sheraton, "When Cosmic Cultures Meet." The Proceedings were published and are available at Headline Books dot com. His invitation letters to top US officials and to Sagan, and their writen regrets, are published. In their place, George S. Robinson spoke. It is important to know that US and world policy on disclosure differs. When I was browsing Jones's library, he gave me his book on reverse speach and said, "You should read this." Those seriously interested in the alien presence and exo-politics should read all they can find by Wendelle Stevens and C. B. Scott Jones.

  2. Great Job JJ
    Another great article and peeling back of the onion layers.
    Looks like we have taken the best of Japan, Germany, Russia, and North Korea and put it to the never ending quest for Total Control and perception management so we can enjoy and even be humbly thankful for the experience.