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The Leah Haley Case: The Pink Elephant and a Sample of Comments

As we continue to consider the Leah Haley Case, her perspectives and the overall implications of it all, a significant issue emerges that should be of interest to members of the UFO community far and wide. Whether you are an experiencer of the apparent paranormal, had a UFO sighting, a researcher, a casually interested party or any other such individual that spends time learning about the likes of Haley, Woods, Redfern and company, a certain point of consideration arises. This certain point is a part of the Haley Case, but is by no means exclusive to it.

Whether or not we want to collectively accept and discuss it, the fact will remain that we will never be able to accurately assess the significance of events such as reported UFO sightings and alleged alien abductions until we know the entire extent the intelligence community is involved in ufology. To avoid considerations of the evolution of human technology and covert psychological operations, while investigating and contemplating reports of UFO-related events, is comparable to omitting the influence of the Catholic Church from considerations of the 17th century witchcraft phobia.

At the very least, we should give serious consideration to the extent the intelligence community manipulated public perception while authoring UFO and abduction lore. Intelligence interests have been well documented and demonstrated in circumstances such as the Maury Island fiasco and the supposed contactees of the 1950's.

I am not necessarily suggesting covert operations account for all reports of UFO-related activity. Neither am I so much as remotely implying all paranormal events can currently be explained. A marvel of science is that it continues to expand and discover.

However, as long as we largely refuse to regularly address the Big Brother pink elephant in the room of ufology, truth and objectivity will continue to suffer. This reaches far beyond Leah Haley or any other given case.

We have been duped on a mass scale. Such distortion of truth has not only been the multiple-decades work of the intelligence community, but also the doings of an increasingly exposed group of frauds, unforgivably masquerading as trustworthy researchers. Were it not for such ongoing and deceptive influence, an entirely different prevailing perspective of paranormal phenomena and unexplained aerial phenomena would have most certainly developed. Most certainly.


A number of people chose to voice their opinions thus far about the Leah Haley Case and related circumstances. A certain percentage of such opinions have been hostile and caustic, but such instances are largely the same handful of people repeating their views in some way or another.

Contrastingly, a much larger group of people have expressed intelligent and thoughtful support of Leah's willingness to voice her perspectives, as well as my efforts, regardless of what their personal opinions and perspectives might be. The supportive majority is simply not as prolific as the often belligerent and irrational minority.

The following comments are a sampling taken from emails, forums, blogs and various websites since I began writing about the Leah Haley Case:

It’s good that you are having some supportive and thoughtful input, it is a subject that, as you know, attracts some very polarized views. I think the key is more and more research…

Well, this is getting a bit redundant here, but - Thank You Jack! I'm very interested to read the rest of this series.

To say that alien abductions are the result of mind control experiences is hurtful to me personally as someone who has suffered with having to cope with alien abductions all of my life. This idiotic, childish statement negates all that I have been through.

I've been interested in Leah Haley's experiences for years, and her recent statements about abductions have been provocative, and caused some controversy. But then, it seems to me, her announcement was dropped by most who say they're interested in what goes on in UFO Land. I find that very odd. I have no idea if Haley is right, on to something, or what, but it's worth some serious perusal. Thankfully, Jack Brewer is keeping the story alive.

Thank you for this very interesting post, Jack. It is quite scary to think of the implications.

If she now believes some sort of mind control or manipulation has occurred then it's something to look into. The reason being is that mind control/manipulation is a scientific fact having been used by military, criminals, advertising and just about everyone to some degree or another...
The technologies involved haven't been scientifically studied except over the past 100 years and the possibility that some people have been manipulated into thinking they've been abducted is just as much fair game as any. This is a powerful area of research and looking into the subject matter is astounding.

Okay I read some of Leah Haley and this is all the time I'm going to waste on people who believe UFOs and abductions are a CIA/Military conspiracy... If you could figure out it was all smoke and mirrors, “disinformation” sitting on your ass behind a computer, writing clever drivel to your blog, wouldn't the other side see the same thing as well?

I think the discussion provides credible information that such activities have played a role. It would seem that a variety of factors are probably causative in the perception of an alien abduction.  

First, I would like to state when I worked at UCLA in the Department of Human Subject Protection I began researching the subject of mind control. I was, after all, working at one of the institutions where MK-Ultra programs were designed, created and implemented. After years of investigative research, which included using the Biomed Library where I could read the same papers and books the doctors and staff had read, I decided to make an appeal to the National Institute of Health to call a halt to still on-going mind control projects. Leah Haley was one of the first to send me her story and request to the NIH to stop the projects. Therefore, I have to guess that Leah was contemplating, or staying open-minded, as to just what her experiences involved.

You are an interesting person and are most likely not the person you present your self as... I think that you tend more to hide things than to develop them to the logical conclusion... I think that you may work for a group designed to cloud things rather than shed light on them... I have the truth in my hand

Leah is a friend and a very brave woman...always has been with a sound mind on her shoulders. It took a lot of courage to say what needed to be said. I do hope legislature does stop illegal human is so widespread and people do not even see it. I am proud of her for her remarks in the interview...

As awful as the implications are, what you're proposing makes much more sense than alien abduction. I could never buy the premise in the first place, and I'm no stranger to seemingly paranormal events. But I've always felt the answers to this phenomenon would come from the experiencers themselves. More and more mention the human presence within experiences and I don't think that is something one can ignore.

Keep up the good work, Jack! Looking forward to more. Fascinating and long overdue.

Wow, she finally did it. At our local UFO Expo years ago, I spoke to her about what I'd learned about mind control experimentation and how it was changing my own opinion of what had happened to me during my missing time experiences... Ever since then, I've waited for her to go public, because she's always struck me as a very honest woman. I'm so glad that she's made what must have been an extremely difficult decision, given her high profile in the abductee community...

And it will be interesting to see how her change of heart will be received in the abductee community and how the gurus will spin it--maybe by attacking her character or impugning her sanity. My guess is that most abductees will either ignore it or explain it away somehow in order to keep their belief systems intact... I've lost much-loved friends over their deep-seated need to not look behind the curtain. I have a lot of compassion for them, but I hope that Ms. Haley's statement is the thing that wakens them from their long alien dream.

I encourage further discussion of the Leah Haley Case and its implications.

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  1. Jack,
    I would like to thank you most sincerely. As someone that is inclined to believe that "alien abductions" are quite possibly synonymous with human engineered "mind control", I appreciate your willingness to dedicate yourself to this particular case as you have. UFO aliens using WAY outdated technology has never made much sense to me, especially considering the supposed side by side technology they sport, then I read MR. Martin Cannon's paper and things started to "click" a bit. How sad it is that the circus that *IS* the UFO subculture have thought it best to continue their vain and ignorant trend by furthering the "abductees" suffering and confusion due to their own egos and greed. I will assuredly continue to monitor the Leah Haley Case and look forward to her, and your, findings.