Sunday, October 2, 2011

Guiley Cancels Second Book with Imbrogno, Cites Fabrications and Plagiarism

Rosemary Ellen Guiley has canceled a book deal with former co-author and fallen ufologist Philip J. Imbrogno, due to what she reportedly termed his outright fabrications and plagiarism on his part of the manuscript. When asked in an email to please confirm this was the case, Ms. Guiley replied, "That is correct, I made that statement," adding that the services of an attorney were enrolled after multiple attempts to address the situation went unanswered.

Guiley and Imbrogno formerly collaborated on The Vengeful Djinn: Unveiling the Hidden Agenda of Genies, but significant credentials of Imbrogno and his credibility were since called into question by Lance Moody on his blog, What the Hell Was That?. The second book to have been jointly penned by Guiley and Imbrogno, Multidimensional Portals, is now axed.

So much for the argument for us to never mind Imbrogno lying about his credentials as long as his work is good. It's not good, according to former co-author Rosemary Ellen Guiley.


  1. Good for her! In this field, equivocation often leaves the door open for the scoundrels to keep going.

    How many times have we seen dishonest folk being given multiple chances with the 'baby and the bathwater' argument?

  2. Though I've tossed my Imbrogno books (except for my old, worn first edition of 'Night Seige', which I think is not likely tainted by make-believe stuff as other investigators were involved), I find myself not so impressed with Rosemary Ellen Guiley.

    She was onboard bigtime in her co-interview with Imbrogno on Paratopia as they were selling their last Djinn book (which I did not buy).

    And, if you take a look-see at her website, she boasts being an author of 41 books (and hundreds of articles) and on the left column are a vast array of topics that include some nonsensical and bizarro subjects she's purportedly investigated and written about.

    ~ Susan

  3. ah, Brownie, you hit the nail on the head.

    as tedious as it is, we can never rely on others or 'experts' to judge books, data, investigations, investigators, etc. for us. it is imperative for each of us to make these judgements for ourselves, based on thoughtful consideration of individual data.

    often boring, definitely time consuming - but at least you know where you stand. steph

  4. Steph, Oh yes, one usually knows exactly where they stand when they go up against people who appeal to authority and/or are seemingly contradictory themselves (as with Rosemary Ellen Guiley).

    And taking a stand....breaking from the pack, is sometimes painful, especially if the pack is rabid. But, as a 58 yr. old woman who's been a part of the high strangeness of ufos and their occupants since I was about 4, I can say that with aging comes a realization and satisfaction I don't have to be anyone's lapdog or yesman.

    ~ Susan