Thursday, August 4, 2011

Suspending Judgment or Knowing: Mind Control and Alien Abduction

One is required to suspend judgment on conclusions in order to consider the feasibility of alleged alien abduction. No conclusive evidence exists that non-human beings, much less inter-planetary visitors, are conducting experiments against the will of their human research subjects. No suspension of judgment is required, however, in accepting the existence of state-sponsored mind control victims.

If a person walks up to you at a meeting for discussion of paranormal subject matter and tells you they are a mind control victim, of course you should be skeptical - as you should if they tell you they have been on an alien's examination table. A difference in the two is that mind control victims conclusively exist, so it is simply a question of whether or not you happen to be actually talking to one at that particular point in time.

The general mind control hypothesis as an explanation for reported alien abduction – the simple version - goes something like this: It is a well documented fact that substantial resources were invested in mind control. Some of the victims may have either been intentionally led to believe they were alien abductees or inadvertently drew such incorrect conclusions about their ordeals.

A brief sample of supporting evidence includes intelligence projects such as MKULTRA. See, for instance, Vietnam Veterans of America versus Central Intelligence Agency, a case currently pending in California Federal court.

Further study might include the experiments conducted at Allan Memorial Institute in Montreal, in which the U.S. Department of Defense paid damages to unknowing victims who sought psychiatric care. Incidentally, Martti Koski, one of the victims, claimed his abusers told him they were from another planet.

There is much, much more, but you get the idea. Mind control experiments indeed happened.

The mind control hypothesis for alien abduction brings out the worst in both the True Believers and the Stubborn Skeptics, for whatever reasons. It is not hard to understand why the Believers take exception, as they do with any and every hypothesis that dares suggest witness testimony and hypothetical lines of reasoning should only be accepted with suspensions of judgment.

The Skeptics are subject to getting bent out of shape for any number of reasons, all of which, as in the case of their starry eyed counterparts, hamper the sincere pursuit of truth. There should be no problem with the open and rational discussion of any hypothesis if certain protocol is respected and followed, such as accurately identifying differences between terms like 'facts' and 'opinions,' and 'objective conclusions' and 'subjective beliefs.'

The Stubborn Skeptics would have you believe, for example, that the U.S. state-sponsored mind control movement stopped in the 1970's. Even if that were conclusively the case, which it is not, it by no means gives us rational reason to completely discount the consideration that some reports of alien abduction may be attributable to trauma sustained during such experiments. Furthermore, such human rights violations remain an issue and the development of related technologies were not ceased, as demonstrated by Project Censored of Sonoma State University.

Are mind control experiments and related human rights violations responsible for any reports of alien abduction? I do not know.

I do not know if any alien abductions ever happened. I know mind control experiments happened. That is not a statement based on subjective belief or emotional preference. It is, indeed, a fact. The subsequent relevant questions and their implications to the abduction phenomenon deserve reasonable consideration.


  1. Mr. Brewer stated:

    "I know mind control experiments happened. That is not a statement based on subjective belief or emotional preference. It is, indeed, a fact. The subsequent relevant questions and their implications to the abduction phenomenon deserve reasonable consideration."

    There isn't a clearer narrative relationship than that between the history and lore of mind control and mind control themes in alien abduction.

    Jacobsian alien-abduction narratives, for instance, parasitize off of mind control history.

    I don't know how that conclusion can be avoided.

  2. Hello, Mr. Haden... Gary... please feel free to call me Jack.

    Thank you for your thoughtful and relevant comment. I appreciate both your interest and you taking the time to express your interest. I would like to share a few things with you...

    Some 20+ years ago I began interacting with MUFON personnel and members of the UFO community. It was with great interest that I attended presentations and engaged in long conversations about things that go bump in the night. Eventually and despite my virtual certainty that some kind of non-human intelligence was among us, I could not help but inventory that which I knew to be true as compared to that which I was being told was true. You will not be surprised to hear that I found a great difference between the two lists.

    As I became increasingly committed to critical thinking, I came across the work of Martin Cannon. I will not take the time or space here to go into the many related controversies, suffice it to say I was impacted by The Controllers. While I was quite familiar with various conspiracy theories related to what has now become known as abductology, it was after learning more about the Cannon saga that I first felt I could actually envision related context, feasibility and questions that demanded answers.

    As a matter of fact and the more I looked into hypotheses related to emtional trauma and the use of involuntary human research subjects, the more I became absolutely convinced that it was nothing short of negligent for self-described researchers (who supported the ETH) to not be directly addressing the subject matter.

    As I have stated, I do not claim to conclusively know if any reported alien abductions are due to covert (quite human) research projects. I do know, though, that researchers commonly know next to nothing about the subject or intentionally avoid its discussion. You are indeed correct in your implications that the narratives of self-described alien abductees and the verified symptoms of involvement in certain research projects are similar to an extent of being profoundly relevant.

    I intend to continue to explore and write about this topic, and your comments would be most welcome.

  3. Hello Mr. Brewer,
    I just recently stumbled upon your blog, and I must say how much I appreciate your unbiased, open-minded point of view.
    Having read your posts on mind control and those on Leah Haley, there's something I would like to hear your views on...

    How is it that the government (CIA, MKUltra) can be so proficient in hypnosis as to be able to program people to do thing totally against their moral code (as well as forgetting everything they did), yet even the best of hypnotists (and I've been to one) in the field of Psychology can't even help me get a decent night's sleep, or lose weight?

    I mean, the thing is, at least outside the military, none of the literature suggests that hypnosis can achieve anything remotely like what is ascribed to CIA 'programming' abilities. In fact, everything I've ever heard on the subject specifically says that you cannot hypnotize a person into doing anything against their moral code or for that matter anything they seriously do not want to do.

    Why the discrepancy? Is it simply that the military must know hypnosis techniques that civilian practitioners have never learned?

    If there is anyone you can think of who might possibly be able to answer these questions, I would love it if you would pass them on and then post the answers.

    Thank you for you time!


    1. Hi, Carol -

      I don't know why we have such wide discrepancies concerning hypnosis. Psychologist and hypnotist Martin Kline, for example, made rather extraordinary claims about his capabilities to writer/researcher John Marks:

      I do not know why. Neither can I say with any certainty why FOIA documents would be released suggesting the CIA successfully developed hypnosis techniques to lead people to carry out significant activities without memories of doing so:

      Whatever the actual circumstances were, I find it all interesting. Among other reasons, I think the extents the activities of members of the intelligence community and researchers of alleged alien abduction mirror one another is quite intriguing.

      Thanks for your interest and comments. I am glad you appreciate and found the blog.


  4. I think I've worked it out...

    CIA programming involves a combination of hypnosis and other mind altering techniques such as: administration of drugs, sensory deprivation, torture, ect...

    While civilian 'practitioners' are limited to hypnosis technique alone....

    I'm not certain in what ways you mean that the "activities of members of the intelligence community and researchers of alleged alien abduction mirror one another"...although I suppose you could say that they each represent degrees of brain washing...

    1. "I'm not certain in what ways you mean that the 'activities of members of the intelligence community and researchers of alleged alien abduction mirror one another'...although I suppose you could say that they each represent degrees of brain washing..."

      I'd agree with that to a certain extent, along with UFO conferences often include speakers who are members of the IC - and they keep similar circles to the point the two communities seem at times to be one and the same, etc.

    2. Aah...perhaps 'overlap' would be a better term than "mirror"...

      Would you say this implies deliberate obfuscation by those particular IC members? Or are they merely buying into the 'hype'?
      A little of both? Certainly there is money to be earned in contributing to the hype...

    3. In my opinion, it would depend on the specific circumstances considered. The IC, including segments of the US Air Force and CIA, were extremely interested in hypnosis. As a matter of fact, a USAF captain reportedly referred the Hills to their hypnotist:

      We have an American UFO community continuing to use hypnosis in the investigation of alleged alien abduction as was first conducted some 50 years ago. Moreover, it is the preferred investigative tool by several self-described researchers.

      Also, there is a long line of intelligence officers, including but by no means limited to CB Scott Jones, Bert Stubblebine and John Alexander, who, for whatever reasons, became staples within the UFO community. Many more conducted various activities within ufology and became regulars at events. I guess it just depends on each individual and situation as to likely purposes, but I indeed find it of interest that it occurred.