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Crop Circles, Part Two


A lack of credible statistics on the history of crop circles tends to muddy the waters of clarity. We find this to particularly be the case when trying to limit our review of the situation to formations defined as authentic crop circles, plants downed and consisting of measurable plant abnormalities resulting from unexpected energy.

Early reports that could be perceived as related to crop circles date all the way back to 17th century England [1]. Although popularly discussed among crop circle enthusiasts, such events are not well documented, are largely subject to interpretation and ultimately provide us with little verifiable evidence. While there are many rumors about crop circles, it is generally accepted that England is home to the majority of reported formations, authentically interesting or not.

The Independent Crop Circle Researchers' Association states formations began being reported in the U.S. during the 1940's [2]. Reports were slim to none for several years thereafter, increasing in numbers and frequency during the mid 20th century. Reports took off in the States in 1990 when 25 crop circles were reported, a record high surpassed by 35 reports in 1997. The U.S. record was again broken in 2004 when 40 crop circles were reported.

Canada is no stranger to such reports, and formations are subject to popping up, or down, depending on how we look at it, intermittently around the globe, as was recently the case in Indonesia [3]. For whatever combinations of reasons, reports of crop circles took hold and increased.

Non-Geometric Formations

Non-geometric, seemingly randomly downed crops are among the more curious and less commonly known aspects of this intriguing phenomenon. Nancy Talbott of BLT Research reports cellular plant abnormalities found in authentic crop circles are also found in non-geometrically flattened crops [4]. Ms. Talbott coordinated laboratory testing of plants from select non-geometric formations, confirming the plants not only had abnormalities as found in authentic geometric formations, but “to a greater degree in most instances.”

Furthermore, Ms. Talbott and her research team documented both geometrically and non-geometrically downed plants occurring in the same fields, apparently relatively simultaneously. Patches of seemingly randomly downed crops were documented to overlap geometric crop circle formations. If all of that is not intriguing enough, it gets even more interesting: evidence indicates the energy systems that apparently create the formations revisit the fields. The creation of an authentic crop circle is not necessarily a one-time occurrence limited to a single evening as commonly believed.

Ms. Talbott and BLT Research report geometric crop formations, such as discovered during June of 1998 in Eltopia, Washington, USA, are embellished in the days following their initial creation. Such embellishments include addition of non-geometric formations, as well as addition of geometrically downed plants in some circumstances. Photos of the Eltopia formation, its evolution and additional instances of very curious non-geometrically downed plants may be viewed at:

Orbs, Helicopters and Government Circles

Flying objects, both unidentified and identified, became enmeshed with the crop circle phenomenon as it received increased attention. Lights, orbs and ominous black helicopters were reported zipping about in the vicinity of crop circles and those who investigate them. Some of the most publicized accounts of such circumstances involved leading crop circle researcher Colin Andrews [5].

Mr. Andrews and his colleagues apparently observed and filmed unidentified aerial phenomena in close proximity to themselves and crop circles on multiple occasions. Photos and video of such circumstances may be viewed at:

Members of the crop circle research community additionally report harassment by people assumed to be involved with military agencies. Such accusations resulted in escalating tension and distrust among researchers toward government figures and agencies, byproducts of which include the publication of Government Circles [6], a book authored by Mr. Andrews.

What are the possible explanations for such strange circumstances as addressed thus far? To begin composing a list, we should review the work of a few more independent researchers, including Lindy Tucker and William C. Levengood. We will begin considering their work in my next post.


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