Monday, February 20, 2017

News of Note

Romanek Trial

A Feb. 17 pre-trial conference in the case of Stan Romaek was postponed to Feb. 24 when prosecutors, defense attorneys, Romanek and Judge Susan Blanco met privately. Romanek is a self-described alien abductee charged with possessing and distributing child pornography. The group discussed additional evidence presented by the prosecution, according to the Loveland Reporter-Herald. Elizabeth McClintock, an attorney representing Romanek, stated the evidence could affect the defense team's previously endorsed alibi. An eight-day jury trial is scheduled for March 20 [Edit: The trial was delayed again to July 31]. Learn more at Relevant Web Links on Romanek Case, where I've been updating key links of what has now been a three-year saga since Romanek's arrest.

As Every Cop Is a Criminal

Lucien Greaves
Spokesperson Lucien Greaves of The Satanic Temple will be making a presentation titled, Mind-Control, The Process Church, Satanism, The FBI, & The Life of a Public Paranoid. It will cover research conducted by Greaves on the late FBI man Ted Gunderson and related conspiracy narratives of Satanic ritual abuse. You can read more about the event in a Facebook post. The presentation will be held Friday, March 3, 8-10pm EST at The Satanic Temple in Salem, MA, and will be posted to YouTube shortly thereafter.

The work of Greaves and his colleagues periodically overlaps into social issues found in ufology and related genres. Among their areas of interest are the consequences of failing to prioritize critical thinking, as well as damage induced through hypnosis irresponsibly administered on vulnerable populations. 

See, for instance, the infamous case of the Castlewood Treatment Center, in which lawsuits were settled alleging that patients who sought treatment for their eating disorders were rendered increasingly dependent on facilitators when hypnotically led to believe they were victims of Satanic ritual abuse. A solid argument can be made it's strikingly similar to alien abduction fear-mongering with an alternative perpetrator, devil worshipers, cultivated by an obvious common denominator, the hypnotist.

You'll likely find The Satanic Temple's activism intriguing if you're interested in debate surrounding such issues as separation of church and state, rights to worship and assemble, and freedom of expression. The organization is significantly active in pressing elected officials to uniformly recognize obligations to members of the public, regardless of religious preference. 


The International UFO Congress recently wrapped up in Arizona. Motherboard spoke with a retired neuroscientist in attendance. Not sure about all that, but keep an eye on Robert Sheaffer's Bad UFOs blog, where he traditionally posts a summary of the event and its speakers.     

UFOs: Reframing the Debate

"If you like your UFO literature to confirm what you already 'know,' this is not the book for you!" 

I'm proud to have submitted a chapter to the soon to be released book, UFOs: Reframing the Debate. Edited by Robbie Graham and with artwork by Red Pill Junkie, it's a collection of essays on alternative perspectives on UFOs and how we might more usefully study the phenomenon in the 21st century. I look forward to reading the work from my fellow contributors.

Roswell Conference

I'll be speaking this summer in Roswell, and it would be great to connect with readers and people I otherwise only e-know. The event is part of the 2017 festival and themed, "70 Years Later: Modern Challenges to the Extraterrestrial Hypothesis". It will be June 29 to July 2, and I'll be giving two presentations. I'll be exploring at length such topics as exploitation in ufology and ways the UFO and intelligence communities overlap. 

Check out the website for speaker list, schedule and more related info.

Hope to see you there!


  1. How does discussing something like "exploitation in ufology" work Jack? Based on your articles and book you haven't even proven that such a thing is occurring? Does that even matter to you? That you're essentially championing unsubstantiated claims from bitter individuals on smear campaigns. Your commitment to slandering and libelling researchers is really something else.

    1. Anon, see my three-part comment on this blog (link below) for examples of ufologists exposing the fraud and exploitation by other ufologists.

  2. I was not going to reply to anonymous, but it seems to me that certain "researchers" do a great job of showing how exploitation in ufology works. The information that Jack provides speaks for itself.

    Speaking of such researchers, it might be an interesting year for courtroom drama. In addition to the Romanek trial, Sean and Melissa Morton, are currently set for trial for April, 2017.

    Sean has long been a fixture in the UFO / psychic / pseudolaw spheres (among others), but thus far his legal battles do not seem to have worked out well for him. His lost infamous suit against ufowatchdog. He is under a multimillion dollar SEC judgment. And in February, 2016, the Mortons were arrested for 56 counts of filing false income taxes, as they stepped off a cruise boat where Sean had been presenting.

    Sean has been representing himself and has filed a number of pleadings that could be described as either gibberish or "interesting." In January, the district court refused a request to continue the trial, but I would be surprised if the April date holds.

  3. With the Romanek trial continued until July 31, I am glad (once again) that I did not make travel plans. Apparently, the court wondered why the defense intends to call 30 witness. While the list of potential witnesses is often very broad, it is a good question.

    1. Thanks, erickson. I see Sam Lounsberry of the Loveland Reporter-Herald was tweeting the Romanek situation:

      I imagine he'll publish a story later.

  4. Anonymous wrote: "How does discussing something like "exploitation in ufology" work Jack? Based on your articles and book you haven't even proven that such a thing is occurring?"

    That ones easy. Go check out Paranormal Waypoint on KGRA Radio. There's courtroom admissible evidence in Jeff Ritzmann's show by way of audio recordings.

    All the best,