Thursday, February 1, 2018

Updates on Paracast Host Gene Steinberg 'Emergency' Cash Solicitations

This is a follow up to a Jan. 2, 2018, blog post, Gene Steinberg Personal 'Emergency' Cash Solicitations Span Years, Hundreds of Emails. See the original post for information on Steinberg's years of repetitive cash solicitations framed as emergencies. This post will serve as a place to publish ongoing updates and developments. 

For more info on Steinberg's email cash solicitations, follow @SchemeGeneRC on Twitter. You may also choose to keep an eye on a UFO Trail Twitter thread tracking a year to date total of Steinberg's email solicitations. 

Subject lines and dates of Steinberg's 2018 emails may be viewed at the end of this post. Check back for periodic updates. 


Following the initial UFO Trail blog post on Steinberg's email campaign, his Paracast co-host Christopher O'Brien weighed in. O'Brien expressed concerns surrounding the chronic cash requests and subsequent integrity of the show. Following up on his concerns, O'Brien stated in a Feb. 1 email, quoted with his permission:
I'm looking to shake some things up in my life, Jack. I've grown tired of being taken for granted by some folks in this field and I'm tired of being ignored by others in these so-called fields of "research." I'm leaving Arizona and am returning to the East Coast (where I lived for 16 years) for a few months to finish up several projects and to help out a longtime friend. I am also planning changes in my broadcasting pursuits and am considering some exciting potential opportunities. Also, very soon there will be an important announcement about the San Luis Valley Camera/Monitoring Project. 

Steinberg's stance, as demonstrated in public comments, was that his solicitations have nothing to do with Paracast, specifically stating his cash requests are "not at all connected with the radio show, the Paracast newsletter or the forum." No explanation was offered, however, of how the e-list used for solicitations was compiled if not from the Paracast following and the interest generated by its co-hosts and guests. Moreover, a review of facts directly and firmly contradicts Steinberg's assertion.

The cash requests, which number well into the hundreds, have been broadcast for several years from a email address. That continues to be the case in 2018. Steinberg emailed ten such solicitations during January, 2018, originating from a address. 

A Twitter account operated by Steinberg, titled @theparacast and displaying a Paracast logo, is commonly used to promote Steinberg's purported plight and subsequent cash requests. A couple 2018 tweets, dated Jan. 25 and Jan. 24:

Examples of Steinberg's similar use of the social media site and his Paracast affiliation from 2017:

The initial UFO Trail blog post, the very article where Steinberg left comments asserting his personal cash solicitations are "not at all connected with the radio show," contained a link to a Paracast web page on which Steinberg wrote about his purported plight at length. Descriptions of his financial challenges, rent, food costs and several more such items were outlined. Steinberg did not acknowledge in his comments the contradiction between the link contained in the post and his claim the Paracast is in no way connected to his ongoing cash requests. 

There are many such examples. At this writing, a Paracast web page contains a typical Steinberg email solicitation, this one titled, Here We Go Again!. In the Nov. 28, 2017, message Steinberg tells readers how a housing move decimated his finances. Cash donations were therefore needed for rent, as well as utilities, internet, "and other important bills" for which he "received shutoff notices," he wrote. No information was included on why such reported decimation remains a constant state. 

A thread currently exists on the Paracast forum titled, LET'S HELP GENE!. Readers are encouraged to donate cash to Steinberg for situations he describes as "complicated." The thread, started Dec. 26, 2015, includes a post by Steinberg in which he references the long recurring theme of rent problems.

"Still fighting the good fight," Steinberg informs Paracast forum members in a Feb. 28, 2016, post in the thread. "The creditor/landlord threats are still there, but I won't give up."

Comments submitted at The UFO Trail and emails received from a variety of individuals repeatedly further contradicted Steinberg's claim the Paracast is off limits to his solicitations. One comment explained how during the first ever email exchange between the person and who they termed the host of the Paracast, Steinberg asked for cash because "his wife had screwed up their checkbook for the weekend, there was no food in the house, and they had no access to money." Another comment indicated it was after signing up for the Paracast forum that the individual "started receiving the constant begging emails." 

The above narratives and examples are common. Further citations are available with a frequency making them repetitive. The claimed separation of Paracast and Steinberg's continuous calls for emergency funding is markedly inaccurate.

Steinberg's email solicitations so far in 2018 focus primarily upon his latest reported eviction, which is no less than the third time he has used an eviction to fuel a series of email solicitations since the 2016-17 turn of the year. It was also a common theme long before that. He sent 139 total email cash solicitations in 2017 (See the previously referenced post for more info). 

As suggested by the email subject lines below, Steinberg tends to write of a "faceless corporation" attempting to collect rent he admittedly owes yet does not pay, all allegedly under the looming threat of a constable. His fate is in our hands, he often writes, adding, "The best way to help me keep a roof over my head is to send a PayPal donation." A PayPal link and related instructions are included in each email.

Steinberg 2018 email solicitations to date:


There is still time!                                                    Jan 29

Waiting for the constable!                                         Jan 25

It's panic time!                                                        Jan 24

The Assistant Property Manager Sets a Date!             Jan 22

It's down to just a few days once again!                    Jan 22

I may need a place to live soon!                               Jan 18

Living under a new threat!                                       Jan 16

Not a happy Tuesday!                                              Jan 9

Seeking a final solution!                                           Jan 8

An Early January Update!                                         Jan 2


  1. In one of his latest he claims his wife is now on Medicare, which should help with those bills. And this is where I call BS. Is it at all probable that she has not been on Medicare this entire time? If not, why not? On cue, that Medicare goes through and helps the Steinbergs survive another month. Right.

    This whole thing reeks of compulsive lying, in my opinion. Wondering if he can help it is my last-ditch effort to feel compassion about this.

    1. If it is not compulsive behavior, then Gene Steinberg is truly living a life that while tragic is more inexplicable and fascinating than any UFO mystery. How and why does he not only endure but sustain this state of perpetual personal crisis? Perhaps instead of forever grasping at donations he should be begging a lifestyle coach to come pro bono in and help him set his house in order. Surely there's a better way to live. Maybe someone could get him a job as a fundraiser. Those epic subject lines of his compare favorably to what I've seen in solicitation emails from both local and national politicians.

  2. I also wonder if this is a compulsive behavior on Gene's part. The continual repetition seems "sick" to me, like a compulsive gambler. Once again, I live in Phoenix, the same town as Gene. Many people from other parts of the nation move here upon retirement due to the mild to hot weather (yesterday was 80 degrees here) and the LOW COST OF LIVING. In comparison to much of the nation, Phoenix is an inexpensive place to live unless you demand the "high life". If Gene is so impoverished, why doesn't he and his wife buy a used trailer house and move to one of the many lovely retirement trailer parks that dot the landscape? There's usually a pool, a community center and other shared facilities. The cost is minor next to renting a home. Public transportation in the city is excellent. No need for a car unless you live in the suburbs. The city is spread out like Los Angeles, but you pick a neighborhood and then shop right there. You can take a bus or street car to the doctor or dentist. A lot of elderly people (like me) live here cheaply on a strict budget of social security and pension. That is why every 10th car has a California license plate as people flee the high cost of living there. You can live here cheaply and yet be in Southern California in 5 hours by car. Life is good. No need to be on the edge of destitution on a weekly basis.

  3. To everyone out there who is too young for Medicare, I can vouch that it should be expanded to all citizens. I had a severe fall in November 2017. I went to an ER and had catscans, X-rays, pain killers, doctors fussing over me for 5 hours. Broken bone in my arm and cracked ribs. The bill? $27,000. Outrageous? Yes. But with Medicare, all I ultimately paid was $77. This is how a health care system should work. I report this in support of Jeremy Vaeni's comment. With Medicare (and hopefully you have secondary insurance as an add-on) your bills will be tiny.

  4. ArizonaWill - not everyone on Medicare can afford to purchase supplemental insurance (a large percentage of retirees can't afford it).

    Without private sector supplemental insurance, you can get stuck with major medical bills. I know retirees living on only meager social security incomes (people who didn't have good-paying jobs with employer paid or supported retirement benefits when they were working). They often avoid visits to the doctor because they can't even afford the co-pay for an office visit.

    You're spreading misinformation about what basic Medicare covers and giving younger people a false impression of it being comprehensive free coverage.

    1. Purrigurri, Perhaps you are correct. My final bill for an ER visit was a composite of Medicare & Supplemental Insurance working together. Perhaps the larger issue is why the richest nation on planet Earth makes a large proportion of their population go without medical care when every single other advanced nation provides this FREE as part of basic citizenship. We have allowed predatory capitalism and the ultra-right wing (now owning the GOP) to convince people that it is normal to not have medical care, decent jobs, and poverty. If Americans could travel through Europe I think they would come back to the USA and revolt in the streets, seeing how much better off people are with a government that cares about them rather than just corporations and billionaires. This is NOT the proper place for such a tangential discussion. For all I know, Jack is a right winger himself who believes that God helps the rich and the poor can beg. I hope not, but there are a lot of right wingers in ufology who consider Jesus a liberal Marxist! LOL But with all due respect, I doubt my little comment on Jack's little blog entry has misled throngs of young people. Without insurance, you are totally screwed in this society. Yet the right wing is out to destroy Obamacare, which is about the only chance that poor people have for coverage.

    2. You'll get no argument from me on this comment. No need to go all the way to Europe, just go to Canada, which now has a higher standard of living than the US.

      The irony is that so many on the Right seem to believe the de-evolution of the US they support is making this country better and stronger. It leads me to believe many Americans on the Right are suffering from a pandemic of self-destructiveness that has also rendered them blind.

      I 100% agree with you that Ufology has become nidus of right-wing conspiracy addicts. I think its central tenet that UFOs are being covered up by government conspiracy is what attracts them. I've often wondered if some in Ufology were actually more interested in the alleged conspiracy than the UFOs themselves.

  5. I think this topic has burned itself out. No one else has anything further to say. All the newbies on the Paracast Forum, naive and innocent, flock to aid Gene financially, thinking this is a new temporary situation that they must help resolve for him. There is a fresh crop there all the time. Each crop becomes jaded over time but there are always new suckers falling for the Perils of Pauline act. Time to let it go.

    1. Worse , Paul Kimball was trashing him because of his scam.Guess what , he's joining Steinberg on his 'podcast' now.

  6. "Ignorance allows the crime, apathy allows it to continue"


  7. ..."There's Gene who's begging for money out of one side of his mouth and living a kind of a wacky life style ... on the other side of his reality, the two don't reconcile."

    "... but when your hitting up guests for loans; when your sending out pleas for money without OK-ing them with, and your "sending them on like Paracast letterhead," I had problems with that ..."

    –David Biedny, Original Co-Host of The Paracast (Quotes from an interview with David, by Jeffery Pritchett and Guy Weddle May 22nd, 2010)

    1. You can listen to the entire interview on YOUTUBE.

  8. ' February’s rent is past due' , Barbara has medical problems...
    It's not going to stop , that's for shure.Just click a few times adding your PayPal account and done!

  9. In a 2 hour interview with Chris O'Brien, current(?) co-host of the Paracast (with Gene Steinberg), by Michael Decon, published on February, 22, 2017, in great irony, O'Brien, in reference to "frauds and charlatans," stated:

    "Get a bull-shit meter and learn how to use it!"

    When asked about the Paracast and Gene Steinberg, he stated:

    "I'm being slimed by Gene Steinberg's constant begging for money, which totally pisses me off"

    "I don't stoop as low as to, you know, to beg people for money and, and to get people to loan me money, knowing I'll never pay them back, I have real probelms with that you know ... I haven't been paid uh, ever really, for the show."

    "He hits everbody up for money ... oh he begs on-line, just go on FaceBook. He's constantly sending out e-mail blasts, you know ...he lives in a nice condo, gated community; drives a late model leased car, you know ... he's doing a hell of a lot better then I am. Yet I never get paid, you know ... it's bullshit! You know, the guy's lame ...."

    1. Yet he stayed there on the Paracast for all of 2017. Actions speak louder than words. I just had a vision. Gene is in terminal hospice care, yet he hits up all the nurses, the doctors and chaplain for money.

    2. Hmmm. I am nowhere near interested enough in Chris O'Brien to listen to an interview with him, but it is surprising to me he continues to co-host a podcast when he gets no money out of it and doesn't appear to have much regard for his co-host. Maybe he gets something out of it apart from cash. Doing a weekly podcast takes some time, it's not a trivial commitment. I guess it has raised his profile, maybe he sells more books, or maybe he just enjoys it. Whatever, it's his time.

  10. Fortunately for Gene, HaShem has a fondness for fools.

  11. From today (2.16.18):


    The news is mixed.

    The nodule on Barbara’s right lung appears to be normal, but she has other problems. Her doctor has discovered a plaque buildup in her heart, and she will begin treatment for elevated cholesterol.

    Next week she’ll receive an ultrasound to check for a possible pancreatic problem. This issue is frightening to her, because her mother died of pancreatic cancer in 1985, but there are no suspicions of anything as severe.

    Barbara also continues to suffer from weight loss and that colorectal problem.

    While her medical coverage is more complete since receiving her Medicare card, it won’t pay 100% of everything.

    In the meantime I continue to confront the usual financial problems.

    February’s rent remains past due, and the property manager is warning of the usual dire consequences if I don’t pay soon.

    I covered the gas bill, and I’m working on the rest, but with only days before services are set down.

    But I said I’d get out of this mess, and I will, and your help is making it possible.