Tuesday, March 15, 2016

LAPD: Lash Files Will Not Be Releasable

The late Jeffrey Alan Lash
I spoke by phone today with Jennifer Trinidad of the Los Angeles Police Department Discovery Section. She was identified as a point of contact in my recently received letter denying my request for the files on Jeffrey Alan Lash. 

I called to inquire if there was some type of process, such as a waiting list of sorts, whereby I could be informed when the files, currently not releasable, might become available for release. I was hopeful that might help both LAPD and me save time and effort from dealing with my possible future requests for the files.

Trinidad informed me that the classification of the Lash files, "investigatory," means they will not be made releasable in the future. I clarified that covered all files and reports, including even initial documentation of the circumstances, which she confirmed was indeed the case. I was free to make future requests if I so chose, Trinidad explained, but the files would not be releasable. An option would be to attempt to subpoena the files, but it was clear we should not anticipate the information becoming releasable by the LAPD. 


  1. I left a lengthy comment on your recent Lash post, I couldn't get it to post.

    Valiant effort, Jack! I've remained so curious about this case. Certainly no surprise the files are sealed up tight. There are some dedicated researchers still working on the David Crowely/"Gray State" murder/suicide. They recently obtained many documents and 400 photos via FOIA but it was just after the case was closed. It would be interesting to go back and watch the movie "Spotlight" again, there was a similar situation w/ sealed files and a brilliant attorney successfully worked a loophole & subpoenaed them. I would think it would take someone involved or close to the case to use any such loophole. I wonder about his old attorney who had the list of his weapons inventory, etc. Hmmm.

    1. Thanks, Sandy! I appreciate your interest and encouragement.

    2. funny,i hear no fingerprints found on alan lash,and I look through all the articles and they do not mention that again ,and no autopsy report,i will say this the women around him and the fact he was never looked at by police or anyone really has a ring of something real that is being suppressed ,why all the secret bullshit.

  2. I followed this case from the beginning. The last I heard was that this Jeffrey Lash was supposedly some kind of "ladies man" and sweet talked a number of wealthy women to take care of him and give him money. Allegedly, that's where all that money came from.

    Personally, I don't buy that story, The authorities are hiding something from the public. Does this Jeffrey Lash look like a suave and debonair Don Juan type with the women? Hard to believe. Plus, the LAPD have sealed the files.

  3. His real name was Nathan Ross abs he was working for NORAD.

  4. Why can't FOIA be enforced here to get he information from the LAPD? If it's an ongoing investigation, then one should deduce that they do not believe he died from natural causes, or they cannot identify the body as being Mr. Lash's, right? I heard that here were no finger prints, but they should have been able to compare dental records to the deceased's teeth.

    This guy was certainly strange, but the way the police are being so secretive is even more suspicious than a ma who claimed he was an alien who wanted to protect the world!