Thursday, April 16, 2015

Binnall of America

Join me live Thursday, April 16 at 9pm ET on the popular podcast, Binnall of America LIVE Audio. Host Tim Binnall and I will be having a frank discussion on the state of UFO research and troubling stories that 'mainstream' ufology chooses to ignore.

Learn more at the Binnall of America website about the many topics Tim has explored and the guests he has hosted. Previous shows may be accessed in the archive.

UPDATE: Here is a link to the April 16 show along with a summary of the discussion: 

Here is the archive of the Tim Binnall show, Binnall of America: Audio: 


  1. I didn't know Binnall was still in business. Look forward to it, Jack.

  2. Great show. Everybody . . . you should listen. It's already archived at Binnall of America.